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remember that car i bought yeah well that’s put my bills to a point where with my regular job, im gonna be in hot water a few months down the road regardless of having a full time job sO


 for the painted images you will recieve progress shots of the piece before it is completed, additional details like armor and complex background may be added depending on the details of the commission


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My order for the Nanbaka volumes came in today! These are all so nice, and colorful too! For a reference, there’s also a status update on one of my shelves aha, with how nice the sides of the Nanbaka volumes look too!

Alexander Hamilton/John Laurens FicRec:D


Sons of Liberty by fihli
ok this is so funny and hilarious, but also very angsty. lots of hamilsquad and also super Gay, ft. George Washingdad. Status: On-going.

Revolutionary Fuckboys by Cur_Non
my absolute favorite historical!lams fanfic set in modern times. it’s humorous and also super sweet. the latest update killed me (ch. 30)
Status: On-going

the wicked oppressing now cease from distressing by justkatherinetheokay
very sweet but angsty, ft. Henry asshole Laurens. warnings: mentions of suicide and depression, homophobic language.
Status: Complete

Keep the Faith by thelittlelion
super angsty but also pure. warnings: alcoholism, mentions of suicide and depression.
Status: Complete

Leve un verre a la liberte by sunken_ships
super pure and fluffy. only has one chapter, but is absolutely adorable.
Status: Possibly On-Going idk

cornerstone by rosenburg
THIS IS SuCH a GOOD FIC oMH. very angsty ft. lots of smut and also John speaking Spanish (and calling Alex querida to which I died a little on the inside) Status: On-Going

Rise Up by ohNooOOOOoo
a fic rec is not complete w/out rise up. a fan-favorite, includes a sad Alex and a sad-for-Alex-John. ALSO PROTECTIVE HAMILSQUAD AF. John likes to fight, which is super accurate in all ways. warnings: mentions of rape and abuse, anxiety.
Status: Complete, but more to come?? idk but thinking about it ending is sad

briser son coeur by Wickedlovely01
sick fic!! angst!! death to me!!
Status: On-going

build a city built on me by lcfayctte
ballet AU ft. John being protective over Alex’s tender little ankles it’s so pure
Status: On-going

Outrun/Outlast by Spineless                                                                     Alexander is shot by a bullet meant for Washington everyone watch Laurens freak. Status: On-going

Telling the Story of Tonight by HistoricalTears
ITS A TITANIC AU!!!!!! i didn’t know I needed this but I’m so glad I do
Status: On-going?? maybe?? i hope??

Temporary Immortal by korasami
Laurens dies but he goes as a ghost to Alex’s house and grows affectionate to Eliza. He’s basically watching Alex’s life fall apart without him lowkey tho it good
Status: On-going I hope

Year of the Lion by babybirdi
this reminds me a lot of Rise Up so if you’re a fan of RU you should read this !! warnings: mentions of suicide, referenced self harm, and panic attacks. Status: On-going

Hamilton Has His Eyes on You (hhhey) by mihaly
this is a really cool series AND it’s a college AU which is always cute. also John calls Alex baby girl a lot so that’s a bonus
Status: On-Going

hook, line and this won’t sink us by rosenburg
super smutty but also super good and pure. John tries to make Alex feel good about his body and it is great.
Status: On-Going

You knock me out, I come undone by nanaanon
also super smutty + more of John calling Alex baby girl Good God my knees are weak
Status: On-going

you like to captain a capsized ship by audenrain
very very smutty, Dom/sub undertones and a daddy kink. what could be better
Status: On-going

Drunk Enough to Dance by ossapher
lots of gay trio, ft. protective!john and a bar fight. also princess carrying !!!!
Status: Complete

A Matter of Trust by ossapher
happens right before John is like imma fight Lee. Alex is angsty about it, and also Lockey freaking out BC John asked him to be his second. first kisses!!!
Status: Complete

Equal Opposite Reaction by alexanderhammyton
super gay!!! also the Gay Trio it’s really good
Status: Complete

Va at faire escular by sunken_ships                                                                   y'all this is so funny. Alex attacks Lafayette BC he looks like Jefferson and John calms him down, read if u want a break from the angst it’s so cute. Status: Complete

visit philadelphia by screamlet
this is Pure and cute. Alex gets the news that Laurens has been captured broken to him by none other than the General, and then proceeds to ride to Philadelphia to see his boy
Status: Complete

Evoking Spirits by mihaly
Reincarnation AU that is Pure and very sweet
Status: Complete

if anyone has anymore feel free to message me and i can add them on!! and if i made any mistakes pls let me know!! also, if any of the authors want me to take any of their works down please let me know:)) thank you all for reading, also i just reread my series recs and why am i such a sinner they are all smut

Omfg. I have been periodically checking on this account, but I haven’t seen that I got asks, because tumblr really???

