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Power Rangers Snapchat AU, because I can.

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I sent you two anons... about being in love with my coworker. Please help. This is crushing me

a love that exists is a love that deserves being named. we are afraid of consequences: the love that might reject, scorn, abandon us.

but i’d rather know “that i love does not love me” than “if i had spoke, it could have accepted me.”

i’ve lived maybe 40 lives in 24 years. you’re all invited to my birthday party, send out an rsvp. but the letter reads: i love you 

i hope you love me.

love freely. just tell your truth and learn to be free.

Canon Shouji Mezou:  ᕦᕦᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤᕤᕤ
  • calm in the face of danger
  • level headed when those around him are volatile and emotional
  • is super protective of others
  • likes squid ink pasta and takoyaki 
  • Ranked 6th on the Quirk Apprehension Test
  • tries his hardest even when his abilities don’t match well with the challenge and he’s at the disadvantage
  • has absolutely nothing in his room except a futon and some clothes
  • can’t wear sleeves so he wears ponchos instead
  • Was born in the most yakuza heavy district in Japan
  • Is friendly, gentle, and empathetic despite being scary to most
  • is close with Satou
  • Is ranked 11th overall in class
  • has tentacles that can get chopped off but also regrow to make a chain of limbs that act as super long extensions of his own body
  • Doesn’t hold a single grudge against anyone
  • Has a grip strength of 540 kilos (1,190.5 pounds!!!)
  • Is the tallest person in Class 1-A
  • frequently talks out of his tentacles
  • eats from his tentacles because he doesn’t want to pull down his mask
  • wears a mask that covers half his face for an unknown reason
  • Once made Ojiro so happy while talking with him that Ojiro started wagging his tail


  • Horikoshi Kohei, creator of BNHA, admits that Shouji is fun to draw
  • His name comes from “壁に耳あり障子に目あり” (Kabe ni mimi ari shōjinimeari? lit. “walls have ears, doors have eyes”).

He’s a baby boy.