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Analysis: Astro as Boyfriends...

To the anon that requested this: I sincerely apologize about how ridiculously long this is;;; it’s like rly long i’m so sry but once you get me started on Astro as BFs, I could go on for hours, okay? like they’d be the best boyfriends EVER don’t fight me on this <3 T~T


  • literally the softest boyfriend in the world
  • always wants to make sure you’re happy and comfortable
  • if you’re not though
  • he becomes like this unstoppable pillar of emotional and physical reassurance and support <3
  • he’ll always snuggle you until you feel better
  • or until you’re ready to talk about whatever’s bothering you
  • loves to bear-hug you from behind
  • and just totally wrap you up in his arms
  • SUCH a good listener
  • incredibly patient!!
  • loves showing off for you but gets embarrassed about it easily
  • buys you little presents all the time
  • just lil things
  • like “i saw this and thought of you” type of gifts
  • bc you’re always lowkey on his mind
  • lowkey what am i saying?? ur highkey on his mind


  • let’s talk about skinship =u=

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Kakashi with his child (preferably a girl) headcanons?

Hatake Kakashi With a Daughter Headcanons

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  • Kakashi’s daughter will inherit his unruly hair and as a proud proponent of letting his hair go free and wild, he has no idea what to do with his daughter’s hair. He tries his best but to his bewilderment, the more he tries to brush it out the wilder and fluffier it gets. When her hair is sticking up like she’s been electrocuted, Kakashi sighs, gives up and ties it up on top of her head in a style that reminds him of Shikamaru’s hair. It’s the only one he knows how to do.

  • He is a very involved father, especially for every major milestone. He tried to teach her to say “mama” and “daddy” until he was blue in the face, but the first word ended up being “Pakkun”, much to his secret delight and the irritation of his wife. When the time came for her first steps, Kakashi would spend hours just sitting a foot or so away from her and attempting to coax her over to him with sweets. It took a few days and a lot of patience, but he succeeded in the end.

  • He’s a very laid-back parent. Of course he will intervene if he feels like his daughter is in any real danger, but he also understands that little bumps and bruises are part of the learning curve and an unavoidable part of being a child. Kakashi is very much a “learn by experience” dad, and encourages his daughter’s curiosity and imagination while keeping a watchful eye on her at all times to make sure she isn’t doing anything too dangerous. If she happens to fall or bump her head, he just heaves a long-suffering sigh, picks her back up, pats her on the head and sends her on her way.

  • Kakashi is serious about instilling the lesson that protecting your important people is what makes people strong, and sets about drilling it in her head from the time she is a newborn. Even if she doesn’t choose to be a shinobi, he still believes that it is a very important lesson to learn and probably the best advice he can ever give her as a father.

  • Kakashi is the bedtime storyteller every night, because his daughter thinks it’s funny that he uses different voices for each character. She loses it when he pitches his voice high when voicing a female character and erupts into a giggle fit, which in turn makes Kakashi laugh. Needless to say, it takes Kakashi forever to get her settled down enough to go to sleep. He doesn’t mind though, story time is his favorite too.

  • He will occasionally blackmail Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke into babysitting his daughter. Naruto and Sakura don’t mind - they love his daughter. Sasuke on the other hand will scowl and grouse, but give in anyway because of that whole “pardoned him for all of his crimes” thing that Kakashi keeps cheerfully reminding him of. Surprisingly, Sasuke is his daughter’s favorite babysitter. She thinks he is hilarious and often pesters Kakashi to go visit “uncle grouch.” 
Mornings with Got7


•   lots of “shhh just cuddle me, 10 more minutes”
•   back rubs until you both feel like going back to sleep
•   smiles when he finds you already awake and staring at him
•   pulls you back as soon as you get ready to get up


•   a cuddly worm that will not let go of your body
•   intertwines his legs around yours and sighs in satisfaction
•   mumbles a lot as he’s starting to wake up
•   always kisses you good morning, he’s also into Eskimo kisses aw


•   wakes up super early sometimes but never bothers you, just kisses your cheek
•   plays music in the kitchen as he makes breakfast
•   brings breakfast to bed if you’re too lazy to get up
•   “how did you sleep, princess? what do you feel like doing today?”


•   kinda grumpy, kinda cuddly, kinda whiny
•   holds your hand as you both sleep and sometimes he’s still holding it in the morning
•   buries his whole head in your neck “Jinyoung, baby its time to get up-” “no”
•   will only get out of bed if you promise him bacon and kisses


•   has a loud alarm to wake him up bc yall could sleep forever tbfh
•   starts to dance and shake his booty around the bed “y/nnnnnnn come cuddle me”
•   it’s not Youngjae if he’s not telling you some kind of cheesy joke as soon as you open your eyes
•   likes to kiss your forehead a lot


•   if you’re not waking up the same time he does, get ready for horrendous singing
•   “what would you like to hear next, loser or bae bae?”
•   gropes you all over until you start laughing
•   pouts until you say ‘good morning’ and 'I love you’


•   so soft and confused in the morning
•   looks around and starts flailing his arms until they reach you “morning, baby”
•   agahjdkfofl his sleepy voice makes you weak
•   always asks what you want to do that day before getting out of bed 

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positive things i associate with the Hogwarts houses pt2


  • knowing someone is wrong in a conversation but not correcting them because its minor and you don’t want to embarrass them in front of the other people you’re with
  • finding that one pen that writes exceptionally well and using it whenever u can
  • the new paper smell
  • “can you actually read that fast?” yeah, i can.
  • lying on the ground when u have a lot of stuff to do
  • “cleaning” but just getting distracted by either nostalgia or stuff you forgot about or reading parts of books you find
  • extremely passionate, can talk for hours if able to about things they enjoy and love and equally enjoy listening to someone talk about something their passionate about too
  • stubborn, but only because the things they’re stubborn about are the things they know a lot about
  • always has music on, no matter what. in the car, in the kitchen whilst cooking, in their bedroom, necessity whilst cooking, even sometimes while studying. The only time they aren’t listening to music is when their sleeping
  • the friend that knows a lot about really random topics of conversation like facts about American presidents or mythology
  • looking for your glasses while wearing them


  • taking a nap on your pile of clean laundry on your bed instead of putting it away
  • “oooh are you reading this right now i hear its good!” i am reading it! I’m also reading this one, and I’m half way through the one over there.
  • lots of water bottles everywhere
  • fuzzy socks
  • full hugs, not side hugs or ‘i barely know you but hi’ hugs, i mean their specialty is a two armed full tight hug
  • a lot of people consider them a friend even though they may not realize it, or be very close. they give of a trustworthy vibe that makes people feel comfortable and enjoy them as a person.
  • the friend that always remembers your birthday, probably even the first one to wish it to you.
  • not having to do anything
  • the sigh of accomplishment after completing something you’ve worked hard on.
  • the patient friend, willing to explain things that are new to someone, or teaching something new.
  • the friend thats a low-key badass. ex: has the perfect roast for someone in the group chat (without crossing comfort levels), will call people on bullsh*t if they’re being rude or disrespectful to someone in the conversation, has overwhelming fiery passion inside them and is more than happy to pour it into someone else but will absolutely shut ignorance down if anyone tries to sh*t on their passion.


  • shaving your legs and telling anyone you’re comfortable with to feel them
  • “you have a lot of books”  what gave it away? my hundreds of books in plain sight
  • the smell after it rains
  • the ride-or-die friend. will do anything for their friends. being best friends with a Slytherin is the best because they will always be there for you and vice versa. DO NOT give out the title of ‘best friend’ easily.
  • the friend who remembers all the small things about you like, what your drink order is, or your favorite side dish.
  • the friend that always seems to have everything you may need, nail file, gum, phone charger; you name it they’ve most likely got it and will of course let you borrow it
  • the friend thats the most up to date on current fads like clothing or even food, but their specialty is social trends, they may not follow them, but they know whats up.
  • honesty is the best policy. they give it and it’s best that you give it to them as well because they’re smart and if they don’t already know that you’re lying (if you are) than they WILL find out.
  • being busy. the stress free kind of busy where you’re being productive and getting what you need to done, you’re ahead of schedule and things are good.
  • the friend that has a strong sense of preservation. meaning that if a Slytherin says ‘thats a bad idea’ or ‘this is going to end badly’ they’re probably right. they’re run the different outcomes through their brain.
  • the feeling of brotherhood. comradery.


  • sharing earbuds when u find new music & can’t wait
  • “oh I didn’t know you liked to read?!” “haha yeah i do” i love it so much i would literally follow pennywise into the sewer if he bribed me with quiet time and book.
  • flying down the stairs christmas morning
  • Devoted friend. Will always be there to help you or provide moral support even if it’s been awhile since you’ve last talked.
  • being stubborn but always opening to listening/discussing why they should see it another way if you disagree.
  • team accomplishment. maybe you worked on a project together, or had a good debate. but that feeling of having been productive alongside another person
  • feeling energized in the morning. even if it’s not anything too crazy like going on a morning run but just waking up well rested and ready for the rest of the day
  • trying something new, with a good outcome whether it’s food, new clothes, a new hairstyle, just that feeling of somethings new, i like it.
  • the friend that doesn’t give a single shit about the rules if they believe the rules are unfair.
  • will almost always verbalize their feelings if it is important to them, usually being when someone starts talking sh*t about someone the gryff is friends with
  • pride. pride in themselves, in their team. their group of friends. their work. their past accomplishments. pride in their futures.

