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“He’s already made his way into the house for those who cannot sleep. Hear his steps, he’s already close…” (x)

Okay, I know we all want a Marauders prequel, heck, I’d be the first in line, but have you ever considered McGonagall’s school years?

Young Minerva McGonagall.

Young McGonagall who sits on that stool for nearly six minutes.

Young McGonagall who is only know as “the hatstall” throughout her first term at Hogwarts.

Young McGonagall whose accent is so strong virtually no-one can understand her.

Young McGonagall who is utterly unfazed by all this.

Young McGonagall who flips everyone off by acing her exams as if it were nothing.

Young McGonagall who is the fiercest Beater Gryffindor House has ever had.

Young McGonagall who is so excited when she first manages to turn into a cat that she completely forgets to change back.

Young McGonagall whose every other word is a swearword.

Young McGonagall, the prefect who will come to her fellows’ aid no matter what.

Young McGonagall, the Head Girl who will help anyone regardless of what house they’re in.

Young McGonagall whose first crush is on a Hufflepuff boy.

Young McGonagall who tends to slip into Gaelic whenever she’s excited.

Young McGonagall who is so pissed about being fouled by Slytherin in her very last match for Gryffindor she literally never gets over it.

Young McGonagall who has so little spare for bullies that she ends up in detention because those guys are so infuriating she doesn’t waste a single second and punches them right on the nose or jinxes them.

Young McGonagall whose second crush is on a Ravenclaw girl.

Young McGonagall who swears all the time, but never more than when she witnesses injustice.

Young McGonagall whose curiousity and hunger for knowledge get her into trouble sometimes, but she always manages to make it worth it.

Young McGonagall who looks up to her Transfiguration teacher, and who is constantly stalling after class to bombard him with questions about the subject.

Young McGonagall who nearly bursts with joy when he agrees to help her become an Animagus.

Young McGonagall who writes a three-pages-long letter to the editors of Transfiguration Today in her third year, listing every error they’ve made in their latest copy.

Young McGonagall whose friendship is harder to get than dragons’ eggs.

Young McGonagall who would rather die then let her friends down.

Young McGonagall, fiercely loyal to the House of Gryffindor.

Just… Young McGonagall.

alien covenant

so it turns out everyone who shit-talked this movie is bad and wrong and needs to go sit in the corner reserved for garbage opinions.