So @everyone in my inbox from the last couple of months (ouch), I will try to round up all the questions sometime soon and reply in bulk.

There is also a status update coming about the state of the blog, because I want to start using it again dammit.

If you’ve been following me from last year (and are still sticking around somehow)…you’d know that I lost a certain literal cupcake around early June. I still haven’t found it, nor do I have any clue about its whereabouts.

The truth is still out there, somewhere.

it turns out that brief interlude in War and Peace was because shit was about to get SO REAL. SO REAL. like fuckin. people are burning their cities down, Bolkonsky is losing his mind and his family and all his subjects almost die because of it, Andrei is acting like a human being with a purpose in life and it’s not just because he likes a girl….

like damn. damn. 

also, since I’m officially halfway through, here is a status update:

characters who need to get punched in the throat:

  • Bolkonsky (abusive piece of shit I don’t care if you’re old, die faster)
  • Vassily (literally what the fuck, you are such a piece of shit)
  • Anatole (I will light him on fire myself if Andrei doesn’t track him down)
  • Hélène (YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID) (also your little ~~oh I like the French actually~~ thing is not cute, fucking stop it)
  • Anna Pavlovna (you know that video of Mr. Darcy screaming “OH CAROLINE WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP” yeah that’s me @Anna every time she does anything)

characters who need to get their shit together, preferably via me shaking them violently until they shut the goddamn hell up and act like adults instead of helpless morons:

  • Andrei (come on dude your angsty “idgaf about anyone” schtick got old 9038420384 chapters ago, also, you’re complicit in your sister’s abuse and it’s working my last nerve)
  • Nikolai (oh, you sweet summer child. stop it. you’re a grownup. ACT LIKE ONE.)

characters who deserve better than this:

  • Princess Mary (her religion thing is a little annoying but also, babe, your dad’s a dick and you’re better than you think you are) (yells for 10,000 years about how this is what happens when women have no agency)
  • SONYA (girl you are better than everyone in this book and deserve the world)
  • Natasha (also found god, SIGH, but is still a textbook example of why slut shaming and purity culture is fucking bullshit)

characters who are still silver-haired anime men with cherry blossoms blowing in the wind everywhere they go:


First off, shoutout to @iccelle for a fantastic request (you are so sweet btw) and for your patience & understanding (I’m extremely sorry for the delay, I got a bit carried away haha). 

Special thanks to @ginagazette for beta-ing this for me, I can’t even begin to express how lucky I am to have this editing queen in my life XD 

Also, a quick update for everyone: requests are currently open! The status for requests can now be found in the description on my blog :) 

Genres: Angst, Slight Fluff

Warning: Violence (a scene or two)

Word Count: 5,787

Originally posted by areumdawomonster

You whistled as you worked, chopping meat and vegetables for the dish you were preparing, eager to have your brother be the first one to taste a new recipe.

You were in an exceptionally good mood and couldn’t contain the smile that graced your face as you pranced around the kitchen. You had skipped all of your classes to spend the entire day shopping with Jungkook, your best friend, for a gift to buy your older brother.

It was Yoongi’s birthday today and you were determined to make sure that everything would be perfect.

You flinched in surprise when the door to the house slammed open abruptly, followed by uneven footsteps and a raspy cough.

“Oppa?” you called, quickly wiping your hands on your apron and rushing towards the entrance.

You smiled at him brightly, but it immediately turned into a frown when you saw the state that he was in.

His eyes were red-rimmed and bloodshot and his light hair was a tousled mess. Dark circles drooped from under his eyes casting an illusion of fatigue and vulnerability. He appeared to have gotten even skinnier despite his already thin built.

“Yah, Oppa,” you murmured, reaching out a hand to steady him.

You had just grabbed onto his elbow when he shrugged you off violently, turning to glare at you with unfocused eyes.

“Don’t touch me,” he spat, making your blood run cold.

He was drunk, very drunk.

You sighed, struggling with your conflicting emotions.

It had only been a few months since Jin’s death, and the memory of it was still fresh in everyone’s mind. Yoongi’s second family consisted of a group of his close friends, all of whom you affectionately referred to as your older brothers, but it had taken a turn for the worse when Jin died.

For a while, no one was able to accept the truth. You remembered how you used to spend hours holed up in Jin’s room, with your head resting on Jungkook’s shoulder. The two of you tried your best to hold back tears as you relived countless memories of the handsome, broad-shouldered male.

