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Birds - Uccelli Vocabs

Some birds vocabs + common use of their names for people and their traits/behaviours/jobs or for different stuff.
A couple of uses more on our instagram .

Airone - Heron
Allocco - Tawny Owl (person: fool, gullible person)
Allodola - Lark
Anatra / Anitra - Duck
Anatroccolo - Duckling
Aquila - Eagle (person: smart, genius)
Astore - Goshawk
Avvoltoio - Vulture (person: speculator) 
Barbagianni - Barn Owl (person: grouch)
Beccaccia - Woodcock
Beccaccino - Snipe
Cacatoa - Cockatoo
Canarino - Songbird
Capinera - Blackcap
Cappone - Capon (also: fishes’ names + Liguria’s regional fish dish)
Cardinale - Cardinal (also: Cardinal in Roman Catholic Church)
Cicogna - Stork (also: used about birth. Ex.: è arrivata la cicogna - the stork bought a baby/I gave birth)
Cigno - Swan (also: the Constellation)
Cinciallegra - Great Tit
Cinciarella - Tomtit
Civetta - Owl (person (woman): vixen, flirt; also: unmarked police car) 
Codibugnolo - Long-Tailed Tit
Colibrì - Hummingbird
Colombo - Dove (person: lovebird)
Condor - Condor
Corridore della strada - Roadrunner
Cornacchia - Crow (person: chatterbox)
Corvo - Raven (person: jinx)
Cuculo - Cuckoo
Cutrettola - Wagtail
Dodo - Dodo
Ededrone - Eider
Emù - Emu
Fagiano - Pheasant
Falco - Hawk (person: hawk)
Falcone - Falcon
Fenice - Phoenix (person: rare bird. The literal translation “uccello raro” is common too)
Fenicottero - Flamingo
Folaga - Coot
Fornaio - Red Ovenbird (person: baker)
Fregata - Frigatebird (also: frigate)
Fringuello - Chaffinch
Frullino - Jack Snipe (also: whisk; grinder)
Gabbiano - Seagull
Gallina - Hen (person (woman): airhead)
Gallo - Rooster (person (man): fare il gallo = to show off; womanizer*)
Gazza - Magpie
Germano - Mallard (person (old use): German; blood brothers)
Gheppio - Kestrel
Ghiandaia - Jay
Gracchio - Chough (also: caw)
Grifone - Griffon (also: mythical Griffon)
Gru - Crane (also: dolly, crane)
Gufo - Owl (person: jinx)
Martin Pescatore - Kingfisher
Merlo - Blackbird (person: dope. Weirdly, I also heard it used as a synonym of “smart”)
Nibbio - Kite
Pappagallo - Parrot (person: parrot, sb who repeats stuff mechanically)
Passero - Sparrow
Passerotto - Sparrow chick
Pavone - Peacock (person (man): vain man)
Pellicano - Pelican
Pettirosso - Robin
Picchio - Woodpecker
Piccione - Pigeon (person: simpleton, sucker)
Pinguino - Penguin (person (man): sb dressed well who reminds for colors to a penguin/waiter. Also (rare probably): ice cream pop)
Piviere - Killdeer
Pollo - Chicken (person: dupe, sucker)
Pulcino - Chick (person: junior (sports); vulnerable, shy)
Rondine - Swallow
Quaglia - Quail (also: quagliare = “to get a positive result”,esp. in negative sentences)
Stercorario - Skua
Struzzo - Ostrich
Tacchino - Turkey (person (man): womanizer*)
Tortora - Turtle dove
Tucano - Toucan
Uccello del Paradiso - Bird-of-Paradise
Usignolo - Nightingale (person: nightingale, sb who sings well)

Uccello migratore - Migratory bird
Uccello marino / di mare - Seabird
Uccello della morte - Death birth



There’s been a recent increase of wanting to use older fc’s around the rpc so I bring you my list of Black Females 29+ These women are all in their 30′s ‘cause I’m starting there and then slowly going up. This list will have under resourced fc’s mostly so I will not be including my bae Amber Stevens but you should use her anyway. (Shameless plug I’ve made over 500gifs of her, seriously use her). Anyway this is part one of what I hope I’ll remember to add to. Also these are fc’s you should remember when wanting to gif!

