Ok. I need to talk about this. It just occured to me that this is the only time they actually behaved truly “immature” towards each other. See, it took me a while to think about, and I could never quite put my finger on what exactly it was that I thought fascinated me about the particular way in which the Anne/Gilbert relationship was adapted in this version. Casting is great of course, as is their chemistry, no need to argue about that. But what the writers did here, with all their changes and alterations, additions and partly really flying off the canon big time and into AU-land…they made both Anne and Gilbert seem more ‘adult’ than they actually are, also in relation to one another. The books and all other adaptations hint at the romantic potential of the Anne/Gilbert conflict from the beginning…only it is usually a childish, boys-annoying-girls-girls-pretending-to-be-peeved kind of elementary school dynamic. Anne 2017 is of course altogether more “mature” and realist, with the realities of life back in the days shown more starkly and the timeless realities of adolecence and teenage life struggles also being shown in a pleasantly frank way (period talk, the mouse in the pants, etc.)

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Aisle 13

by Justina Ireland

It’s two days before the last day of school, and I’m sitting in my Combatives class ready to die of boredom.  Mr. Vaughn is showing a demonstration video on how to slay a basilisk. Again. It was the last question on our final. Only half of us got it right.

I was not one of the lucky few.

No one is paying attention as the warrior in the party uses her reflective shield to distract the basilisk while a mage makes a big deal about putting the creature down with a sleep spell.  We’re all talking and thinking about the summer.

“What did you get in here?” Jeb asks from across the row.

“C,” I say.  “What about you?”

“D minus,” he says, waving his test at me.  His ears droop a little like a chastised puppy. Demons are so sensitive.

I shrug.  “At least you dodged a bullet. No summer school.”

“Yeah,” Jeb looks down at his test morosely.  “But still, you can’t kill a basilisk?  Who knew they were an endangered species?”

Mr. Vaughn is clip-clopping across the front of the room now, arms crossed as he gives one of his “these are skills for the real world” lectures once again. As fun as it is to watch a centaur go off on a tear, I’m over Mr. Vaughn and I’m over this school year.  

I don’t really care about the test, but I do hate when Jeb gets all emo.  “Look, we’re never going to use this anyway.  No one goes adventuring anymore.”

He nods and incinerates his test with a simple fire spell.  No one even glances at him.

“What are you doing this summer?” he asks after a long while, his voice low. He’s still bummed about his bad grade. Maybe I’ll take him out for frozen yogurt after school.  Cheer him up. Sprinkles would cheer anyone up.

I slouch down in my desk, stretching with a yawn.  Mr. Vaughn has given up on his lecture and has retreated to his desk to eat an apple someone brought him.  He’s much calmer now.  It’s probably the apple.  Centaurs freaking love apples.

“Nothing dude,” I say, finally answering Jeb’s question.  “Absolutely nothing.”


The second day of summer vacation my mom tells me I need to get a job.

We’re sitting at dinner eating Mom’s famous tavern stew, which is really just a bunch of random things boiled down to mush.  She’s still dressed in her work clothes: low cut white gown and flower crown.  I asked her once why the clinic makes her wear such a ridiculous outfit, and she just shrugged and said “It’s tradition. This is how healers dress.”  The men have an outfit that is just as stupid, tight white breeches and a flowy tunic, but I still think it sucks that my mom has to dress like a sex object to help people. Like, where is the self-respect in that?

“So, Caitlyn, what are your plans for summer?” Mom asks as I’m about to shovel in some of her stew.  My mouth is full so I just shrug and say “Uhnano.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? No big plans?” Mom is giving me this tight smile that means she wants a specific answer, but I have no idea what she’s looking for here.  It’s summer.  It’s two and a half months of not thinking about magic spells or chemistry or monster identification or algebra or anything, really.  So why is she hassling me?

“I was thinking of maybe taking my mage’s test or something,” I say, hoping it’s enough to distract Mom from whatever she’s about.  Dad isn’t even paying attention to the conversation. As usual he’s nose deep in Berserker Weekly.  Dad used to be this big time adventurer, walking through forests and bashing in heads for fun and profit.  That’s where he met Mom.  I think he saved her from an evil wizard or a druidic cult or something. It was a long time ago, though, and now he mainly consults for a living.

“Oh, that’s a good idea.  After you get your license maybe you could call Marcus and see if he’ll let you work in the Hex shop.  I mean, you should really get a job this summer.  Don’t you agree, Brock?”

A frown creases Dad’s dark face but he grunts in assent.

I take another bite of stew and look down at the bowl to avoid answering. There’s no way I’m going to work in my Uncle Marcus’s Hex shop. The thought of untangling curses all summer makes me want to turn myself into a frog and hide out in the forest.  Not to mention that my Uncle Marcus is the cheapest man alive.  I’d be lucky if he even paid me.

Mom pushes her bowl of stew away and jumps to her feet.  “Good! Caitlyn, I’ll send Marcus a note letting him know you’ll be there tomorrow bright and early—”

“I don’t want to work in the Hex shop. It’s gross.”

Mom stops and turns to me slowly.  Her skin is pale as usual but two spots of color have appeared high on her cheeks.  She is pissed.  “Removing hexes is not gross.  Your uncle gives those people their lives back.”

“A woman with boils all over her face is pretty gross, Mom.”  Last year when I had to pick a concentration Mom took me to see Marcus to convince me to pick cursework because it pays pretty well.  I chose spellweaving instead.  I’d rather work in a factory making love charms or fire spells than to have to turn frogs back into snotty princes all day.

Mom purses her lips and turns to my Dad.  “Brock, will you please talk some sense into your daughter?”

“Cursework is disgusting, Mel,” Dad says, lowering his paper.  “Why can’t the girl go adventuring like everyone else her age?”

“No one goes adventuring anymore, Dad,” I say.  Because it’s true. Adventuring is something your parents make you do because they don’t understand that it isn’t cool to slay dragons anymore or that maidens can rescue themselves.

I mean, adventuring is just so lame. Walking around, looking for a prophecy to fulfill, and then working really hard for something that may or may not come true? Yawn. I have better things to do.

“No one goes adventuring, huh?” Dad and Mom exchange a look, like they’re about to laugh at some inside joke.  Then Dad raises his paper again.  “Either way, you’re not going to sit around the house all summer and play video games.  Get a job, Caity-Bird, and if you can’t find one then your mother will call Marcus and you can spend all summer waking princesses.”

And that’s how I end up working at the Shop Quick.

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Imagine Chris getting the first flight back to you.

A/N: Part 4! Ughhh, so much angst. Damn you, brain. Whhhhyyyyy? On a brighter note, how cute was Seb and Ava trying to save the day? (Talk about best friends for life.) You can read the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’, ‘Little Ways Away - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3)

The line cut off and the dial tone droned; Chris stood there stunned with the phone still pressed to his ear. What had just happened? How did things go so wrong, so fast? His hand dropped to his side in defeat as his thumb ended the call on his end. He looked around his vicinity; he watched the strangers on the street, looking for someone- a sign, something- anything to tell him he was dreaming, that you didn’t just break up with him. You didn’t break up with him, you couldn’t have. The two of you had a life to live out together- there was a plan to follow, a destiny to fulfill…This was never part of that plan, he wasn’t meant to lose you. What had he done? Why did he call? Why did he say what he didn’t mean? There were a million questions that he wanted an answer to, but the most prominent one, begging for an immediate answer was “can I get her back?”

“Taxi!” Chris called as he held out an arm. He knew what would happen if he left without saying a word; he knew if he didn’t get back before he was due to film his next scene- Kevin, the Russo brothers, and his cast would have a fit; he knew all that, but he also knew none of it mattered if you were no longer a part of his life. “Hey, taxi!” He yelled again, catching the attention of a passing cabbie who sensed his urgency and pulled up in front of him.