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Can I just say I LOVE your smut babe 😘? You make me wanna buy fans to keep myself cool 😏! Anyway, can I request a véry filthy Chanyeol threesome (you can choose the other hunk) with lots of dirty talk, DP, oral/anal play and squirting? ... I blame you for all these inappropriate ideas... love ya ;D


Forty-seven minutes. That’s how long you had been staring at Chanyeol. Repeatedly your eyes glued to his fingers the moment he raised up the bow and arrow to practice on the target in front of him. It was his fingers that kept your gaze. Not his looks, his broad shoulders, his height, or his tall frame. No, it was those long fingers that seemed to know how to flex and curl at just the right moment to land the bow in the middle of the bull’s eye and close to it. Nibbling on your lips, you sat with your legs crossed trying to stop the wetness that was forming in your panties. He wasn’t the only one making your life a living hell either, but he was the one that was currently dragging you down towards the gates himself.

Originally you had been asked by your friend to be a manger for the Idol Show Champion and you thought it would be a great idea. She had connections with SM meaning the things she did you did. She couldn’t be here for the competition so with your permission she set up a case with the company for why you should be able to watch over the boys and how they would be in good hands. She knew you were a fan, a sucker for the adorable boys and it had been that way since they first debuted. When you received the call that they said yes, you were ecstatic jumping around and telling everyone you knew. The chance to be close to people you admired and wanted somehow made your stomach swim with butterflies and standing in front of them made you feel like all of them were about to escape through your stomach and fly through your mouth.

Not everyone was over here with you, half of them were at a different arena for more practicing. You gave a soft smile, looking down to message your friend who was ‘busy’ and couldn’t make it today. In reality, she was just on a trip overseas and she knew that her bosses would never let her free for such a thing. It also helped for you to look down at your phone every time Chanyeol looked over at you. You tried so hard to avoid his gaze because you didn’t know exactly what to say to him. Trying to keep your cool and laugh at you and your friend (a bit dramatically) until you were just staring at a blank screen. When more people crowded the practice area, you moved your chair close to Chanyeol looking at him and then quickly back at your phone.

“Are you going to keep that up all day? Because I’m sure if I stared you down long enough, you would avoid my gaze and then I could just sneak off.” Chanyeol spoke softly releasing the arrow to hit the bull’s eye before he sat down his bow and sat beside you with a goofy smile.

“I don’t know what you were talking about, my friend just keeps texting me.” You stated as you fiddled with the phone in your hands before laughing softly. “But since you’re here now why not talk to you for a bit? Are you excited about your competition?” You asked turning your body towards him becoming interested in what he had to say. He nodded his head sticking his chest out.

“Of course, everyone gets to show off their skills and earn recognition for themselves and their group, there is nothing like it.” He admitted, and you felt like a love struck fool nodding along and hanging on to every word he said.

“Well, I wish you good luck Yeol.” Your held up two thumbs and he chuckled tilting his head.

“Well, I hope I have a lot of luck. I was wondering, if I do good on my competition will you come over and hang out with us for a bit? To celebrate you know?” He asked as your phone started to ring and you answered it putting your friend on pause before looking back at the male.

“Win first. Then yeah, I will come, but if you don’t win then you have to perform me one song from beginning to end and you have to perform all the parts!” You challenged earning an amused grin from Chanyeol.

“When did this become a bet?” He questioned tilting his head.

“It’s not, just more of.. Your punishment, so I hope you have some really good tricks up your sleeve, because you’ll need it.” You winked standing up to go take the call on your phone, feeling the gaze of Chanyeol on your back and you could only hope that he was looking at your ass sway side to side as you twisted away from him.


You sighed softly knocking on the door of the EXO dorm looking around making sure no one could spot you. It had been difficult to get this close unannounced, but with the clothes you had on you knew that no one could really tell who you were. It also helped that you kept a low profile and didn’t associate with a lot of people. The door swung open to reveal Chanyeol standing there with a muscle shirt, baggy pants and a bottle of soda in his hand. His eyes trailed over you before he leaned down to grip at your hand pulling you inside of the dorm behind him.

“I see that I came in first place.” He boasted, and you rolled your eyes following behind him.

“I suppose you did good.” You continued to tease the male all day finding the pout that graced his lips to be endearing and somewhat cute. Chanyeol let a scoff past his lips as he walked you through the dorm past the kitchen.

“Do you want a snack or anything?” He asked, and you looked around nodding your head.

“I do, what do you have? And I thought this was supposed to be a party?” You asked, and he shrugged grabbing a few snacks leading you towards his room where Sehun was also resting.

“This is a party. I never specified on how many people would be here.” Chanyeol shrugged throwing a bag of chips to Sehun. “Sehun, you remember y/n right?” Sehun looked up from his spot against Chanyeol’s headboard smiling sweetly at you, one hand behind his head as the other played with his phone.

“I remember her. She was our manager from the competition, right?” Sehun chirped and you nodded.

“The one and only that’s me!” You stated proudly as Chanyeol shut his door and moved to sit beside Sehun on the door peeking over at what he was doing on his phone. They exchanged a look and a laugh before Chanyeol changed his attention back to you patting on the bed. There was a space between his and Sehun’s legs, so you wiggled in the middle of them with your face towards the foot of the bed looking up at the TV that was playing on the dresser. Your legs pressed together as you laid on your stomach trying to pay attention to the show at hand, eating a bag of chips.

“What do you guys want to watch?” The red headed male asked, and you hummed tilting your head. When people gave you choices like that, you tried to get everyone else’s opinion before you answered with your own.

“What about a horror movie?” Sehun asked and you felt your body tense up as you shook your head.

“I would prefer not being afraid to walk into my house.”  You teased lightly playing with the bag as you downed the chips.

“What about romance?” You cheered and both men looked at you with something of an uninterested look.

“The sappy members aren’t here. Although I will admit that Chanyeol has a soft spot.” Sehun teased and you shook your head. After a few more minutes you had almost went through every category because your only two answers were it doesn’t matter and if you want. Both men were becoming fed up with you, but they were laughing it off, just wanting you to break the tie.

“Alright porn it is, then.” Chanyeol blurted out causing you to roll over and look back at him taking another drink from your pop.

“But why porn? Shouldn’t we be watching something else?” You asked feeling yourself become nervous and fidgeting suddenly.

“Like what? Everything we wanted to watch you didn’t really have an opinion on. Why is it so different now that we have to come to an agreement?” Sehun asked you and for the first time you were speechless looking between one smirking man and one mischievous one.

“How about this, lets make it a little more fun. For every porn movie we watch, we will take a shot for the most boring ones. It can be fun. If you’re uncomfortable though we won’t do it.” Chanyeol suggested and you pondered for a moment. There was nothing wrong with having fun, they were also both attractive men. Lately, porn hadn’t been getting you off, so it wasn’t going to be too hard for you not to become turned on, but the effects of alcohol was a killer.

“Let’s do it.” You agreed with a shrug and a smile lit up on Chanyeol’s face. He moved to the kitchen grabbing three shot glasses before he came back, using an HDMI chord he set up his laptop to his TV screen searching in the first porn movie. The moment the scene started you were already done for. The whole ‘innocence’ aspect of it made you cringe slightly. Sometimes, you did love if it was a girl getting deflowered but if she was supposed to put up a ‘fight’ and by the end of two minutes she was wet and crying for more it was your turn off. You growled softly moving to grip at the vodka that was on the counter, and a shot glass pouring yourself a shot before drinking it.

“You didn’t even let it play out.” Sehun muttered and you rolled your eyes.

“Trust me, I know that I was not going to like that. Typically, with porn I know within the first few minutes.” You muttered biting on your lip as you let the stinging of the shot in your system and soon you were laying back down on your stomach.

Within the next few hours, all of you had a couple of shots in your systems and though you didn’t like all the movies but to your dismay there had been a few in the bunch that made your toes curl against the sheets. Chanyeol had noticed, and honestly after finding out your kinks he wanted to use them against you. He had saw you watching him earlier, and maybe he did a lot of dramatics to see exactly what you were watching. He wanted to find out everything about you, just how much of a freak you were. He had orchestrated his plan after asking for Sehun’s advice and it helped that you were flustered around Sehun as well because if his calculations were correct you would all be feeling very lucky.

“Damn, it’s so uncomfortable on my ass, can I lay on you since you’re taking all of the space?” Chanyeol asked not giving you too much chance to decide as he laid his taller frame against yours, His hips pressed into yours, his arms came out to press against the bed, his chin pressing down against the top of your head. Your body rested comfortably under him, you were sure enough burning now as you became flustered. Sehun watched the scene unfold in front of him and though he was ready to touch you he kept himself sane, moving to look at the TV screen moving the liquor from the bed because he knew that you were in for it now that Chanyeol had made his move.

Sehun got up to choose the next movie since Chanyeol complained about moving, you also didn’t want him to move because you would miss his warmth around your body. Biting on your bottom lip, you felt his lips gently pepper kisses along your neck while Sehun had his back to the both of you. Chanyeol rolled his hips lightly against yours, grinding against your plump ass causing you to groan softly looking over at him. Chanyeol smirked and stole a quick kiss on your lips before the next scene played out.

“Tell me when you get uncomfortable yeah?” Chanyeol asked and you leaned into his touch, his long fingers ghosting across your side before it rested at your hip bone.

“Don’t worry, I’m having a good time right now.” You admitted, you didn’t know if it was the alcohol your adrenaline or what, but you were certain that you were NOT missing this moment and wherever it took you.

