also a lot of feels making it sigh

One of my favourite AUs to think about is the one where Jyn really is ~30. 

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Analysis: Astro as Boyfriends...

To the anon that requested this: I sincerely apologize about how ridiculously long this is;;; it’s like rly long i’m so sry but once you get me started on Astro as BFs, I could go on for hours, okay? like they’d be the best boyfriends EVER don’t fight me on this <3 T~T


  • literally the softest boyfriend in the world
  • always wants to make sure you’re happy and comfortable
  • if you’re not though
  • he becomes like this unstoppable pillar of emotional and physical reassurance and support <3
  • he’ll always snuggle you until you feel better
  • or until you’re ready to talk about whatever’s bothering you
  • loves to bear-hug you from behind
  • and just totally wrap you up in his arms
  • SUCH a good listener
  • incredibly patient!!
  • loves showing off for you but gets embarrassed about it easily
  • buys you little presents all the time
  • just lil things
  • like “i saw this and thought of you” type of gifts
  • bc you’re always lowkey on his mind
  • lowkey what am i saying?? ur highkey on his mind


  • let’s talk about skinship =u=

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good girl » myg » m

» request: nopeee

» genre: mostly smut

» author’s note: i write too many bts scenarios omg,,,,,,, i guess they’ve really just been inspiring me a lot lately so oh well. also i’m v proud of this edit bc i photoshopped yoongi’s tattoos and i think it looks pretty cool if i do say so myself ^-^ anyways, i hope you all enjoy and feel free to request ! 

» word count: 3.4k+

» warnings: au, asphyxiation kink, daddy kink, light bondage, a little bit of degradation, alcohol use, smoking, etc.

[nsfw under the cut]

A quick sigh fell from your lips as you pushed through the crowd, searching desperately for any sign of Namjoon. The sweaty bodies of your peers shoved and jostled you, making it difficult for you to navigate the room in search for your friend, but you managed. Pushing your way into the front room, you catch sight of his disheveled hair, and sweat-glistening skin, “Yah, Kim Namjoon!” You call, catching his attention.

He turns on his heels to face you and grins, waving you over to where he stands with Seokjin and some girl you’ve never seen before. You wrestle your way through the last bit of the crowd, and finally you reach where they stand in front of the window. Namjoon drapes an arm over your shoulder, and you lean into the comfort of his sweaty, but strangely comfortable embrace. “I was looking for you,” Namjoon says, a smile playing on his lips as you laugh at his lie. 

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anonymous asked:

Kakashi with his child (preferably a girl) headcanons?

Hatake Kakashi With a Daughter Headcanons

Originally posted by oicean

  • Kakashi’s daughter will inherit his unruly hair and as a proud proponent of letting his hair go free and wild, he has no idea what to do with his daughter’s hair. He tries his best but to his bewilderment, the more he tries to brush it out the wilder and fluffier it gets. When her hair is sticking up like she’s been electrocuted, Kakashi sighs, gives up and ties it up on top of her head in a style that reminds him of Shikamaru’s hair. It’s the only one he knows how to do.

  • He is a very involved father, especially for every major milestone. He tried to teach her to say “mama” and “daddy” until he was blue in the face, but the first word ended up being “Pakkun”, much to his secret delight and the irritation of his wife. When the time came for her first steps, Kakashi would spend hours just sitting a foot or so away from her and attempting to coax her over to him with sweets. It took a few days and a lot of patience, but he succeeded in the end.

  • He’s a very laid-back parent. Of course he will intervene if he feels like his daughter is in any real danger, but he also understands that little bumps and bruises are part of the learning curve and an unavoidable part of being a child. Kakashi is very much a “learn by experience” dad, and encourages his daughter’s curiosity and imagination while keeping a watchful eye on her at all times to make sure she isn’t doing anything too dangerous. If she happens to fall or bump her head, he just heaves a long-suffering sigh, picks her back up, pats her on the head and sends her on her way.

  • Kakashi is serious about instilling the lesson that protecting your important people is what makes people strong, and sets about drilling it in her head from the time she is a newborn. Even if she doesn’t choose to be a shinobi, he still believes that it is a very important lesson to learn and probably the best advice he can ever give her as a father.

  • Kakashi is the bedtime storyteller every night, because his daughter thinks it’s funny that he uses different voices for each character. She loses it when he pitches his voice high when voicing a female character and erupts into a giggle fit, which in turn makes Kakashi laugh. Needless to say, it takes Kakashi forever to get her settled down enough to go to sleep. He doesn’t mind though, story time is his favorite too.

  • He will occasionally blackmail Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke into babysitting his daughter. Naruto and Sakura don’t mind - they love his daughter. Sasuke on the other hand will scowl and grouse, but give in anyway because of that whole “pardoned him for all of his crimes” thing that Kakashi keeps cheerfully reminding him of. Surprisingly, Sasuke is his daughter’s favorite babysitter. She thinks he is hilarious and often pesters Kakashi to go visit “uncle grouch.” 
A Place to Call Home

A/N: So I had this idea and then I had a dream of this idea so I decided to go with it. I thought about make it a series but I’m not sure yet. We’ll see how it goes. I had no idea it would come out as long as it did, the words just kept come. Anyways, let me know what you think! BE HONEST. And if you want this to maybe be a series let me know that as well! :) Also I suck a titles I’m sorry.

Warnings: Drinking. Language. Smut. Unprotected Sex.

Word Count: 8,956 (SORRY)

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

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Nct 127 + Chenle,Renjun & Jaemin's reaction to their s/o hugging them really tightly

Request: can I request a reaction for NCT 127 (+ Chenle, Renjun & Jaemin) to you (their s/o) just hugging them really tight for a while when they come home? and when they ask why, you tell them you just had a bad day and hugging them makes you feel better.

A/N: this is so cute omg ,, and i’d make you their s/o , hope you dont mind !