“Chris!” Sebastian caught Chris getting into a cab as he came out of the bar the rest of the cast and crew were in. “Chris!” He called and jogged a few steps, trying to stop the cab that was pulling away from the curb. “Chris, wait!” He yelled and waved into the rear view mirror, but the cab was already on its way to the airport. “Where the hell are you going, man? You’ve still got my phone.” He mumbled to himself, pulling Chris’ phone out of his pocket to see that Chris had texted before he could call. “Y/N broke up with me,” he read under his breath then gasped, “what? I need to go sort things out, I’ll get your phone back to you later,” he continued then sighed. “I don’t care about my phone, just fix your relationship before it’s too late.” He wanted to text that back, but he didn’t knowing Chris was going through enough. He slipped Chris’ phone back into his pocket and returned to the bar to explain his best friend’s situation to the executive producer.

Chris found himself looking at your number, his thumb hovered over the call button. He knew if he called you now- even without his number- you’d just ignore his call; you were going to ignore all calls. He needed to see you in person, he needed to deal with this whole situation in person. He turned off Sebastian’s phone to rid himself of the temptation and just focused on what he was going to say to you when he got back to Los Angeles.

Sebastian’s pocket started buzzing before he could re-enter the bar, he narrowed his eyes as he pulled out Chris’ phone; ‘Ava’ popped up on the screen. Now he knew who Ava was because both you and Chris had told him a few times about your best friend and how she was a huge fan, but this wasn’t his phone. He stared at it for a little while more, then decided to answer hoping he could join forces with your best friend to help bring the two of you back together.

“Chris, oh my God!” Ava started rambling the second Sebastian picked up. “What the fuck just happened?” She asked and he wished he knew. “Y/N just left for work, but I’m pretty sure she’s crying in the stairwell- Are you okay?” He tried to talk, but she continued before he could. “Of course you’re not, she’s not either. I hope you do know you’re not actually broken up, so don’t go hook up with a stranger to spite her because that will actually end the relationship. Are you even there? Can you please say-”

“Not Chris,” Sebastian cut Ava off and her breath hitched in her throat because she recognized his voice. “He borrowed my phone and left his with me. He’s headed for the airport now to go back to LA to talk to Y/N, so I think we can relax.” Ava didn’t know what to say, she was still a little starstruck by Sebastian. Unlike you, this was the first time she’d spoken to a celebrity other than Chris; it made things more difficult because she had a bit of a crush on Sebastian. “Are you still there? Can you please say something?”

“Um- sorry, I’m here.” Ava cleared her throat, strengthening her shaky voice. “He’s on his way back?” She quizzed then smiled when she heard Sebastian noise confirmation. “Oh, thank God. I was freaking out, it’d be such a waste if they didn’t live happily ever after. I’ve never seen two people so happy together, their love is a love worth fighting for.”

“It is,” Sebastian nodded in agreement. “Which is why you’re going to have to keep an eye on Y/N until Chris gets there, make sure she doesn’t do anything she’ll regret. I know she’s not the type, but she’ll definitely attract guys who think she’s a damsel in distress. We don’t want any more misunderstandings and unnecessary complications, things are already messy enough.”

“I keep telling them to talk, but they don’t listen.” Ava sighed. “They always wait until the last minute when things are messy to sort it out. Do you even know how they got together? It was like a freaking movie, had me on the edge of my seat and wanting to rip all my hair out.” Sebastian laughed and Ava smiled, “anyway, it was really nice talking to you. I’m such a huge fan, I’m definitely going to scream into a pillow when I hang up.”

“It was nice talking to you too, Ava,” Sebastian smiled. “You take care of those crazy kids and I’m sure we’ll get to meet at their wedding.” Ava chuckled. “I should go, I gotta go do my job as Cap’s right hand man and save his ass.” Ava laughed then covered her mouth when she realized she was laughing too loudly. “He’s lucky Kevin’s rooting for him and Y/N, otherwise he’s going to be in a lot of trouble.”

“You’re a good friend.”

“So are you,” Sebastian replied then hung up, leaving Ava to do exactly as she’d told him; she screamed into a pillow. She looked up, laughing when she realized she’d scared Dodger. First, her best friend befriends then dates Chris Evans; second, Chris Evans’ adorable dog comes and lives with the two of you; now, she’d spoken to Sebastian Stan. If things weren’t so complicated between said best friend and Chris Evans, she’d be a lot happier.

The door opened and she turned, frowning when she saw you walk in. It’d only been half an hour since you left, so you must’ve changed your mind about going to work. You didn’t even throw a glance her and Dodger’s way as you walked to your bedroom, closing the door behind you. You’d texted Jack telling him you couldn’t make it, and was going to get a cab down to LAX to get a last minute flight out to Atlanta. You couldn’t just let Chris go like that, you needed to apologize and fix things before it was too late. All of it happened because of you, he didn’t do anything wrong; you were the one at fault. You had money, enough for a flight to Atlanta because that was what you’d been saving for with all your extra shifts. The original plan, however, was for you to fly down for to surprise Chris for his birthday- not this.

You stripped yourself from your work clothes and changed into your best red dress- the one you’d worn on your very first date with him. You wiped your tears, applied on some makeup, then fixed your hair. By the time you were done, you didn’t look like a girl who’d just spent half an hour crying in the stairwell. You slipped on your black heels and your trench coat, then stuffed your passport, wallet, and phone into a clutch before you walked back out.

“Whoa,” Ava breathed when she saw you; she was definitely worried about where you were going looking like that. “Um- what are you doing?” She asked, but you ignored her. “Y/N?” She followed you as you made your way to the front door. “Why are you so dressed up? Y/N-” she grabbed your elbow before you could leave and you stopped, but didn’t turn around. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going out, Ava,” you told her in a vague tone. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be back. Just- in a few days,” you mumbled under your breath and Ava grew incredibly concerned. “Relax,” you told her and she frowned, wondering just how she was meant to do that. “Take care of Dodger until I get back? There are some things I need to sort out before I know where he’s going to stay.”

“He’s not going anywhere because you and Chris-”

“I’ll talk to you later,” you pulled your elbow out of her grip then left before she could say anything else. You knew she would run after you so you rushed down the flight of stairs, hoping she would chase if she couldn’t see you. And she didn’t chase, but she did call after you; she didn’t know if you could hear her, but she had to try.

“Chris is coming to LA!”

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Part 5A

Imagine #65

A/N: Remember when I told you I’d do an imagine based off of a previous imagine (IMAGINE #52) I did? You can read that first if you’d like, but I’d be concentrating on only one part from there.

“How he shows you he loves you:  It was the gesture you found adorable because it didn’t only mean that he loves you but it also meant something else for him. When you’d go out grocery shopping and would already be checking out the items you’ve bought at the check-out counter, Isaac would wrap his arms around your waist and rest his head on either your shoulders or on top of your head.”

I actually forgot about this until I stumbled upon Jess and Gabriel’s vlog… you can watch it here >> X <<  (it’s at 10:00 mehehe) so you can say that it was also inspired by the video LOL! And like always, if any errors occur, my apologies :)


“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Isaac placed a kiss on your cheek before going ahead and looking for the specific cream you used to make your famous carbonara that Isaac and the pack seemed to love, it would always be gone the minute you’d place it on the table.

As you looked through the aisle that contained the canned mushrooms, you pushed your cart towards the middle in search of the usual can of mushrooms your mother bought when she taught you the recipe.

While you moved the grocery cart further in search for the brand, you felt as though someone was following you. You didn’t mind it though since you thought that you were only imagining things, and since the grocery was packed with people doing some last-minute buying for their meals for Thanksgiving, your mind could just be playing tricks on you that maybe the person was just doing the same thing and looking for the same brand of mushrooms.

