also a photo of my cat why not


Alright, so I have at least one more Christmas present to share with everyone, because this one also made me very happy, even though I received it a few hours ago. The reason why I got this today instead of yesterday, according to my brother, is because….he forgot. Apparently he hid this from me so well, that he actually forgot to wrap it and put it under the tree. XD

So! Let’s see what it is!

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Jumin neko atsume headcannons

(☆ω☆*)screaming omgmyfuckinggod I got carried away

  • so obsessed with this game
  • takes pictures of them and posts them in the RFA
  • zen complaining and sneezing
  • stopping his presentation just to b updated
  •  “Laides and gentleman, in our cat food commerci-
  • everyone b like ????
  • Jumin will casually taking his phone out and b all like
  • “/sighs/ tubs wHy you eAT all mY fOOD up AGain? but it’s okai i love you too (っ*´∀`*)っ”
  • photos on his RFA profile pic, on his wallpaper, on his bed
  • it’s eVERYWHERE
  • i can see him buying the company and the game
  • will also create a cat called elizabth the 3rd
  • “Zen, do you want to be the new model for neko atsume?(☆ω☆*)”
  •  “nO, fucK oFF-”
  • “Zen you ken trUST mE! It’s nEKO aTSUME”
  • “fuCK ofF JumIN”
  • “Elizabeth tHE thIRD will B thERe Too”
  • “I said fuCK oFf!”

(written by reiko)

Aww, Steven’s decided to spend the night with his dad! That’s cute, I wish we could see more of these two interacting.

I want to use that phrase whenever my hair falls off, altough I don’t think it’ll happen considering my genetics.

Also is that a photo of Steven with his cat fingers? Why would Greg keep that?



“He’s dead to me.”

Jeez, so I guess that guy is the reason Greg never made it big in the music industry?

Kent Parson headcanons that are probably true

• he hates nature
• like really just doesn’t like it
• he gets rashes if he sits on grass without long pants on
• he also has mad food allergies
• like he doesn’t have a lot but they’re really bad
• he also probably has a fundamental misunderstanding about how epipens work
• he’s terrified of Nevada
• Vegas is fine
• but everything else is just desert??
• he almost cried at the Hoover dam
• he sends Jack photos of his cat every few days
• Jack says he hates them
• but Kent’s ugly cat makes him snort laugh
• why is she so ugly??
• Kent is a PR nightmare
• ‘Parson, were you at a frat party?’
• 'uh, yeah?’
• 'oh my god, there are photos of you online playing beer pong with a bunch of underage college kids!!’
• ’……..’
• he unironically keeps all of the aces stuff he gets for free
• he loves to buy weird paintings from thrift stores and hang them around his apartment
• he swaps them out for weirder ones every few months
• it really weirds people out when they come over
• he only drinks water at games
• he’s really bad at taking care of himself
•one time he bought like five things of icy pops because it was hot outside
• he ate too many of them before practice one day and threw up
• he then laughed so hard Bc his vomit was purple that he threw up again
• he hates maple syrup
• but he’d never tell Jack
• but he thinks it’s too sweet and sticky
• he also hates mayonnaise

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: harry styles is so beautiful, and i'm literally in love with him??? like??? why does everything he does make me want to drop everything and go live in the country with him and five dogs, three cats, and a goat? how does he do this to me ? does he know that he's doing this ? also— what does he smell like in the morning? does he wear socks to bed? why can a blurry photo of him in gray sweatpants and slippers make me paralyzed from the neck down ? does he drink 2%, whole, or skim milk ? probably skim milk. fake health nut heaux. does he believe in love at first sight ? if not, does he need me to walk past him again? what emojis would he put by my name in his phone ? can we meet for lunch on Thursday when I am free to meet for lunch on Thursday ?