As soon as you stepped into the house , you gave the man a tight hug . Taeil would be shocked at first , standing frozen in his spot . As you rested your on head on his shoulders , his arms would slowly wrap around your waist , asking you softly ,

“ what is it ? ”

“ i just need your hug , they make me feel better ”

Taeil would smile instantly , but not too brightly , he’d pull you even closer , his hands reaching up to pat your head , as he softly sang for you .

Originally posted by taei


Without even saying a word , you made your way to the sofa , where Johnny was lying , watching the television . He sat up as soon as he saw you , and tried to speak , but your tight hug cut him off , his arms naturally making their way around you .

“ how was work babe- ”

“ i guess you’re tired”

No other words will be shared , only the light sound of his hands tapping gently against your back , as you rested your head against his chest .

Originally posted by icetaeil


He’d notice that something was wrong as soon as you stepped into the house with a small frown on your face , and would make his way to comfort you ,

“ baby what’s wrong ? ”

And when you did nothing else but hug him tightly on the spot , he would soften and hug you back  , resting his head on yours and he pat your back gently .

also be prepared for a whole set of home cooked meal specially made for you after

Originally posted by taetohan


Yuta was often clingy and liked to tease you by hugging and holding on to you as he loved the way you’d get annoyed at him .

But this time , instead of the usual pushing him away and whining , you willingly hugged back , as you let out a soft sigh .

Yuta would be shocked at first , wanting to ask what happened . But since he saw your sad expression , he’d refrain from asking , then trying to make you smile by pulling you closer and pecking your cheeks .

yuta needs to be stopped asap

Originally posted by smboys


You caught eye contact with him as soon as you stepped into the house . Before he could say anything , you ran up to him and attacked him with a big hug , burying your face in his chest .

Doyoung would complain and be unhappy about it at first , but stop as soon as he realised what was happening .

“ What are you doing ,”

“ I almost fell- ”

Like Taeyong , he’d try to ask what happened , as he cupped your cheeks and tried making you smile , which totally worked .

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes


You didn’t even need to say or do anything , he’d notice and know right away .

Instead , he’d be the one who took the intiative to hug you first , then trying to make you feel better as he saw the slight frown on your face .

“ I made dinner for us babe , ”

“ Go wash up , i’ll prepare the table ”

“ know that i love you ”

stop jaehyun too thanks

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh


A total clueless bean - he just stood there frozen on the spot , as you hygged him tightly with all your might . He wouldn’t say much , but would gently rub your back , waiting for you to speak .

“ i feel better now ”

“ did something happen ? ”

“ yeah , but it’s okay now , thanks to your hug ”

WinWin would blush and give a small smile , then lean in for another tight and warm hug .

Originally posted by taebreez


Another clueless bean - his face would resemble a ‘😳’ right away , his arms awkwardly hanging by the sides , unsure of what to do . Although it wasn’t the first time the both of you were hugging , his face would still be fully red , as his eyes shift around nervously .

“ U-Uh… Are you alright ? ”

“ No , mark ”

“ Oh .. why ? ”

*his arms slowly finds its way around your waist*

“ i don’t wanna talk about it now , ”

And mark would just nod his head , patting your back lightly as he started thinking of ways to cheer you up .

One hour later he brings you out on a small date

Originally posted by markleetrashh


As usual , he wanted to tease and greet you as soon as you stepped in , but stopped when he noticed your sunken expression .

“ You’re back- what’s wrong ? ”

As he slowly made his way to you , you naturally and instinctively pulled him in your arms , sighing and taking in his warmth .

He also tries to make you feel better by teasing you ,

“ I know you love me a lot but can you let go for a while , i can’t breathe ”

“ i-i’m sorry ”

“ no don’t be . besides …. you have me here right now so cheer up ! ”

Originally posted by haechanz


He’d greet you with a big and cheerful smile , holding on to your hands . But as he caught on to your forced smile , his expression would change , then asking you questions worriedly .

“ are you fine ? do you want to talk- ”

*hugs him*

“ oh .. ”

And like Mark , he’d just pat your back gently in a small rhythm , his other hand combing your hair .

Originally posted by nakamotens


Like Yuta & Jaehyun , he’d be the one who hugs you first , and tries acting cute to gain your attention . But when he noticed that you didn’t have much reaction , he’d peck you lightly on your cheek , “ are you okay ? ”

And when you start hugging him , he smiles brightly to himself and tries his best to comfort you with sweet words .

“ my angel will have a better day tomorrow , don’t worry ! ”

Originally posted by suhyngho


He’d be the most chill about it amongst all the members , and wouldnt even notice that you were sad until you told him - Maybe because y'all hug too often it just feels like a normal hug to him .

“ i had a bad day today ”

“ ahh , but you’re with me now !! ”

And he knows exactly how to cheer you up -

starts playing music and dances for you to see:

Originally posted by exovixxnct

Michael Mell x Reader Imagine - Game Night

Word Count: 815-ish

Description: Y/N has developed a crush on one of her best friends, and her skills at Mario Kart aren’t helping her game at all.

Warnings: Swearing, shitty writing, Jeremy being a cockblock, making out

Notes: This is really bad still but I feel it’s a lot better than the imagine I posted yesterday so progress I guess?

Guide: Y/N = Your Name , F/B = Favorite Book, Y/N/N = Your Nickname

“Pay attention to me.” Michael sighed leaning against your shoulder. You were currently reading F/B and were so immersed in the pages that you didn’t even hear your best friend’s plea. 

You had met Michael on the night of the Halloween party and had comforted him during the panic attack. You also managed to punch Jeremy in the face when you found out he was to blame for Michael’s sadness.

Luckily, after the SQUIP incident, the three of you formed your own little trio and became friends for the rest of junior year. That being said, you had begun to develop feelings for the 7/11 junkie and only had Jeremy to talk about it with. You were just as anxious and shy as he was, so the advice was small and far between.

“Hey, Y/N/N! You okay?” This made you glance into those dark brown eyes and blush. “Oh, yeah. Sorry just spaced out I guess.” You coughed praying that lamp next to you didn’t display the evident blush on your cheeks. “You’re acting really weird, let’s play some Mario Kart hmm?” He said with a questioning expression. Jeremy had been invited to a production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by his girlfriend Christine and had ditched the two of you on Game Night, a Friday tradition.

