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Kibum’s really cute, glad to see that Jonghyun thinks so too. 

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SRB: First Sight

Part of the Sterek Reverse Bang 2017 

The Light in the Woods by ThisDiscontentedWinter (tumblr and ao3)

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Basically what this means that I will be prioritizing my mains over other threads and asks if I get bogged down by my activity. I will still interact with anyone as long as we are mutuals! It just gets a little hectic when I have so many different threads and memes to respond to. I can take on 2 of each character [this includes outside the rwby fandom also]! So like this if you’d like to be mains with moi. 

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Asperger's with no diagnosis: some life help suggestions

If you don’t think you can get a diagnosis, and if no one is willing to consider, I have some advice from a 20 year old who knows the ropes on many Asperger’s problems. (I have ASD and have been diagnosed since 6).

Firstly, if you’re considering autism is likely because you feel you don’t fit in, seek out some professional advice online and talk about what makes you feel that way. Many conditions present with similar symptoms and it’s best to be pretty sure before you start treating a paper cut with stitches.

On to the good stuff:

A lot of autistic behaviours and traits are normal behaviours or traits but out of proportion. Therefore, most of them can be made to sound like ‘normal people problems’ which might help you deal with them.

Some suggestions of what to tell people:

Touch aversion: tags and certain fabrics (or whatever irritates you) cause you to get itchy. Describe it as a physical reaction, such as saying you have sensitive skin.

Sensory overload: loud rooms give you headaches. Headaches make things sound louder which make for worse headaches. (Bright lights are a culprit to making this worse that took me years to notice. Beware fluorescent lights.) Ask to listen to quiet music, or be excused regularly, to cut down on the amount of noise you have to hear.

Food issues: XYZ foods make you feel ill. (This is true in part.) Avoiding onions/cabbage/vinegar is a matter of avoiding stomach ache. I would suggest just outright saying that you don’t like some foods and won’t eat them, if you think the people who you eat with will respect that. After all, better to honestly say ‘onion makes me want to puke’ then to pretend you love something someone has prepared for you, which you hate. If you want to eat those foods (onion is one of my favourite meal additions but I physically gag if I chew a half cooked piece) explore new ways of eating it. Make it a minimal part of a meal, like grinding it to oblivion if texture is the issue or using a barely present amount if flavour, and just keep eating it that way, progressively exposing yourself to more as you get used to it. I promise you it’s worth it. (Mind you, I never bothered with cabbage, celery or soft cooked vegetables, I really just don’t like them or care for them.) 

Eye contact: look between their eyes, at the bridge of their nose, or look at their glasses. You can’t really tell. If you’re talking about something, say, at school, write things as you explain it, so that you have a reason to not make eye contact so much, and so they won’t be looking at you as much.

Social skills: recite a new person’s name over and over in your head, while taking mental notes about them. Their car, the shape of their ears, the sound of their voice. You don’t need to memorise those details but it’s one of the best ways to memorise new people if you struggle with that (as a social butterfly I still struggle with new names. I’ll forget unless I think about it again a few times within the next day or so). Also be upfront about being bad with names, and ask if you don’t remember, because asking twice in a row is way less embarrassing then trying to catch their name two months later. Trust me. Also, being upfront but considerate is something most of my autistic friends are liked for.

Lastly, find stims that are soothing but also don’t attract much attention. Leg bouncing is one that many people do, but is sometimes pointed out (by rude people, or if it’s noisy). I play with the tip of my tongue against my teeth often. Fidget rings are good too, or any textured ring that can be rotated around your finger without much resistance. If you notice a new stim which might have consequences, like chewing on your cheeks (causes callouses), try to replace it with a safe one quickly, because bad habits die hard, especially stims. Small, cool objects, like a pebble, or jewellery, or a usb, can be soothing to rotate in your fingers, and is not seen as unusual most of the time.

Hope that helps!  Edit as you see fit.


This seems helpful, thanks for submitting !!

- Solar

Hell and Back- Sebastian Aho

Originally posted by faulker

(Why are there so few Sepe gifs???)

Ok I don’t know how I feel about this one so let me know guys! Anyway some sad and some happy! So… Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of miscarriage

Anon Request: Hey please can you do a sepe one based off “Hell & Back” by Andrew Garcia?


              You smoothed down the dress and stared at your reflection in the mirror.

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mychakk  asked:

Hi! Is there a story with Sherlock and Molly on the run for such a long period that she gets pregnant and they deal with the pregnancy on the run and Sherlock's the only one who can deliver the baby because they cannot trust anyone? (i know there is a dystopia au by @miabicicletta with similar plot lines, and no pregnancy but amazing on the run in USA fic post TRF by @sunken_standard, and now @mrsmcrieff is doing another magnificent one, but none of them is exactly what I'd like to read now...)

