"So what now?"

My first request: @16reasonswhy16q7w said;
But hey ima request, can you do an imagine where clay is in love with you but feels like it’s wrong because of everything that happened with Hannah and her being gone but he is really falling for the reader so he gives in

Also while I was at school someone threatened to shoot up local high schools and I could’ve died so yeah…


Clay mindlessly exchanged books from his locker according to the classes he had left. Honestly, he was just killing time. What Clay was really doing was waiting for a certain h/c haired girl.

Clay heard the familiar voice of y/n; she was still at her locker (three lockers down from Hannah’s old locker) talking to one of her friends. Some feeling similar to guilt filled his stomach. He wasn’t sure why so he re-concentrated on his locker.

Then for a moment he thought he saw a brown haired girl in a white shirt. Hannah Baker. Clay closed his eye and shook his head, when he opened it Hannah was gone. He wasn’t sure which way he liked better; but he knew he liked y/n.

Like he’d ever tell anyone, especially her. After everything that happened… y/n closed her locker and she paused; y/n just stared at Hannah’s locker.

Clay mentally scolded himself…y/n was well known here. At first she was just one of Hannah’s friends that he was too shy to talk to; now the whole school knew her as the girl who had the breakdown after Hannah.

“Hey y/n,” Clay said before even giving himself a chance to decide if he was going to approach her.

Y/n smiled slightly, but it wasn’t the kind he liked. Clay remembered her genuine smiles, the kind that went to her eyes. This smile was a practiced polite smile, one that showed she was closed off.

“Hi Clay,” she replied. Clay didn’t know what to say and he wished he had prepared better. He didn’t know why he felt so awkward, he knew y/n she was a friend. She seemed extra annoyed this morning. “What’s wrong?”

Y/n let out a sigh. “My parents are a little paranoid since I haven’t been going out since…the point is I haven’t gone on dates or parties or anything.” She sighed once again, “my mom’s considering forcing me into joining a painful agony that is emotional therapy.”

Clay wasn’t sure if this was a sign or if this was fate being taunting. “We could hand out this weekend.” Y/n paused raising an eyebrow. “I-I mean to get your parents off your case so you don’t have to go to that.”

Y/n contemplated his offer. “I accept to these terms and conditions,” she responded in a kidding tone.

“Alright,” Clay said trying to sound much more relaxed than he felt. “I should get to class but I’ll text you for a day.”

As Clay started to turn away y/n responded. “You do realize you need my number to text me, right?”

For the first time, y/n felt like she looked forward to something. There always was this guilt for what happened; if she had called more maybe Hannah would still be her.

Clay listened. Listened to the tape.

*** (this is Hannah’s voice in the tape)***

Y/n l/n, where to start with this one. Don’t worry, she isn’t a–not like the others. But she deserves to have a testimony.

Y/n with the h/c hair, the girl always reminded me of hot chocolate. She in herself could solve someone’s problem the same way hot chocolate could.

We were allies long before we were friends. Then one day she showed up, showed up with this expression. Anger, sadness, and fear rolled into one. The expression didn’t fit her. She was too pretty to look so sad.

We were at the lockers and I asked her what’s the matter and I swear she almost told me. But instead she snapped and told me to leave her alone. She broke down though…the way hot chocolate ended was the same way she snapped. It was the greatest falling out.


Clay knew better than to bring this up. All he did was wait for Saturday.


Eventually the day came and y/n wore her grey t-shirt and light blue ripped jeans. She didn’t know what to expect but her mother was happy; and that was one less thing to feel bad about.

Y/n met up with Clay at the park. It was weird for her to be here again. She felt these butterflies…did she like Clay? That’s ridiculous, then Clay’s hand brushed her hand. The butterflies got stronger–yep, she liked him. Maybe even something more.

Clay couldn’t, and that’s why he wanted to so badly. After the whole Hannah incident any feelings like that toward anyone were terrible. Then she smiled, that specific breath stealing smile. He couldn’t stop himself before he took y/n’s hand.

“I know you’ve got complications,” he muttered.

Y/n froze, “I-I.”

“Don’t worry, it’s not like that. I just know you and Hannah had a falling out.” The phrase ‘falling out’ made y/n flinch. “A-are you okay?”

Y/n shivered slightly and shook her head. “Y-yeah, just a bit cold.”

Clay handed her his jacket and y/n took it but gave him a confused expression. “Well you said you were cold.”

“Thanks,” y/n said.

