also a pillow

  • Group-Chat Yuri's Puddles
  • Minami: [12.49] Finally got the body pillow of Yuri!
  • Phichit: [12.53] Congratulations!
  • Yurio: [13.00] I want one with Otabek...
  • Victor: [13.01] I have also one!
  • Yurio: [13.01] Do you really need something like that, Victor?
  • Victor: [13.02] Why not? I mean, Yuri is the biggest fanboy of mine and has three body pillows with my face on it.
  • Phichit: [13.03] I know!
  • Phichit: [13.03] Hey, Yurio...
  • Yurio: [13.05] Hn?
  • Phichit: [13.06] Otabek has just posted a pic with him and a Yurio body pillow. ^^
  • Yurio: [13.06] I know. It's a present from me for him.
  • Victor: [13.07] Naww~

so ive been making and selling pillows with the aspect symbols on them and can also make pillows with symbols for characters
i dont know if anyone would be interested in buying them but the prices for the aspect pillows are $10 and the character ones are $15
i thought id post this here for anyone whos kin that might be interested in something like this
-mod dave

  • viktor: yuuri... will you sign the poster of you i have?
  • yuuri: sure!
  • viktor: and can you also sign my body pillow, my mini postcards, my painting, my stickers, my shirt, my hat, my sunglasses, my underwear, my notebook, my pen, my socks, and mannequin of you?
  • yuuri: viktor we need to burn these ok you have the real me right here you imbecile i