“OK, Molly, just breathe, just…do the panting thing, we’re almost there.”

From the backseat of the stolen car, Molly groaned. “Sherlock, I can’t…it’s not…PULL OVER!” she suddenly screamed.

The car swerved to the side of the road, bumping up onto the grass as Sherlock obeyed her urgent command. This was all his fault; he’d let her convince him she would be fine, that they’d make it to Birmingham in plenty of time. What he should have been doing was listening to her pain, not her words. And now their child, a child conceived whilst on the run from Moriarty’s vengeful lieutenant Sebastian Moran, was going to be born in the backseat of a stolen 2017 Chevrolet Equinox on the side of the road in the middle of Nowhere, Alabama.

Yep, definitely all his fault. And Molly was happy to tell him that as he delivered their son - healthy, good damn lungs at the very least - and wrapped him tenderly in the one clean tee shirt he had left. 

“He’s beautiful,” Molly whispered, tears in her eyes as Sherlock handed him to her. The umbilical cord would have to wait to be cut after he’d got them safely to the hospital, only about a half-hour’s drive ahead, but neither new parent cared about details like that. Only about the fact that their son - not a daughter, as Sherlock had insisted - was a healthy red-faced squalling infant in spite of his unorthodox birthing place.

William Hamish Hooper-Holmes, born on the run, American son of two staunch Brits, was also the only witness six months later when his parents managed to capture Moran and finally return to their interrupted lives in London.

For the record, he was not impressed.

This is just a casual reminder that these tweets were put out after Barn Mates aired…

It’s very interesting that they both decided to use the lines from Peridot that were so blatantly flirtatious in that episode, along with those green and blue hearts.

A nice little ship-tease!  Which these two also did again, a few months later, at NYCC (here, if you somehow missed it:


“Even so, because Master Glen smiled, that is enough.” - Charlotte Baskerville

sazekis asked:
➳ Oswald or Lacie

Teaser for the Urban Fantasy/sort of soulmate AU thing I’m working on. Heith and Shance, but everyone is mentioned here. 

In which Keith is a witch who has prophetic dreams that, usually, only make sense after the fact. There’s one in particular that had followed him all his life but when he literally meets the guy of his dreams it goes about as well as one would expect. Which is to say badly. 

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Bungie is bumping up Destiny 2’s console release date to September 6th
Bungie will release Destiny 2 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th, two days before the official launch date Bungie announced at the game’s reveal event last month. The new release date was slipped into the very end of the newest cinematic trailer for Destiny 2, which Sony showed off here at its E3 press conference. Soon after, publisher Activision also confirmed the PC release date — almost two months later, on October 24th. Read more
The Tab takes £3.1m extra investment as losses mount

Online student tabloid The Tab received an extra £3.1 million from its investors after losses ballooned last year.

The start-up raised just over £800,000 in October last year and then £2.3 million two months later, accounts on Companies House reveal.

They also show The Tab made a £1.9 million loss in the year ended July, more than four times the loss from the year before. Revenues were less than £500,000, just 3% higher than in 2015.

The latest cash injection, which was made during its current financial year, comes a year after Balderton, the venture-capital firm best known for investing in Betfair and LoveFilm, backed the company with a £2 million investment.

Chief executive Jack Rivlin, who took charge when his co-founder George Marangos-Gilks left the business last year, said the £3.1 million was part of a larger funding round still in progress.

The Tab was set up at Cambridge University but now covers news for students across the UK.

The London-based company said Balderton’s initial investment was to expand into campuses in the US.


December 18th, 2006. The Creative Coalition event. Where it all began & apparently the photo dodging too… Considering they’re in the same place with the same woman but yet not in the same photo. Kerry was there with David. Tony was solo considering he had officially separated from Jane that year. Kerry & Tony knew of each other but lets just say, that night was a night of many meetings…. Oh also lets not forget the fact that LESS than TWO months later her & David broke up because she wasn’t in love with him & didn’t want to marry him……. Make your own conclusions people, but let me tell you this night was a special night. I mean look at them both!?! How could he not have fallen in love her and lord our man was looking mighty fine that night too. Just some food for thought. Terry on.

Solangelo ness pt 3

(4 parts)

read other parts here:

Solangeloness pt 1

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Just fluff. Completely bubbly, regular universe, Will Solace x Nico di Angelo fluff. Also: in which the two of them get each other gifts. 

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For Sixpenceee

I thought you might like this story, so i hope you see it.

