also NOTE that i said 'nearly every'

So about an hour ago I finally finished the entire Harry Potter series, and I really enjoyed it all the way. I was kind of disappointed with the ending, how Harry used the cloak nearly every darn chance he had (which ok, makes sense to keep him safe, but still). The final dual between him and Voldemort felt really rushed, and while I still enjoyed that he revealed everything to him about Snape and Dumbledore, it still felt a little unnecessary. Neville’s finale was better executed in the final film than in the book (though my gosh I really want to put in the AU the kids asking him constantly about him being one of the leaders in the final battle), and I loved Luna’s character a bit more in the movies than in the books because I was just hoping to see and hear more from her. And McGonagall had such a bigger role in the books, man! Aaargh, I wanted to hear her cry in despair when Harry was thought dead in the film! But all-in-all, it was such a great series to read. Probably gonna buy books 4-7 to complete my pack, as well as Tolkien’s books. They shall all be reread again :)