  • Melanie Liburd: Twenty nine years old British born actress. She is of Kittitian(Saint Kitts and Nevis) and English descent. She has appeared on Game of Thrones as the Red Priestess and has also played roles on The Grinder and Dark Matter.
  • Sal Stowers: Thirty one years old actress and model. She was first made famous off of America’s Next Top Model where she won cycle 9 and no acts as Lani Price on Days of Out Lives.
  • Jurnee Smollett-Bell: Thirty years old actress. She is of Jewish (Russian and Poland) and African-American descent. Making her debut in acting as a child, she was on shows like Full House where she played Michelle’s friend Denise. She currently plays Rosalee on the show Underground.
  • Nicole Beharie: Thirty two years old actress and singer. She is of Nigerian and Jamaican descent. She made her acting debut in 2008. She is most famous for her role as Abbie Mills in Sleepy Hallow and her role as Rachel Robinson, Jackie Robinson’s wife, in 42.
  • Ashley Madekwe: Thirty three years old British born actress and fashion blogger. She is of Nigerian and Swiss descent, she’s one of my other bae’s. She made her acting debut in 1999 and 2000 in England and then made her American debut in 2009 in The Beautiful Life. She’s famous for her role as Ashley Davenport in Revenge and currently stars as Tituba in Salem.

Here you go. And i did it all while ordering a chicken parm grinder.

This is actually AMAZING AND IM GONNA USE THIS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA GOD BLESS SIN also chicken palm grinder is also my fave
☏ - ιмeѕѕage ғroм ronan.
  • RONAN: so it's friday night and i'm visiting knox's family and basically i miss you.
  • RONAN: and i know i've texted you like monthly for eight months and you haven't replied.
  • RONAN: but i see you read my messages. and i just wanted to let you know that i'm still thinking about you.
  • RONAN: oh also the grinder you bought me broke. and i had to get a new one. i got the same one. because i felt sad getting a new one.
Hump Day Smut!

Happy humpy-est of hump days!!!!

Hope all of y'all are ready to sweat ;)

Keep Yourself Quiet, Dean by bovaria (Dean gets a blowie in a gas station bathroom)

I’m Not Drunk, You’re Drunk by deansdirtylittlesecretsblog (from her 5000 followers celebration. Quick Dean smut.)

Sir by deans-colette (Dean bean getting me all hot and bothered)

Between Hunters and Angels by ilostmyshoe-79 (Threesome with reader, Dean and Cas. hothothothothot)

…And then Mimi hit 5000 followers and wrote some “short” little fics. 
I Missed YouCuddlingScars and Who You Gonna Call with Dean and Just Five More Minutes with Sam

I’m Not Done With You by twofriesshortofhomicide (Demon Dean and some BDSM action)

Thunder by nat2tattd (Some lovely impala smut with Dean)

Better Than Dreaming by twofriesshortofhomicide (Dean rescues reader from an incubus, takes advantage of the fact that she’s already been tied up and put in lingerie.)

Untitled by twofriesshortofhomicide (Dean and reader text back and forth, leading to phone sex and then real sex) ((Are we sensing that Allie found a new blog this week and read thru the entire master list at once?? Sorry. I actually held back because there are several more that I wanted to post. Go check out the master list tho.)

Come With Me Now by meteoraangel (Dean wakes you up in the middle of the night for sexy times. She also wrote a Sam version where you and Sammy blow off a little steam as a research break.)

Realistic Dreams by assbutting-everything (Sam smut, special props because one line says “Bitch-face mode activated.” After reader gets pissed off and it made me lol.)

Quiet by ilostmyshoe-79 (Reader has to be quiet for Sam since Dean is asleep the next bed over. I somewhat recently decided that the whole having-sex-while-someone-else-is-in-the-room-asleep thing kind of eeks me out, but I wanted to have at least a little bit of Sam smut on the list this week. )

Good Samaritan Part 2 by nat2tattd (Skinny dipping with Dean and smut)

Fiery Games by assbutting-everything (Some nice long Dean smut)

Smut timeout:

abaddonwithyall for Wish You Were Here

I’ve had to resort to drastic measures because Jess ripped my heart out and stomped on it, then proceeded to defecate on its pulverized remains with Wish You Were Here. I was lured in with the promise of smut (there’s definitely smut) but my body was not ready for the feels. Oh, and then she went and wrote a prequel, which was also a meat grinder for the feels.  From now on, smut timeout is where smut writers will be sent when they are bad- aka when I don’t get my way and I’m pouting about it. Let’s hope I don’t have to use it most Hump days, JESS.

Alright, that’s it for this week. Until next Wednesday, Happy Humping!!!

Blade Education:  Forging v. Machining.

A forged knife, all else being equal, will be stronger than a machined knife.

Forging means that the metal is hammered into the shape of a blade. Traditionally, a smith would manually hammer a blade upon an anvil.  Nowadays, forging can be done via a few powerful blows from large mechanical presses. 

