also a bunch of my friend's faces

All three of the boys’ single covers fit them so well:

Niall’s is like, “This is me. Here’s a bunch of writing because writing is important. It’s not fancy, but it’s real and it’s showing my process.

Louis’ is like, “Look at this cool, kind of funky font. It’s looks very electric and beat driven. Also, this is my friend, Steve.”

Harry’s is like, “You’ll never see my face, bitch. But here I am in the water. No one knows why or what’s going on. Good luck figuring this out!”


Doodle dump!!
Heck so. My sketchbook is full now. Yay! A lot of the art from it is not posted here but I believe that’s fine. Most of it is random doodles like this anyway. Oh!! And!! In the first picture there is a couple Drips doodles. Drips belongs to @bendy-and-the-askblog !! And like I’ve said many times you should go check them out! (If you couldn’t tell I really like their art;-;)
Also, Felix the cat!


Last night, one of my very good friends brought his noble floof along to Swordcraft Larp and I got to steal a bunch of hugs and doggo kisses. Tony of Portrait Photography (its his birthday today! Happy Birthday Tony!) was also awesome enough to take some cute pictures of me with this goofball of cuteness, Griff.
He looks way better on camera than me! His face in that last one is priceless <3

It’s Lesbian Visibility Day!! 
I had a BUNCH of sketches of couples I planned to be completed today, but I also have tons of schoolwork - so I just did a drawing of the most important one.

The last time I saw my Joy, @kibadoglover45 <3
I’ve made it a goal to see her as often as I could, and each time I kept wanting to tell her how I’ve felt. It wasn’t until literally last minute I did!! (Sorry!! ;u;)

But ever since we started talking about 2 years ago, even before I’ve seen her face to face, she was a huge inspiration and close friend to me. She trusted me and I could only return the favor, and was honored to do so.
After a while she stopped becoming just an art inspiration, she became a life inspiration. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her, and most of my goals involve making her happy, because that’s what she’s done for me.

I love you! <333


Imagine: Being a mermaid and saving Killian Jones from drowning. When he’s on shore, he is confused on why you didn’t just let him drown. You tell him not all mermaids are bad and offer him friendship.

   The pirate with a hook for a hand coughed up water once you and him broke surface. With your arms wrapped around him, you thrusted as quick as you could with your (color) tail. As you did one finally thrust, you felt your tail hit the fine sand of the beach. The man started stumbling his way out of the water and collapsed on to the ground while you rested yourself in the water with your belly on the sand. After the hooked man finished his coughing fit, his electric blue eyes fell on you.

     “A-A mermaid?” He sputtered.

     “Yup. A mermaid who saved you from drowning.” You smile and slowly raised your beautiful tale out of the ocean waters.


     “You would of died if I hadn’t of swam you to shore.”

     “Most other mermaids would of let me sink.”

     “I am not like most mermaids. Besides, not all mermaids want to drown sailors and pirates.” You rolled your eyes and push yourself more onto the land, getting closer to the pirate dressed in leather. “My name is (Y/N) (L/N). Whats yours?”

     “My name is Killian Jones also known as Captain Hook of the Jolly Roger.”  He smirked and stuck out his hand. “And thank you for saving my life, I am in debt to you, (Y/N). Name your price, love.”


     “What?” Killian asked, confusion evident on his handsome face.

     “All the other mermaids hate me for my choice on not harming humans; they are a bunch fish-for-brains and not intelligent. I only have one other friend but she is off with her one true love.”

     “That sounds rough. Sure, if that pays my debt; I’ll gladly be your friend.” He smiles and you smile back.

     “Oh one more thing!” You turn around the sea satchel and pull out two shells. “These are enchanted shells. They are connected to each other so we can communicate from anywhere; from this sea to land or from across realms.” You placed one of the shells in his hand.”If you ever need help, I’ll come. If I need help, I hope you will try and help me.”

     “Well, I shall hold onto this dearly.” Killian gently enlcosed the shell in his hand before sliding into a secure pouch on his belt loop. You smile once more before enclosing him into a big hug. His eyes widen in surprise but he slowly wrapped his arms your mostly exposed torso.

      “I have to go now, KIllian. My family is a bit angry of my long disappearnce. I hope to see you soon on good circumstances.”

     “I hope to see you again too, (Y/N).”