It took you a while, but you had eventually gotten over it. Jungkook followed your lead, and a lot of the boys began to pretend that they were okay. Even so, it was obvious that there was an empty hole in their family that could never be replaced.

Ever since the incident, the bond between everyone had somewhat weakened. Besides Jungkook, who you saw on a daily basis, it was becoming less and less frequent for the remaining six boys to be found in the same room.

Namjoon had secluded himself from the group, probably because he had been the closest one to Jin, and it was rare to hear from him. Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok had also been keeping a low profile; they occasionally dropped by for a meal but never lingered around for long.

You were especially concerned, however, about Yoongi. He had developed a drinking problem and was mentally unstable, his mood constantly shifting and at times quite unpredictable. He wasn’t even home half of the time and it pained you to realize that your only family was becoming more and more distant.

You tried everything to help him, but he had only gotten worse.

You blinked out of your reverie and refocused on the present situation. You watched, frowning, as your brother stumbled drunkenly towards his bedroom.

“Oppa, I’m preparing some food for dinner,” you called half-heartedly after him. He didn’t seem to hear you, so you followed him and attempted to drag him back to the dining room.

“Oppa, you shouldn’t sleep on an empty stomach after drinking so much,” you sighed in distress.

“Let go of me!” he lashed out, gripping onto your wrist tightly with his free hand. You gasped at the pain, frantically trying to remove yourself.

“Oppa,” you grit your teeth. “You’re hurting me.”

“Then don’t touch me,” he dropped his hand and trudged to his room, the door resonating with a loud bang behind him.

You leaned heavily against the wall, burying your head in your hands.

You were angry at his behavior, but mostly upset that you couldn’t get through to him. There was a burning sensation in the back of your eyes and when you blinked, tears slid down your cheeks.

Was he so drunk that he didn’t even remember his own birthday? Was he so far gone that there was no pulling him out of the hole that he had dug for himself?

Your phone rang suddenly, bringing you back to reality. It was an incoming call from Jungkook so you took a few seconds to clear the lump in your throat and wipe the tears from your eyes.

“Hello?” you managed to choke out, voice barely above a whisper.

“(Y/N)-ah? Yah, are you okay? Did something happen?” he immediately asked, “…Are you crying?” he added as an afterthought.

You managed a small smile. How did he know you so well?

“I’m fine, it’s just Oppa being…difficult again.” You straightened yourself up, returning to the cutting board to resume your cooking.

“Did he do something to you? I swear to god, even if he’s my hyung, if he hurts you-”

“Calm down, Jungkook,” you chuckled, finding it amazing at how quickly he had managed to improve your mood. “Come help me finish Yoongi’s birthday dinner. Even if he’s too busy being drunk, we should never skip an opportunity to have cake.”

“I was out the door as soon as you said cake.”

You chuckled slightly, having trouble hiding a smile. “Hurry, before I eat all of the frosting,”

“You wouldn’t,” he challenged, “I’d throw a tantrum and you know it. Anyway, I’ll be there in a few. Remember, it’s his loss if he doesn’t want cake. More for us.”

“I know,” you murmured, brows furrowing in discomfort. “I’ll see you soon, Jungkook,” you tapped at the screen to end the call before sighing at the closed door to Yoongi’s room.


One busted pan, a few broken glasses, and a pounding headache later, you were seriously regretting your decision. What were you going to do with this boy?

“How do you work this thing?” Jungkook called from the kitchen, making you internally sigh for the nth time.

You knew it wouldn’t be a good idea to let him help you with housework, but he begged to come over; the pouty faced selcas he had sent absolutely irresistible.

Besides, he arrived at your house before you had gotten out of class, and you found him waiting for you outside your front door.

“Jungkook, why don’t you just go watch some TV in the living room or something, I can handle this-”

“No, I want to help,” he objected, nodding his head in determination.

You sighed out loud this time, walking forward to grab his arm. “You are going to be a good boy and sit down while I take care of the cooking.”

“Not a chance,” he teased, dancing away and holding his arms above his head where he knew you couldn’t reach them.

“Yah!” You stomped your foot in irritation as he sent you a cheeky smile.

“You’re so cute when you’re mad,” he said, giggling.

“Jeon Jungkook!” you screeched as he began to run around the rather small kitchen, agilely dodging your efforts to catch him. “Get back here, you brat!”

The door slammed open suddenly, bringing Jungkook to a halt in front of you. You let out a squeak of surprise as your foot slipped and you came crashing into him.

“Oof!” He let out a grunt as you landed on top of him, followed by a low groan of being tackled to the ground by your clumsiness.