Pushing the cart some more, you finally stopped to reach for the brand you were looking for on the shelf. Once you were checking to see if it was the right one, a figure suddenly approached you making you jerk in surprise and drop the can.

Shortly after the can of mushroom slipped through your fingers, you heard an ow coming from the person in front of you.

“Oh my, I am so sorry.” You apologized almost frantically, trying to reach for the can that unfortunately dropped on the person’s foot.

“No, no.” The man said, stopping you from reaching the can. “It’s fine, here, let me.”

“Thank you,” you replied, taking the product from him and putting it in the cart. “Sorry about your foot, by the way.”

“Yeah, no big deal.” He just scoffed, acting like it didn’t bother him. “Just glad it was a pretty one who dropped it.”

At this, you suddenly felt taken back at his words.

“Yeah, sorry.” He suddenly apologized with a chuckle, “I’m not really good at this but I just had to say hi-”

“Oh,” It was the only thing you could think of at the moment, not really sure how to respond to the sudden forwardness this guy was emitting. “Well, hi to you too.”

“- And can I just say how pretty you are?” He smiled before reaching out his hand and introducing himself. “I’m Daniel, by the way.”

“Hi, Daniel.” You reached your hand and shook his.

As he tried to attempt to make a conversation by asking you what were you doing here (boy, I’m grocery shopping, what does it look like I’m doing?), your fingers started to fidget with the ring on your finger as you nodded with a smile and replied to some of the questions he asked. At this point, you were trying to muster up the courage of not being rude and just telling him straight out.

“So, could I maybe ask you-” At that, you cut him off from continuing his question any further.

“I’m… actually married.” You stated. Hearing the words, the guy looked a bit shocked as his eyebrows furrowed saying, “wait, what?”

“Yeah,” The guy looked down on your finger for confirmation. And when he saw the golden band and the large sparkling rock on your finger, all he could manage was an, “Oh.”

“But, like, you’re really young.” The guy looked at you again.

“Yeah, I’m Y/A.” You replied.

“Wow, that’s fast,” All you could do was just smile.

It wasn’t too long before he bid goodbye saying that it was nice talking to you, embarrassment could be seen in his face, and it didn’t take long for Isaac to come back with an arm full of the creams you needed for the pasta.

“That’s a lot,” you could only giggle when he had the big smile on his face showing that he was proud that he didn’t get lost in the groceries again, but he shortly noticed something was up – that something happened while he was away for a good 3 minutes.

“What happened?” He asked worriedly, almost dropping the packs of cream on the floor as his shoulders seemed to sag.

“There was a guy-” you whispered.

“There was a guy?!”

“Shh!” At the volume Isaac asked with, you tried to hush him because you didn’t know if the person was still in the hearing distance. “Not here.”

“A guy?!” he shouted in a whisper. “What happened? What guy? Who’s the guy? Where is this guy?”

He looked around the aisle as his ears turned a pink shade, a shade you knew all too well when he got mad or annoyed at something or someone.

“What happened, Y/N?” He asked repeatedly.

“Later, Isaac.” You replied in a low voice while you pushed the cart farther from the aisle you were at. “I just want to leave.”

At those words, your husband’s eyes widened and the pink shade that colored his ears turned darker. “That bad?”

Isaac looked behind the both of you, eyes still looking for any particular guy.

“Isaac, let’s just go.” You hooked your arm with his trying to pull him away as you pushed the cart in front of you to the checkout.

While you were placing the products you bought, you suddenly caught a glimpse of Daniel a few check-out counters behind you. Isaac noticed this and turned to see where you were looking at and almost the exact time he spotted the guy you were talking about, he saw Daniel was looking at you.

You waited and watched as the prices showed up on the screen while the lady manning the counter checked the product’s and bagged them in the brown paper bags, her small talks making you smile.

As you waited for the other products to be bagged, you felt strong arms wrap around your waist and a chin on top of your head. Isaac’s arms pulled you against him as you looked up and saw that he was looking at you with a smile, the giggle you were trying to hold down was showing as your lips pursed - you already felt the vibe that he already knew where the guy was and this attempt was to show that you were already with someone else – that you were already married to someone, for crying out loud.  

Rob’s Interview with Howard Stern. Highlights’ (my notes):

  • Howard Stern: I like it (Good Time) …you were fucking edgy!
  • HS: When you were doing Twilight, were you kind of worried that you will get stereotyped like, you will never get this kind of role? Like Good Time, I mean in Good Time you played this fucked up criminal

Rob: I never felt necessarily typecast in Twilight, it was pretty different from who I was as a person anyway. I was like, it was not my default…

  • HS: There are so many fucking jerk offs in Hollywood. They grew up, did a franchise, made millions etc…
  • Co-host : Did you walk away from it or did you lock in?  

Rob: You probably would have been sued (to walk away)

…. I enjoyed the whole process. So few people get an opportunity like that, for 5 or 6 years, it was crazy.

… not at the first one, not at all (regarding the craze and mania).

… I thought it (first Twilight) was going to be a little cool movie.

  • HS: It took 37 million to produce the 1st Twilight. You were 21 years old when you auditioned.

Rob:  I came in right at the last minute.

  • “If you could teach yourself to gag”  - the trick to get yourself to cry when acting. He said he was unsure about his own acting skills.
  • He had to take half a valium to reduce anxiety before Twilight audition
  • Before Rob was born, his mom worked as a broker for a modelling agency.
  • He started modelling at 12. Signed on at 13 when that was the start of the androgynous trend, when he has “pretty girl’s breast”.
  • At 15, his dad motivated him to join a drama club after speaking to some girls at a restaurant with him.
  • He got expelled from a private “arty” school for stealing porn in school uniform, and selling them to his classmates.  “ I got so cocky” and tried to take the whole rack of magazines and stuffed them in his backpack without zipping.
  • He tried to make up a lie, and was given a choice to either call the cops or his parents. “Every one of his friend snitched on me”.  He sold them for 20 pounds each. “I liked stealing things and lying”. to watch a short cilp about this porn enterprise. or at the end of this post.

  • He stopped stealing after that. “Went to a school that was way worse than me.”
  • He recalled the first thing he stole: Snapping candy bracelets.
  • Also liked stealing security tags in alarm clocks, “get high on it (stealing)”.
  • His big role before Twilight was Harry Porter, after which he got into a play but was fired 5 days before opening, without knowing the reason.
  • Rob said he looked like a mess at the 5th Harry Potter premiere red carpet, because he was eating In and Out all the time in LA.
  • He was looking sweaty and chubby, and was probably the reason why people wrote in to protest when he got the role of Edward based on those red carpet photos.
  • For playing Salvador Dali, he had to wax his whole body. For masturbation scenes, he wanted to really do it only if it came as a surprise to people (not at their suggestion).
  • Twilight series are teenage films, he felt that teenage romance should be serious, not smiley and happy.
  • Producer highlighted the smiles, he highlighted the frowns on the script. They felt that he has gone too miserable. to watch how he almost got kicked out for that.

On Twilight craze and Fame:


  • Goes in waves, not being able to walk down the street is “pretty nuts”
  • No one is looking at you, and if they are looking, they are not seeing the same thing. 

HS: Is it fun or is it a headache?

Rob: “Both. It is definitely a ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“… I wasn’t ready for that kind of evaluation (the intensity while also dating your co-star).”

HS: Do you think it is inevitable, is it advisable to fall in love with you co-star? Good thing or a bad thing?

"On the first Twilight, it was very different. Later on, people noticed the difference, you upset many people, you suddenly have the power and you don’t know what it is.“

  • Rob did therapy years later *when the movies ended*, had to know that the previous life doesn’t exist anymore.
  • At 26. He was feeling secure up until the last one. “Impossible to think you will repeat yourself.”
  • He had a massive freak out at the first Twilight premiere. He was embarrassed by he interview he did, promoting it like an indie. He left and ran out and left the country. “I’m done” and stayed 6 months away.
  • He renegotiated after that.