You weren’t as much of a gaming expert as Michael, but even Mario Kart was a challenge for you. The two of you laughed loudly as you continually crashed into the walls of the course and drove slower than anything you’ve ever seen. After the race, you glared at Michael as he poked fun at your lack of skills.

“You…you couldn’t even get past 12th place!” He exclaimed between giggles. You rolled your eyes and smacked him with a pillow that was thrown casually on the couch. Michael turned around quickly with a smirk on his face. Your eyes widened as you were smacked right back with another pillow.

“This war is not over Mell!” You exclaimed grabbing a second pillow, throwing them but missing Michael each time. “Your game is weak, Y/N.” He smiled jokingly and leapt onto the couch next to you and hitting you with yet another pillow. You fell to the ground and acted like the blow was detrimental.

“Mike, what the fuck. Are you serious?” You yelled trying to sound convincing. His funny expression immediately turned apologetic as you held your head and started groaning. “Shit! Fucking shit, I’m so sorry Y/N. I didn’t mean it, I swear.” He said bending down to help you.

You shot him a mischievous smile and pulled him to the ground next to you. He somehow rolled over and you ended up hovering over him as he was a sputtering mess. “I-I um…didn’t mean to um.” He blushed and you could see the embarrassment in his eyes.  

You were a dark red as well and quickly got up off of him and apologized profusely. “Michael I…” You began. “No, it was my fault. It’s fine.” He mumbled. You were quite honestly tired of these feelings that you held back. You decided that now was the time to break out of that shell.

As Michael began to suggest another game, you stared at his adorable small smile and leaned forward. “What are you…” You ignored him and grabbed the strings of his hoodie, pulling his lips to yours.

He was surprised at first, but tangled his hands through your hair as your mouths moved in perfect sync. He tasted like Cherry slushies and marijuana, strangely an intoxicating mix. He pushed you onto the couch and hovered above your figure as you continued to kiss.

“Well this is new.”

You heard a familiar voice interrupt that caused you to jump from Michael’s grasp. There stood Jeremy Here, with a smug look on his face.

“W-What are you doing here?” You spoke up. “Play ended early, thought I would stop by and hang for a while, but the two of you seem to be doing just fine without me. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said with a genuine smile.

As he exited the garage, you avoided Michael’s gaze. “That was…amazing.” He finally said. You smiled at his unkept appearance. His dark hair was sticking in all directions and his glasses were halfway off his face.

You reached across the couch and fixed them so they were perched on his nose. “I’ve liked you for a while now, even told Jere about it.” You said shaking your head in embarrassment.

Michael let out a small chuckle and scooted closer to you. “Same here, too much of a wuss to tell you myself I guess.” He admitted. “So? What are we now?” You asked smirking at his flustered expression.

“I guess you can call me your ‘bae-thang’ if you want.” He joked using an accent to accentuate the line. You giggled and kissed him on the cheek.

“Boyfriend will do just fine.”

Sick (but not of You)

Hi!! can i request a fluffy Changkyun scenario where he’s sick and you have to take care of him? thank you~~~

pairing: reader/changkyun

genre: fluff

word count: 1.3k

author: Admin E

“What?… No, of course I made some soup for him but-… Listen, he won’t wake up… I’m not gonna do that… Okay, I’ll try… Yes, thank you… Yes, I’ll call when I need something. Bye.” You sighed as you hung up the phone and turned around to look at the sleeping male on the couch.

“You called Kihyun?” Changkyun asked and you almost got a heart attack.

“Jeez, I thought you were dead.”

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Theory time! - Levi's cravat

To preface - I just got all of the Attack on Titan volumes up to the current one and DAMN it’s nice to not have to be online to read them. :)


During my rereading of the official translation, I noticed something interesting that I think indicates something important about Levi’s character that I don’t think I’ve read yet from anyone else.  Remember this in Chapter 51? 

In case you don’t remember, it’s when Levi finds out from Hange that Titans were previously human.  Cue guilt and Erwin creepy smile (man, him and Armin have the creepy smile game on LOCK, BTW). 

However, in every chapter since, Levi’s been missing something that we all associate with his character, his visual cue, if you will -

His cravat.  Yeah, I understand that at this point in the story, they’re on the run and haven’t worn their uniforms and such, but I feel like this little detail is actually pretty important. As momtaku has mentioned in previous posts and her readthroughs (which are great, btw), Levi is fairly horrified that what he’s been doing up until now (to paint in broad strokes) is killing humans, and is starting to lose it.  From what we’ve learned in later chapters with the appearance of Kenny and learning more about his past with the underground, this is what I’m thinking -

Levi and Kenny clearly don’t get along, and they lived together for a while.  Kenny raised him, to an extent, and Levi’s accustomed to squalor.

Once Levi joined up with the Survey Corps, he found a way out.  Keeping in consideration some of the information we’ve gleaned from character interviews and tidbits (like why he holds his teacups in his particular way), I think Levi’s preference for his cravat is another way for him to give an appearance of being more well off than what he actually is/was AND a way to signify a new beginning for him, where he isn’t learning how to stalk and kill people - in essence, “using his powers for good”.

Once he realizes Titans were/are humans, I think he realized at that point he’s no better than Kenny, and everything he’s done to change things for himself have been for nothing - to paraphrase Kill Bill, he’s not a worker bee, he’s “a renegade killer bee”, and everything he’s done to “disguise” himself is pointless, because nothing in the world can change his Ackerman heritage.  As he tells the 104th -

He’s pretty uniquely qualified to deal with Titans and killers.  Like Erwin and Armin, because of what he knows now, he (and Mikasa, once he tells her about their shared heritage) knows what he has to do now and has “discarded” that part of himself to fight monsters.  Hell -

In summation, I think at this point, Levi is probably being the most honest with himself that he’s been in a long while.  Whether or not he puts it back on once everyone starts donning their uniforms again remains to be seen, and if he does, that raises interesting questions, as well.  Either way, I love Levi, and I get why people don’t understand certain aspects of his character, or broadly characterize him in broad strokes for fanfic purposes and such (I ONLY LOVE CRAVATS AND CLEANING kind of stuff), but I think that’s probably because I’m also “abnormal…probably because I’ve seen far too many abnormal things”.  I feel like that makes it easier for me to understand his headspace and some of his decisions (like his behavior towards Historia or using odd, long winded non sequiturs to explain himself).