Coming  back to your senses, your gaze shifted to the front entrance where Yoongi was staring blankly at the scene before him.

He didn’t seem to realize that you were lying on top of one of his best friends in a rather compromising position. You knew instantaneously that he was definitely drunk.

“Yah,” Jungkook muttered underneath you. “Mind getting off me?”

You clambered back onto your feet, cheeks burning as you turned to your older brother in embarrassment.

“Oppa, you’re back,” you muttered slowly. Jungkook’s head snapped up as he realized the current situation, ears turning a bright red.

“Oh hyung, you’re back,” he scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.

Yoongi stared blankly between the both of you, his eyes even redder today. He blinked before grabbing his stomach and dropping down onto the floor.

“Oppa!” you surged forward, about to help him, when you realized that what looked to be a grimace of pain on his face was actually from the soundless laughter that was shaking his body.

“Oh, this is too good,” he said to no one in particular. You glanced behind you at Jungkook who only shrugged his shoulders, obviously confused.

It was his first time seeing Yoongi like this.

“This is just too good!” Yoongi hollered again. He climbed back up, scanning you from head to toe with a dark sneer on his face.

“Oppa, are you okay?” you reached out to touch him.

“I didn’t know my sister was busy whoring herself away,” he shook his head. “Instead of getting a stable job to bring some money into this household, you’re flinging yourself at guys?”

Your hand dropped back down to your side, shock freezing you in place.

“Hyung!” Jungkook yelled in a mixture of anger and disbelief.

“Oh, is the whole prostitution thing how you’re making money?” Yoongi nodded his head as if he suddenly  understood. “Well then in that case, go on, have fun.”

“Hung, that’s enough!” Jungkook stepped in front of you, fists clenched. Finding it increasingly harder to breathe, you clung onto the back of his shirt.

“I-I,” you stuttered, eyes flying frantically over the room. You started hyperventilating, unable to completely process the shock.

You felt someone grab your hand, felt a calloused finger trace smooth patterns on the back of your hand. 

“Hey, hey,” Jungkook’s grip on your hand tightened. “(Y/N)-ah, look at me. Look at me.”

He pressed the palm of your hand against his chest as you stared back at him.

“Let’s calm down, Y/N-ah, okay? Breathe, take deep breathes. Inhale slowly and exhale…okay that’s it (Y/N)-ah, again…” he murmured and you followed his instructions until you had managed to regain your composure.

You glanced over at Yoongi who had passed out cold on the floor, feeling an ache in your chest.

“Leave him be, (Y/N)-ah. Let’s go out for some fresh air, ” Jungkook tugged at your sleeve. “It’d be good for you.”

When you didn’t respond, he sighed, moving towards the door only to return with a pair of sneakers and a jacket.

He slipped your feet carefully into your shoes before tying your laces and standing up to stick your arms into your jacket.

You stared blankly at Yoongi, intoxicated and passed out on the ground, before Jungkook noticed and smoothly blocked your view.

He zipped the jacket all the way up before taking your hand in his and leading you out of the house.

The two of you wandered aimlessly down the streets for a while, complete silence filling the air. The only evidence of Jungkook’s presence was the warmth of his hand in yours.You found yourself unconsciously squeezing it like it was your lifeline.

Jungkook occasionally glanced down at you, squeezing back slightly, before continuing to guide you through the city.

You spotted one of your favorite grocery stores from the corner of your eye, tugging at Jungkook’s hands as you made your way in that direction.

He said nothing as you handed him a cart and began to walk through aisle after aisle, placing random ingredients into the cart.

It wasn’t until you had reached the baked goods section when he realized you were crying silently into a bag of bread.  

“(Y/N)-ah,” he called out. When you continued to stay rooted to your spot, your quiet sniffles gradually increasing in volume, he coughed awkwardly. “You know hyung didn’t mean anything he said. He wasn’t in his right mind, not to mention drunk off the wall.”

Your cries only became louder, making Jungkook physically begin to panic.

“Yah, (Y/N), we’re in public,” he whispered in a hushed voice. You processed the fact that he was reiterating these words over and over but you could care less at the moment.

Not knowing what else to do, he enveloped you into a hug and cupped your head to his chest.

He felt wetness soak through his shirt and your feeble tugs at the soft fabric, his heart clenching in spite of himself.

“Jungkook, what am I going to do?” you whimpered, voice muffled and distorted from crying. “Oppa thinks I’m useless, that I’m not giving him anything, but I don’t know…should I get another job? I already work part-time on campus…Jungkook-ah, tell me what to do. Give me something to do so I don’t feel so useless anymore.”