About Good Time and filming in New York

  • “If you made yourself grimy enough, you can escape being noticed”
  • He would love to get caught doing that (sell porn) now
  • He is very, very happy about good reviews on Good Time
  • It is going to take him 10 years after the Twilight series, to come up with other movies. Meantime, he tried all different angles (of movies and acting).

About Superhero movies    

  • To do one, you have to sign up for 8 movies. He cannot do it, after 5 movies with Twilight.
  • Because it is a commitment to work with a huge machine.

About acting method, and learning accent.

  • Multi-impression. Everyone is from Queens. Very specific dialect. He picked it up by immersing himself with his co stars who are all from NYC.
  • Connie is, ”He’s just a narcissistic psychopath” instead everyone commented that “he loves his brother so much.”

About Fifty Shades of Grey

  • He hasn’t seen it.
  • “I know the writer of the book. Met her a Chateau Marmont, just as “a lady from England”. I was forcing her to tell me every one of her fantasies.”*laughs*
  • That role  “just needs to work out too much”
  • HS : Do you go to gym? “One week on, 3 months off”.

About dick, fights and endorsements

  • “Very hard to confront a guy who is trying to take a picture of your dick.”
  • Rob’s last major fight was when he was 18,19.
  • Rob was looking like a punk with a half-shaved head in Toronto at a bar. Met a guy who is half a foot taller, taking pic of him. *He smacked that guy*.
  • Turned down a multimillion dollar deal to be the face of Burberry. “How did you find that? That is crazy…” he asked HS
  • HS :Why accept endorsement deal with Dior?

Rob: “… I always tried to avoid from being put in a box. Burberry being kind of British, always known to not wanting to be known as British (keep it vague). Dior was less vague as British.”

About audition, music and relationships. ·        

  • He goes in audition as a character with an American accent
  • HS : Do you play music?  He could “fool people for about a minute and a half,” learned guitar from listening to Van Morrison. playing basic F, C, G, E chords, kind of have 8 little run..
  • HS: Song writer? “2 years to write a song.” 

HS: Well your fiancé is…

HS: “Well you’re engaged, right?”,

Rob: “Kind of…”*laughs*

HS: WHAT? You the “Secretive with relationship guy…protective”? …I never get that, I think part of the fun being with a woman is march around with her.

  • HS: The woman…you are with, FAQ?….“Yeah, she is amazing yeah…FKA Twigs…she is like super talented…Totally different one”.
  • HS: Do you call her like FKA?…”Call her…yeah Twigs basically. That was her nickname
  • HS: “I wonder if you’ll get married.” …*LAUGH*
  • HS: “It is hard decision for a guy like you. You can have anyone.”

Rob: “I don’t know about that…Not really.”

“…Being an actor, it ACTUALLY kind of narrows things down…  you get kind of paranoid. Most people may think they want a relationship with you. Then they realised, this is not what I want AT ALL. There is a big imbalance in the relationship.”

About trolls (online)

  • “They are professional trolls. Addicted to wanting to cause hurt and pain. Most difficult thing. They are faceless enemy. Nuts, random names. Different countries somewhere. Fake to them, real in your life.”
  • “Like you know there is one room in your house, where people talk nasty things about you. When you are down, you start listening to the whispers.”
  • (If you attack) you are feeding it. You feel less powerful, like attacking your reflection in the water. You’ll look crazy. 

About working with the Safdie Brothers and Academy award

~ See Josh’s instagram vidoe below. I couldn’t transcibe properly“ LOL

Rob : “Just do what I did…bla bla bla bla. *quick hand movements*

  • “I am just so happy that people liked it (Good Time).”
  • “ I just knew something was going on.”
  • “That is how I always try to get jobs basically. No one is going to know your taste better than you.”

Rob said “I will forgive you (the trolls)”, if they watch Good Time over and over again.

>>>The full interview was 1 hour. Talking about his “relationship” 5 minutes. The bulk of it was Twilight, auditioning, Good Time etc.

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Imagine having to attend Jared’s wedding (P2)

Continuation of THIS imagine 

I can tell that I’m already late just by the music coming out from the house. My stupid heels are more of a burden than a plus to make me look pretty. Once I get to the door I ring the doorbell a few times before being welcomed by Shannon himself. A wide smile takes over his face, his arms opening to hold me for a few seconds.

“Sorry for the delay, work was crazy today” I apologize, pulling away from him to look him in the eyes.

“It’s okay” Shannon says, leaving a kiss on my forehead.

The place is already full, everyone wanting to celebrate Shannon’s birthday. I look around, scared to see those eyes that I haven’t seen in months, the ones that didn’t even dare to look at me during that wedding day. Luckily, he’s still not here, neither is Annie.

I walk around for a while, Shannon busy talking to his guests. I get to see Tomo and Vicky having a few drinks outside, sharing a few comments, and laughing about them. They are my best option tonight, so I walk to sit by their side. It seems like I haven’t seen any of my friends in ages, and Vicky must feel the same, since she jumps to hug me the second her eyes lay on me. We spend the next hour catching up, Vicky and Tomo telling me all about their new apartment, and then I get interrogated by my trip with Shannon.

“Where did you go?” Vicky asks me, handing me a beer.

“Mainly Tokyo, but we visited a few of the small villages too” I say, before taking a good drink from my beer.

“And after that? I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever”

And they have indeed not seen me in a while. My mission to avoid Jared and everything that reminded me of him was going pretty well, until now obviously. His arrival was burning on my skin, my heart not prepared for the moment in which he’ll walk through those doors, ring in hand, my best friend by his side.

The beers and wine keep coming our way, and it doesn’t take me much to start laughing hysterically, telling funny stories about Shannon, and feeling like my head is in another planet. I even forget for a second about Jared, but only for a second.

Shannon walks out to the backyard, giving me a full smile when he notices how happy I look. I walk towards him, being held by his arms the second I’m next to him. He looks so happy, and I hate that I feel so scared to see Jared when his brother is so happy about this party.

“You’ve been drinking” He mutters in my ear.

“A bit” I laugh, “Do you still have that bottle of whisky we bought the other day?”

“Maybe”, he mutters again, “Haven’t you drink enough?”


Shannon laughs at my drunkenness, and ends up taking my hand to walk me inside. He gets two drinks done for us, his eyes not looking away from mine. I laugh, choking on my drink, starting to couch without being able to stop laughing.

“You’re crazy” Shannon laughs, taking me by the hips to pull me closer to him.

I leave my drink aside, fully knowing what he’s up to, but we stop. I can hear my name being shouted and I can feel my heart drop to the floor.

We turn to the entrance, noticing Annie running to get in front of me. Four months since I last saw her, or spoke to her. Four months. Shannon lets go of me, and Annie takes his place squeezing my body.

“Oh, my God!” She shouts, “I’ve missed you so much!”

Then why haven’t you called me? Too busy fucking the love of my life?

“I know, me too!” I laugh, squeezing her too.

“I have so much to tell you! I can’t believe it’s been so long since we last saw each other!”

And it should have continued like that. But I see Jared entering the room, and my heart definitely skips a bit. Annie’s still holding me, giving her back to him, and even though Shannon gave a step back, I can feel the tension filling his body too.

Jared walks towards us, giving his brother a hug, while Annie just can’t stop saying all the things she needs to tell me in more depth later on. The brothers share a few words, and I can’t wait for the moment I can just walk away from this.

“The honeymoon was so great!” She keeps talking, “I bought so many presents, we need to get together one day and I’ll bring them along”

“That’s great, Annie” I mutter, taking the drink back to my lips.

“We bought Constance this beautiful necklace, she cannot stop wearing it. I’m so happy, you know how insecure I am about her”

“I know” I say, taking another sip.