Jealous Malia Tate would include:

anon ask: Jealous Malia Tate would include please

warning: mention of sex

I want a Malia Tate in my life

Masterlist / Prompt List / Fandom List / Ask me anything!

Originally posted by menyc1ty

  • so many growls omg
  • she will be next to you glaring and growling at the person
  • her eyes would change to that electric blue that you love so much
  • she will not hesitate to cut her/his/their throat
  • she will need your attention
  • “Y/N~ hug me !” she will say it angry
  • “come here and love me!” and if you don’t go she will drag you

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Saving Hope (S3-5x12 things I loved (99% Lintz)

-Dr Maggie Lin - her personality is just - who wouldn’t fall in love with her? 

-Dr Sydney Katz - the way she just stands up for her beliefs and values. 

- how Lintz met, how Dr Katz was so intense for Maggie. The contrast between these two characters which come together at the end to be much more similar than we first thought. 

- the progression of both characters in their attitudes both in work and in self. Especially Maggie since we’ve watched her grow since S1 and goodness she was adorable but impulsive and always had a took what she wanted attitude. So, so different from how she is with Sydney. It’s like ripping open a present vs taking off each layer making sure not to rip the wrapping of a Christmas present. 

- Dr Katz’s glasses 

- Maggie’s hair length from S1 - S5. I just can’t deal. It’s gorgeous and well her personality shifts to match it too. Well I guess that’s the point. Maturation. But really she’s beautiful. And she has grown to be such a great doctor

- The friendship between Alex and Maggie. Also between Zach and Maggie. That progressive love for each other that grew so significantly throughout the series. 

- The Leave/Stay theme of Lintz. They are basically built off this theme, (kinda like Julia Taylor Ross said in her interview they’re a ‘will they won’t they’ couple). 

- The  ‘I love you’ from Sydney that probably Maggie was not expecting at all. I wasn’t expecting it and I think that’s what makes it so real so raw. That even when they’re in conflicts, dilemmas, arguing-ish, that Sydney doesn’t ‘want to be with her any less’, that Sydney loves her. And well you know what they say, if you love them, let them go. And that’s what Sydney did. She couldn’t be the reason for Maggie giving up something that she loved and regretting it. She wanted Maggie to be happy. 

- Because the thing is Sydney knows how important their careers are in each of their hearts. They value being a doctor almost over everything and really nothing triumphs the essence their job gives them and what they can give to others. Their whole life, it was building up to this point - this pinnacle of where their endless studying, love for being a doctor brings them to the best. They didn’t really have anything else that they wholeheartedly loved. Maggie even says “I’ve got nothing to live for”. That is until they started really, creeping in into each other’s heart, lodging themselves there and staying there. Because for that period where Sydney was in Israel gone from Hope Zion and Maggie was finding someone to date, they were both in each other’s heart staying there subconsciously and slowing invading, but well, they probably did know it but didn’t acknowledge it, decided that it was impossible. 

- The respect this show has for differences, whether its with religion, culture, sexuality among many other things. 

- Little bit of Dawn: the unfolding of the tender hearted Dawn. That one scene where she attempts to get on everyone’s good side in order to get her chief of surgery role back and Zach told her to be her but kinder and she praised Maggie and the residents. That little proud smile and giddiness after Zach praises her was so cute. Also her scenes with Giselle shows just why she is such a wonderful doctor. Also that she says what she wants to say. Her dignified aura. 

-also Shahir

- From the beginning Maggie felt something for Sydney (‘from the moment I met you I always wondered what it would be like to be with you’) and her cautious walking and patience with Sydney was sorta her defence mechanism. So that it wouldn’t hurt as much if and when she did leave. (That conversation with Zach pretty much sums it up) Then he replies with “I think you’re in love”. Sigh. 

- The fact that during the little amounts of time Sydney spent with Hershel, she spent it talking about Maggie. Which also implies that she is very attentive with Maggie, well she is a doctor, but knowing her nose twitches when she fibs - let’s just say she pays a lot of attention on Maggie. 

- free falling 

- The feeling when Maggie passed her boards. I was so happy. Hard work pays off. 

- That Maggie was probably Sydney’s first. First for a lot of things. 

- Also “ you love her don’t you.” to Sydney and Sydney’s face when it all clicks.

- ‘(thought about you every day.’ ‘ I thought about you too’ Then that kiss, that makes Maggie feel like she was being strangled on the inside. That deep breath she tried to take afterwards was all too telling. She felt it way too much that she was finding it hard to breathe. Isn’t that just….sigh.  

- Sydney’s defence mechanism was leaving and not staying in touch. From what is seen in the series, in order to not hurt others or herself, she always is the one leaving. From leaving Maggie after the first kiss to be engaged to Herself, leaving to Israel, then leaving her girlfriend after finding out that Maggie really was the one, leaving so her family didn’t have to see her, leaving when Maggie got her job. So when she stays - it’s all too heartwarming, because for her that is her way of loving someone. 

- How fast Maggie bounced back into her soul and body after her injury. Like her personality is just so - I dunno I think she just always willing to try, to be better. 

- Maggie with Bree as her kickass guardian angel. Just in general how much Maggie cares for her patients. Like the one time she had the patient with the drinking problem and she did all she could to help her. 

- But also on the other hand how heartwarming and cool Maggie was when she went over to the Shelby after the bomb explosion. She never really looked out for herself, she went straight to helping others, treating others, saving others. 

