also I want to try posting not only finished drawings


AAAAA this is nothing ok! I had this in my wips and i wasn’t going to finish it so i decided to just post it even though i half-assed it in the end. (;´Д`)

i wanted to try drawing a “comic” as practice. i just thought “what if they had a really bad fight and it was messing them up”. honestly i just wanted to draw them being sad. i also didn’t add any dialogue cause i wanted to see if i could convey the feeling only through their expressions/body language etc. i thought of a continuation but idk if i’ll do it cause it took me forever just to do this.

It was supposed to be a super cool super painting of Indis, I’ve been working on it for a long long time, redrawing it a few times but I will never finish it. The longer it takes me to finish something, the less I actually feel like finishing, sob. Also messed up some things like the bandura and I don’t have the strength to fix them.

But I’d feel bad not to show it to anyone so I’m submitting it in the state of a permanent WIP.

Help Me Help Myself Commissions! Although this isn’t the best idea for my health, it’s the only option I have haha;;; I need to pull some money together to afford the changes I need to make to my work station.

This time I’m offering ¾ body, full color/detail +simple background commissions. They will be $65 each and I will only open 2 slots. Due to the nature of my injuries I don’t want to push myself. These will be slow coming and I will not offer any other kind of commission at this time.

Further details under the cut PLEASE READ!!!

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Yes, I will be giving the whole commission thing a try again! My commissions have been open for a while but I never really made an official post about it.

Small doodle - $2 / €1,50

Portrait - $5 / ~€4

Bust - $7 / ~€5

Waist - $12 / ~€9

Full body - $17 / ~€13

Chibi - $4 / ~€3

Colored = +$3 / €2

I will not be drawing nsfw. Both fan art or OC is fine.

You can look in my art tag (which also has unfinished stuff and doodles) or my art blog (only finished pieces)

For any questions or if you want to commission me, mail me at or in my Tumblr ask box.