“But I think she’s starting to like me a bit more now, she has even invited me to lunch a couple of times”

The brothers disappear from our side, and I give one last worried face to Shannon. Annie keeps talking, and I know I should be really interested in her conversation, since we haven’t talked in so long. But, my head’s in another place, and I’m too drunk to deal with all this.

And we sit, and she keeps talking, and I keep giving her the same short answers, and Annie doesn’t even notice how uninterested I look.

Worst best friend ever.

And the hour passes and she’s still talking, and I’m still drinking, and I can see her smile, she’s happy, so fucking happy. And I’m sad, so fucking sad. And all I want to do is cry, because I hate to see her so happy, but I also hate myself for feeling like that. And I know that I’m about to cry, because my chest starts heaving out, my vision turning even more blurry. And I don’t even excuse myself, I just run away from there, taking two steps at a time at the stairs, locking myself in the bathroom the second I’m alone inside.

A couple of minutes pass before I can hear someone knocking on the door, calling my name.

“I just want to be alone” I mutter.

“Well, I don’t want you to be alone. Open the door, we can be alone together”

I get up from the tub, yes, the tub, to open the door. Shannon is waiting for me outside, a bottle of water on his hand. I let him in, and we both sit inside the tub, this isn’t our first time.

“She just couldn’t stop talking about him, I had to run” I mutter, after taking a good sip from the bottle, “It’s been four months, I should be ready for this”

“Yes, you should. But you’d loved him for years, you have the right to feel like you’re feeling now”

I can feel the tears coming back to my eyes, start rolling on my cheeks.

“Hey” Shannon says, cupping my cheek with one hand, drying the tears that got to escape.

Don’t do it, my heart says, but my mind has a different opinion.

In just a second I get to Shannon, in just a second I press my lips against his. I’m desperate, my lips show this, and I know they are trembling. I just want Jared out of my system, I want him out of my mind… Just like I wanted him out the night of the wedding.

This time I stop in time, getting up from the tub, checking my face on the mirror, trying to fix my make up as much as possible.

“Where are you going?” Shannon asks me, getting up from the tub too.

“Back to the party” I almost whisper, Shannon standing by my side, his hand taking mine, “Please, don’t…”

He nods, taking his hand away, but with a smile on his face.

“There’s still a lot of alcohol downstairs”

“Enough for tonight” I say, finally feeling a smile invade my lips.

We head downstairs, nobody noticing my washed face, and Shannon’s protectiveness over me. I get to see Jared the second we enter the backyard. He’s not with Annie, she’s just boring Vicki with her endless talking. Ok, I got to stop that. But, seriously, she just keeps talking.

Shannon gives me a look, kind of asking me if we go there. And we do.

The day of the wedding, Jared didn’t look at me once. I wanted to dance with him and, in the middle of the song, tell them how happy I was seeing him so happy with his life, with his choices. Because he chose a girl who couldn’t hate her best friend just for being happy about her life, someone who was bright, smiling even in her darkest days.

But he didn’t look at me, and I couldn’t ask him to grant me one dance, just one song. Because I ruined everything between us. Love sucks.

Shannon gets me a bottle of water, intercepting Annie when he notices her walking toward me.

“She’s not feeling very well” I hear him say, “Long day, and too much alcohol, not a good combination”

Annie nods, probably feeling terrible for taking too much talking about her and not taking a bit of time to ask about me. Or at least that’s what I’d like to think.

The guys take over the conversation, and I just stand there, feeling out of place. It sort of feels like before, when Jared and Annie were not engaged yet. Everyone looks the same too. Well, that’s what I believe till I see Jared face.

We lived together for a while, and we’ve been friends longer than I would like to admit. I knew that face, I knew what those bags under his eyes meant. And, out of the sudden, everything became clear. Annie had always been a good talker, but not to this extreme. She was avoiding people talking to her, by talking to them. She didn’t want people asking them question, so she gave them answers before anyone could question her intentions.

Very clever.

A smile appears when I notice part of what’s going on, and that parts feels happy. And I know I should stop feeling happy over sad things, but I just can’t help it.

My whole perspective of the night changes when I finally notice what’s going on. I can see that Jared’s smiles don’t reach his eyes, that Annie tends to avoid his eyes, but tries to stay as close as possible so no one suspects that something is going on.

But I know, because I know them too fucking much. I want to stand in the middle of the circle, interrupt their conversation with a hysterical laugh and shout how stupid they are for doing something that lasted only four months. But I have no other proof than my knowledge of my two best friends.

My mind is full of theories over what could’ve happened when I hear my name. I come back to earth, noticing the freaky smile on my face. I must look crazy.

“Are you alright?”

Everyone’s looking at me, and Jared knows that I know. Because I see it in his eyes, and I just want to run to him and punch him in the face. Because he decided to “spend the rest of his life” with someone for less than four months, and we could’ve have lasted for eternity.

“Is okay if I sleep here?” I ask Shannon, leaving the crazy smile aside.

The worried expressions change to surprise and playfulness. Annie starts asking all the wrong questions, and I just ignore her. Shannon nods to my answer, and I just leave them all behind.

I’m Annie’s best friend, or was. Best friends notice when the other is head over heels for someone, even when you’re head over heels yourself. The thought creeps my mind as I walk toward Shannon’s bedroom. I noticed when both of them started falling for each other, and Shannon noticed when I fell for Jared. Jared was too blind to noticed my feelings, but she was always really good at reading me.

What if she knew?

I take all my clothes off, standing in the middle of Shannon’s bedroom just in my underwear.

What if Annie knew what I felt for Jared and just decided to go ahead?

I know it would have been selfish of me to just demand her to stop having those feelings. But before he was her friend, he was mine, and that gave me some kind of right over him, right? Well, Jared is not a possession, but… I guess you get my point.

It’s still dark by the time I open my eyes. Shannon is by my side, still dressed, but too drunk to even cover himself with a blanket. I get up from bed, taking the first thing I can find to put it over him.

I feel dizzy, still a bit drunk. I’m already in the middle of the corridor when my mind decides to confirm that I’m walking to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.

The whole place is a mess. I’m sure the party finished not so long ago, and the house still smells like a mix of alcohol, sweat and people.

The light in the living room is still on, and as I walk there I notice the bearded figure laying on the couch. As always, I just stand there, awkwardly staring at Jared. His eyes are closed, but he’s not sleeping, I know that, although he hasn’t feel my presence yet.

“Are you just going to stand there and watch me?” Ok, I was wrong.

I’m well aware of my attire, and something inside me cringes when I see him open his eyes and stare at me as if this was the first time his eyes really laid on me.

“What are you doing here?”

“Shannon’s my brother, it isn’t too weird if I ask if I can stay at his place” He laughs, straighten his torso to finally sit on the couch, “What are you doing here?”

“Too drunk to drive” I shrug, and a new round of laugh comes out of his lips.

How could I spend four months without that laugh?

Jared pants the space beside him, asking me to sit there. And I do it right away.

“So, you noticed?”

“I noticed something, I’m not exactly sure what I noticed”

I’m not facing him, but he’s sitting with his left side leaning on the couch. I don’t want to face him, but his hand goes straight to my hair, taking a small lock of it just to play.

“Isn’t it weird that you know me better than Shannon?”

“We lived together, you know me too”

“Not as much as to notice some things that were going on here” Jared mutters, leaving the lock aside to knock my head.

“Yeah, well, let’s not talk about that”

His hand slips over my jaw in order to grab my chin and turn my head to him. The bags under his eyes are even worse than I could see earlier, and the beard that decorates his face is not a fashion statement.

“What happened?” I ask him, and he know pretty well that I mean.

“Things changed, we both changed” Jared sighs, his hand leaving my chin, “She became something else. She was demanding things I couldn’t give her, she needed me with her all the time, and I just couldn’t do it”

“You needed your space?”