You were mumbling nonsense, but Jungkook somehow understood what you needed, only pulling you closer against him and letting you have a good cry to get all of the pent-up emotions out.

He didn’t care if the two of you were currently being scrutinized by strangers or that you had completely spoiled a bag of bread.

You needed comfort, and that’s why he was there for you.


“(Y/N), I’m sorry I can’t pick you up today, something came up with the hyungs,” Jungkook’s voice greeted yours apologetically through the phone.

“Oh, that’s fine,” you muttered, adjusting the strap of your bag while trying to mask your disappointment. You had really been looking forward to Jungkook’s company after a grueling day of classes.

After the grocery store incident, Jungkook’s presence had been the only thing motivating you to wake up in the mornings and get out of bed. You always thought of yourself as a very independent person but you were discovering that you had begun relying more and more on him, seeking him out whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on or a friend to share a laugh with.

“Is everything alright?” you asked instead.

“Yeah,” he replied briskly. “I’m just wrapping things up here so I’ll be on my way over soon.”

“Take your time,” you smiled, exiting the main gates and starting your trek back to the house you shared with Yoongi. “Tell them I said hi.”

“Will do,” he murmured. “I’ll see you soon okay?”

“Okay,” you made a turn around a corner, noticing how the street was a bit more crowded than usual

“Wait, (Y/N)-ah,” Jungkook’s voice murmured faintly as you were momentarily distracted.

“Should I just take the long way back?” you wondered out loud. “There are a lot more people through the short cut…I think I’ll just use the main road.”

You turned around, having made up your mind, only to be greeted by complete silence from the other line.

“Yah, Jungkook, I’m going to hang up now-”

“(Y/N)-ah, run.” 

His voice was deadly serious, chilling you to the bones.

“What?” you managed to say before your phone was ripped out of your hand, your bag snatched from your body, and your arms forced behind your back.

“Yah!” you screamed indignantly, your temper flaring, “who do you think you are?”

You turned your head, face paling in horror.

In your preoccupied state, you had failed to realize that the people who were crowding around your usual shortcut to home gave off an edge of danger that sent a shiver down your spine.

One of them spoke up suddenly: “Are you sure she’s Min Yoongi’s sister?”

Your stomach churned at the question, afraid of the implications behind it.

“The hairstyle is a bit different from the picture, but her features are the same,” someone called from the back. You felt your body tense with fear.

“Who are you?” you asked again, your voice small and insignificant compared to the intimidating stance of the men standing in front of you.

“Your brother owes us some money,” the one in the front said, his hood pulled over his head. “A lot, actually. So if you cooperate, you won’t be harmed unnecessarily. But if you’re less than accommodating…” he cracked his knuckles threateningly, “Well, things will get ugly.”

The one that had your arms trapped in an iron grip began dragging you towards a minivan parked at the end of the street.

You began squirming, adrenaline pumping through your veins, as you were made fully aware of the reality of the situation.

Yoongi owed people money, and from the looks of it, they weren’t very friendly. You were going to be taken to an undisclosed location and who knew what would happen then?

A scream bubbled in the back of your throat, slowly building into an ear-splitting shriek of terror. You silently prayed someone would hear.

Help, someone please help. 

“Quick, somebody gag her,” the same hooded guy from before ordered, and a cloth was shoved your way.

You tried to spit it out, madly thrashing against your captors. You continued struggling, knowing it was futile, but not about to just comply like a mindless puppet.

Not knowing how, your arms were suddenly freed. You dropped down onto your knees in a heap, exhaustion taking over as the immediate danger was apparently gone.

Or maybe not.

As you turned around, your heart sunk once more.

Jungkook had appeared in front of you, positioned in a defensive stance. Your heart sank as you realized the group of men outnumbered him by far.

“Jungkook,” you gasped, grabbing onto his black hoodie. “Jungkook, get out of here, I can handle-”

“I told you to run!” he snapped back, his eyes glaring furiously at you. Thousands of emotions flooded through his dark irises, all of them screaming a warning to get out of the alley. “Go, now. I’ll take care of it.”


“Now,” he instructed, his tone not open for discussion. “Back to my apartment, not your house. It isn’t safe there anymore.”

You didn’t stick around to watch the fight, but you were aware that Jungkook was trying to take control of the situation and had shifted all focus onto him.

You hesitated but snatched up your discarded belongings and made a mad dash for the main road.

You heard footsteps chasing after you, but that only pushed you to run faster, your legs burning from the exertion.

“Jungkook, you idiot,” you kept mumbling to yourself, your breathing becoming uneven and your panting becoming heavier. Why, just why, did he have to choose now of all times to be chivalrous?