Sehun had turned it onto a video of a girl being sat on the couch between a male’s legs while he played with her pussy. His fingers digging into her, pounding in and out of her heat, you could hear the wetness dripping from her pussy as he fingered her. That was your weakness, fingering. You didn’t care how bad the plot was, when you saw those fingers inside of her, your own pussy was tightening up as your eyes became hooded. Chanyeol took this into account, nibbling on your ear his own fingers started to stroke at your sides. He gave Sehun a thumb up before that same hand slipped under your body to rest at your clothed pussy. You froze up momentarily before trying to relax at his touch. Chanyeol stroked his hand up and down, feeling the heat of your pussy against his hand. He moved to slip his hand inside of your bottoms slowly but not before teasing you with stroking at your lower stomach and against your belly button. He let his fingers slip between your panties, both of you having to shift, but Chanyeol soon had his fingers moving up and down your slit slowly. Never touching your clit and never touching your entrance.

“I know what you like, to have fingers buried deep in your pussy. To feel that tight little hole being stretched out. I bet your pussy looks nice and juicy when your legs are closed together. I bet you taste like heaven, too don’t you? Is that why you kept looking at my fingers? Because you wanted to feel them buried inside of you opening you up for me.. Or for us hmm?” Chanyeol rasped out against your ear sucking on the lobe pulling a whine from your lips as you nodded your head. “No say it.. You have to say it.” Chanyeol urged letting the tip of his finger press against your entrance before he pulled it back to tap against your pussy.

“Dammit Chanyeol!” You whined softly nuzzling into him. “Fuck me with your fingers..” You mumbled quietly.

Chanyeol feeling victory picked you up as he rolled to sit on his ass against the headboard once again bringing you with him. With your back against his chest, he pressed his middle and ring finger into your pussy, his slender long digits filling you up. His fingers moved fast in and out of your pussy, your legs spreading wide and hips pushing against his digits as your hands gripped onto his pants.

“Look at her Sehun she’s being such a needy slut.” Chanyeol called out to the male you somehow forgot was even in the room. Your eyes roamed over to the male who was watching you with a hooded gaze. He let his eyes slowly roam down your body until it landed on where you were being fucked, hearing your soft whines he moved slowly to get on his knees.

“I can’t see the show. She’s such a good girl but I want to see that pussy beg for more.” Sehun admitted gripping at your bottoms pulling them off with your panties and spreading your legs wide. He saw your juices running down your parted thighs. Sehun let his eyes become glued to what was going on in front of him. Licking his lips, he subconsciously bent down to flick his tongue against your pussy lips while Chanyeol fingered you. He let his tongue lap at your juices before he gripped at your hips pulling you down the bed a bit pressing his tongue against your tight asshole. He started to let his tongue lube you up, pushing it inside of you and soon he lets his fingers slide in and out of your tight hole. A soft whine rumbled from your throat from feeling both of your holes being played with.

“I want you to straddle my face okay? Ride my face baby girl.” Chanyeol growled grabbing at Sehun’s hair to pull him back. He shifts to lay on his back and you with shaky legs moved to straddle his face. Chanyeol gripped at your hips pushing you down on to his face by his hands. He started to kiss and eat on your pussy, shoving his tongue deep inside of you. Sehun moved behind you, spreading your cheeks wide he started to thrust his tongue in and out of your asshole tongue fucking you as well. Your hands gripped at the headboard holding onto dear life as your holes were abused, you felt both tongues penetrating deep within his walls. Chanyeol curled his tongue in search for your spot, your juices were ruining all over his cheeks and chin. But he ate you out like he was a starving man. He wrapped an arm around your waist rubbing vigorously at your clit. Your clit was throbbing, your pussy clamped around Chanyeol’s tongue as your ass pushed back against Sehun’s face. He was slapping at your ass, pulling back he moved to kiss up your back gripping and tearing at your shirt and unsnapping your bra. Sehun moved to press against you, curling two fingers inside of your ass before adding a third one.

“You taste so good. You feel so fucking good wrapped around my fingers. I know you will feel good wrapped around my cock as well. I want to stretch you out, in every way. I want to hear you scream my name. Like the good. Fucking. Slut. You. Are.” He growled continuing to spank your ass with his hand until his was throbbing and your skin was growing warm to his touch.

“I’m going to cum.” You groaned softly squeezing your thighs around Chanyeol’s face. But he didn’t stop. He moved his lips to press his mouth against your clit sucking eagerly on your clit. He shoved three fingers back inside of you, curling them and letting rest against your spot. Within seconds you were cumming, squirting on Chanyeol’s figures and his face. He hungrily slurped at your pussy until your hips stop thrashing and pressing against his face like the eager slut you were. Your hips twitched, and your hands gripped at the red locks, continuing to grind your pussy against his face and fingers until he slipped them out of you and let you rest.

“You’re not done yet gorgeous.” Sehun growled biting on your shoulder as he helped you strip out of the rest of your clothes. You moved on your knees, wiggling your ass for both men as they got up. You watched them both strip for you, Sehun moved to lay on the bed and you climbed over onto him, your pussy pressing against his bare flesh. You started to grind your hips pressing your pussy against his shaft letting his cock get wet with your juices. Your hands pressed on his chest as you teased his shaft. Hearing the moans that the male gave you as he gripped onto your hips were sinful. You loved every deep grunt and moan of your name that left his lips. Sehun let you have your fun, watching your hips lift and fall, your juices also pressed against his lower stomach at the base of his cock. Your eyes trailed down to his built lower stomach, watching his abs tense up, his hips eager to press against yours. Smiling sweetly, you lifted your hips to press the entrance of your pussy against the head of his shaft. It seemed like the room stood still, your head moving to look at Chanyeol who was stroking his shaft nodding his head.

“Go on. I want to see you treat Sehun nice. Make him cum with the juicy pussy of yours. Swallow him inside of your walls, make him feel good. I want you to bounce yourself on his cock until your legs are shaking and you can’t even focus.” Sehun slowly pushed up inside of you, your hands sliding down his chest, scratching lightly at the skin.

“But what about you? I want to please you too Chanyeol.” He smirked moving to kiss your lips, sucking on your bottom lip before he pulled back to look into your eyes.

“I will have my turn baby, but right now it’s about you.” Nodding your head, you finally gave into the whining Sehun dropping your hips all the way down to let him penetrate deep into your walls. You didn’t give yourself time to relax. You were bouncing up and down on his cock in no time, your head rolling back as your hips pushed against his. Sehun snapped his hips up against yours, letting your sexes connect with much need. Sehun reached to grip at your breast fondling them, rolling your nipples with his fingers as he watched you. Your head leaned down so that you could kiss his lips as well, your hands moving to grip at the sheets besides his head. You felt a pair of lips on your skin, causing you to break the kiss and turn your head to look behind you. Chanyeol was getting into position with his hand on your lower back keeping you still. You could feel him prodding at your entrance and with a breath he pushed inside of you until he was buried to the hilt. Your eyes rolled close because you felt so full.

Your hands gripped at the sheets beside Sehun’s head, your hips circling on the members pressed inside of your greedy holes. “Fuck yourself for us, show us how bad you want our cocks.” Chanyeol moaned out through clenched teeth. Nodding your head, you picked a slow pace raising up and sliding back down on their members. You continued to repeat the process until you were moving quickly on both shafts. Feeling the men penetrate you deep at the same time was like heaven. Your back arched slightly as Chanyeol kissed up and down your spine playing with your ass. Your body felt on fire and you knew that in no time you would be cumming for both men. Feeling their lips on your skin, feeling Sehun graze your spot, feeling so full. Your pussy clenching, your body trembling as you tired to hold yourself up and take their hips fighting back against yours. You only lasted a few more seconds before you were gripping onto Sehun like a vice and cumming on his shaft. Your arms giving out and causing your body to fall against his. Chanyeol was next, gripping at your hips to slam into you until he was spilling inside of your ass.

“Can I cum inside?” Sehun asked with a hoarse voice from all the moaning. You gave him a faint yes and kissed his lips feeling the abuse of his thrusts as he gave his all until he was cumming deep inside of your walls as well. He held onto you, his hands stroking up and down your back before he pulled out of you. Chanyeol removed himself and laid beside you and you stayed on Sehun’s chest. Smiling sweetly at Chanyeol, you stuck your tongue out at him before giving his lips a kiss.

“Can we watch some more? I think it’s my turn to discover what you like.” You beamed and Chanyeol tapped on Sehun’s shoulder.

“You’re not going to be here for that, you’ve had your fun.” He grumbled and Sehun whined trying to plead his case. After two more minutes of going back and forth, Sehun was slipping on his clothes and walking out with the almost empty bottle and the shot glass.

One of my favourite AUs to think about is the one where Jyn really is ~30. 

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jimin scenario | the cat whisperer

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

prompt: We’re both witches and our familiars keep trying to set us up on dates…

pairing: witch jimin x witch reader

requested by anon | 1.1k words | fluff

Jimin knocks on your door for the third time this week.

Normally, he’s happy to have an excuse to see you, rather than surviving on quick glimpses in town, stealing glances while you buy potion ingredients or browse old books.

But today, it’s an unhappy reason that brings him to your house - that is, the sick cat in his arms. When his familiar, Mistoffelees, started behaving strangely, you were the first name that came to his head, and not just because you were always on his mind. Coming from a long line of witches that specialised in potions for animals, you were the one the town turned to when their familiars fell ill. In the non-magic realm your kind are known as vets. Jimin knows you as ‘the animal whisperer’.