“Look I don’t care what happened or what you did or didn’t do…I-I like you a lot.” His admission made her freeze. “Just forget it.”

When y/n’s shock died down she asked a question. “What if I don’t want to forget it?”

Clay gave a small, sarcastic smile. “Are you saying you like me?”

Y/n would never admit that. “I’m not saying I’m not saying that.”

Her expression made him laugh. “I like you a lot, y/n l/n.”

“I like you a lot too, Clay Jensen.” Y/n replied.

Bye the time she realized that she had admitted it was too late.“

“You said it,” Clay teased!

Y/n defended herself, “shut up.”

Clay smiled and once again before he knew what he was doing he did it. He leaned in and kissed y/n. For a moment he didn’t care about anything or everything that had happened or could happen. All he cared about was that he was with y/n.

Y/n pulled away first. “I like you too.”

“So, what now?”

Y/n took his hand. “So, what now indeed.”


I hoped you liked this :)) also I’m willing to do a prologue or part 2 just let me know!

Who’s Better?

Summary: Your little brother has a baseball game and there you meet his friends older brother (same age as you). You two get into a little argument about whose better. The next day he goes to drop off his brother at your house and something happens between you two.

Y/N= Your Name, Y/B/N= Your Brothers Name, H/N= His Name, H/B/N= His Brothers Name, H/M/N= His Moms Name

“Wooh! Go Y/B/N!” you and your mom cheered as your little brother swung the bat and hit the ball. He was the best on the team, well, him and his friend H/B/N. The two of you went down to congratulate him when the game was over, they had won.

“You were so good sweetie!” your mom said pulling him into a tight hug and giving him kisses all over his face.

“Mom.” your brother whined. “Your embarrassing me.” he said as she finally stopped.

“You were awesome bud!” you congratulated him while ruffling his hair.

“I’m gonna go chat with H/M/N okay? Then we’ll go for ice cream.” said your mom walking back towards the stands.

“Come on Y/N I want you to meet my friend H/B/N.” said your little brother, but before you could answer he was already pulling you. Your brother had made a new friend when he joined the team a month ago, but you had never met him.

“This is my sister I was telling you about H/B/N.” he said as the both of you stopped in front of a boy about your brothers age and a boy about your age. He had messy brown hair and a gorgeous pair of blue eyes. Wow you thought.

Why didn’t H/B/N mention anything about a cute older sister?

“This is my friend H/B/N.” he introduced him to you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” you introduced yourself to the two of them.

“I’m H/N.” the older brother said.

“Come on lets go play!” your brother said to his friend and they were of running to the middle of the field. Great, now I’m alone with a cute guy. What do i do?

What do i say?

“Um, so Y/B/N is really good.” he said.

“Yeah, well he loves baseball. H/B/N is really good too.”

“Yeah he is really good.” he said in a bragging voice.

“What?” you asked defensively.


“Well you said ‘Yeah he is really good’ in a bragging voice.” He laughed at your imitation of his voice.

“Well he is really good, he’s the best on the team.” he argued in defense.

“My brother is also the best on the team.” you argued raising your voice just a little.

“Yeah, he’s also the best on the team, but H/B/N is just a little better.”

“I can’t believe you. Y/B/N! Come on we gotta go.” you said as you got your brother and left. I can’t believe the nerve that guy’s got! He’s so arrogant- but those eyes- no, what am i thinking?

What’s wrong with her?! Well obviously not her gorgeous brown hair or- what am i thinking?

                                                Time Skip- 2 Days Later

Your POV

Ding dong I heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs to answer the door, I wasn’t expecting anyone and mom wasn’t home. When i opened it i couldn’t believe who it was, H/N.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked stubbornly.

Language, I got a kid here with me.” he said as his brother walked out from behind him.

“Is that H/B/N?” you heard your brothers voice from behind you. “Come on H/B/N, I just got a new video game.” he said and the two of them went up to his room. You were just about to close the door when H/N stopped you.

“What are you doing?”

“Look, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry.” he said and I could see that he truly was sorry in his eyes.

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” I smirked which earned me a smile from him.

“I’m sorry for being an idiot.”

And?” I teased.

“For being a jerk.”

And?” I teased even more which made me smile making him laugh.

So, she’s got a sense of humor?

“I know you’re just here to drop off your brother, but do you wanna come in?” I asked.

“Sure.” he replied and we both went up to my room. We talked and laughed on my bed for about an hour, watching a movie. He’s funny and cute and nice what isn’t he?