You ran the entire way to his apartment, slipping into the building and quickly taking the elevator up to his floor, waiting anxiously for the doors to open.

You reached into your bag, praying you hadn’t misplaced the spare key Jungkook had given you, and breathed a sigh of relief when you found it.

When the doors of the elevator finally opened, you continued your sprint down to his apartment, letting yourself in and locking it securely behind you.

Once inside, you slumped into a pile of shaky limbs, your muscles trembling from overuse.

You remained in that position for a while, your whole mind preoccupied by Jungkook’s fate.

“He better come back in one piece,” you mentally debated about returning to the scene but the image of his last command was so vivid in your head that you couldn’t find the will to stand back up and disobey him.

You curled up into a fetal position, squeezing your eyes shut.

“Jungkook-ah, come back to me, please.”


You paced back and forth in the living room, your nail chipping away as you bit on it anxiously. It was now approaching two hours since you ran away and you were losing your mind.

It was getting darker and darker outside, but Jungkook had yet to make an appearance.

You paced for another ten minutes before you decided you couldn’t just sit around, waiting.

You were going back, whether you were going to get in huge trouble with Jungkook afterwards or not.

You shrugged into your jacket, just about to place your shoes on when there was a heavy knock on the front door.

“Jungkook?” you cried, tripping over your feet to get to the door.

As soon as you opened it, you let out a sigh of relief.

“Jungkook, you’re-” you inhaled sharply, taking in his haggard appearance. He had a cut on his cheek, a bruise on his jaw, and a cut on the corner of his mouth.

If his face was already this beat up, you were horrified to imagine what must be hidden and concealed by his clothes.

“(Y/N)-ah,” Jungkook managed a weak smile, before rocking forward and passing out on you.

You barely managed to catch him, fear coursing through your body.



You swept yet another cotton ball of antiseptic across his cut one last time before placing a bandage on his cheek. You stood up to get the first aid kit, deciding to move it to the living room where Jungkook was knocked out cold.

You had applied ointment to his jaw to ease the swelling of the bruise and as far as you could tell, he didn’t have any broken bones, so you had decided to just treat him yourself. You weren’t sure if you could drag him all the way to the hospital so you tried your best to dress his wounds.

After you finished tending to his injuries, you wandered into his room to grab a clean shirt to change him into.

You stripped him of his black hoodie and his gray T-shirt that was stained by spots of blood here and there.

You sucked in your breath at the sight before you, taking a moment to compose yourself.

There were bruises of all shapes and sizes scattered across his torso. His pale skin was blotched with blacks and blues and you briefly felt sick.

Instead, you took out the ointment once again, and gently began applying it all over his chest, his stomach, anywhere you saw a bruise.

You scanned his face anxiously, looking for any signs of discomfort, relaxing when you were met with an innocent, youthful expression.

You smoothed his hair back, part of it still damp from sweat, and adjusted the pillows on the couch.

You caught yourself staring at him, noticing how long his lashes were, how smooth the slope of his nose was. You sometimes forgot how attractive he was, mesmerizing really. You coughed once more before looking away and trying to dismiss these thoughts.  

You let the medicine set, doing the laundry while you waited. You soaked his T-shirt in cold water, scrubbing and scrubbing, grumbling in frustration when small traces of blood still remained.

You continued to scrub, your hands raw and red, before the stains were completely gone. You dumped everything into the washing machine and turned it on, making your way to the kitchen to prepare a simple broth for Jungkook.

You were just about finished when you heard stirring from the living room. You turned the stove off, quickly dumping the contents of the pot into a clean bowl and grabbing a spoon.

You walked slowly towards the living room, your eyes focused on not spilling the soup.

“(Y/N)-ah?” Jungkook croaked and you looked up, immediately regretting it.

He was still shirtless and despite his wounds, it was flattering.

You spun around, almost spilling the soup, and cleared your throat with difficulty.

“Um, did the ointment dry up yet? You should put on a shirt if it did, it’s kind of chilly.”

“Oh yeah, it did,” he groaned and you heard movement behind you. When it was completely still again, you turned back around and made your way towards him, setting the soup down on the coffee table.

“How are you feeling?” you asked.

“Like hell,” he murmured, reaching for the soup.

His arms were a bit shaky so you resorted to feeding him instead. He blinked his eyes sleepily a few times so you set the half-finished bowl down and decided to make him comfortable on the couch.

You grabbed the blankets from his room and draped them over him, fluffing his pillows up.

“I think we should call it a night,” you murmured.

“Wait,” he latched onto your hand, pulling you to a seated position. “I want to explain everything to you.”