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A Place to Call Home

A/N: So I had this idea and then I had a dream of this idea so I decided to go with it. I thought about make it a series but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how it goes. I had no idea it would come out as long as it did, the words just kept come. Anyways, let me know what you think! BE HONEST. And if you want this to maybe be a series let me know that as well! :) Also I suck a titles I’m sorry.

Warnings: Drinking. Language. Smut. Unprotected Sex.

Word Count: 8,956 (SORRY)

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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Nct 127 + Chenle,Renjun & Jaemin's reaction to their s/o hugging them really tightly

Request: can I request a reaction for NCT 127 (+ Chenle, Renjun & Jaemin) to you (their s/o) just hugging them really tight for a while when they come home? and when they ask why, you tell them you just had a bad day and hugging them makes you feel better.

A/N: this is so cute omg ,, and i’d make you their s/o , hope you dont mind !



As soon as you stepped into the house , you gave the man a tight hug . Taeil would be shocked at first , standing frozen in his spot . As you rested your on head on his shoulders , his arms would slowly wrap around your waist , asking you softly ,

“ what is it ? ”

“ i just need your hug , they make me feel better ”

Taeil would smile instantly , but not too brightly , he’d pull you even closer , his hands reaching up to pat your head , as he softly sang for you .

Originally posted by taei


Without even saying a word , you made your way to the sofa , where Johnny was lying , watching the television . He sat up as soon as he saw you , and tried to speak , but your tight hug cut him off , his arms naturally making their way around you .

“ how was work babe- ”

“ i guess you’re tired”

No other words will be shared , only the light sound of his hands tapping gently against your back , as you rested your head against his chest .

Originally posted by icetaeil


He’d notice that something was wrong as soon as you stepped into the house with a small frown on your face , and would make his way to comfort you ,

“ baby what’s wrong ? ”

And when you did nothing else but hug him tightly on the spot , he would soften and hug you back  , resting his head on yours and he pat your back gently .

also be prepared for a whole set of home cooked meal specially made for you after

Originally posted by taetohan


Yuta was often clingy and liked to tease you by hugging and holding on to you as he loved the way you’d get annoyed at him .

But this time , instead of the usual pushing him away and whining , you willingly hugged back , as you let out a soft sigh .

Yuta would be shocked at first , wanting to ask what happened . But since he saw your sad expression , he’d refrain from asking , then trying to make you smile by pulling you closer and pecking your cheeks .

yuta needs to be stopped asap

Originally posted by smboys


You caught eye contact with him as soon as you stepped into the house . Before he could say anything , you ran up to him and attacked him with a big hug , burying your face in his chest .

Doyoung would complain and be unhappy about it at first , but stop as soon as he realised what was happening .

“ What are you doing ,”

“ I almost fell- ”

Like Taeyong , he’d try to ask what happened , as he cupped your cheeks and tried making you smile , which totally worked .

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


You didn’t even need to say or do anything , he’d notice and know right away .

Instead , he’d be the one who took the intiative to hug you first , then trying to make you feel better as he saw the slight frown on your face .

“ I made dinner for us babe , ”

“ Go wash up , i’ll prepare the table ”

“ know that i love you ”

stop jaehyun too thanks

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


A total clueless bean - he just stood there frozen on the spot , as you hygged him tightly with all your might . He wouldn’t say much , but would gently rub your back , waiting for you to speak .

“ i feel better now ”

“ did something happen ? ”

“ yeah , but it’s okay now , thanks to your hug ”

WinWin would blush and give a small smile , then lean in for another tight and warm hug .

Originally posted by taebreez


Another clueless bean - his face would resemble a ‘😳’ right away , his arms awkwardly hanging by the sides , unsure of what to do . Although it wasn’t the first time the both of you were hugging , his face would still be fully red , as his eyes shift around nervously .

“ U-Uh… Are you alright ? ”

“ No , mark ”

“ Oh .. why ? ”

*his arms slowly finds its way around your waist*

“ i don’t wanna talk about it now , ”

And mark would just nod his head , patting your back lightly as he started thinking of ways to cheer you up .

One hour later he brings you out on a small date

Originally posted by markleetrashh


As usual , he wanted to tease and greet you as soon as you stepped in , but stopped when he noticed your sunken expression .

“ You’re back- what’s wrong ? ”

As he slowly made his way to you , you naturally and instinctively pulled him in your arms , sighing and taking in his warmth .

He also tries to make you feel better by teasing you ,

“ I know you love me a lot but can you let go for a while , i can’t breathe ”

“ i-i’m sorry ”

“ no don’t be . besides …. you have me here right now so cheer up ! ”

Originally posted by haechanz


He’d greet you with a big and cheerful smile , holding on to your hands . But as he caught on to your forced smile , his expression would change , then asking you questions worriedly .

“ are you fine ? do you want to talk- ”

*hugs him*

“ oh .. ”

And like Mark , he’d just pat your back gently in a small rhythm , his other hand combing your hair .

Originally posted by nakamotens


Like Yuta & Jaehyun , he’d be the one who hugs you first , and tries acting cute to gain your attention . But when he noticed that you didn’t have much reaction , he’d peck you lightly on your cheek , “ are you okay ? ”

And when you start hugging him , he smiles brightly to himself and tries his best to comfort you with sweet words .

“ my angel will have a better day tomorrow , don’t worry ! ”

Originally posted by suhyngho


He’d be the most chill about it amongst all the members , and wouldnt even notice that you were sad until you told him - Maybe because y'all hug too often it just feels like a normal hug to him .

“ i had a bad day today ”

“ ahh , but you’re with me now !! ”

And he knows exactly how to cheer you up -

starts playing music and dances for you to see:

Originally posted by exovixxnct

Jealous Malia Tate would include:

anon ask: Jealous Malia Tate would include please

warning: mention of sex

I want a Malia Tate in my life

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Originally posted by menyc1ty

  • so many growls omg
  • she will be next to you glaring and growling at the person
  • her eyes would change to that electric blue that you love so much
  • she will not hesitate to cut her/his/their throat
  • she will need your attention
  • “Y/N~ hug me !” she will say it angry
  • “come here and love me!” and if you don’t go she will drag you

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anonymous asked:

Hi I want to start off by saying I love your writing/blog and I would like to request number 18 with tom please I don't really have an idea and if you are too busy and don't have an idea than just forget about don't stress yourself out over it than thank you hope you have a great day 😊

Tom x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, alcohol

Word count: 1744

Prompt: 18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.”

A/N: I hope you liked it, it took me quite a while and I’m sorry if it ‘s not that well-written, I kinda had writers block.

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

(Idk what that part is lol, kinda like an introduction maybe)
Watching her from farther away became his only occupation when she was near him. Loving someone and knowing you can’t have her is hard for someone to handle. But even harder for someone like him, someone as sensitive and full of heart.

“Hey what’s wrong?” He looked at you with a worried expression as you surprised him by ringing his doorbell at 11:30 PM. With your head held low you stood silently in front of him.

He was one of your best friends since you two met on set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Both of you lived in London which brought you two even closer.

“I’m sorry. No this was probably stupid, I don’t wanna bother you. Good Night.” You rambled on before starting to leave but he pulled you back at your wrist and into a tight hug.

“It’s okay. You’re never bothering me or anyone. You don’t have to talk to me about it. Come in.” You had never come to Tom with such a personal issue but the way he reacted was just utterly cute.

Tom parted from you while closing the door behind you. “Want some ice cream? Or something else? Come on we’ll get you something to eat.” Hesitantly he took a hold of you hand and lead you into his kitchen.

Swiftly he opened the huge fridge, placing you in front of it and signaling you to take whatever you wanted. He remembered how you had told him that you didn’t like just taking stuff in other people’s houses even if they told you to, so he made it very clear that he would give you anything you wanted.

“Let’s see. I’ve got some pudding right here but also yoghurt, there’s some of that leftover pizza from this evening. But-” He closed the fridge in front of you. “I’ve also got a bunch of different chocolate bars, loads of Ben & Jerry’s, um, (insert favorite flavor), your favorite flavor as I remember.”

“Ben & Jerry’s sounds good.” Sheepishly you shift from one foot to the other before speaking up once again. “Oh and I know it’s hard for you, ‘cause that is just the way you are but could you just not be all quirky? Aren’t you tired at all?” You added sadly. “I am quirky because I want to pass some happiness on to you. Package or bowl?” “Are you really asking?”

“Package it is.” Tom grabbed two packages or “cups”, however you personally call these Ben & Jerry’s ice cream packages, and two spoons before you two settle down with it on the big couch in front of his TV.

After a while of silently eating ice cream and watching some TV you suddenly began pouring your heart out, startling him a little. “He hurts me.” “What?!” “N-not physically.” Awkwardly you corrected yourself.

A sigh of relieve left his lungs. “But he, well this is probably so stupid but, every chance he gets, he discreetly drops hints that he thinks my work isn’t real work and that it’s just ridiculous. Also he complaints about my personality a lot. That I am so immature and all.

It’s like he’s not even paying attention to me sometimes.” Tom’s heart dropped, breaking in two as he listened to how her boyfriend makes Tom’s loved one suffer. Also because he knows he would make her feel so much better if she just let him. “I know this is not the right question to ask and I’m sure I know the answer but why do you stay with him?”

“Cause I love him.”