     “Can you help me back into the water, please?”

     “That’s why I am here, love.” Killian picked himself off the sand and lifted your from the ground carefully. He walked back into the ocean until the water reached his knees. Carefully, he lowered your tail and body into the water.

     “Thank you, Captain Killian.”

     “Never been called that before.” He smirked. “I like it though.”

     “It’s your new nickname. Anyways, until next time.” you gave a small wave and dunked under water, swimming away to your family. Hook watched the shimmer of your scales fade off in this distance with a smile. Maybe it was a quick new friendship formed, but after all you did save his life and you truely wanted him, a pirate, as a friend. He smiled and waited till your shinning tail was out of sight before going on looking for his ship.

Convention Story

@pagesofangels I figured you’d think this funny
I’d meant to post this AGES ago, but kept forgetting and putting it off, so here it is now.
This past June I went to Animenext 2016 as Erik. I saved up for and bought my Crawford replica mask only recently, so back then I had THIS mask, because it was all I could afford.

Unlike my Crawford mask, this one doesn’t have a wire to keep it on my head, so I had to use spirit gum and glue it to my face.
That was fine for Friday of the con, and most of Sunday too, until I went back to the hotel that night. As I was walking into the lobby, my friends and I got stopped by security, and the guard told me I had to take off my mask because they aren’t allowed in the casino.
I explained that I couldn’t, because it was attached to my face and the gum remover was up in my hotel room, and also that the security on Friday hadn’t said anything. He wasn’t persuaded, and wouldn’t let me pass.
Before I had the chance to react further, one of my friends ripped off the mask in one go, like a big bandaid. It hurt like hell, and I couldn’t see because I was gripping my face, but my friend helped me to the elevator.
Once I realized what happened I took advantage of it and started singing “Stranger Than You Dreamt It” as dramatically as possible and we all laughed about it.
TL:DR: I’m really happy that I have my Crawford mask for a bunch of reasons, and don’t wear a mask to conventions unless you can take it off easily.

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You have every right to be insecure, you're disgusting and you don't deserve the friends and love you get. I honestly believe that you'll burn in hell, you're sick. Not to mention the tags about your scars, if that's only a small percentage, no wonder why you are self conscious about them, they're hideous, I'm glad you don't wear clothing that shows them.

Um..okay?? I don’t see why it was nessicary to tell me this? My scars are commented on a bunch already, I don’t need more commentary, please and thank you.

Also, I have scars on my face and arms that I can’t hide? So?? I’m glad I don’t know you.
Ballerina (J.J)

|based on the prompt: Hey! I saw that you needed some prompts, so I would say you could maybe do one where you’re a very talented ballerina and you have a huge show but one of the Omaha boys says they can’t make it, but end up surprising you. Just an idea. Have a good day!

|•1.3k words, sloppy af, REQUESTS ARE OPEN OKAY CHECK OUT MY MASTERLIST (in my description) TO SEE WHO I WRITE•|

I sit backstage in my black outfit on FaceTime with my best friend, Jack Johnson. Today is my first performance with the National Ballet Academy and I’m rather nervous. None of my girl friends could make it because they’re all off at college and university around the country and my best friend suddenly had to bail. I understood though, there’s a big storm coming to LA (weird, right?) and all of the flights out have been cancelled. He had missed his flight because it went out early and the next available one out to New York is in a week!

Jack smiles at me through the camera, holding his phone so I can only see him. “I’m so sorry, Y/N! I know how important today is to you.”

“No, J, it’s fine, really, there will be other performances.” I smile sadly and shrug it off. I didn’t want to tell him that I was the only newcomer without anyone in the audience. “I’ve got the other guys here so.”

“Poor baby girl.” Johnson laughs. “You’re going to get smothered after your performance, you know that, right?”

“Of course I know, I’m expecting Sammy to be the worst, like I feel like he would jump me and be so overly excited that he’s going to start crying, Gilinsky will be Gilinsky, so, pretty average and Nate to just full out tackle me to the wall.” Johnson looks down from the camera and smiles sadly. I can’t help but sigh. I haven’t seen him in over three months due to both of our hectic and busy schedules and he was supposed to fly out to see me and stay with me for the entire weekend. But things happen. Nobody can control the weather, can they? “You’ll be here for the one next week though, right?”