“Jungkook, now’s not the time,” you objected. “Let’s talk in the morning when you’ve had a good night’s rest.”

“No, you need to know,” he was being stubborn and you groaned. “In case something like this happens again.”

That caught your attention and you immediately gripped onto his hand tighter.

He took a deep breath as if he was preparing to confess something and your heart skipped a beat.

“Yoongi-hyung called all of us today,” he began and you couldn’t help the disappointment that surged through you. “You okay?” he asked suddenly, snapping you out of your reverie.

“Yeah, go on, I’m fine.”

“Well, so Yoongi-hyung wanted us all to meet up, he even got Namjoon-hyung to come. That’s why I couldn’t pick you up today, I was still with the guys. Anyway, he needed to borrow money and begged all of us to lend him some because he needed to pay off the mafia he was indebted to. We didn’t think much of it, mostly scolding him for letting his addiction to alcohol get out of hand,” he explained. “But when you called me, something felt off. I realized that they were targeting you as you were about to hang up, that’s why Yoongi had been so desperate about needing the money and needing it as soon as possible.”

You blinked, taking this all in.

“Okay,” you nodded, accepting his explanation. “But why were you the only one that showed up?”

“I ran the fastest,” he shrugged. “The others made it eventually, and hyung gave them the money. That’s it.”

“Then why are you like this?” you demanded.

“This is nothing,” he shrugged again and you wanted to scream at him for his nonchalant attitude.

“Fine, whatever. Anyway, I’m glad you told me but,” you stood up. “you should go to sleep now-”

“No, (Y/N)-ah, stay with me,” Jungkook’s grip on your hand only tightened and you sighed. “Please?”




You stood rigidly next to Jungkook, your body stiff from both sleeping on the carpet of Jungkook’s living room the entire night and nerves.

You breathed in slowly, exhaling in the same manner.

“Jungkook, I’m really not sure about this,” you blindly grabbed for his hand, practically squeezing the life out of it.

He winced slightly before prodding you towards the door.

“He’s your brother,” Jungkook chided. “It can’t possibly be that bad.”

You only nodded, not wanting to reveal that it had actually been a while since you interacted face-to-face with Yoongi.

You often left food for him on the table but would disappear into your room before he came home and leave for school before he woke up.

“I’ll be there too!” Jungkook attempted to lighten the atmosphere again. “You know, as a mediator.”

“Sure, sure,” you replied absentmindedly, deciding to just get this over with.

The two of you made your way into your house and you instantly took a step back at the reek of alcohol that greeted you.

“Oppa?” you called. There was some shuffling before Yoongi emerged from his room, his hair messy and his eyes partially shut.

“You’re home?” he asked and you made a double take when you realized he wasn’t drunk like you thought he would be.

“Yeah,” you nodded. “Want me to make some breakfast?”

“Pancakes?” he simply requested and you grinned.

“Of course,” you rushed into the kitchen, grabbing ingredients before you had even taken your jacket off.

You were just about finished with breakfast when you felt something off.

It was too quiet.

Too still.

Like the calm before the storm.

There was a loud crash followed by a string of obscenities that had you drying your hands on your apron and rushing out to the living room.

“Don’t you know that (Y/N)-ah has been suffering this entire time because of you?” Jungkook was struggling to appease your brother who was thrashing around in his grip. “You need to have some self-control!”

“All I asked for was a sip!” Yoongi yelled, breaking out of Jungkook’s grip and letting out a scream of frustration. He kicked the coffee table before overturning it and proceeding to make a mess of the living room.

You watched in disbelief as he knocked over picture frames, vases, anything he could get his hands on.

“Stop!” you hollered, reaching for the polaroids scattered around the room. They were pictures of your late parents, the boys, everything you cared about.

“Hyung!” Jungkook grabbed onto Yoongi once more, only to be thrown at the wall violently. He stood up with some difficulty, gripping the front of Yoongi’s T-shirt with both hands.

“Hyung, I’m warning you,” Jungkook grimaced. “Stop now.”

He was shoved once more, this time landing against the old sofa chair.

Yoongi ignored him, letting out another deafening howl. He grabbed the closest thing to him, which happened to be a chair, and raised it above his head.

“NO!” you screamed, throwing yourself in front of Jungkook and shielding him with your body.

You watched as Yoongi seemed to hesitate for a second.

“Oppa,” you sobbed. “Please stop. That’s enough. We’ll help you get better okay? We’re here for you-”


He threw the chair and you braced yourself for impact, only to be surprised when Jungkook suddenly rolled the two of you over, covering your body with his.

You realized a second later that Yoongi hadn’t thrown the chair directly at you, but at the old mirror next to the TV.