“I won’t try to convince you that that is not love but just know that that’s my opinion.” “Thank you, Tom.” A tear rolled down your cheek as he wrapped his warm arms around you.

You were planning on visiting your favorite bar today with your boyfriend, meeting Tom and Harrison along with some other friends there. It was your birthday and you didn’t feel the need to throw a big party.

“Happy Birthday!” You hear Tom’s soft voice approach from behind you. Your heart skipped a beat. “Thank you.” He handed you a small gift, wrapped in wrapping paper. Hugging him tightly you thank him once again. “It’s nothing big but I hope you still like it.”

With a smile on your face you unwrapped it when you saw Tom glaring at your boyfriend who was sitting at the bar. Your boyfriend didn’t seem to notice. 

As you looked at the small gift you laughed happily. “That is awesome!” You turned it around. It was a framed picture of you and Tom. You didn’t even know that this existed, at least you forgot. “Because you always complain about every picture, ‘cause either one of us always looks weird. I thought we both looked pretty acceptable here.” A chuckle left his lungs.

“That is literally so sweet. We really do both look cute!” A bright smile was plastered on your face. You two were sitting on the couch in one of the trailers from the Spider-Man: Homecoming set in the picture while resting your head on his shoulder.

All giddy inside you quickly peck his cheek. “Wanna go drink something?” “Sure.”  “I’ll pay.” Thomas tried insisting on it but you were faster. “My birthday, I pay.” Pouting he sat down on a barstool next to you, to your other side; your boyfriend.

As you vividly kept up a conversation he was watching the both of you. Saw you laugh at Tom’s comments the way he never made you laugh. The alcohol was starting to get to him as he stood up. “I think I’ll take it from here.”

Your boyfriend suddelny cut in pushing Tom off the stool. Tom just threw a  questioning look at you. Shrugging you watch him turn around and walk over to Haz. 

Your boyfriend mumbled something about him being ridiculous. You knew he was drunk and decided to bring him home, preventing possible negative incidents.

Quickly you said goodbye to your friends, explaining the situation.

After going home he told you how much and how fast he had actually drunk already. Slowly you dragged him into bed. He started arguing again but you cut him off by saying good night and walking out of your shared bedroom.

After a while of watching TV as he was sound asleep in the bedroom someone rang your doorbell. Again. And again. Quickly you rushed to the door. “What is it? Don’t you think once is enough?” Opening the door a heavy smell greeted you. Alcohol. And in front of you, bringing the smell to you; Tom.

“Not another drunk man I have to deal with.” Sighing you let him babble. “I-I’m sorry. I camehereto tell youthat I-I love you.” Your eyes grew wide. “I shouldn’t be in love with you. But-I-am.” He connected the words sometimes, giving you a hard time understanding the drunk man.

“I think you should, you should come inside first.” Supporting him so he wouldn’t stumble you guided him into your flat. He flopped down onto the couch in your open living space.

“Tom I need you to talk to me, are you serious?” “Yes.” Damn it, drunk boys are exhausting. “I. Love. You.” Forgetting all about your boyfriend in the bedroom you sat down next to Tom.

“I know I am currently taken but I just can’t do that anymore. I’ve been falling for you for quite the long time and-” As you realized he had fallen asleep you sighed. Not knowing what to do you just left for your own bed, where you noticed your drunk and still sleeping boyfriend again. “This is going to be hard.” Terribly sorry for one of them and madly in love with the other you tried to get some sleep.

“What the fuck is this idiot doing on our couch?!” A loud, yelling voice woke you up, leaving you completely startled. Swiftly you hopped out of bed before rushing into the main living space. Tom, just as shocked as you were, sat up on the couch.

“He was drunk and came by last night. No big deal.” “No big deal? I can’t believe you. I don’t wanna see you anymore. Leave! And if I see you one more time with her I swear to god.” Well, it was going to be even harder than expected. “Leave him alone.” You started defending Tom, who was already about to leave.

“No, no, Tom. You are not going anywhere. Come here.” You grabbed his hand, pulling the confused and hungover Tom next to you. 

“I am tired of this. Okay? I am not under your control. You do not have the right to fucking tell me what to do and complain about everything. My job, my body, my character. That is not love. Love is when you’re there for someone every time she needs you ‘cause her boyfriend is being an ass again. No matter how late it is. Love is keeping quiet about your own feelings because you think she’s happier with her own boyfriend. Love is listening to her, remembering the little things about her. Looking at her in awe when she stands in front of you with his big t-shirt on; not complaining about it. Love is the way he treats me.” You pointed at Tom. “Not you. You should be ashamed of yourself. And I swear if you go out of here worrying why I fell in love with someone else, something is clearly wrong with you.”

Both of the boys looked at you in shock, Tom giving your hand a light squeeze. “Well, I guess I’m not wanted here anymore.” Your boyfriend stated as he went to grab his shoes and jacket before storming out of the flat.

A tear rolled down your cheek as you felt somewhat relieved. “It’s okay. You know I’m here for you.” Tom pulled you into his arms, making you feel the warmth of his body. “I didn’t know you had feelings for me.” Tom whispered questioning, still holding you. “I told you yesterday but you were already asleep.” “Okay, well, um…” (This phrase is from Fifty Shades Darker ;) It’s not Tom that is referring to Fifty Shades Darker here, just me, the author, using the phrase here.)  “…generally, a key part of good communication is that both parties be concious.” “You were drunk.” “So what? You could’ve told me earlier!” Tom whines.

“Same for you, idiot.” Scoffing he looked at you. “You’re the idiot.” A sweet smile appeared on his lips as he cupped your face with his hand, bringing your lips together.

The Hottie Next Door Part Two

Characters : Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : Chris moves in next door. Only thing is, he isn’t alone. *based off my out of bounds series*

Warning : Language?

Word Count : 2K+

A/N : By the way, the reader is in her third year of college! lol. Also, if you’d like to be tagged, let me know! Updates will be EVERY Wednesday or Thursday.

Tagging : @imaginesofdreams @deansimpalaqueen@chrisevansisdaddy04​ @almundbuttercup @sailorchibimoonunicorn@mybucky-yourbucky@theresnotenoughwords​ @hollycornish

Read Part One Here

It’s been a few months since you met the Chris and Jenny, and between all the small chats and neighborhood parties, you grew to like them more and more everyday.

Jenny was pretty amazing, as much as you envied her relationship with Chris, you just couldn’t hate her.

Then there was Chris. He was everything you could ever dream of. He was sweet and caring and all together hilarious. No matter what, he could always make you laugh and smile.

It was hard to hate them. Not that you wanted too, anyways.

Tonight, you were asked to dog sit for them, while they went to a premiere for Chris’ new movie.

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anonymous asked:

I know this is a Utena central blog, but have you seen Ikuhara's other shows Penguindrum and Yuri Kuma Arashi? I'd like to know your thoughts on them! In my opinion Penguindrum had a lot of good themes and amazing concepts & designs but some of the plot lines were questionable.... same with Yuri Kuma but with even more questionable plot lines and overall both shows just didn't have the genius that Utena has to me. What did you all think?

I think that Chiho Saito and Enokido played much bigger roles in the development of Utena than the fandom as a whole would like to believe. Ikuhara has got some awesome ideas and he seems like one of those people with that overactive pattern recognition thing that makes for very unique artists– but if you actually look at the interviews, Enokido is associated with most of the gutpunch moments in the anime. You know, the ones that make you gasp and wince, like Touga’s backstory (even though that one in particular never made it into the anime).

Chiho Saito is a whole damn thing on her own. The English-speaking fandom doesn’t seem to like her much and she’s constantly accused of “not understanding her own work.” This latest manga chapter has brought all that up to the surface again– to which, honestly, I have some very damn sharp words in answer. Accusing one of the creators of a work of not understanding it because you don’t agree with how she understands it is short-sighted at best. But honestly, I’m coming to believe that she probably made the biggest contribution of all to SKU– restraint.

Let me say that again:


Because, taking both Penguindrum and YuriKuma as evidence, Ikuhara has that great pattern recognition thing going on, but no one is holding him back and saying “okay look how does this make sense, how does this fit together, where is the internal logic?” And as far as Gio and I can tell from the interviews, that is exactly what Chiho Saito did. Constantly. Probably to the point that he hated her at times. But that’s exactly what Ikuhara needs.

Circling back to your original question, I enjoyed Penguindrum, but it lacked the gutpunch moments and the underlying logic of SKU. The ideas were there, and there were some really great trippy moments, but it didn’t have that kick, you know? And the characters didn’t really show a lot of depth, which was disappointing. I still enjoy it. In fact, I’m making my friend @mrsrobichek (hey baby (ΦзΦ) ) watch it with me and we’re having a blast. Also, Grey Wednesday is a gorgeous song and I listened to the whole soundtrack bunches when I was on a cross-country road trip a few years ago. Gio isn’t really that fond of Penguindrum, but eh, she has questionable taste anyway XD

On the other hand, YuriKuma… sigh. I feel like a bad fan or something? Or at least a bad consumer of related “literature.” I couldn’t finish it. I actually couldn’t even get past episode 3. I hated it that much. And I know exactly why– the characters were flat and just kept flattening further. I’m told that changes later on, but at that point a) I don’t have time to spend waiting for something to get better and b) that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back, it was still missing that same underlying logic and that darkness that made things feel important instead of just wacky, or not-so-wacky, anime hijinks.