God, she is driving me crazy. The way she smiles and her laugh and the way she tucks that lose strand of hair behind her ear.

I felt his eyes on me every now and then through out the movie. “You know, I know you’re staring at me.” I said smiling and looking at him.

“I’m sorry.” he apologized with a nervous smile.

“Sorry for w-” but before i could finish his lips were on mine. I broke the kiss before saying, “Don’t be.” and I kissed him again this time kissing harder. He moved so he was on top of me, his body between my legs, never parting the kiss. One of his hands was supporting himself on the bed and the other was gripping my hip while my hands were running through his hair. He kissed the corner of my mouth then began leaving open-mouthed kisses down my neck leaving little red marks. Every spot he touched burned and then he kissed my sweet spot making a soft moan slip out of my mouth.

I heard a knock on the door making the both of us jump up. Thank god it was locked. “Y/N!” I heard my brother call as I got up from my bed and walked over to the door to open it.

“What is it?” I asked as I opened the door just enough so the two of them couldn’t see H/N.

“H/B/N’s mom called, she said he has to go home early. Can you drive him?” he asked. I looked back into my room and looked at H/N questioningly, but my brother obviously noticed this and pushed the door open.

“What is H/N still doing here?”

“Um, you see Y/N told me she had this movie and that movie happened to be my favorite movie, so you know, I just had to watch it.” he lied and I just couldn’t help but to smile at the lie he picked.

“So, um thank you for letting me watch the movie Y/N and lets go H/B/N.” he said slipping something into my hand and then he was gone.

I looked at the slip of paper and saw that he had written his number down.

So here’s another one I hope you all enjoyed it.

First Times Are Hard

Pairing: Frerard or Frearard Type: Smut and fluff Warnings: Some smut and wow no swears golly gee whiz Plot: Frank suprises Gerard thinking he’s ready for there ‘first time’ but when he’s not they just cuddle it out. A/N: Sorry me making fics takes so long and I really should count the words. Please send me prompts I’m going crazy over here. Also this is for the lovely thefaultinourmcr

_________________________________________________________ “Frankie I’m home” I called closing our apartment door behind me.

“I….I’m in here” his voice called, higher than usual, from our shared room.

I noticed at this a trail of rose petals which I followed until I got to our room. Frankie was undressed laying on our bed covered lightly by a sheet.

“H….Hi Gerard you like what you see” he stuttered voice shaking. I just stood dumbstruck. I walked and sat down next to him on the bed.

“What’s this” I whispered running my hands through his hair.

“I want our first time to be special” he mumbled and I smiled at him.

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want” he looked down.

“I know Gee I’m ready” I just nodded. I stood up and slowly undressed making him let out a small shiver. I slowly and carefully climbed on top of him.

“Is this okay” I asked pulling the sheet over us and rubbing our erections together slowly.

“Oh my god yes” he moaned head falling back. I kissed his lips to distract him from my thrusting hips. We were both letting out small whimpers and moans. After a couple minutes of that I rolled off of him and he let out a small whimper.

“Are you sure you wanna have sex? It’s fine if you aren’t ready I promise” I whispered running my hands through his hair.

“Gee, I don’t want to” he stuttered resting his head on my chest.

“Thats okay” I smiled and kissed his head pulling him tight against my chest. I flicked on the Tv, it was already about midnight as I had gotten home late, and old sitcoms were on. He kept kissing me and laughing.

“I really do love you Gee”

Hidden - Part II

Request: Do a second part to hidden, like how they tell sam, and probably wait to do it cause she was about to do his brother hah. But pleaseee!!! 

Summary: After Dean and the reader admitted their feelings for each other, the reader needs to tell Sam about it (Sam and her had been friends with benefits before). 

Dean x reader and a little Sam x reader 

Warnings: smut with Dean (but it’s a short scene), swearing

Words: 1027

Click here to read part 1

A/N: I added a little something and now I might also write a part 3 ;)

“So…whatyou’ve had with Sam…do you have to like…break up with him orsomething?” Dean laid next to me in his bed, his toned, naked body covered with thin bed sheets. His hands played with my (y/h/c) hair, his voice was husky and he still sounded a little exhausted. Sleeping with him had felt so different, so good, it was not sex, it was making love. I loved him. I really really loved him. “I wasn’t dating your brother, so I don’t really have to break up with him. I’m just going to tell him that things have changed and it will be…just fine,” I answered, sounding a little doubtful, not fully believing in the things that I’d said. Of course, Sam was not my boyfriend or anything. There were no feelings in the game. But it was still a kind of relationship, even if it was just physical. And it would be…weird to tell him that it was over. To tell him that I was now with Dean. To act casual around him, while remembering all the places he’d touched me, the way he’d made me feel before. But it was necessary and we would get used to it.