- ‘ I owed you’ then that longing heavy look as Sydney walks out of Hope Zion. And after that episode, Maggie was kinda all over the place. (Let’s just say which is an implication of her longing for Sydney, but knowing she won’t get to be with her - reinforced by her desperation to find someone - even with Zach.) 

- How Maggie wears her heart on her sleeves sometimes and when Sydney comes back in 410, she literally couldn’t take a proper breath. She looked so…lost. Because that brimming feeling of hope was building back inside her and she knows that she should keep a certain distance because Sydney always leaves. 

- how sad Sydney looked when she saw Maggie and Dey going to the Crab (i can’t remember the name) together. 

- I love watching Maggie and Sydney work in surgery together. Well I love watching everyone in surgery but Maggie especially. Just their dedication to medicine and to their patients. 

- Maggie’s shaking hands after Becca’s surgery tells a story. 

- The silent confirmation that if they find Martha’s ashes, that Lintz has a chance to be something. 

- ‘I don’t want an epic love affair with you Maggie, I just want you.” 

- ‘Stay’ then the eyebrow 

- ‘But seriously, we need a bigger bed’ then the little kiss. And hehehe domestic aren’t they. 

- How basically everyone teased Maggie about the ‘Dr Katz in the house’ and how utterly discombobulated Maggie was about what she was feeling when she had waited three years and ‘now it’s here’ 

- Maggie forgives quite quickly. She’s a very accepting person isn’t she. 

- ‘I chose you’ - and she meant every word

-5x12 Sydney isn’t one to keep in touch. When Maggie told her to call her after she lands in London. She gave a heavy ‘sure’ but she wasn’t going to call. I didn’t think she would. Because it hurts less to stay away completely than to have tidbits of an almost. 

- Just thinking of Sydney berating herself for not staying with Maggie. That this job was everything but so was the job offered to Maggie. Why was it she couldn’t be the one staying, why did Maggie have to be the one leaving with her. Maggie meant everything to her, so she stayed, above everything, above all the times she told herself that she will not find love because she’s gay and she’s an orthodox Jewish, she found something worth, someone worth everything, someone worth staying for. 

- the fact that Maggie never chased after Sydney after finding out that their first kiss that ‘threw her for a loop’ was more than just a kiss for Sydney. It held dire consequences and religion conflict. From there on, she was ever so patient with Sydney. That she never really chased after her. When Sydney was leaving to israel, she tried to do it so subtly but she couldn’t directly utter the words ‘stay’, not again, not after finding out she was leaving for someone else, or in their final episode where Sydney told her to not come with her to London. Those words rung in Maggie and she listened because isn’t that want was for the best. That’s what Sydney wanted. But deep down, well not even deep down, everyone could see it, she wanted to be with her, she wanted Sydney to tell her to leave with her. ‘well she was the one that told me to stay’ - Maggie’s brimming tears when she said that just did it for me. But yet again Sydney was leaving. (But that letter, it was basically a please come after me.)

- especially knowing the contents of the letter. A verse from the Book of Ruth. from the moment Sydney wrote that letter and placed it on the floor, I believed she wasn’t going to leave. That she was hoping, that Maggie would come after her. That Maggie loved her like Sydney loved her. She wasn’t going to go. Not anywhere without Maggie. 

- The kisses. I especially loved the ones in 511, the continuous pecks on Maggie’s cheeks was simply too adorable. 

- That little look back from Sydney when she first kissed Maggie. 

- From S3 upwards to S5 Maggie stays and Sydney leaves. Then in 512 Maggie leaves for Syd and Syd stays for Maggie. They both stayed for each other and leave with each other. 

- Dr Katz’s jokes in S5 

- ‘Syd’ 

- !RomanticMaggie 

- ‘my one is crossing the pond without me’ let me reiterate ‘my one’

- ‘I love you and I would give everything up to be with you.’ my heart. 

- ‘Don’t urge me to leave you. Where you go I will go. Where you lodge I will lodge. Where you die. I will die. And there I will be buried.’ 

- ‘you had me at Shalom’ 

- The airport - Can we breathe and just appreciate everything here. Departure of Lintz but the journey, oh goodness the Lintz journey was - I don’t know it’s etched into my heart like no other couple. (I love Shoot from POI truly) But this couple this couple was so real, so normal, so human and I just, it truly gives me hope. So goodbye and thank you for this wonderful creation, for Lintz, this representation and this emblem of hope. 

Happy endings and beginnings to everyone. 

(I miss them already) 

Giant: Ch. 4

When you know I don’t have nowhere else to go
Does it feel good to leave me on my own?

Previously on Giant

Though it was summer, too much happened after the funeral. Lena stayed at her apartment in the city for the summer. Work kept her busy, preparing for grad school kept her exhausted, keeping an eye on her father and brother kept her borderline crazy. Long ago, her duty washed away any artifact of herself, and of that she was damn near certain. 

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Finally Happy

Fandom: Marvel

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Natasha Romanoff 

Warnings: Alcohol consumption

Word Count: 860

A/N: I absolutely love this cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love With You and have been listening to it lately and was inspired, hope you guys enjoy. 

Y/N = Your name

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The Hottie Next Door Part Two

Characters : Chris Evans x Reader

Summary : Chris moves in next door. Only thing is, he isn’t alone. *based off my out of bounds series*

Warning : Language?

Word Count : 2K+

A/N : By the way, the reader is in her third year of college! lol. Also, if you’d like to be tagged, let me know! Updates will be EVERY Wednesday or Thursday.

Tagging : @imaginesofdreams @deansimpalaqueen@chrisevansisdaddy04​ @almundbuttercup @sailorchibimoonunicorn@mybucky-yourbucky@theresnotenoughwords​ @hollycornish

Read Part One Here

It’s been a few months since you met the Chris and Jenny, and between all the small chats and neighborhood parties, you grew to like them more and more everyday.

Jenny was pretty amazing, as much as you envied her relationship with Chris, you just couldn’t hate her.

Then there was Chris. He was everything you could ever dream of. He was sweet and caring and all together hilarious. No matter what, he could always make you laugh and smile.