It sounds cliche, but on a dark stormy night, in Jackson Michigan, the town was shaken by a gruesom string of murders. In 1883 some time between the dusk of November 21 and the dawn of the 22nd, Jacob Crouch and his daughter Eunice White were killed in their beds, shot to death. That night, Henry White, Eunice’s husband, and Moses Polley, a family friend, were also killed. Nobody was ever convicted for their murders.

But, two months later, Susan Halcomb was found in her apartment. She had been fed rat poison. There is some speculation whether or not she was force fed, or if she commited suicide. Soon after, an old farmhand of Jacob’s was murdered.

The bizarre thing about these murders is that there seemed to be no motive to them. It just seemed the killer, or killers, wanted the whole Crouch family, and anyone associated with them, dead. They were never solved, and nobody was ever convicted.

Soon after the murders, a hazy white cloud was reported to have drifted from St. John’s cemetery, to Reynold’s cemetery, five miles down the road. It reportedly hung over Jacob Crouch’s grave for a momenr before dissapating. And the same thing happened the year after. And the year after that. And the year after that. It became evident that this happened only one night, November 21, and people soon realized that the mist appeared above Eunice White’s grave. Could it be a loving daughter visiting her father once a year on the date of their death?

the er au (nsfw)

a collab with @gravelyhumerus

based on this iconic post

  • john reese walks in the er at like 11pm
  • “what’s the problem?” the nurse at the desk asks, flipping through a magazine. he doesn’t even look up. his nametag reads “fusco, lionel”
  • john grimaces. “there’s uh, no other way to put this. i…….have a vibrating dildo inside my ass”
  • nurse fusco doesn’t even bat an eye
  • “yeah, get in line, pal. second one tonight”
  • john has to fill out a lot of forms
  • Describe Your Injury: _________________
  • john: um
  • as he turns away from the desk a lanky brunette standing on the other side of the waiting room winks at him
  • john wonders if she’s the other one
  • (it’s root)
  • (of course she is)
  • john carefully selects a seat away from anyone else in the room (his bum is still vibrating)
  • it takes him two painful moments to realize that sitting is nOT an option
  • poor john… just lurking in the waiting room, standing stiffly
  • vibrating dildo stuck in his ass
  • we’ve all been there
  • he gets called (finally) into an examination room, and a doctor jocelyn carter gives him the once over, reads his chart. she doesn’t even react beyond a raised eyebrow
  • she’s seen a lot of things in her day, and this doesn’t even break the top 30 Most Memorable Shifts
  • “don’t worry, sir,” she tells him. “we’re just going to sedate you and then extract the….foreign object”
  • that’s what they’re calling it
  • the “foreign object”
  • nice
  • doctor carter just moves on to the next patient, sending john to get x rays
  • that’s where he meets doctor harold finch, the radiologist
  • he’s wearing a lab coat and big glasses and he gives john this smirk and oh boy john is in love
  • it doesn’t help that he can still hear the faint buzz of the dildo
  • a list of things radiologist harold finch has seen in his line of work: pennies stuck inside children’s noses, broken and fractured bones, a plastic toy car blocking an intestinal tract
  • a list of things radiologist harold finch has never seen: a vibrating dildo stuck in a man’s colon, five hours into its battery life
  • poor john. he’s trying so hard to keep a neutral expression but the poor dude is so Gay and embarrassed
  • flash backward two hours
  • john’s best friend, sameen shaw, is the one who bets that he can’t fit the whole thing
  • they have a horrible habit of being fiercely competitive and unable to refuse each others’ dares, which just turns into a revenge cycle of bad decisions
  • so john’s texting shaw throughout this ordeal, and she’s loSING it because she can’t believe this happened to him
  • actually she has no problem whatsoever believing it. this is exactly the kind of thing that would happen to john
  • it’s a story shaw tells at dinner parties for years
  • that’s how she starts her thanksgiving toast every year
  • “i dunno about you guys, but /im/ pretty thankful for not having a vibrating dildo stuck up my ass”
  • when she and root start dating (also having met in the er, several months later, in two unrelated incidents) and the gang meets her for the first time john’s like WAIT and root’s like HANG ON
  • “WERE YOU–”
  • “yeAH”
  • they high-five
  • shaw’s like “i know why HE did it but why did you?” and root’s like [shrug] “i got overzealous”
  • it’s a good bonding convo for john and root
  • harold, who’s there as john’s date, is like “this is the strangest situation i’ve been in ever in my life”
  • to get even, john dares shaw to drink a whole, previously unopened bottle of mustard in one sitting
  • guess where they end up
  • the er
  • lo and behold, doctor carter is there. shaking her head. nurse fusco fist bumps john

Censorship, Art and Beating Self-Obsession with @madonna

To see more of Madonna’s photos, follow @madonna on Instagram.

