I’m pretty exhausted so this might not make a lot of sense but there’s this thing I’m starting to really hate about online leftist spaces where like, you’re either perfect and loved or you’re ostracized and hated (usually for a single mistake).

And it’s like, everyone’s already talked about how that hurts the target of it. But it also is harmful to all the surrounding people, the folk learning how to build their relationships from these spaces. I probably have bpd (or complex ptsd or whatever) and it’s already so fucking hard not to get stuck between the extremes of idolization and demonization, flicked like a light switch when someone hurts me, even accidentally. 

How are people like me supposed to have healthy relationships (or if we haven’t learned how yet, learn how to build those relationships) when the moral structure of the communities we’re in behaves exactly like some of the most damaging features of our mental illness?

No one can recover in this environment. Regardless of what side of the shitstorm you’re on

mackenzie was forced to twerk in the group dance “kinky boots” but no one seemed to care.

maddie is twerking as a joke and is goofing off but everyone is now freaking out.

and also, they’re kids. 10 and 12 year old children. they make mistakes just like the rest of us but life is about moving on and learning from your mistakes. but they’re not going to move on if you continue making a big deal over it. continuing to freak out about this is only going to make them feel guilty for a long, long time. yeah if it was like a 16 year old they would know the consequences but remember, kenzie and maddie are pre-teens.

also you see people like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj twerking and they’re WAY older? and they’re continuing to gain success from it? I’m just saying, I do think it was inappropriate BUT they probably didn’t realize it and we’re just having fun like children their age are supposed to do. maybe it’ll hurt maddie and mackenzie a little bit in their careers but it obviously won’t be that bad if big time celebrities such as Miley and Nicki continuously have been doing it for quite a few years and that has hardly held them back career-wise. of course they’ve gotten hate from it but their popularity continues to rise above.

Have you seen some of Miley’s most recent instagram pictures? A few days ago she posted a picture of her when she was like 4 or 5 and the caption was like “you used to be pretty and sweet but now you’re an ugly ass hoe on drugs and we all hate you.” that just shows how much of a psychological effect all of this could have on them, especially considering that they’re children and they may think that everyone’s going to hate them for this one mistake that they made.

I think that Maddie and Mackenzie will learn from this as long as people quit making a big deal about it. I don’t think it will effect their careers badly and as long as everyone quits talking about it, they will continue to gain success.


I’m really coming to enjoy Randa and Cass’s interactions. They’re not buddybuddy and probably never will be but there’s respect there, pragmatism and valuing of each other as real people who can make mistakes and learn from them.

In this case, they are both sitting back and watching while the party goes on since neither of them are the sort to hang around and drink and dance. Randa had a rather tired-sounding comment about how they still don’t know who or what caused the breach, and they can’t let down their guard, and Cass agreed and pointed out that with the immediate threat gone many people will stop wanting to ally with the Inquisition.

So…real party animals, basically.

Of course they’re both immediately proved right, since the Elder One’s mysterious force starts pouring down out of the mountains almost immediately on the heels of this conversation.