It was hard to hate them. Not that you wanted too, anyways.

Tonight, you were asked to dog sit for them, while they went to a premiere for Chris’ new movie.

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DannyMay Day Twelve: Cycles/Inevitability

…How did he get here? What? Why is everyone running away from him? Why is the town destroyed? Who did this? Movement out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. He turns to find a giant mirror. What he sees makes him balk.

There, covered in blood, smirking back is Dan Phantom.

He awakens with a start. A strangled gasp escaping his throat. Panting heavily and disoriented, he bolts to the bathroom, suddenly nauseous. He looks in the mirror first. Satisfied that it’s his normal self, he bends over the porcelain bowl. Gasping for air he crumples to the floor hugging the toilet. Sweat pours down his face and neck in buckets. He nearly whimpers. He hasn’t had that nightmare in years.

He’s too shaken up to notice the faint footsteps coming his way. He feels someone touch his shoulder. With a jolt he turns and looks up. There looking worried, confused and slightly amused stands the most wonderful woman on this earth. Her gorgeous long black hair tied in a messy bun. Her shapely legs barely covered by her black nightgown. Her intense violet eyes that can see right though you even when clouded by sleep.

“I thought I was the only one with morning sickness, didn’t know it was contagious”

Her attempt to lighten the mood only half works. He snorts but doesn’t move. She kneels down next to him. Though it takes a few tries. At seven months pregnant it’s a miracle she even could kneel down in the first place. The bathroom is already too small. He alone takes up half the space.

“What’s wrong?”

He looks away. He can’t look her in the eye and lie to her. She’s the one person he can’t lie to. That’s what three years of marriage and ten more of knowing each other will do to you. No matter how much he doesn’t want her to worry if he lies she’ll worry more than if he tells her the truth. He sighs.

“I had the nightmare again”


They’re silent for a while. Then she shifts and hugs him. Though since he’s grown to be almost as tall as his dad and as buff as ever because of ghost hunting, she can barely reach all the way around him. That and the baby-yet-to-be is in the way. He sighs and returns the hug.

“You haven’t had that nightmare in years, you ok?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m just stressed”

“You know that you have nothing to worry about right? You outage him by two years”

“I know…”

“And you have me”

“I know”

“And you also have-”

“Mommy? Daddy?”

At that moment their two year old Lilith entered the room and peeks into the bathroom. She looked just like her mother. But she had his intense blue eyes and behaved just like him. She gasps and runs in.

“Daddy? You ok? There, there”

She pats his arm and tries to soothe him. One of her powers is feeling others emotions. At that moment he realizes she woke up because she felt his distress. She could have rolled over and gone back to sleep but she chose to make sure he was ok. He almost starts crying. What did he do to deserve such a caring family. He’s still causing trouble for them. He’s still making them worry. He’s still-

“Stop it”

He’s startled by the firmness of both their voices. She’s looking at him like he just deforested half the world. Lilith looks about ready to clap him over the head. He realizes that he can’t hide anything anymore, not even from a two year old.

“It’s ok daddy, you have mommy and me and my baby brother or sister. There’s also grandma and grandpa and auntie Jazzy and uncle Tuck and auntie Val and auntie Dani!”

She beams up at him. He can feel her trying to use her powers to send him good vibes. Kind of like a reverse of Spectra. His little girl is doing everything she can to make him feel better. It should be the other way around. But then again she’s always been surrounded by “take charge, we can do anything you can but better” women. She definitely takes after her mother. He sighs but more content.

“Thanks Lily bug. I feel a lot better.”

She jumps up and smiles so hard that it looks like her face will split in two. He laughs loud and heartily. What was he so afraid of. He has a beautiful caring wife, an adorable little girl, and another baby on the way. A family that loves him. Parents that accept him, all of him. The support of the town, heck, the world.

“I can’t even remember why I was so upset, good job”

Both of his favorite girls smile and kiss him on both cheeks. Lilith making a face and telling him to shave because his beard is too scratchy. He smirks and retaliates by rubbing his chin all over her face. She giggles and screams. He can hear Sam laughing at the spectacle. Then she gasps. He goes into protective mode.

“Sam what is it”

“The baby’s kicking”

She takes his hand and places it on her swollen belly. They wait. Then he feels the little pop against his hand. Even junior is trying to comfort him. He smiles warmly. Lilith hanging off his neck the whole time. Sam looks up at him.

“Feel better Danny?”

“I love you guys”

How it all started

I wish I was that kind of girl; with long and curly lashes, small waist, long legs, perfectly positioned eyebrows and lips as soft as a pillow. I wish I could have turned heads when I walked around the streets. And I surely did wish I was different.
Because, you see, everyone has thought at least once in their life: “Man, I wish I had that life!”.

I wasn’t like this before. I used to be tiny, I used to dance, to run and play handball all day long. But everything dramatically changed when I moved to another country: Germany. They have, and I can say it with respect, some of the most delicious food around. Not to mention the Bratwurst, which feels like melting in your mouth.

But then again, one day, I realised, something was wrong. Definitely different.
As I walked up the stairs to my room and I leisurely entered, I saw a dumb reflection of myself staring back. No wonder I hated mirrors, especially the big ones. As I crossed my arms, I took a serious look at myself. At that moment, I wanted to laugh, but then a feeling of sadness covered my whole body.

Wait a second.
Who was that person?

I sighed. Three years it had taken me to realise that I had to make a change. THREE YEARS! But at least I did it, and I’m still doing it.

I got back on track, it was such a plot twist for me to turn my life around. Not only I had to throw away that beautiful chocolate that was winking confidently at me, I also had to get myself moving again. I started running, I started doing sports. A lot of time I spent watching motivational videos online, because I did not want to binge eat again. I cried, I laughed and I cut myself. Yes, Yes I did. I was angry at myself- why did it come to this?- I used to ask my own consciousness.

And then I woke up the next morning, starting over again. I still remember the happiness I felt as I watched my tight jeans fit me. Ha! With Water and Vinegar! Apple Vinegar to be more precise. I ate healthy, I did sports and I drank lots of water with apple vinegar.