The forging process deforms the metal’s internal grain, so that it follows the shape of the knife.  The continuous grain makes the blade stronger, similar to the way that shaping wood in the same direction as the grain makes the planks stronger. 

Machining and Stamping

On the other hand, machining a knife means that, out the metal stock, the knife is simply “shaved” into shape with a power grinder (also known as the “stock removal” method). Alternatively, the knife can be mechanically stamped out of a metal sheet, like a cookie cutter making cookies out of dough.

Grinding or cutting the shape of a knife out of the metal stock does not change the metal’s internal grain, which remains irregular. This makes the blade weaker, similar to the way that wood planks cut against the grain are more prone to breaking.  

Factory Knives

The majority of factory knives today are machined or stamped, not forged.  It is simply cheaper to machine or stamp a knife.  Forging is more laborious, expensive and time-consuming.  Also, steel quality and heat treatment methods have sufficiently advanced such that machined knives usually have adequate strength.   

The Upshot

Get a forged blade only if you will subject the blade to regular hard use (e.g., wood axes must certainly be forged), or if you are otherwise willing to pay a premium for the extra strength and durability.  Pictured above is a forged Bowie from Scott Roush.


Restless Flycatcher (Myiagra inquieta)

… is a passerine bird in the Monarch Flycatcher family, Monarchidae.

Also known colloquially as razor grinder, scissors grinder or dishwasher on account of its unusual call. Populations from northern Australia and New Guinea, formerly considered a distinctive subspecies, are now separated as the paperbark flycatcher (Myiagra nana), with which it forms a superspecies.

It is found in southern and eastern Australia. It is about 20 cm (8 in) long. Its main food is insects.This bird builds a cup-shaped nest from shredded bark and grasses, matted and bound with spider-webbing

(read more: Wikipedia)

photographs: Fir0002 and Aciveda


The Grinder is keenly aware of how viewers talk about TV. The half-hour comedy returned from its holiday hiatus with Stew, having missed the first half of a season of “The Grinder,” the show-within-the-show of the same, asking, “Shouldn’t an audience be able to join a show at any time?” His brother Dean explains how such a thing would seem forced, and bluntly recaps his entire story to prove his point — perfectly synopsizing the show for new viewers. Welcome, the scene says with a wink, to the most unexpectedly meta show on network television.

You watch The Grinder; The Grinder watches back. That could be catnip enough for critical praise; commenting on the daffiness of TV writing and production has been award flypaper for a handful of modern network shows, most recently 30 Rock. But The Grinder isn’t as dispirited with the sitcom form as that show. While it ribs the form, The Grinder also takes celebrates what the form does best: have heart.

— Chris Plante for The Verge

anonymous asked:

Also also also also also - so that grinder au? 3 guesses as to why trans!Jack would prefer to give awesome blowjobs to his hookups and then split before they can reciprocate. He loves the lack of commitment, but he lives as stealth as he can and the whole thing is so hot it's fucking easy for him to get off afterwards, on his own. But for his own mental health and overall safety, it's always exactly that - he never lets them in his pants.


ohm y god

………………….so friend. when are you gonna write an au of my au of @des-zimbits‘s fic?? (ahahahah that was. a real funny sentence to type)

The Official Disparition Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

I am drinking this year’s first batch of my home made cold brew coffee and I thought I would share the recipe because this is a good thing to get you going. I am not much of a cook but I will brag about this stuff I honestly think it is better than the cold brew you can get in any cafe around here.

For this method I use a french press, but you should be able to do it in any sort of pitcher.  It takes 12-18 hours.

Start with about 1.5-2 cups of dark roast coffee beans, but them in the grinder but don’t grind them yet. Also add to the grinder:

2 pods worth of cardamom (use fresh whole caramoms if you can get them, not the ground stuff. it makes a big difference. if you have trouble finding whole cardamoms try an Indian/South Asian grocery store)

8-10 peppercorns

1 small shard of cinnamon 

a sprinkling of nutmeg

2 teaspoons of cane sugar (if you like sweet coffee)

Grind all this stuff up together. Grind it more finely than you ordinarily would for a french press.

Then put it into the press or pitcher, fill that up with cold water, and cover it over with some plastic film. Let it sit at room temperature for 12-18 hours. Then filter. Then drink and drink.

Here’s the last step: I keep this stuff in an old tequila bottle in the fridge, and every day I drink it down until there is about an inch left in the bottom.  I leave that there to mix with the next day’s batch.  This way a small remnant of each individual batch always remains to keep company with the new batch and with its cousins from the past.