“Of course I will!” He shouts, jumping his phone right into his face. “I wouldn’t miss all of my baby girls dances!”

People have always found it odd how I’m friends with these guys. They all had a reputation in school for smoking weed and causing a few fights here and there, as well as being jocks. And then there was (and still is) me, the innocent, virgin ballerina who never does anything wrong. I got accused of having slept with all four of the boys due to how close we are, but I haven’t.

I’m 18 years old, best friends with a bunch of, dare I say, fuckboys and still a god damn virgin.

Oh, I also work at one of the best critically acclaimed dance academy’s in the world.

“Aw, I miss you, J.”

“I miss you too, baby!” He giggles with a smile. He angles his phone so I can see the chair he’s sitting on and his tired face. “You look really pretty in your costume, Y/N.”

I blush from his compliment, looking down at my pointe shoes “Thank you, Jack.”

“Don’t thank me, you know I think you look pretty all the time.” He gushes and runs a hand through his tousled blonde hair. “Even with the dramatic ass makeup and the over the top outfit you’re currently wearing. I have a damn beautiful girl.”

He didn’t say best friend.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to make me swoon.” I tease, raising my heavily painted eyebrow at Jack which makes him blush.

The dressing room door knocks and in walks Janey, a stagehand who is a few months younger than me. “Y/N you need to come and line up, 20 minutes until opening.”

“I’ll be there in a minute?” Janey nods and sends me a smile as she slips through the gap in the door. I sigh and look down at my phone. There I see Jack with an understanding smile. “I’ll call you as soon as I’m done?”

“Of course babe, you’re going to do great, I just know it.”

“I wish I had my good luck charm here though.” I pout. “I have to go, I love you!”

“Break a leg, baby girl, I love you more. More than you know.” I blow him a quick kiss before ending the call and chucking my phone into my makeup bag.


Nobody was allowed backstage (other than the dancers) after the performance, so Gilinsky, Sammy and Nate had to wait outside for me. They are extremely impatient boys. My phone was blowing up with texts and tweets from the 3 of them and I already had a mass of missed calls and voice mails! I came off stage just 10 minutes ago!

I kept them waiting for another 10 minutes or so, in order to congratulate my fellow dancers and say goodbye to my choreographer and new friends. When I got back outside, I was tackled to the ground by the boys. I may have a large gash on my ass now.

“You did so good up there!” Sammy exclaims and grabs a hold of my cheek, squishing my cheeks together in excitement.

“I’ve never seen you look so damn professional and beautifully elegant!” Gilinsky mumbles, smiling at me. “You looked fucking stunning, Y/N.”

“I don’t know what else to add on to what they said but you took my breath away, Y/N.” Nate smiles and throws his arm around my shoulder.

“Thanks you guys.” I blush. I pull Sams hands away from my cheeks and pull my jacket around my body. “I did good, then?”

Nate scoffs, throwing his head back at the same time and shouting at me. “You did better than good! You were the best up there!”

“That was my first Academy performance, of course I wasn’t the best one up there!” I laugh and shake my end, slapping Skates arm off of my shoulders. “I still have a long way to go.”

“You’re an amazing dancer, though.” Gilinsky chimes. His cheeks were bright red - simply because it’s bloody freezing outside and he didn’t bother to bring a jacket.

“Thanks you guys, I just wish J was here to see it.” And they’re silent. “Where are my flowers then?” I look between them, noticing the same, cheeky smirk on each one of their faces. “What did you do n-” A pair of arms wrap around my waist and a huge bouquet of bright sunflowers appeared in my hands. “-ow…”

“You were amazing.”

“Jack!” I giggle and shout, a huge smile pushing its way onto my face. “You came!”

“Of course I did, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“But you lied to me.” I pout, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling my body away so I could fully see his face.

“Not so much lie, I’d rather say surprise?” He smiles and presses his lips up against my cheek.

“Aw you guys,” Sammy coos from behind us, “I’m totally tweeting that picture I just took.” Gilinsky and Nate both wag their fingers in our direction and look down at Sams phone. “Literally, OTP right there.”

And I’m blushing again. I turn back around and hide my face in my best friends neck. His arms tighten around my body and all I can hear is the teasing giggles from the boys.

“You really were amazing, Y/N. You looked amazingly beautiful up there and I’m so proud of you. You didn’t mess up once and you are so fucking talented! You’ve come so far in the past few months and you literally blew my expectations.”