“No” He almost shouts, “I needed you”

I can feel the gasp coming out of my chest and I just can’t stop its coming. I want to shout, I want to jump over him and kiss him like is the end of the world. I want to do so many things. But I just stay there, petrified.

“I saw you that night, and I know what happened with Shannon” His voice starting to tremble, his eyes looking a bit soggy, “I knew something was wrong from the moment we talked at the beach, and seeing you two leave together… I knew I had fucked it up”

Jared waits for a few seconds, maybe thinking that I have something to say, but I don’t. What could I possibly say?

“There was this moment, a month ago, when I just couldn’t hold it any longer. She was yelling at me, all her sweetness gone, she wanted me present, to stop walking around every corner like part of me was gone. And I asked her, I cried when I asked why she couldn’t be more like you. How could two best friends be such opposites?”

“Shut up” I whisper, deciding to let all my bitterness out, “Shut the fuck up, Jared”

He obeys, and I stand from the couch, starting to pace around.

“It’s too late” I start mumbling, “You can’t do this”

“I know it’s late, but the marriage is already broken” Jared stands from the couch, coming closer to me, grabbing me by the arms,  “You can hate my timing as much as I hate it, but please, just look at me for one second”

His hands clasp my arms strongly, sending shivers all over my body. His eyes are bright, and a few tears are shed by the two of us when we realized what’s going on.

“You’re my best friend” I mutter, shrugging a bit.

“Best friends can be lovers”

And that’s all it takes for us to just press our bodies together, his lips looking for mine with a desperation we had never experienced. His hands are all over me as mine can’t stop playing with his hair. Not a minute passes before loud moans escape the friction of our mouths, and not two minutes pass before I’m laying on the couch, Jared’s shirt already gone.

I need him as much as he needs me, and my heart couldn’t be happier.

I can’t even notice when all the clothes is gone and we are skin to skin, his crotch already tempting mine. But Jared decides to wait for a while, teasing me with kisses, and his hands playfully spreading my wetness on him.

“Just do it, please” I start begging, a smile taking over his lips as he hears my words.

Another kiss erases the smile, and I can finally feel him making his way inside me. A loud moan comes out of my lips as he starts thrusting against my body. His eyes are finally on me, after all this time wanting to be under his gaze, and he’s finally looking at me. I want to cry, scream, laugh. Emotions invade me, and I can feel the first tears coming out, a joyful smile on my lips, as I bite the lower one to help me contain all that I’m feeling.

The thrusts start fasting, and the desperation mixes with anger and happiness, all at the same time. And I can feel Jared loving me and almost blaming me for making him feel like this.

And I know him so much, that even though this is our first time, I know when he’s close. And I’m close too. And all I want is scream how much I love him.

His mouth devoured mine once more as his thrust turn frenetic. I want him, he wants me.

The two screams that come out of our lips hold more emotion than any other scream I could have made during climax. Jared falls over me, his head on the curve of my neck. We are both gasping, feeling each other’s chests hitting against the other.

And that’s the moment my head decides to make me laugh, and cry at the same time. And I can feel his smile on my neck, his teeth biting my neck as he growls against my skin.

“Again” I ask, “And again, and again, and again”

Jared laughs, facing me again, his lips giving a little peck to mine.

“I have a better idea”

He comes out of me, standing from the couch to start picking his clothes.

“Go find yours, quickly!”

I nod, standing from the couch, still a bit dizzy from the climax. And I run upstairs, trying to be as quiet as possible, only to discover Shannon snoring on his bed. I take all my things, leaving a quick kiss on Shannon’s cheek, starting to run downstairs.

When I get to Jared, he doesn’t say a word, and doesn’t let me ask either. He just grabs my arm and pulls me to him, biting and kissing my lips with the biggest demonstration of passion I’ve experienced.

“What are we doing?” I ask him when he finally lets me go.

“I don’t even know, I just want to be with you” He laughs, hurrying me to get dressed.

I do it as fast as I can. We can see the sunrise through the window, and Jared kisses me over there once we are ready. We both stared for a few seconds when we finish, his eyes falling to his hands, and I see something that makes me skip another bit. Jared slowly takes the ring from his finger, playing with it for a few seconds, only to let it fall between us.

“Let’s go” He says.

Jared grabs my hand, pulling me out of the house to get inside his car. Out of nothing, we both start laughing again, and as I look at him I can feel myself inside a dream, but I know this is true, and my heart starts to feel warm again.

I adored this request. That being said I still struggled to finish it properly - until my girlfriend suggested Tony being clumsy. Why is she so much better at this than me? She also badgered me to post it when I was going to put it in a queue, so you guys owe her one. XD Anyway, this request was made by @sxnali and I loved writing it so thank you, my darling. Enjoy!

Prompt: I saw a list of AUs and this one reminded me of Tony, could you please write a Tony x reader for this? “I’m always the top score at arcade games and you beat my score at my favorite game and made your scoreboard name “(PERSON A)SUX” and I went to confront you about it and holy shit you’re really hot’ AU” (you don’t have to if you don’t want to but thank you!!!)

“Fight Me”

Tony Stark’s pride was almost as famous as he was. Magazine covers, newspaper headlines, and daytime television all documented his daily life.

Despite this, however, he always needed private time, and cherished it where he could get it. In as conspicuous clothing as he could get away with, Stark would regularly take himself downtown to an arcade he had frequented when he was younger.

Were it not for Stark becoming an anonymous benefactor for it, the arcade would’ve closed long ago. No longer was it bustling with kids wearing jumpers tucked into their trousers and aviator glasses. Instead a few teens lingered on the steps out front, smoking who knows what. Tony didn’t let it get to him as he manoeuvred past them and stepped inside. His disguise wasn’t professional but it did the trick – a hoodie, hat, and shades. Classic.

The smell that hit him was intoxicating and nostalgic. Dust mixed with the unmistakeable scent of old metal. The wooden walls and dark carpet glittered with the lights from the arcade games which beckoned him closer. Muscle memory drew Tony to his favourite game, the one he played every week. Galaga. The screen was dark and inviting. Insert Coin to Play. Tony wasn’t one to ignore orders.

The game fired up and he was quick to get started. He hummed along to the catchy and memorable tune as he waited for the ship to appear. God, he wished games were still like this! Maybe he’d invest in a games company… An indie games developer. Those games were always better than half of the popular market.

It took a moment to get into it again, but once he did, Tony Stark was away. The tiny little ship flew about the screen like there was a professional pilot in the cockpit. And to some extent, there was. Tony fired blast after blast towards the aliens and slowly their numbers depleted. Tony smirked. He was enjoying this far too much.

Keep reading

Imagine… Shannon and Jared turning their heads to watch you while you walk across the room backstage after a Mars concert.

The room as still reverberating with the energy the crowd emanated. The chatter in the room was now in a low volume since most people had left after they got what they wanted. Only a very few fans were still walking around taking pictures and getting their cd booklets and photos signed.

It had been an exciting but long night for the boys and even though they always tried to give each fan their undivided attention, it was almost time to go to the hotel and rest.

“You were amazing, Tomo. Thanks for your music.” A girl, not older than 18 years old, told him with sparkles in her eyes.

“You are very much welcome.” He said with a smile.

“You’re the reason I started to play guitar. Thought you should know.”

“Aw, now that’s a compliment. Thank you. What is your name?” He asked so he could sign her Mars poster with a special dedication.

“Tabitha.” He started sliding the tip of the pen on the glossy poster paper, but it didn’t work. Tracing circles, around and around, the pen was denting the poster and damaging it slightly.

Across the room, Jared and Shannon were surrounded by a group of boys also getting autographs and pictures. Their tired brains and bodies were glad that these were the last few fans they would have to meet. They appreciated them but, being in their forties, in the Leto brothers case, sometimes it was hard to keep up.