“Am I stealing my brother’s girl?” Dean turned to look me in the eyes, a little concerned, a little worried. “No, Dean! I wasn’t Sam’s girl. I was just his friend with benefits. That’s it. We had agreed on a no strings attached relationship,” I stated, assuring him that everything would be good. He nodded, kissed me softly. I grabbed his hair, pulling it a little and he quietly moaned in response. The kiss quickly intensified, he grinned. “Can’t get enough of me, huh?” he teased, pulling me closer, closing the space between our bodies. I felt his manhood rising under my touch, his lips were on my ear whispering dirty fantasies into it. I could feel his hot breath, it made me tremble. “Dean,” I breathed. His hands started to caress my breasts, my nipples and I pushed my hips onto his in pleasure and eagerness. “Fuck, Y/N,” he groaned. He got on top of me, his hands everywhere, licking my nipples and making me beg for release. It had barely been an hour since the last time we’d loved each other, but it felt like a lifetime. I needed him.

“Baby, please,” I sighed, feeling his hard length on my private parts. He gave in to my request, filling me with a loud moan. I cried out his name as he loved me, his thrusts getting faster and faster. “You feel so good, baby girl, god damn,” his orgasm shook him simultaneously to mine, then he collapsed on top of me. “Man, I just really love you”

Not only was he cute and adorable, but at the same time, Dean was a sex god. He was perfect. I blew a kiss on his cheek. “Are you hungry?” he asked, getting up. “Yes. I mean, I just worked out,” I giggled, earning a mischievous grin from the man that I loved.

“Ok, I’m going to head out and grab some burgers,” he announced, getting dressed, and fixing his wild hair. “Don’t forget the pie,” I told him, smiling. Then I stood up, too. I Slipped over an oversized t-shirt, shorts and pecked him goodbye before he went out.

After Dean left, I went to the kitchen to make some coffee. Gently humming the melody of Stairway to heaven I padded through the room, taking the milk out of the fridge, grabbing a mug.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Sam’s voice made me turn to the door. He stood there, half naked, watching me. I couldn’t hold myself back from admiring his muscular, beautiful body. My eyes wandered over his bare chest, down to… remembering what his hands were able to do to me…

I swallowed hard. Stop it, I told myself, it’s over. “Hi,” I replied, trying to sound as distant and cold as possible. But I knew I’d failed that. My voice was insecure and shaking. I couldn’t control the things he did to me, the arousal that attacked me at the sight of his lips. Oh god, but… his brother.

Dean was so much more than that.

“Are you feeling better?” he stepped closer. I held my breath. I had to tell him that I wouldn’t sleep with him anymore. How was I going to tell him that I fell for his elder brother?

Only inches separated us now. His lips were so close to mine. Too close. “I hope you are, because I need you to fuck me, Y/N,” he growled with that sexy, deep voice. Holy shit. No.

“Sam…Sam, there’s something I need to tell you,” I put my hands on his stomach and pushed him away. He looked at me with confusion in his greenish eyes. “What do you need to tell me?” he wanted to know, lifting my chin up, forcing me to look at him. “We…we can’t do this anymore. We should go back to being…just friends,” I stuttered. “What?” disbelief was written on his face, controlled his features. “We should go back to being just friends.” I repeated. My voice had grown a little stronger. “What? Y/N, what happened? Why should we…stop this? That thing between us is…fucking good,” Sam’s hand touched my shoulders, he tried to get me back on track, to convince me that I was doing the wrong thing. “I can’t keep my hands off you, Y/N.”

“We can’t do this anymore, I’m sorry”


“We just…can’t”

“Tell me why, Y/N, tell me!”

“Because I fell for someone else and now I can’t keep having sex with you”

The words just sputtered out of my mouth. The expression in Sam’s face froze. “You…you fell for..” he shook his head in confusion, stepping away from me. “Who is it?” he asked. I was uncomfortable, I was afraid of telling him, afraid of what his reaction might be. He seemed so hurt. But why was he? We had agreed on No-strings-attached. Did he…develop feelings for me?

I decided that I wouldn’t tell him just now. I felt like I…couldn’t. 

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