And I’m not done yet. The story is just beginning. My Water and Vinegar are still on fire.

So I was reading through @randomthingsthatilike123​‘s super accurate Sanvers headcanons and it gave me some first-time thoughts (b/c I firmly believe they have not had sex yet) and felt the need to share with the class.

  • The first couple of times Maggie stays over it’s like, obnoxiously respectful and cuddly and tender and Alex spends a lot of time giggling because ok she is a grown adult and so is Maggie but also there’s a girl in her bed and she’s never felt so giddy before.
    • It’s a great kind of giddy though, b/c Maggie is wrapped around her back and somehow even though Maggie’s shorter it feels like she’s covering all of Alex up and it’s so intimate that she has to like, breathe through it a bit.

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A/N: Hi anon!! ~ Omg and we love you, too!! <3!! Sorry, it took us a minute to get to your request but here it is!! Hope you like it!! :D 


Namjoon would pause for three seconds as soon as he saw the tears roll down your cheek. He’d grow very quiet for a moment and it’d grow deadly silent aside from your crying. You’d hear him sigh lightly before he’d make his way over to you, worry and concern written on his expression. Reaching out for your hands he’d hold them lightly and smile, trying to lighten to mood some. He’d feel really bad and would immediately realize that maybe, at one point or another, things had gotten way too out of hand. He’d apologize to you and suggest maybe talking about whatever it was that you two were arguing over again, later…but this time with a lot less screaming and a lot more actual listening.


Jin would look at you and take a deep breath, immediately feeling bad for letting the argument escalate to the point where he made you cry. He’d rethink his entire thought process and realize that this argument honestly wasn’t worth making you cry.  He’d apologize and suggest maybe talking things over again later when both of you had calmed down some and weren’t so on edge anymore. A smile would cross his face and his hands would find their way around you in what seemed like slow motion as he’d place his head on top of yours and held you tightly.


Suga seems like that type where it would take a lot to get him mad enough to where he’d make you cry during an argument. So, once Yoongi would see you cry while you two were arguing he’d stop yelling and just look at you. The anger and rage would still be obvious in his expression and you’d hear him curse as he’d exit the room. You and him both obviously needed time to cool off and he’d rather leave completely than end up saying something he’d later regret. After both of you had calmed down some though he’d come back and talk things over with you. I feel like he’d probably say a small sorry for making you cry but would still hold his ground on his end of the argument. You two would have a lot of talking ahead of you to try and find a common ground, not that it was impossible. It’d just take a lot of talking, that’s all.


So Hobi is going to be part frustrated and part feeling guilty when you start crying in the middle of an argument. He’s going to want to do what he can to make you feel better, but he’s also going to wish that you had been able to work through the argument before emotions began running that high. He’s just going to sigh and reach out to you, pulling you into his arms and rubbing your back until you stop crying so that you can work past whatever it is that caused the argument in the first place.


The second Taehyung sees the first tear rolling down your cheek, he’s going to shut his mouth and pull back. He never intended for the argument to get that bad and he’s not going to be sure how to react. His happy go lucky side is going to want to pull you close and tell you everything’s okay and to calm down, but he’s also going to want to stop the argument now and go into another room so you both can calm down and finish or get over the argument. Either way, your tears are certainly going to throw him for a loop.


Jimin would stop as soon as he heard your sobs and you’d be able to hear him sigh, not because you were crying though but rather at the fact that he was upset at himself for making you cry in the first place. You’d probably be able to lowly hear him curse under his breath before he’d scratch the back of his neck awkwardly. It’d take him a minute to decide if he should give you some space or if he should walk over to you, finally deciding that the latter would be the right thing to do here. He’d wrap his arms around you and run his hand over your head, trying his best to calm you down as he’d mumble apologies under his breath until you stopped.


Kookie would be shook. It would probably take him a second to realize that you were crying because he’d be so caught up in your argument but once he did, he’d be shook. He would stop everything and just stand there, looking at you and trying to figure out what the best next move would be. Should he try to apologize? Should he approach you and try to hug you? Should he leave you alone and let you cool down? He would have no clue on what to do. Ultimately, after a rather long, awkward, silence you’d be able to sorta hear him call your name with an even more awkward grin on his face. He’d be trying to make you laugh or at least put a smile on your face, changing the subject completely.

I really miss having someone to talk to throughout the entire day where they genuinely care about what I’m up to, what’s on my mind, and I don’t feel like I’m annoying them with constantly texting.

I miss having a best friend that I could send stupid but funny posts to or tell about a funny incident that happened during my day knowing that they’d also laugh at it.

I miss having that special someone to talk to at night and falling asleep with them knowing that I love them dearly and the feeling is mutual…

A lot has changed so suddenly and I just don’t know what to do anymore. Everything that I thought was real had been a lie and it just makes me wonder if I’ll ever be able to trust, or love, again.

“Total Opposites” - Peter Parker x TwinSister!Reader

Word Count: 1,322

Warnings: Some swearing, fighting, betrayal (yikes)

Request: Hey Doll! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is Peters (Tom Holland one) younger sister and you have some sort of power(you can choose!) and you end up getting dragged into the Civil War airplane fight scene and you’re on Iron Mans team obviously but then maybe you end up switching to Caps team which makes Peter feel betrayed? Thank you, love! ❤️❤️

Author’s Note: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted a lot lately, Jadyn has been procrastinating too much. But she’s working now and I hope you guys like this one! 

*if you spot the how i met your mother reference, please message me cause you’re awesome ;p*


“I can’t go to Germany.”


“I-I got homework”

“Oh my god.”

“Peter what the hell,” you sigh. “I’m so sorry, please excuse me and the idiot also known as my twin,” you said to Tony, pulling Peter into the corner of his room. You smacked the back of his head.


“What do you think you are doing!” You whisper yelled. “Tony friggin Stark is asking YOU,” you poked his chest, “to go to Germany with him! Why are hesitating?” Peter looked down.