“Ugh, has any one got a pen that works?” Tomo shouted aimlessly and caught everyone’s attention.

“Here.” The woman had been sitting quietly in a corner, on a bean bag, waiting for the crowd to dismiss.

Shannon and Jared immediately turned their heads to see where that voice was coming from. She stood on her feet and they watched her walk across the room, with a pen in her hand.

She was wearing a pair of ripped dark blue skinny jeans, black court heels and a black and red stripe Bardot neck top. Her tangled blonde hair was up in a bun and her green eyes were contoured with smudged black eyeliner.

Their eyes accompanied her steps until she reached the girls surrounding Tomo. After an exchange of looks with his brother, Shannon spoke under his breath.


“Oh, we’re going to start doing this again, aren’t we?” Jared responded. It had been a while since they had played for a fan’s attention. In the early days it was a common occurrence, but as they got older, the game wasn’t as alluring anymore.

We are not. You’re out.” Shannon finished signing a boy’s cd, while the mystery blonde was chatting away with Tomo. Staring from a distance, he watched her wrap her arms around his waist and smile for the camera.

The brothers were still tending to some fans when she began to approach them. Waiting patiently for her turn, the woman tried to find the best spot on her Love Lust Faith + Dreams cd booklet, so they could sign it.  She looked up in their direction to see Shannon’s back, and his neck twisted back toward her, almost like in The Exorcist.

Timidly, she looked down to hide her blushing cheeks. He smirked, shook his head and made a face for the next picture that was being taken of him.

“Come here, honey.” Jared gestured with his hand for her to come closer. As she reached them, he hooked his right arm around her waist. “Did you enjoy the show?” His eyes fixed on her, making her nervous.

“I did. Thank you so much for the amazing performance.” Her voice was low and shy. “Could you sign this for me, please?” She handed him the booklet and he tried to scribble his signature on it, unsuccessfully.

“What’s wrong with these pens today?” he complained.

“Oh, I had a good one, but Tomo took it.”

“C’mon, pen. Be a good girl, and work for me, baby.” Speaking in a sexy whisper, he kept doodling lightly on the paper to get the pen to work.

“Are you talking dirty to a pen?” She narrowed her eyes and tried to suppress a chuckle that came out anyway.  Jared glanced at Shannon and saw his big brother’s unhappy face as he signed the last autograph.

“Well, ya know… it just comes naturally to me.” He winked. Suddenly, a smooth voice came through the entrance across the room.

“Hi, it’s Keira, right? I forgot to return your pen.” Tomo entered back in the room and she walked rapidly with small steps in his direction. “Sorry about that.”

“That’s ok. You didn’t have to return it. It’s just a pen.”

Before she could be within earshot, Shannon shot an angry look at his little brother.

“What are you doing? I told you she was mine. Dude, seriously.” Jared chuckled.

“Bro, she’s just another quest, right? Don’t be so worked up about it. And I was just testing her… She’s all yours.” He eyed her as she advanced toward them and handed him the pen. “Keira. I or Y?”

“With an I, thanks.” She glanced over at Shannon and when their eyes locked he simply mouthed hi, and smiled. And she found that so charming that she couldn’t help but blush again, while she returned the gesture.

“Why were you hiding in that corner?” Shannon asked, getting so close this time, her legs went numb.

“I was waiting for the room to empty a little bit. I didn’t feel like sharing you guys with so many people.” She added laughing softly. The youngest Leto handed the pen and booklet over to his brother, who dropped the pen on the floor. He crouched down to pick it up and said.

“Are those appropriate for a rock concert?” He pointed to her shoes, once he was fully standing.

“I can handle them just fine, I’m used to heels. Besides, I’m only 5 feet 2, any additional 4 inches are very helpful in a crowd.”

“I know how you feel.” They both laughed.

Shannon handed back her things and crossed his arms on his chest, staring at his prey intently, planning his next move.

“Fuck, my battery died.” Keira muttered, looking at her phone black screen.  She looked up and saw both Letos astonished eyes on her. Up until this point Keira had been sweet, shy and polite, so they didn’t expect rudeness coming from her thin lips. “Oh, pardon my French.” She laughed. “I can’t believe I won’t get a picture.”

“I’ll take them with my phone.” This was becoming easier than he expected. “Just give me your number or e-mail and I’ll send them to you.”  Jared burst out in laughter with his brother ridiculously corny pick up line. The blue eyed Leto covered his mouth, trying to restrain the outburst, but couldn’t. As for Keira, anyone would say she had seen a ghost. Her eyes froze and for a moment she was speechless.

“Umm… I think that would work… I guess.” She posed with both brothers individually, then together. Shannon took selfies with her and Jared did the same, making funny faces. She gave Shannon her number and he immediately started sending them.

“Tell me again, big brother, why do we do this to ourselves? 15 months on the road, non-stop.” Jared stretched his arms above his head, lifting up his sleeveless shirt revealing his lower stomach and belly button.

“You’re such old man, stop complaining. We still got it. Tell him we still got it.” Shannon winked at Keira.

“You still got it.” She smiled and continued. “You guys must be exhausted. Thank you again for the show and the pictures. I promise not to share your number with anyone. But I should be going.” In her imagination, that’s not how the night ended, but she knew it was only a fantasy.

“You’re going home all alone?” Shannon tried to sound worried with her safety, but had ulterior motives.

“I’m not from town. I drove four hours to get here, and since none of my close friends like the band I had to come alone.”  

“Are you driving back at this hour? It’s not safe. You should stay and leave in the morning.”  He knew exactly where he meant to go with that.

“I’m couchsurfing, actually!”

“Hmm, adventurous.” He gave a little nudge on her shoulder.

“On a budget.” She laughed. “You guys are so sweet. Thank you very much, but I really need to go. I’ll just get a taxi.”

“It was really nice meeting you, Keira.” Jared hugged her after giving her a peck on the cheek, and then walked away, leaving her and Shannon alone in the room.

“Do I get a hug from you too?” She stretched out her arms and he came to her encounter. He tightly wrapped his strong arms around her and she threw hers around his neck. The embraced lingered for a long moment and as he sniffed her neck, an electric shock shot up her spine.  

Keira broke the embrace, although his arms were still around her, looked into his hazel eyes and said. “That felt nice.”

“Nice, huh? I can do better than nice… Come back to my hotel with me.”

“Wow, you’re bold!” She looked around nervously and proceeded. “I can’t. But it was really nice meeting you.”

“You really like the word nice, don’t you? Well, at least let us give you a ride in our van.” He let go of her waist, and took her hands with his, entwining their fingers.

“I’d better take a taxi, but thanks for the offer.” Without letting go of his left hand, she pushed it to his back and kissed the corner of his mouth. That took Shannon completely by surprise. He couldn’t believe that that sweet and timid girl could be such a tease. Although his bodies parted, their hands remained connected as she walked away, stretching their arms. She walked a few steps backwards, then turned completely and left the room.

When Shannon entered the van, Tomo was sleeping and Jared was scrolling through his phone. He knew that if his big brother had something to say, he would.

The drummer took his telephone and started swiping through the pictures he had just taken with that beautiful blonde girl. Remembering how she smelled and how soft her lips were while teasing him, he sighed. The buzzing sound of his phone broke his concentration. He looked down to see a text from that girls number.

Keira -
Thanks for the photos. I loved them.

Shannon –
You’re welcome…You said your battery was dead.

Keira -
I lied. I needed an excuse to give you my number, but I wanted you to ask for it. And it worked.

Shannon -
You sly little tease. I can’t believe I fell for it.

Keira -
Are you angry that I deceived you?

Shannon -
Not in the slightest…

Keira -
Well, you have my number now… You know what to do. Good night. xo


Notes from the writer: This started as an imagine, then turned to an extended imagine, which turned into a full one shot and now it has potential to be a multi part fic. What do you think? Should they meet again?