“What, did you expect me to suck?” I tease, tilting my head slightly. Johnson looks down at me, his blue eyes sparkling in the dark night.

I only just realised how fucking beautiful my best friend is.

“Just a little.” He smiles. His arms rub up and down on my back slowly and slowly comes round to hold onto my hip. “You wanna go out and get some dinner to celebrate your success in not sucking?”



Seriously guys, I’m incredible happy! This is an amazing way to finish this year, thank you so much for the support; reblogs and likes ❣️// You guys really made my year better, specially those one that take time of their day to chat with me, you guys really helped me to go through everything and I really appreciate that💗. Also want to take advantage of this to post my summary of all the colorings of this year!😋

And even if it’s early, I want to wish you all a happy new year! If this one wasn’t the best, I bet you’ll work so the next one will be better! I hope you guys have a great night with all your family and friends to give the welcome to the new year. Everyone take care, and again, thank you so much!☺️

Bunch of hugs and kisses, love y'all!❣️

Also, I would like to add a follow forever to this post as well because why not? I’ve met and seen wonderful blogs here and everyone should follow them because they are awesome! Also, I’ll tag here people that were always putting a smile on my face with their reblogs/post on my dash and also appearing on my notifs all the time and also amazing artists here too!❣️

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If I forgot someone, I’m so sorry! I hope everyone have an amazing 2017!🎉❣️

John Mulaney: The Comeback Kid Starters

“Wish me luck out there.”
“We’ve all gone too big too fast and then run out of room.”
“We’ve all made a ‘Happy Birthday’ sign.”
“I don’t need to trace it. I know how big letters should be.”
“Yeah, but that past is the past.”
“I mean, we’re all violent here, but you’re very friendly.”
“And I don’t like confrontation cuz I’ve never been in a fight before.”

“I don’t give off that vibe.”
“Some people give off that vibe of like ‘Do not fuck with me.’ My vibe is more like ‘Hey, you could pour soup in my lap and I’ll probably apologize to you’.”
“I’m so open and vulnerable. I look like a doll that you point out molestation on.”
“Show us on this white comedian where the man touched you.”
“I got married since then.”
“I love saying ‘my wife’. It sounds so adult.”
“’My wife’ just has some kick ass to it, y’know?”
“Marriage is gonna be very magical.”
“I didn’t kill my wife!”
“Ooh, who’s that fella? I bet he did kill his wife.”
“When I was a kid I used to watch ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and I would always think to myself ‘How could another person kill someone? How could a human being kill another human being?’ And then I got cheated on and I was like ‘Oh, okay. I’m not gonna do it but I totally get it’.”
“Anyone who’s seen my dick and met my parents needs to die.”
“Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?”
“It’s a bananas insulting expression.”
“You’re not allowed to milk a cow that you don’t own.” 
“Ah-ha-ha, I take your milk!” 
[ mooing angrily ]
“Roping in cows and getting milk out of them was never anything you were known for, ____.”
“A lot of people think that you like bulls.”
“Sure, s/he’s a bossy little Jew, but s/he takes care of you.”
“I was raised Catholic, I don’t know if you can tell that from the everything about me.” 
“What’s the name of the bishop?
“That’s actually stand-up comedian Dan Levy.”
“And a hush falls over the room.” 
“I was a French maid for a period of time. I was treated well in my day. I worked for a variety of sirs.” 
“Aw, she’s ugly.”
“Cause you know how you lie to your parents?” 
“And then I got schooled because they introduced a bunch of new shit.”
“Have a nice day.” 
“And also you having one.” 
“I like having a puppy that’s a bulldog, ‘cause it’s like having a baby that is also a grandma.” 
“Her body is young, her face is as old as time.” 
“Oh, the things I have seen, you cocksucker.” 
“_____ is my best friend in the world. I give her a million kisses a day.” 
“Hey, you’re bad at being a dog.” 
“Ah, yes, my title of alpha which I once had, how can I reclaim it?” 
“You need to show dominance over your puppy.” 
“Oh, yes, and what a mighty king I will be, eating dinner at 4:45 in the afternoon.” 
“We’re space aliens in a play about human beings that they wrote, but didn’t work that hard on.” 
“You’re not eating dinner, cocksucker.” 
“2029? That’s not a real year.” 
“What, were you two in the Eagles together? What is the animosity about?” 
“Stop snitchin’, motherfucker.” 
“You’re never too young to learn our national no-snitching policy.” 
“Hey, do you know what you’re supposed to say when a baby points at you and knowing says, ‘He has a penis?’. No, I”m asking. ‘Cuz I don’t know what to say in that situation.” 
“It’s okay, s/he’s just going through that phase where s/he says penis and vagina a lot.” 
“Well, y’know how I”m filled with rage? I’m so horny and angry all the time and I have no outlet for it. So… eggs.”  
“I don’t know. I know you told me. But I have had a very long day. I am very small. And I have no money. So you can imagine the kind of stress that I am under.” 
(First Name Middle Name Last Name), did you bite this nice man’s dick?” 
“Hey, doesn’t anyone wanna know why his dick was near my biters in the first place? Isn’t anyone curious as to how I had access?” 
“So, how’d you lose your arm?” 
“Well, I was born with only one arm.” 
“We’re not so different, you and I. You have your law practice, and I have all these fucking markers. I guess we both have responsibilities when you look at it that way.” 
“My dad loved us, he just didn’t care about our general happiness or self-esteem.” 
“My dad is cold-blooded. He once shushed a kid during Lion King on Broadway.” 
“You remember being 12, when you’re like ‘No one look at me or I’ll kill myself’?” 
“Ah! One feels like a duck splashing around in all this wet! And when one feels like a duck, one is happy!” 
“Ooh, ducklings!” 
“Too old to a be a duckling. Quack, quack.” 
“My duckling days are behind me. _____, don’t you see? I’m a duck now.” 
“Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.” 
“He is a smooth and fantastic hillbilly who should be declared Emperor of the United States of America.” 
“Oh, me? I’m just an old old man. I don’t have the appetites.” 
“I slid in the room in my First Communion suit, ready to go.” 
“He never forgets a bitch. Ever.” 
“You can do whatever you want forever.” 
“You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.” 