I feel so bad! I wanted to like it, but I just straight up couldn’t. A lot of the moments I enjoyed felt like they were pulling heavily from SKU, and in that case, I’ll just go watch SKU again. What makes me feel worst is that I found a couple episode synopses talking about Takarazuka influences and the role of men in women’s media that were really excellent and that I really enjoyed, but… well, I stopped reading them because I would have to watch the show to know what was being referenced and I just do not have time for that shit.

Aaaand here’s what ties all of this together– I think Ikuhara needs the right team to be effective as a director. I think he needs someone to develop his characters and add the dark bits (Enokido), and I think he needs someone stopping him and making him figure out what it is that he’s doing and why (Saito). And I think without those things, he’s not going to make another classic. Sure, I think he’ll make enjoyable stuff, but without at the very least someone like Chiho Saito to hold him back and make him figure out what the hell he’s trying to say and how to make it understandable to his audience, the underlying logic of his stories comes out garbled at best.

In summary, plz come back and save anime, Be-Papas ;_;

Anakin Skywalker - Broken Hearts Can Be Fixed

Requested: Yes. ( Darth Vader (let’s say Anakin hasn’t suffered injuries on Mustafar and wears the mask to intimidate on the battlefield) finds his wife and fellow Jedi (he was told by Palpatine that he killed her) and his newborn babies hiding on Tatooine with Obi-Wan as their protector. Let’s say Jabba sold the information of their location (like two jedis hiding, one of them being obi wan) and Vader comes to kill Obi-Wan but instead finds his wife alive and finds out he’s a father??? )

Prompt: Anakin has turned to Darth Vader, but without burning on Mustafar, and after thinking the reader aka his wife was dead, he goes off to find and kill Obi-Wan but the reader is there as well and confronts him, informing him of the fact that he has two children and tries to convince him to stay with them.

A/N: This one took forever to write oml. I changed some things from the request but I hope it’s still okay! xx

You were a Jedi, a wife, and a newly single mother. The love of your life was Anakin Skywalker, and he always would be. But he was gone now. Darth Vader had taken over the loving soul that was your husband. Your heart was broken beyond repair, but you knew you had to stay strong for your new twin babies. They were Anakin’s, of course, but he turned to the dark side before he got a chance to see them be born. It broke your heart even more, remembering how happy he was when you had told him you were pregnant. It was the happiest you two had ever been. But then it all went to hell only months later. Palpatine, whom you found out was a Sith Lord, had filled his head with lies. Anakin had turned against the Jedi. He tried to get you to take the path as a Sith with him but you knew you couldn’t. It wasn’t who you were, and you were expecting a baby, not yet knowing you’d actually be having two. The dark side definitely wasn’t a good environment for a child. You had turned against Anakin amidst a long and emotional argument that left the both of you in tears. He let his anger get to him, and he used the Force on you, choking you until you almost couldn’t breathe anymore. But he let go at the last moment and you had fallen unconscious. He regretted what he did to you and he didn’t want to face you when you woke up. He didn’t want to see the look you would give him. So he tried to leave, but was stopped by Obi-Wan, who had also been on the ship. They battled, but in the end, Anakin was a coward and left, leaving Obi-Wan both confused and worried.

Obi-Wan had rescued you that night, bringing you back to Coruscant as soon as possible. You had almost died. You had to be forced to give birth a couple weeks early, due to the fact that they had expected for you to die during birth. But you pushed yourself. You had a broken heart and you were weak from what Anakin had done to you, but you pushed through. When you survived, everyone was surprised but relieved. But both you and the remaining survivors knew that you couldn’t stay on Coruscant. You and the babies had to be moved. But so did Obi-Wan. Anakin would surely come after him to kill him, and he might also try to get to you again, so you needed to go into hiding immediately.

You, your surprise twins who you had named Luke and Leia, and Obi-Wan were moved to Tatooine where you could stay with Anakin’s step brother, Owen and his wife, Beru. You had met them once back when you had come with Anakin to get information on where his mother was. They were good people, and you were grateful to find out that you could stay with them. Obi-Wan however, decided to live in a small house not too far from yours. He had said he didn’t want to intrude on your lives, but still live close so he could look after you. You protested of course, but he still insisted he should live on his own so you didn’t argue with him.

And that’s where you were today. It had been 2 months since you gave birth to Luke and Leia, and 2 months since you last saw Anakin. Your heart was still broken, and you knew it always would be. You loved Anakin with your whole heart, but the Anakin you knew was never coming back and deep down, you knew that.

It was really early one morning when Obi-Wan decided to pay you and the twins a visit. Owen and Beru were still asleep, and the only reason you were awake was because the twins were pretty restless. You and Obi-Wan spoke often, but you rarely got the opportunity to actually sit down and catch up.

“So how are you and the young ones?” He asked as he looked at the two babies that you were rocking back and forth in a cradle. 

“We’re okay.” You nodded. “It’s been hard…but Owen and Beru are a huge help with them.” You smiled, glancing down at the twins. 

Obi-Wan also smiled. “That’s good.” He said. But even he could still notice the sadness and longing within you. Anakin was a huge part of your life and he always had been. You had been inseparable ever since you both became padawan learners, and it only progressed as you got older. And now that he was gone, you were lost. You didn’t think it was that noticeable, but anyone could see it. But it didn’t make you weak. You were strong and you were holding yourself together. “I’m happy to see you’re doing okay.” He said with a nod, looking over at you.

You sighed, looking back over to him. You wanted to tell him how lately you’ve been having this unsettling feeling like something was going to happen. You didn’t know why, or if it truly meant anything, but it worried you. But you also didn’t want to tell Obi-Wan because back when you were studying in the temple, you got these feelings a lot and they were usually nothing. 

You decided against telling him and continue a normal conversation instead. “So how have you been? Tatooine is definitely different than Coruscant. Are you adapting well?” You asked.

Obi-Wan nodded. “Yes, it is different. But it’s a good change. I’ve actually-” He paused and turned his head to the window, you doing the same. A ship was landing and suddenly that feeling deep within you grew worse. 

“Who is that?” You asked, although it didn’t really sound like a question. You had this feeling that it was Anakin- or Darth Vader as he went by now. No one else would show up at your house with a ship like that, unexpectedly.

“I don’t know…but it doesn’t look good. Y/N, you stay inside. Take Luke and Leia into Owen and Beru’s room and stay there with them. I’ll handle whatever this is.” Obi-Wan said, pulling out his lightsaber that he still kept handy and exited the house.

You obeyed him, picking up your children carefully and rushing into Owen and Beru’s room. The babies were going to stay in here but you definitely weren’t. If Anakin was here, you were going to face him. Luckily, Owen and Beru had just woken up so you didn’t have to wake them. You explained how someone was here and they had to protect the babies while you and Obi-Wan dealt with them. They agreed, and wished you luck. You placed gentle kisses to both of your babies’ foreheads before hurrying off to your room, grabbing your lightsaber and heading back out towards the front door.

You looked out the window, trying to get a good look at what you were about to get yourself into. You didn’t know if Anakin was here for sure, but you felt something. And not just the weird feeling you’d been getting. The closer you got to where the ship had landed, the more you got the feeling you used to get when Anakin was around. You sensed him, and that’s when you knew for sure. You exited the house, lightsaber in hand. It had only been 2 months since you used your saber, and yet it felt almost foreign to you. It was weird.

As soon as you left the main perimeter of your house, you saw the ship and two people fighting with lightsabers. One was Obi-Wan with his blue lightsaber, and the other was someone dressed in black with an unfamiliar helmet on, and a red lightsaber. That couldn’t be Anakin…could it?

You rushed over, Obi-Wan noticing you immediately. “Y/N, I told you to stay inside! I can’t risk you getting hurt, your children need a mother!” He yelled to you, and that’s when it clicked to you that Anakin was definitely the one under the helmet. Obi-Wan was trying to make him realize what he had given up.

The fight in front of you stopped so abruptly, once the man in the helmet heard what Obi-Wan had said. He turned to look at you. “Y/N…” He almost whispered, his voice sounding weird through the helmet. He slowly took it off, not believing what he was seeing in front of him. 

Your breath hitched in your throat as you saw what appeared to be the man you loved, but you knew he was now someone else entirely. “Hello, Anakin.” You said, trying your hardest to keep your voice sounding strong. “Or is it Darth Vader now?”

He looked at you with sad eyes, the same way he had looked at you the night you turned against him. “You’re…you’re alive.” Was all he said, looking at you as if he was imagining things.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “What? Of course I’m alive. Why wouldn’t I be?” You asked, confusion evident in your tone.

“Darth Sidious…Palpatine…he- he told me you were dead.” He paused, shaking his head and looking down. “He said that I killed you. That night on Mustafar…” He trailed off. He put his lightsaber away, knowing he wouldn’t be needing it. He wasn’t going to fight you.

“Well, he lied to you. Just like he has been ever since you met him.” You said sternly with a shake of your head. “But I almost died. I had to be forced into giving birth early because they thought I was going to die because of you. Between you choking me and how broken my heart was and still is, I’m lucky to be alive.” You said, crossing your arms. You knew you were being harsh, but he deserved it for what he did. Even if him turning to the dark side wasn’t entirely his fault, he still made the decision and did what he did.

“Y/N…I-I’m…” He trailed off, not even able to form words for how sorry he was. “I’m sorry. I never wanted to hurt you like that.” He shook his head, moving closer to you. You took a step back.