There was a shattering sound, followed by a thump of the chair making contact with the ground, and then shards of glass were pelting down on Jungkook’s back.

There was a beat of silence before you gingerly wriggled out from underneath Jungkook and helped him up. Most of the glass hadn’t made contact with him, but there were some stray ones that had managed to leave bloody cuts embedded in his skin.

Angry tears sprung to your eyes as you took in Jungkook’s scrunched up face, your hands fluttering around him shakily. 

“Let’s go,” you murmured, your voice hollow and emotionless.

Jungkook simply nodded, in too much pain to say anything.

You went back into the kitchen to grab your stuff before taking hold of Jungkook’s arm once again.

You turned to Yoongi who was sitting, stunned, in the middle of the havoc he had wreaked.

You took a deep breath before concluding that this was the right thing to do.

“You need to get help,” you whispered. “But if you’re going to hurt the people that are trying to help you, if you’re going to hurt the people that I love, well then you don’t need to be in my life.”

It was a compromise, your last offer. Give and take. It was his turn now.

You turned around and walked out the door, slamming the door behind you.

You didn’t look back once.


“You are in so much trouble,” you crossed your arms in front of your chest, your face attempting to maintain an unamused expression but failing miserably.

“What did I do?” Jungkook mumbled, his eyes watching you warily. He sat on the edge of the sofa in his living room, his legs crossed underneath him.

“Who thought it would be a great idea to confront my brother?” you questioned, referring to the disastrous incident.

“Guilty as charged,” his head drooped.

“Who brilliantly decided to act as a mediator?” you challenged sarcastically.

“Um, that would also be me,” he pointed to himself.

“Who said it was okay for you to get hurt?” you snapped, the true reason for your anger revealing itself.

“Oh, is this what this is about?” Jungkook suddenly smirked at you mischievously. “Was someone worried about me?”

“Oh, shut up and give me your arm,” you set to work with the first aid kit, taking out a pair of tweezers, antiseptics, and bandaged gauge.

He reluctantly let you examine his arm, wincing slightly when you used too much pressure.

“I’ll live through this, right?” he sounded scared.

“Shut up, before I pluck your nose hairs,” you threatened.

The procedure of removing the glass shards from his arm was a painful twenty minutes of screaming from both parties, yelling, and strings of colorful curse words.

“There,” you finished the wrap, taping the ends of it up. “Should be fine now.”

“Thanks, mom,” Jungkook stuck his tongue out at you and you were tempted to kick him in the shins.

You stood up quickly to put the first aid kit away but accidentally ended up tripping over your own feet and falling into Jungkook’s lap.

“Oh gosh, I’m so sorry,” you stammered, scrambling to get up because you knew he was injured.

You were surprised, and more than a little flustered, when he wrapped his arms around your waist instead, effectively trapping you in place.

You felt a shift in the atmosphere, your heart beating so loudly that you were sure he could hear it.

“Thank you,” he whispered, his eyes gazing at you sincerely before darting down to stare at your lips. His eyes met yours once more and then you found him slowly leaning in.

You fluttered your eyes shut as his lips found yours, gently molding together.

He pulled away, only to press his mouth to yours again, the feeling peaceful and intimate. He did this twice more, each time melting you a bit further.

When he finally pulled away for the last time, he leaned his forehead against yours, the two of you panting in sync with the other.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that,” he admitted, his nose brushing yours on accident, making you giggle. “Thank you, (Y/N)-ah, really.”

“You’re welcome,” you smiled, a carefree smile making its way onto your face.

“But Jungkook-ah, I’m the one that has to say thank you.”

Because he was your sanctuary, your safe haven.

He was the boy with the kisses that tasted of security, promise…

But most of all, comfort.

A/N: Welcome back! Hopefully you guys made it this far LOL I totally did not mean for this to turn into such a long scenario but I think this is by far one of my most emotional writing experiences. I know I left the ending between the reader and Yoongi (or Suga) kind of ambiguous, but I figured I would leave that up to personal interpretation. Feel free to message me any thoughts or feedback of your own, I’d definitely love to hear them :)

Until next time, happy scenario-ing!

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Literally no one in the fashion show has said anything about tao being a hinderance at the catwalk…..but instead they were taking pictures with him and were curious and was asking who he was….and his pictures were being uploaded in various bloggers insta/blogs… can also see him being led to his front row seat (in an actual video footage!!!wow!wow!)……also versace versus has since updated their status in weibo with pics of tao and they haven’t said anything so why are these ‘news’ portal sites and haters so fking desperate to show he caused a havoc???? stfd!