( The con was pretty fucking awesome yo!! I met a whole bunch of new friends, made an Instagram and made a giant group of haikyuu!! Was stopped for a shit load of pics and got a rose from a luigi. I was shookt. It was amazing thanks @solgalev-haiba for making it so memorable and all of your friends!!! )

wow i just remembered that i had the most nerve-wracking anxiety dreams last night

  • had a dream about going on a trip with friends where i was the mutual friend and then they decided they liked each other better and they left and i was stranded in a different state
  • also had a dream that i was in a room with a bunch of people i looked up to in high school and i embarrassed myself repeatedly by
    • not remembering their names
    • accidentally insulting them
    • falling flat on my face, etc. 
  • also had a dream where i tried to sing a song and it was awful but it wasn’t like a “holy shit why do i sound so bad” it was like there was a single moment where i realized “holy shit i’ve always sounded like this and i’ve been making a fool out of myself and everyone has been lying to me and telling me i have talent just to appease me” 
  • also one where i was hanging out with my brothers and, again, they decided i wasn’t worth it and just left

anyway what the FUCK @ my subconscious next time just kill me instead thanks

Finding Home

Author: Emma

Characters:Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings:Mild Violence

Author’s Note: This is the first part in a series I’m working on. I’m feeling wildly self conscious lately about my writing so if this fic doesn’t get much activity I’ll probably just scrap it. Also, this was just a quick intro but there will be a whole bunch or fluff, smut, and angst in later chapters. Let me know what y'all think?

Originally posted by morefelton

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I Want Out Pt.2

Catch Up: Part 1

Group(s) & Member(s): EXO’s Sehun ft. EXO, Got7′s Mark ft. Got7  

Genre: Gang AU, Angst

Warnings: cursing.

“She’s in there, finally fell asleep like an hour ago” Mark whispers to Sehun outside the room in the warehouse. 

“So you knew she was dating him, didn’t you” Sehun says softly.

Mark shoots him a look and the two exchange some silent dialogue of understanding.

“But they’re done. He found out and now wants nothing to do with her, so naturally she’s pretty fucked up” Mark says

“You think she’ll be alright?” Sehun asks, looking at his friend. 

“With you around again….she will be” Mark responds, some semblance of a smile on his face. 