I know backstage stories have been written and re-written over and over again, but here’s mine. I hope it’s not too silly for your liking!

Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B 😊 You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist) Enjoy. X

Chris’ eyes scanned across the array of gelato flavors, making soft sounds with his lips as he tried to decide; a splitting image of Jack when he had to decide over an array of cereals. You wrapped your arm around Chris’, chuckling softly. “You know I thought leaving Jack behind meant not having to go through this, but you are just the same.”

“Okay,” he chuckled. “I don’t see you with gelato,” he retorted, “have you decided?”

“Yeah,” you laughed and pointed at the register where your two scoops were waiting patiently in a cup; you’d decided on ‘Pistachio’ and 'Dark Chocolate’ wanting to stray away from your go-to flavors 'Cookies & Cream’ and 'Salted Caramel’. “And it’s melting, so hurry it up.” You pulled away from him and walked over to the register so you could start eating while Chris decided.

“Your husband hasn’t changed, has he?” Lorenzo, the owner, laughed softly as the two of you watched Chris. You’d met and befriended Lorenzo on your honeymoon four years ago. He’d loved you and Chris, saying the two of you reminded him of him and his late wife when they were young and knee-deep in-love.

“Nope,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Can I try the tiramisu, please?” He asked the attendant then looked over at you, smiling when you chuckled at him. You both already knew what flavors he was going to walk out with; 'Cookies and Cream’ and 'Coffee’. He stuck with what he knew and loved, but he also liked trying everything else first which made the process grueling. “Oh, this is nice. What’s that one in the back like?” He quizzed, getting another small taste test.

You were almost halfway through yours when he finally ordered his usual after tasting another four flavors. He was lucky he was Captain America and the owner was a friend, otherwise they’d kick him out for trying almost every flavor in their display case. After Chris paid for the gelato with a massive tip, you both thanked Lorenzo for his hospitality and made your way out of their store and onto the streets of the beautiful city of Rome which hadn’t changed since your last visit. Rome was always going to hold a special place in both your hearts as it was where you’d spent your honeymoon, and so far- this trip was proving to be just as magical.

“What would you like to do today?” Chris asked, draping an arm around you; he’d squish you every time he tried to spoon ice-cream into his mouth, making you laugh. “Sorry,” he chuckled and you smiled, kissing his jaw. “Anyway, what would you like to do today? We can hit up all the spots we did when we honeymooned, redo Rome?”

“I don’t mind as long as I’m redoing Rome with you.”

“You’re sweeter than my gelato, you know that?” He smiled and kissed the side of your head. “Okay then, I’ll tour guide the trip. First stop…” He trailed off, taking a moment to ponder. “Oh, yes. What do you say we go recreate our kiss photo on the Spanish Steps?”

“That’s really cheesy, Chris,” you made a face, trying not to laugh as you teased him.

“Yeah,” his face fell slightly as he tried to make his case, “but that’s one of my favorite pic-”

“I’m kidding,” you giggled and he smiled, “I’d love to.” You tip-toed and pecked him on the lips.

“Guess I’m not the only one who hasn’t changed,” he chuckled, squishing you again as he nursed his gelato. “You’re still as cheeky as ever.” He scooped the tiniest bit of gelato onto his spoon. “But then again, so am I.” He poked you in the nose with his gelato then pulled away from you, laughing when you scoffed. “You’ve got a bit of-” he choked on his laughter, grabbing his left pec. “Hey, no!” He dodged your attempt to get back at him, still bellowing with laughter as he jogged a small distance away from you.

“I’m going to get you back,” you warned playfully, trying not to smile.

Despite the fact that you’d been together for nine years and were parents now, things between the two of you were still exciting and lively, fun and playful. It didn’t matter how many more years were yet to come, you and Chris both knew that you wouldn’t become one of those boring, old married couples with nothing to do and nothing to talk about. There was a promise made to always keep the romance alive, it didn’t matter how big or small the gesture was- it was the thought and the effort that counted. You’d both lived up to it so far- Chris going above and beyond with this trip- and you’d continue to live up to it as long as you were together.

“Aw, baby,” he cooed, pouting mockingly, “I am sure you will.” You tried not to laugh as you pursed your lips tightly. “C'mere, you messy girl.” He walked back over to you, using the back of his hand to wipe the gelato from your nose. “There we go,” he wiped his hand on his jeans, “back to perfection.”

“But now your jeans are sticky.”

“Yeah, but what’s new around you?” He smirked and you burst into laughter; he laughed as you playfully shoved him. “Wow, that was so crude,” he laughed, wrapping an arm around you as the two of you continued towards the Spanish Steps. “Oh my God, I am so sorry. It’s like I just have a constant stream of bad jokes in my head,” he chuckled.

“I can’t say that was your worst though,” you said; he chuckled when you did. “Aren’t you lucky I married you anyway?” You teased, looking up and smiling at him. Believe it or not, you lived for his terrible jokes; just like he lived for your perfectionism. Those things were part of who you were, part of the reason why one fell for the other. It may have been annoying to others, but it was adorable to you and Chris.

“Incredibly,” he smiled.

You found the Spanish Steps like you did the last trip, around the corner from Lorenzo’s gelato store. There were many tourists like the two of you taking photos and eating gelato on the steps, it was one of the must-see places when one visited Rome. You and Chris finished your gelato and tossed the paper cups away before you went in search of the spot you’d taken your kiss photo four years ago. It wasn’t that hard to find, Chris had it seared in his mind; it was his favorite photo after all. It was his phone’s background up until the birth of Jack, then he’d changed it to the photo that Jimmy Fallon showed at the interview; the one of the four of you. Chris looked around for someone to help take the photo, American tourists found you first.

“Oh my God, it’s Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N,” a girl in her twenties and her friends lit up at the sight of the two of you. “This is amazing! We’re such huge fans!” You and Chris smiled. “Do you want us to help you guys take a photo?”

“That’d be awesome,” Chris nodded and passed them his phone before rejoining you. “What?” He chuckled when you chuckled, burying your face in his chest. “Are you embarrassed?” He teased, poking your side as he wrapped his arms around you like he did the last time.

“Aren’t you, Mr. I-hate-the-limelight?”

“Never when I’m with you,” he told you, smiling. “When you’re around, you’re all I see. Why do you think I do red carpet events so well around you? It’s 'cause you’re the only thing I think about, I focus on you and everything else just fades away.”

“Aw,” you smiled. “Okay then, let’s take this photo and give your fans a story to tell.” He chuckled and looked over at the girls, nodding at them before drawing you in for a passionate kiss. You could hear them squealing as the camera flash went off. You wanted to laugh at their reaction but Chris’ kiss just took you to another dimension, giving the 'everything else just fades away’ experience. “Okay,” you giggled, breaking the kiss. “I think they got it.”

“I don’t think so,” he chuckled, giving you another quick kiss before pulling away to take his phone back from the girls. “Thank you, ladies. Y/N and I really appreciate the help,” he told them and they smiled at him before smiling at you. “Do you want a group photo before we go?” He asked, holding out his hand for you to take.

“Yes, please!”

Chris pulled you to his side, you both shared a smile before turning your attentions to one of the girls’ phones. The camera shutter went off and they thanked both of you before leaving you to your peace. Chris took your hand, leading you away from the Spanish Steps and onto your next destination. You chuckled softly when he entwined his fingers with yours.

“What?” He quizzed, chuckling softly.

“Nothing,” you shook your head. “I’m just wondering how long it’ll take for the guys to call when that photo goes viral,” you told him and he laughed. “They all know you very well, there’s no doubt that they’ll figure out the real reason for this trip.”

“There’s no real reason, there’s just one reason and that’s work.” He said and you laughed. “Work for my job of being the best husband ever,” he added, chuckling. “But what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”

“I love you,” you chuckled.

“I love you too,” he smiled.

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