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Could I get some Dom Lucio and some reactions from Reaper and Reyes (separately) if their s/o's started to talk/beg them in spanish during rough sex? I love your blog so much, I am almost inspired to make my own blog. If I wrote fanfic about Overwatch characters, would you like to read it? Thanks and have a good day/night!!! <3

Aww, thanks for your compliments! You should give it a try and make your own blog, it’s real fun trust me! AND ALSO FUCKING YES I’D READ TH SHIT OUT OF THAT, MY DEAR! <3 <3 (I’m a sucker for fan fics)
But now lets get down to business! (To defeat the huns) Doms are my shit babe, let me tell ya.
Have a good day/night too! And sorry it took me so long to answer!

> he’s honestly not a rough dom, he’s very gentle and friendly and generally really lovely for a dom and he personally prefers to act like that, it’s his true self.

> his favorite thing to do to his s/o is holding their wrists together in one of his hands while he whispers sweet nothings (or very filthy nothings) into their ear, and keep the other one on their crotch

> also during sex he’d keep holding their wrists and go teasingly slow until they’re a whimpering mess, then he’d let go of their hands so that they can wrap them around his back while he goes harder and faster

> 10/10 would pin s/o down and eat them out, he lives for that stuff. Feeling his s/o’s hips buck into his mouth turns him on like crazy.

> he bites a lot tho, and expect lots of hickeys too

> his favorite way to get down and dirty on his s/o is having them lay down on their stomach, ass slightly tilted up, and just fuck them right there and then. He loves seeing their back arch with every wave of pleasure he sends through them

> I’m pretty sure he’d be into trying to make his s/o cum only by using his voice, if that’s possible? Maybe tying them to the bed and just lightly brush some fingers against their skin as he talks softly but huskily until s/o is completely flustered

> and after all the bites, rough rounds and teasing, he’d most surely give his best to give s/o the greatest aftercare they’ve ever had, with lots of cuddles, warm blankets and giggly chats

Now off to the second part of the ask we go! Let’s see if I can try to write it a bit differently…
S/o talks in lover’s first language during sex:
Reaper has always been the kind of man who loves making others beg, especially during sex, and you’ve known that since your first night together. He’d go rough and hard, bringing you to being a begging mess, and he damn loved it that way. You, on your side, certainly couldn’t complain much: you grew to know that man’s ways in the bedroom and you couldn’t deny how much they turned you on, to the point where you’d be teasing him, talking to him in a very begging and needy voice until you’d find yourself pinned against the nearest surface and stripped of your clothes.
This time, however, took a twist neither of you could predict.
“A-ah, G-gabe! Oh yes! H-hijo de puta– te lo ruego, cogerme duro!” You only realized what you just said when he stopped and stared at you, slightly raising an eyebrow, and you blushed like crazy.
“…o-oh God, I didn’t mean to… w-well… uhm…”
“Oh, didn’t you?” You froze as you saw an amused grin on Reaper’s lips, starting to thrust in you again but at a slower pace. “You’ve never told me you spoke Spanish so… fluently,” His grin growing wider as you gasped hard when he hit your sweet spot with one hard thrust. “You should have told me before, mi puta. We can make things way more fun, now.”
For the rest of the session, he went hard and rough, gaining a lot more loud moans in Spanish from you than he’d have expected.
Needless to say, it was indeed a fun night for the both of you.

Sex with Gabriel Reyes has always been the greatest sex you’ve ever had. He didn’t like to go particularly rough on you but in the heat of the moment you always gained the most desired hard and rough round of pounding. You’ve generally always been quite good at holding your language, even when you’d lose control of everything else, but when the first few mewls in Spanish escaped from your mouth, you knew you were screwed.
Gabriel slowed down and looked at you with a sincerely surprised look on his face, then a pleased smirk took its place on his mouth and he leaned down on you to give you a passionate kiss.
“Fuck, babe, where did you learn that?”
“I, uh… wasn’t planning to tell you this way that I’ve been taking Spanish classes?”
He let out a low chuckle and gave one hard thrust, making you gasp and throw your head back, your hands tightening their grip on his shoulders -making him moan as well.
“Are you kidding me, mi amor? That was the best fucking way to tell me!” Gabriel leaned lower and started attacking the skin of your neck with kisses and bites as he picked up his pace again, going harder and deeper into you and making you scream more delicous moans in Spanish for him.
By the end of the night you’d have your throat and lower region sore, Gabe would find scratches all over his shoulders and back and the both of you would have a hard time catching your breath, but that sure has been the best rough sex you two have had together.

Honestly these are not gold, but I’m damn proud. Hope you liked those!

It feels like my heart is completely open. Yoongi literally put EVERYTHING in that mixtape, all his struggles, all the truth, all of his opinions, it feels like we are closer to him than ever before.

He touched subjects that are looked down upon in Korea - like mental illness!!!!!!!!!!!! - and even admited the life he had to lead while he was a trainee, which sometimes it’s completely camuflated by the media for the sake of the “perfect idol” image.

I’m just so happy for him. He worked so hard for it and didn’t disappoint at ALL.