Sehun nods as his hand grips the doorknob. Slowly he pushes it open, the creak of it waking you. You stir and sit up, adjusting your eyes to see who had come in.

“Mark?” You mumble, rubbing your face with your hands.

“Yeah, I’m here. Someone else is here, too” He says, moving out of the way so that Sehun comes into view.

A wave of memories and feelings rush over you the second your eyes reach his. This was Sehun - your Sehun. The Sehun who you played in the sandbox with when you were 5, the Sehun that beat up the school bullies for you with Mark in middle school, The Sehun that was your first kiss during a game of truth or dare at a 9th grade party. The Sehun you loved, once. 

Still groggy, you rub your eyes softly before looking up at him. 

“What were you thinking joining up with a gang, you idiot” You say, filter lost and words spilling out.

Sehuns eyes flicker with sudden amusement “Well, it’s good to see you too”

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aelin  asked:

i mean you know my name but SHELBY :))

lmao truueee!!

S. A random fact about myself

I can play a bunch of instruments for example the piano, flute, bass guitar, ukulele nice 

H. Do I smoke/drink?

I don’t smoke, and drink when I have an excuse to (kevin day can’t out drink me i mean yes he can but) 

E. My best friend

you!!!! (also my roommate is pretty cool but you understand my rants about neil josten and andrew minyard so i mean…) 

L. One of my insecurities 

my face is really round??? also the fear that I’m not good enough and am never going to get hired in my industry but like round cheeks so 

B. Favourite Band

I don’t exactly have one atm? for the purpose of this though I’m going to say oh wonder bc i’ve been listening to them a whole lot recently 

Y. Do you want to go to college 

No… and i’m already in college lmao 

Spell out your name in my ask

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Hey there i hope you're fine cause you're so lovely i swear and i ship jaspar af but anyway that was not where i was supposed to go, from the start i wanted to know where the fuck is the video where will wanted jaspar to kiss like ???? im not okay

aw thank you!! you’re lovely too anon :)) and the video is Caspar’s Younow from March (it happens around 1:05:30), where they were trying to raise £21,000 for comic relief and couldn’t decide what they should do once they’d reached their goal, will says “jaspar should kiss” and joe replies from offscreen, “no. i’d rather eat glass” and caspar gets so oFFENDED 

“you don’t think i’d be a good kisser??” he says  yes, caspar, bc that’s the only possible explanation of why joe wouldn’t want to kiss you. (just look at his face omf it looks like he’s thinking about getting up and kissing joe just to prove him wrong)

anyway, so it seems that all their friends are jaspar trash. and also, if you have an hour to spare and you havent seen this younow before, pls watch the whole thing it is the best thing i’ve ever seen oh my god. like, if this moment hasn’t sold you, there’s a whole bunch more such as:
 caspar and oli touching each other’s nipples, jaspar going on about how much they missed each other and hugging each other a lot, oli and joe slapping caspar’s face and joe telling caspar to hold his hand, just jaspar in general, just jaspoli in general, caspar suggesting that oli and will hook up, this moment: *will rings doorbell* joe: willbodarbo!!!! *runs towards door and falls on his face*, and you get the original ot4 together at the end. it’s perfect. 

Awkward Parties and Heated Moments

Please do a one shot wear (y/n) is best friends with Minho shes been in the glade since the beginning and she’s like in love with Newt who loves her to but doesn’t have the guts to tell so he’s a jerk her. They then get out and its still like it’s always was. At the party in the scorch Newt kisses her but she pushes him away cause the need to find Tom, so he then feels rejected until after when theyve found Tom, Newt walks off so she goes and finds him and it gets quite sexy!!! Thanks!! - Requested by @georgiabsxo  (I edited it slightly for language, just in case)

A/N: I’m sorry if this sucks, I don’t normally write stuff which leads to ‘quite sexy’ but I thought I’d give it a go this time around x

Living in the Glade had always kept me on my toes. From the very beginning we’d all known that something was up. That things weren’t as they seemed. As time wore on we began to get ourselves together though, trying to make sure that we were surviving, trying to figure the place out so that we could leave it. If my time in the Glade had taught me anything it was that we were a resilient bunch.

But over my time there I’d come to realise who my true friends were. Minho could always bring a smile to my face, and he was always there to look out for me. I was also there to keep his feet on the ground. There was one person, however, who frustrated me more than I cared to admit.

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