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i mean you know my name but SHELBY :))

lmao truueee!!

S. A random fact about myself

I can play a bunch of instruments for example the piano, flute, bass guitar, ukulele nice 

H. Do I smoke/drink?

I don’t smoke, and drink when I have an excuse to (kevin day can’t out drink me i mean yes he can but) 

E. My best friend

you!!!! (also my roommate is pretty cool but you understand my rants about neil josten and andrew minyard so i mean…) 

L. One of my insecurities 

my face is really round??? also the fear that I’m not good enough and am never going to get hired in my industry but like round cheeks so 

B. Favourite Band

I don’t exactly have one atm? for the purpose of this though I’m going to say oh wonder bc i’ve been listening to them a whole lot recently 

Y. Do you want to go to college 

No… and i’m already in college lmao 

Spell out your name in my ask

So I was waiting to eat at school. I have a BTS backpack and in France, BTS is also the name of some diploma you get.
There was a bunch of stupid girls, pushing and chuckling, then suddenly they looked at my bag and started to mock it very loudly. I wanted to ask them to stop, but I felt my face heating up and my heart started to fasten. My legs were shaking and idk I was just so angry at them but couldn’t do anything because I’m the most awkward person in the world and can’t pick a fight. They bent over to talk to my tol friend (I’m the smol one) and they told her “she was glaring at us” Like wtf ??? I don’t care about you gurl, I just want to eat and also its not my fault if your eyebrows look like a caterpillar. If you don’t want people to stare, go check your eyebrows ??

I wish some day I could be able to shout at someone without feeling guilty or shameful because my friend won’t always be there and I’m so thankful that she’s nice to me and I think a smol person should always have a tol friend and that’s all I felt like talking about this

I’m a 5'01" thing who has anxiety crisis everytime it’s uncalled for and yea I really want to do something about this.

Finding Home

Author: Emma

Characters:Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings:Mild Violence

Author’s Note: This is the first part in a series I’m working on. I’m feeling wildly self conscious lately about my writing so if this fic doesn’t get much activity I’ll probably just scrap it. Also, this was just a quick intro but there will be a whole bunch or fluff, smut, and angst in later chapters. Let me know what y'all think?

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Thoughts on cryptozoology? Is there any credibility in the field or is it all just a bunch of conspiracists?

Listen. Friend. Buddy.

I have a special place in my heart for thylacines cryptozoology. I used to be the biggest UNSOLVED MYSTERIES-type geek you can imagine. I think my parents were ready to chuck me into the Bermuda Triangle themselves by the time I was 10. Then, of course, I discovered paleontology, and learned that the weird-ass body plans of the Cambrian left every mystery with no scientific basis in the dust. 

With that in mind, you can trust me when I say that yes, cryptozoologists are, generally, a bunch of walnuts. Look me in the eyes and tell me you could take this article seriously.

Obsessive cryptozoologists aside, I think we can all agree that the actual plausibility of cryptids is a matter of degree. I’m sure we still remember that time in 2013 when Amazonian locals metaphorically roundhouse kicked obnoxious scientists in the face by finally proving that their “mysterious” extra tapir species was a real thing. Undiscovered species of mammal living among others of the same genus in the same locale? Totally plausible. Undiscovered species of extinct marine reptile lurking in a freshwater loch for 65my? Not so much.

Fortunately, cryptozoology has already categorized their cryptids, and the list roughly follows the likelihood of them actually existing. The list goes from things very closely related to known animals all the way down to things that have no known basis, so that’s how I’m defining “plausibility”. Not to crush anyone’s dreams of glory and revolutionary discoveries, but if there were mothmen hiding in the woods, we’d have found mothstralopithecines in the fossil record.

MOVING RIGHT ALONG. For example, the first category of cryptid is “animals outside their known range”, such as the “big cats of Britain” - a totally plausible cryptid, since we know humans have been carting invasive species all over the planet since the dawn of colonization, losing their exotic pets, and just generally being terrible about maintaining local ecosystems. So, very likely. Why is this even a cryptid category? Who is responsible for this.

The second category is “unusual variations of known species”, such as the spotted lions of the Aberdare Mountains. We know that big cats interbreed easily in captivity - spotted hybrids of lion/leopard mixes have been documented. Could they happen in the wild? Again, it’s plausible. Less likely than the first category - known species ending up in places they shouldn’t - but plausible.

I won’t go through the whole list (I almost did. I wrote it all. It was ten paragraphs of cryptid / Dante’s Inferno crossover fanfiction. You got off easy), but just so you get an idea of the full spectrum, the last two categories are “animal-like paranormal/supernatural entities” and “known hoaxes”. Do I even need to elaborate on the plausibility of these? No. The last one shouldn’t even be a category. Throw those terrible taxidermies of a hare with antlers strapped to its head into the garbage already. Seriously.


Vaguely Steven Universe Inspired Au's pt. 1

1. You just learned that you have superpowers, and you’re testing them out, but you just broke my T.V. and can you please stop before you break my face

2. Wait, this cannon actually works?

3. We’re on this hiking expedition with a bunch of our friends, and you were in charge of bringing the food, now everyone’s shaming you because you only brought a bag of chips and no, don’t tell me Funyuns are awesome, you’re not allowed to make Breaking Bad references anymore.

4. How did making breakfast end up with half the kitchen burnt??? Is that motor oil?!?!?

5. I think I fell in love with you when you saved me from drowning.

6. I think playing hide and seek in the maze was a bad idea.

7. Did you literally just convince me to join you in your underground wrestling team

8. You’ve been taking care of this lion since it was a cub, and it’s taken a while to warm up to me since I’m your assistant and wow, you’re so good with these deadly yet lazy animals

9. Please don’t punch the video game.

10. It’s your grandma’s birthday and apparently you need a date, but don’t worry, I got ur back fam

11. I accidentally embarrassed you in front of your crush, now you’re giving me death-daggers I regret nothing

12. We’ve been trading stuff since we’ve been kids and I think we should trade kisses now

13. You got hurt really badly and I’ve now taken it upon myself to become your new bodyguard, which explains the many swords I’ve bought

14. My shitty cat didn’t let us go to the movies because it got sick

15. I pissed off my neighbours so I invited them over for dinner, but I forgot that you’re staying over for a few weeks because your house is getting renovated and I forgot to tell them because you just walked in in thigh-highs and Is2g

16. You burned your tongue with the extra spicy sauce I brought to work today, and I’m so sorry can I buy you some ice-cream?

Went to a traditional ramen shop

It was so fucking spicy the ramen I ordered holy fuck.

And get this the guy was like we have mild, American, and Chinese levels of spicy.

I went for American.

And I was fucking crying by the end.

There were actual tears in my eyes and my mouth was dying but I had to choke it down or lose face in front of my friends.

Also I’m not so great with chopsticks so eating every bunch of noodles with chopsticks was a game of will.

  • birthdays when ur little: fun! another year older! closer to being cool! a party with your friends! a bunch of awesome presents!
  • birthdays when ur older: existential dread as the weight of the inevitability of time settles on ur shoulders yet you're faced with the fact that time is also an illusion and you haven't felt another year go by at all. presents are meaningless because you know it only fills the void of your depression for a little bit longer before it inevitably makes u unhappy as well or you get bored with it. the only thing someone could conceivably buy you is clothing.

*slowly slides more fawn photos towards you*

*frolics away*

I know blackout day is over and I posted a bunch of pictures yesterday but look! Had a fun afternoon doing this with my best friend hakuna-tomato….but she wiped off her makeup before we could get any other pictures together so boo. 

I also put blue hydrangeas in my hair for any discerning performance in a leading role fans out there