“I know what you are gonna say… ‘You are such a McFreakin idiot’,” he mocked, imitating exactly how you said it less than an hour ago. “But I just-”

“You just what?”

“I can’t leave you here. I don’t wanna leave you here,” Peter explained, putting his hands on your shoulders. You put your hand on his cheek.

“Listen, buddy, you know I love you. But you gotta go with Tony. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I don’t know if I could let you miss out on it because of me.” You hugged Peter, squeezing him tight. “I’ll be here when you get back, I promise,” You whispered in his ear before pulling away from him. “Now get your ass over there and tell Mr. Stark you are taking his offer,” you demanded with a giant smile on your face. Peter smiled back and walked back over to Tony, who was admiring the web slingers.

“Man, you two are total opposites.” Tony laughed.


“Okay, what?”

“I’ll go with you to Germany. But on one condition.”

“Kid, I can’t do much. I mean the most I can do is upgrade your onesie. But, humor me,” Tony commented, crossing his arms.

“(Y/n) comes, too.” Your eyes flew wide open.

“Come again for big fudge?” you asked. Peter really was a McFucking idiot in your eyes.

“I can’t leave her here, she’s my sister and I think she could help too.” Tony stared at Peter for a second, then looked at you. Then back at Peter again.  

“What can you do?” Tony asked. Peter glared at you.

“Just tell him (Y/n), we can trust him,” Peter thought.

“I will kill you if you are wrong,” you said out loud. Tony gave you a confused look, wondering what just happened.

“I can sorta… I have the ability to teleport anywhere in my eyesight.” Tony’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “And since me and Pete are twins, I can communicate with him telepathically. But that’s not important-”

“Can you fight?” Tony questioned, making you laugh.

“Who do you think taught Spiderboy over here how to fight?” Peter blushed at your comment.

“Alright then, Spiderling. Your twin comes too.”


*later, hiding in the airport in Germany*


“Yeah, (Y/n)?”

“I’m scared.”

“Wow, I didn’t think you could ever be scared.”

“And you wonder why I never tell you my feelings.”

“I always find out in the end… you know, cause of my spidey senses.”

“You and your damn ‘spidey senses’.”

Of course, you and Peter were going to have a small fight at a time like this. You were waiting for Tony to give you guys the signal to come out, and you couldn’t have been more nervous. But Peter was nervous too. And when you both were nervous, you two tended to bicker to each other about random little things.


You and Peter looked at each other in sync.

“Good luck. You’re gonna need it.” You nudged his shoulder and smirked. He scoffed.

“See you out there.” Peter winked and left. You waited until you saw him take Steve’s shield and then teleported over next to Peter. “Oh my god that’s Captain America… Is this really happening?” you thought to Peter.

“Shit… but remember Mr. Stark said he’s dangerous,” Peter thought to you.

You glanced at everyone on Team Cap, nervously waved and mouthed “I love you all so much.”  You didn’t know if you were going to last long against the Avengers. Sure, you taught Peter how to fight and went out with him when he needed back up. But these were the Avengers, not your average criminals that didn’t know their left from their right. As Tony and Steve started talking, your heart pounded faster and faster. You listened to their conversation, and it made you realize: you didn’t know what the whole story was. You knew Tony needed help, and all Tony said was that “Captain America is dangerous”. But when you looked at Peter, standing strong in his upgraded onesie, you knew that you were on the right side. Well, you hoped you were…


When the fight started, you immediately teleported inside the airport and hid. You waited until you saw someone from the other team run in. A couple minutes later, you saw Bucky, Falcon and Hawkeye run into the building. You teleported a couple yards in front of them, and they stopped running when they got closer to you. Hawkeye turned to Falcon and Bucky and whispered, “I’ll stall this one, you two go. I got this.” Falcon and Bucky ran past you, and you turned to Hawkeye and got into a fighting stance. He put his hands up, slowly walking towards you.

“Look, kid, I don’t want to hurt y…”

Before he could finish his sentence, you teleported behind him and pinned him down onto the ground. It was a struggle keeping him down, and then all of the sudden you blinked and you were on the cold, hard floor. You tried getting up but Clint held you down.

“Kid listen to me! Do you know what you got yourself into?!” You pushed him off of you and jumped up onto your feet. You threw a few punches and teleported behind him to piss him off.  Clint turned around and put his hands up.

“I just wanna talk to you. So could you listen for a few seconds?”

“Shouldn’t you be trying to fight me?” you asked, confused.

“I have a daughter, and you already remind me of her. So just listen… okay?” You put your fists down and relaxed.

“Let me just ask you something: do you know what you are fighting for?” You stared at him for a few seconds, thinking about what Tony said.

“Honestly… I’m not completely sure,” you answered. “I’ve been contemplating whether or not I am doing what is right, and I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t know the whole story.”

“Let me sum it up for you: Tony signed the Accords, which allows the government to control the Avenger’s actions. We wouldn’t be allowed to go save anyone without their permission. Cap disagreed, and now he is fighting for the Avenger’s freedom,” Clint explained. “What do you believe is right?”

And then it hit you. You had to switch sides, even if it meant hurting Peter. You had to do what was right.  

“How can I help?”


*later on during the fight, you spot Peter*

“(Y/n)! What are you doing?!” Peter yelled as you stopped him from going after Wanda.

“I can’t let you do this, Pete.”  You saw his heart break, you actually felt it. “How could you…” he thought.

“I’m so sorry, but we are on the wrong side! Cap is right, come on Pete you gotta admit it. We didn’t know a lot of what was going on before we joined Tony!”

“I gotta impress Mr. Stark, (Y/n). I owe him that much,” Peter said.

“I can’t fight you, we are supposed to stay together until the end. We were born together, we stay together.”

“I’m sorry. But I can’t let down Mr. Stark.”

You sighed. It hurt knowing that your twin brother, the person you thought would always have your back, chose someone over you. Sure, he chose Tony Stark over you. But it still hurt.

“I love you, bro.”

“I love you too, sis.




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