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Sailor Stars Kaiteiban (1997) | Le Mouvement Final (2017)

“What about this?” Jade asks, holding up a bubblegum pink dress with a boob window and the frilliest skirt you’ve seen since you mercifully escaped your last ballet lesson eight years ago. It is exactly the sort of thing your mother would love. You think you do a good job controlling your face, but Jade bursts into laughter nonetheless.

so this is my fanart based on a gift exchange fanfic that was based on my fanart

but real talk this is still one of my favourite lil jaderose fics out there so huge thanks again to @edenfalling​ for this gift again!! ^u^


Vader may have (co-) ruled over the galaxy for about 23 years, but Padme will rule over Anakin’s heart for the eternity. I wanted her to speak and silence him. He has done and said so much, I felt it was her turn to speak her heart out. Padme’s love is unconditional, just as Luke’s, she has endured his betrayal, died from heart-break but she has always believed in him until the very end, when nobody would have..I cannot  but picture her as the symbol of forgiveness… (sorry I suck at both writing texts and drawing light..I don’t even know if Padme is even supposed to be a force ghost, but honestly who cares, let a girl dream)

hi im @raddadds my names alex im a dude and im gay and i just turned 18 :-)
i love my collection of sunglasses and my guitar even tho i hardly play it. i also sorta like my jawline and my highlighter and my cool pointy ears that’s about it

Ok so I have to say something

Skimming through the Beauty and the Beast tag, along with the title characters tags, there is a TON of people crapping on the movie. Griping about costumes, Emma, how many songs there are, the plot changes… A ton of stuff. And mostly they just sound like a bunch of 5 year olds who didn’t get their minds read and catered to.
So I’m here to tell you the movie is freaking fantastic. I’ve been a major, huge, lifetime fan of the animated Beauty and the Beast from 1991 (I was two when it came out and it’s my second favorite Disney movie of all time). I went into the theater with huge expectations and this movie rocketed past them.
The dress: Is it very different? Yes but it works. Pictures of it bummed me out but seeing it move on screen was incredible. And she uses the dress to do more than dance so it’s perfect for it. Read: it’s gorgeous, especially when they dance.
The costumes: Beautiful. Of course Belle wears the iconic blue dress with a couple twists but she also changes because one does not normally wear the exact same thing for weeks.
Emma: I’ve never seen a single HP movie so I had basically nothing to go off of when it came to her. I thought she did an impeccable job. She kept Belle’s fire, her vulnerability, her big heart, her softness, and subtracted none from her.
The songs: …. It’s a Disney movie. A musical Disney animated movie reimagined with live characters, but still a Disney musical movie. And it’s awesome. I never tired of the songs, they added three or four? None felt out of place or Too Much. And honestly, holy crap, I see zero complaints on Dan Stevens’ Evermore I think we can all agree that was straight up breathtaking.
The plot: They did change a couple things but they were things that could live with being changed. If anything the changes strengthened the plot. Without giving much away, they solidified why Belle was kept at the castle, why she felt so out of place in her town, how Beast wasn’t just a bratty Prince and gave the prince an even more defined character arc, and every character was 3 dimensional by the rolling credits.
I just want to tell you all, who want to see the film or are worried from all the whining you’re seeing on here, that this movie is exceptional. It’s beautifully acted, it’s funny (even a little self deprecating,) it’s gorgeous onscreen, and as a lifetime lover of the original it brought me to tears more than once.
Bravo, Disney, seriously.

Who owns me? (part two)

Bucky x reader

Notes: mentions of past trauma, violence, past torture/brainwashing, fluff, smut, discovery of past self.  

Summary: when Bucky’s in hiding in Romania, he finds a girl he’s sure needs his protection. He doesn’t remember who gave him the mission; but he’s so sure some one gave it to him. After setting it all up, he notices that there’s more to this girl than meets the eye. She might need him watching over her more than he initially thought.

(This takes place after TWS and before CW)

A/N: Hi guys! second part! might do more, might not. I’ll have to think about it ;) Enjoy! x

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Bucky wakes in Vienna, Y/N gently rouses his shoulder to wake him and smiles when he instantly opens his eyes and sits up.

“We’re here” she says softly, and he feels a strange tingling sensation in his belly and chest at the sound of her voice.

Before she’s able to pull away, he grabs her hand the way she did his the day before, unwilling to break the connection he feels when she touches him. Y/N only smiles and squeezes his fingers before she pulls away to grab her backpack.

The loss he feels when they disconnect is imminent and he rushes to grab his own backpack from the floor, just to be able to be closer to her and get off this train and just hold her hand again.

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