“You were hurting me ever since the second you became Palpatine’s apprentice. The dark side is not where you belong, Anakin. The Jedi aren’t evil, not that there are many left to speak for.” You said. “How can you not see that everything Palpatine has been saying to you is a lie?” 

“But…he was right about the Jedi. They were taking over. We had to get rid of them.” He said, though he sounded unsure at the same time.

“Anakin! You killed younglings! They weren’t even Jedi yet, and you killed them without thinking twice about it! The Sith are trying to take over, how can you not see that they- that you are evil!” You said, just now realizing that he was a Sith now.

“Y/N, I’m not evil! I would never hurt you!” He shook his head, moving closer to you and grabbing your arm before you could move away again.

You shook your head, trying to hold back tears. “But you are hurting me, Anakin! Just seeing you like this is hurting me! What happened to the Anakin Skywalker that I used to know? The one who was excited to become a father?The one that I loved?” Your voice shook, but you continued, allowing a tear to slip from your eye. “I loved you, Anakin. I still do…” You said the last part so quietly that you weren’t even sure if he heard you, but he assured you he did.

He wiped the tear from your cheek and tilted your chin up to look at you. “I still love you, too. But things are different now. My loyalties lie with my new Master. Even if I wanted to rejoin the Jedi…it’s too late. I’ve done too much damage.” He said before looking down himself. You could tell he was starting to feel conflicted again, just like he had been months ago when Palpatine first started filling his head with lies. 

You shook your head, reaching up to place a hand on his cheek. “It’s never too late, Anakin. You can still come back. You can still come back to me and our children, too. You just have to want to.” You took a deep breath, trying to ignore the fact that you were now crying. “Palpatine is only using you for your power. He couldn’t care less about you. He’s proven that with his lie about me being dead because he knows you love me and the old Anakin would do anything to make sure he could stay with me. You don’t need him, Ani. Please, come back.” You said, looking into his eyes, searching for anything that would show that you were getting through to him. 

It was silent for a few moments. Both of you were crying, just looking at each other for the first time in 2 months. He looked away before speaking. “Can I see them?” He asked, referring to Luke and Leia. He hadn’t responded to anything you said, but you could sense that in a way, you got through to him. But you weren’t sure what he was planning on doing yet.

You were hesitant on having him meet the twins, given what he had done to the younglings, but there was something different in his eyes now. There was no anger or hatred. There was a mix of what looked like love and sadness. He still loved you. You knew that. You were wondering if him seeing Luke and Leia would be what would bring him back to you, so you nodded. You trusted him with this.

You led him back to the house and inside where you found Obi-Wan had returned to. He probably wanted to give the two of you privacy, knowing for sure that Anakin wouldn’t hurt you. “Wait here.” You told him as you left him in the living room, going to the other room to get Luke and Leia.

You returned with the two babies asleep in your arms. Anakin had been looking at them ever since he noticed you coming back into the room, not taking his eyes away from them. It caused a small smile to form on your face, knowing that the Anakin you knew was slowly resurfacing. “What are their names?” He asked as you moved closer to him, allowing him to even hold one. He took Luke carefully from your arms and gently cradled him in his.

“The one you’re holding is Luke, and this is Leia.” You said, looking down at the baby girl in your arms.

A real genuine smile actually formed on Anakin’s face as he looked between you and the babies. The way you so clearly devoted all of your love to them, and the fact that you were trusting him to hold one of them now, proved how much faith you still had in him. He loved you so much. His smiled faded when he realized how much he was giving up. He was giving up a happy life with his family for something he knew was evil. He knew it was the wrong path. But he didn’t know what to do.

“They’re beautiful.” He said, looking down at Luke again. 

You looked back up at Anakin, noticing the different emotions he was showing again. “You can come back, Ani. What you did can be forgiven. It will take time, but it can be. You don’t have to live in fear and pain anymore. We can live a happy life here.” You said.

“I don’t deserve a happy life, Y/N. Not after what I did.” He sighed, rocking Luke back and forth gently.

You shook your head. “Everyone deserves happiness. Please, come back. The twins need a father.” You said. “And I need my husband.”

A tear slipped down his cheek again. “I need you too. And them. More than anything. But if I leave, they’ll come after me. I don’t want to put you and the twins in danger.” He shook his head.

You reached your unoccupied hand up to his face, wiping his tear away as he had done for you earlier. “If that happens, we can deal with it when it happens. All that matters is that you stay home, with us.” You said.

Anakin looked back up to you before nodding. He pulled you closer to him, hugging you with the twins gently settled in your arms between you. 

“Please never think about going back. We love you and need you.” You said, breathing in his familiar scent that you missed so much.

“I won’t, I promise. I love you and need you guys too.” He responded, gently stroking your hair with his unoccupied hand before pressing a kiss to your forehead. You knew it would take some time, maybe a lot of time before Anakin was himself again, but you were willing to wait. You finally had him back and you would do anything you could to make sure he stayed with you.

Theory time! - Levi's cravat

To preface - I just got all of the Attack on Titan volumes up to the current one and DAMN it’s nice to not have to be online to read them. :)


During my rereading of the official translation, I noticed something interesting that I think indicates something important about Levi’s character that I don’t think I’ve read yet from anyone else.  Remember this in Chapter 51? 

In case you don’t remember, it’s when Levi finds out from Hange that Titans were previously human.  Cue guilt and Erwin creepy smile (man, him and Armin have the creepy smile game on LOCK, BTW). 

However, in every chapter since, Levi’s been missing something that we all associate with his character, his visual cue, if you will -

His cravat.  Yeah, I understand that at this point in the story, they’re on the run and haven’t worn their uniforms and such, but I feel like this little detail is actually pretty important. As momtaku has mentioned in previous posts and her readthroughs (which are great, btw), Levi is fairly horrified that what he’s been doing up until now (to paint in broad strokes) is killing humans, and is starting to lose it.  From what we’ve learned in later chapters with the appearance of Kenny and learning more about his past with the underground, this is what I’m thinking -

Levi and Kenny clearly don’t get along, and they lived together for a while.  Kenny raised him, to an extent, and Levi’s accustomed to squalor.

Once Levi joined up with the Survey Corps, he found a way out.  Keeping in consideration some of the information we’ve gleaned from character interviews and tidbits (like why he holds his teacups in his particular way), I think Levi’s preference for his cravat is another way for him to give an appearance of being more well off than what he actually is/was AND a way to signify a new beginning for him, where he isn’t learning how to stalk and kill people - in essence, “using his powers for good”.

Once he realizes Titans were/are humans, I think he realized at that point he’s no better than Kenny, and everything he’s done to change things for himself have been for nothing - to paraphrase Kill Bill, he’s not a worker bee, he’s “a renegade killer bee”, and everything he’s done to “disguise” himself is pointless, because nothing in the world can change his Ackerman heritage.  As he tells the 104th -

He’s pretty uniquely qualified to deal with Titans and killers.  Like Erwin and Armin, because of what he knows now, he (and Mikasa, once he tells her about their shared heritage) knows what he has to do now and has “discarded” that part of himself to fight monsters.  Hell -

In summation, I think at this point, Levi is probably being the most honest with himself that he’s been in a long while.  Whether or not he puts it back on once everyone starts donning their uniforms again remains to be seen, and if he does, that raises interesting questions, as well.  Either way, I love Levi, and I get why people don’t understand certain aspects of his character, or broadly characterize him in broad strokes for fanfic purposes and such (I ONLY LOVE CRAVATS AND CLEANING kind of stuff), but I think that’s probably because I’m also “abnormal…probably because I’ve seen far too many abnormal things”.  I feel like that makes it easier for me to understand his headspace and some of his decisions (like his behavior towards Historia or using odd, long winded non sequiturs to explain himself).



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  • He is freaking out when you burst in sobbing and in pain
  • He thinks somebody did this too you
  • He grabs his blade and is ready to kick lots of ass
  • When you tell him training was especially harsh today he calms down a tiny bit
  • He runs you a hot bath for the two of you
  • Lots of naked cuddles and comfort 

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  • He is scared as hell
  • Worried somebody was actually trying hurt you
  • When you tell him how hard training was today he sighs of relief
  • He is proud of you for pushing so hard but reminds you that you should pace yourself
  • Lots of tea and cuddles to make you feel better

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  • He freaks out the most
  • He is also crying
  • Worried somebody was trying to kill you
  • You have to explain like 4 times that you were training
  • Asks who you were training with, He was pissed
  • When you both calm down he is holding you delicately trying to comfort you
Giant: Ch. 4

When you know I don’t have nowhere else to go
Does it feel good to leave me on my own?

Previously on Giant

Though it was summer, too much happened after the funeral. Lena stayed at her apartment in the city for the summer. Work kept her busy, preparing for grad school kept her exhausted, keeping an eye on her father and brother kept her borderline crazy. Long ago, her duty washed away any artifact of herself, and of that she was damn near certain. 

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Dating One (Jaewon) would include

•  ngl overall he’d be such a dork despite his looks
•  like him getting your attention would involve lots of staring and hoping that you’d realize he liked you
•  which ofc didn’t go past you lmao he was so obvious
•  you’d compliment him on his songs and he’d basically melt, barely being able to ask you to hang out some time
•  bc he’s all *.*  *.*  *.*  SHOOK “wow y/n and I actually had a conversation and I didn’t feel my knees buckling”
•  it’d be that typical romantic movie kinda love w/ him like……..
•  talking really late at night
•  your friends will become his friends and vice versa
•  getting into trouble together sometimes bc yolo
•  never being able to think about anything else when you’re not with him
•  him finally confessing over some cheesy pizza and beer
•  it all happened out of nowhere bc it hasn’t hit him that he’s become so attached to you and grown so fond of every little thing that you do
•  jaewon would never be afraid of talking about his feelings w/ you, esp if yall are having a petty fight
•  and they’re useless tbh bc they always end up in heavy makeout sessions but hey I wouldn’t mind
•  yall would literally makeout anywhere tho tbh
•  there’s just something about his lips that’s so intoxicating and you find yourself daydreaming about them often
•  not even being ashamed to tell him bc he lives for that shit
•  also the little sounds he makes against your mouth when he can’t control himself anymore HOly
•  taking you out on rides around the city bc he loves your amused expressions every time you find something interesting and point it out
•  also he gets inspired just by watching you being in love w/ anything and everything
•  he’d be really gentle w/ you
•  but not in a ‘treating you like a piece of glass’ kind of gentle
•  he just never gets mad
•  and always sees your point when you’re trying to make one
•  and also just being gentle physically
•  ahhhh it hurts my head just thinking about this but his touches are literally feather-like
•  tracing his thumbs over your skin ever so softly, esp during early morning when he’s halfway between sleep and consciousness
•  and hugs would consist of lots of back rubbing and neck nuzzling
•  also him just playing with the strands of your hair and sighing every couple seconds bc this feels so good
•  trips to museums would happen often
•  also lots of dates to his private studio where he shows you some things no one’s seen before
•  pun may be intended wink wonk
•  playing with his long hair and hearing him hum in satisfaction “mmmmm you’re gonna make me fall asleep when I wanna keep talking to you ;(((”
•  having long talks about his music and just music in general
•  plenty of inside jokes that no one else would understand
•  him just being really cheesy and cute sometimes when on a date
•  esp if it’s raining and he’s like trying to act out every single Korean drama “oh my gosh, water is falling from the sky??? well good thing I have my umbrella, so my y/n wouldn’t get wet ://///” oh my GOD
•  like I know he’d probably blush if you asked him to sing for you, but you don’t even gotta ask twice
•  bc he’ll totally do it and be extra af about it if he made you flustered
•  “damn lmao if my voice could do that then……………;);;;;););”
•  jaewon just literally grabbing your face and kissing you in front of your friends if they’d tease you
•  somehow still always getting in trouble w/ him bc yall can never seem to control each other jfc
•  but he’s a complete dork and will love you forever 🌷

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“Total Opposites” - Peter Parker x TwinSister!Reader

Word Count: 1,322

Warnings: Some swearing, fighting, betrayal (yikes)

Request: Hey Doll! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is Peters (Tom Holland one) younger sister and you have some sort of power(you can choose!) and you end up getting dragged into the Civil War airplane fight scene and you’re on Iron Mans team obviously but then maybe you end up switching to Caps team which makes Peter feel betrayed? Thank you, love! ❤️❤️

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted a lot lately, Jadyn has been procrastinating too much. But she’s working now and I hope you guys like this one! 

*if you spot the how i met your mother reference, please message me cause you’re awesome ;p*


“I can’t go to Germany.”


“I-I got homework”

“Oh my god.”

“Peter what the hell,” you sigh. “I’m so sorry, please excuse me and the idiot also known as my twin,” you said to Tony, pulling Peter into the corner of his room. You smacked the back of his head.


“What do you think you are doing!” You whisper yelled. “Tony friggin Stark is asking YOU,” you poked his chest, “to go to Germany with him! Why are hesitating?” Peter looked down.

“I know what you are gonna say… ‘You are such a McFreakin idiot’,” he mocked, imitating exactly how you said it less than an hour ago. “But I just-”

“You just what?”

“I can’t leave you here. I don’t wanna leave you here,” Peter explained, putting his hands on your shoulders. You put your hand on his cheek.

“Listen, buddy, you know I love you. But you gotta go with Tony. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I don’t know if I could let you miss out on it because of me.” You hugged Peter, squeezing him tight. “I’ll be here when you get back, I promise,” You whispered in his ear before pulling away from him. “Now get your ass over there and tell Mr. Stark you are taking his offer,” you demanded with a giant smile on your face. Peter smiled back and walked back over to Tony, who was admiring the web slingers.

“Man, you two are total opposites.” Tony laughed.


“Okay, what?”

“I’ll go with you to Germany. But on one condition.”

“Kid, I can’t do much. I mean the most I can do is upgrade your onesie. But, humor me,” Tony commented, crossing his arms.

“(Y/n) comes, too.” Your eyes flew wide open.

“Come again for big fudge?” you asked. Peter really was a McFucking idiot in your eyes.

“I can’t leave her here, she’s my sister and I think she could help too.” Tony stared at Peter for a second, then looked at you. Then back at Peter again.  

“What can you do?” Tony asked. Peter glared at you.

“Just tell him (Y/n), we can trust him,” Peter thought.

“I will kill you if you are wrong,” you said out loud. Tony gave you a confused look, wondering what just happened.

“I can sorta… I have the ability to teleport anywhere in my eyesight.” Tony’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “And since me and Pete are twins, I can communicate with him telepathically. But that’s not important-”

“Can you fight?” Tony questioned, making you laugh.

“Who do you think taught Spiderboy over here how to fight?” Peter blushed at your comment.

“Alright then, Spiderling. Your twin comes too.”


*later, hiding in the airport in Germany*


“Yeah, (Y/n)?”

“I’m scared.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you could ever be scared.”

“And you wonder why I never tell you my feelings.”

“I always find out in the end… you know, cause of my spidey senses.”

“You and your damn ‘spidey senses’.”

Of course, you and Peter were going to have a small fight at a time like this. You were waiting for Tony to give you guys the signal to come out, and you couldn’t have been more nervous. But Peter was nervous too. And when you both were nervous, you two tended to bicker to each other about random little things.


You and Peter looked at each other in sync.

“Good luck. You’re gonna need it.” You nudged his shoulder and smirked. He scoffed.

“See you out there.” Peter winked and left. You waited until you saw him take Steve’s shield and then teleported over next to Peter. “Oh my god that’s Captain America… Is this really happening?” you thought to Peter.

“Shit… but remember Mr. Stark said he’s dangerous,” Peter thought to you.

You glanced at everyone on Team Cap, nervously waved and mouthed “I love you all so much.”  You didn’t know if you were going to last long against the Avengers. Sure, you taught Peter how to fight and went out with him when he needed back up. But these were the Avengers, not your average criminals that didn’t know their left from their right. As Tony and Steve started talking, your heart pounded faster and faster. You listened to their conversation, and it made you realize: you didn’t know what the whole story was. You knew Tony needed help, and all Tony said was that “Captain America is dangerous”. But when you looked at Peter, standing strong in his upgraded onesie, you knew that you were on the right side. Well, you hoped you were…


When the fight started, you immediately teleported inside the airport and hid. You waited until you saw someone from the other team run in. A couple minutes later, you saw Bucky, Falcon and Hawkeye run into the building. You teleported a couple yards in front of them, and they stopped running when they got closer to you. Hawkeye turned to Falcon and Bucky and whispered, “I’ll stall this one, you two go. I got this.” Falcon and Bucky ran past you, and you turned to Hawkeye and got into a fighting stance. He put his hands up, slowly walking towards you.

“Look, kid, I don’t want to hurt y…”

Before he could finish his sentence, you teleported behind him and pinned him down onto the ground. It was a struggle keeping him down, and then all of the sudden you blinked and you were on the cold, hard floor. You tried getting up but Clint held you down.

“Kid listen to me! Do you know what you got yourself into?!” You pushed him off of you and jumped up onto your feet. You threw a few punches and teleported behind him to piss him off.  Clint turned around and put his hands up.

“I just wanna talk to you. So could you listen for a few seconds?”

“Shouldn’t you be trying to fight me?” you asked, confused.

“I have a daughter, and you already remind me of her. So just listen… okay?” You put your fists down and relaxed.

“Let me just ask you something: do you know what you are fighting for?” You stared at him for a few seconds, thinking about what Tony said.

“Honestly… I’m not completely sure,” you answered. “I’ve been contemplating whether or not I am doing what is right, and I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know the whole story.”

“Let me sum it up for you: Tony signed the Accords, which allows the government to control the Avenger’s actions. We wouldn’t be allowed to go save anyone without their permission. Cap disagreed, and now he is fighting for the Avenger’s freedom,” Clint explained. “What do you believe is right?”

And then it hit you. You had to switch sides, even if it meant hurting Peter. You had to do what was right.  

“How can I help?”


*later on during the fight, you spot Peter*

“(Y/n)! What are you doing?!” Peter yelled as you stopped him from going after Wanda.

“I can’t let you do this, Pete.”  You saw his heart break, you actually felt it. “How could you…” he thought.

“I’m so sorry, but we are on the wrong side! Cap is right, come on Pete you gotta admit it. We didn’t know a lot of what was going on before we joined Tony!”

“I gotta impress Mr. Stark, (Y/n). I owe him that much,” Peter said.

“I can’t fight you, we are supposed to stay together until the end. We were born together, we stay together.”

“I’m sorry. But I can’t let down Mr. Stark.”

You sighed. It hurt knowing that your twin brother, the person you thought would always have your back, chose someone over you. Sure, he chose Tony Stark over you. But it still hurt.

“I love you, bro.”

“I love you too, sis.




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