The album cover is a stark black-and-white image, with one of the world’s most famous faces in the center, tied up in a black cord. Madonna (@madonna) — porcelain skin, lipstick, blonde hair strewn about — ready to face the world as she always has: authentically and with no apologies. In January, that cord caused an uproar, when she began posting images of it wrapped around civil rights leaders, such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Many deemed it culturally insensitive — nothing more than a ploy to promote her new album, Rebel Heart. She later apologized while also clarifying her position, one she echoes two months later, on the 10th floor of Sotheby’s auction house in New York City.

“There are a lot of layers to the meaning of the black [cord],” says the 56-year-old pop goddess, while sporting a black and gray dress, fingerless gloves and a shiny gold grill attached to the front of her teeth. “On one hand you could say it’s an artist tied up in a bow, in a package. Another aspect is, it’s the restriction, or, say, the resistance that all artists — real artists — have to go through and fight for. You’re always fighting for something when you’re an artist, to have your voice heard in a certain way without people tampering with it, censoring it, editing it. And it’s getting harder and harder to have a pure voice.”

For three decades, Madonna has paved the way on the acceptance of counterculture. But at a time when humanity has made great strides on gay rights, ageism and sexism, we still live in an era that, to her, seems to be moving backward as well; where artists are no longer allowed to speak as freely or be the provocateurs they once were. Not that that stops Madonna herself from being one. She speaks her mind and knows how to handle resulting controversies better than any pop star in history. Though there was one recent incident she wasn’t prepared for.

At the end of 2014, a man allegedly broke into her computer and turned it into a sieve, leaking a year-and-half’s worth of songwriting from Rebel Heart — which hadn’t even been announced yet — to the public, along with private, unreleased photos even the artist herself hadn’t seen. Madonna went ahead and finished six tracks, releasing them just before Christmas. That makes the release of this record a bit more anxiety-filled than her previous 12 studio efforts.

“I am in a kind of mild state of panic,” she says, just days before the record’s (official) release. “It’s a little bit nerve-racking — more than usual — simply because there were so many leaks. Leaks of the demos, leaks of the masters — it was kind of like having my clothes ripped off of me on the street whether I like it or not. It was a violation — a serious violation in many ways.”

Initially, Madonna’s new album, Rebel Heart, was supposed to be split into two discs: one with a more personal, introspective side, and one that featured party anthems. Instead, it’s a 19-song mishmash of both themes, from the bass-thumping “Bitch I’m Madonna” to the media critique and martyrdom of “Joan of Arc.” The latter is the one getting much of the attention, specifically the track’s opening line: “Each time they take a photograph / I lose a part I can’t get back / I want to hide / This is the part where I detach.”

Another song, the titular “Rebel Heart,” deals with her egotism: “I’ve spent some time as a narcissist … Outgrown my past and I’ve shed my skin / Letting it go and I’ll start again, start again.”

“I think I was pretty self-obsessed until I had children,” she says, about the lyric. “I think most artists are. Being a mother brings up so many different emotions. But I don’t think it stopped me from saying what I want to say or doing what I want to do.”

Clearly not. Madonna is still going to be Madonna. She’s still going to speak her mind and be bizarre and unique, like using a sock puppet to promote her upcoming world tour. (According to her, she met the sock in Bucharest. “She approached me. She just showed up in my hotel room.”)

She’s also going to sing songs about oral sex and love and narcissism, and call herself a freedom fighter. Most importantly, she says, she’s still going to pray before her albums come out. This time, those prayers are making sure the rest of the Rebel Heart release and world tour go smoothly. As she says, “Fingers crossed. Legs crossed. Toes crossed. Socks crossed. Grills on.”

“Are you there?”

I dated him for two years so he was my first everything besides kiss. He was mentally ill, though, and wasn’t on his medication the majority of our time together which caused us to fight a lot. We eventually broke up and didn’t talk for a long time because there was still a lot of anger between us. Three years later I was stuck stranded at an abusive boyfriend’s house a state away from my home. I called him and asked if he’d come get me and he agreed on the terms that I’d give him gas money and would drop him off at the airport for his upcoming trip. He had been on medication for some time by then and was seemingly a lot happier. He told me about his brother’s recent suicide attempt and said he enjoyed life too much to kill himself. He also promised me a dance at my brother’s wedding two months later.

I got back together with the abusive ex who I was with when I received this last text. I didn’t answer, hoping he wouldn’t text more and my boyfriend at the time would get mad. He only sent that one text and I’m forever haunted by it. I can only assume he wanted me to give him a ride. A month later he didn’t show up to work and my parents went to his apartment to check on him because he worked for my dad. A cop was called and found him with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head in his living room. I’m so sorry.

I think it’s pretty stupid how people and the media keep mentioning how Girl Online outsold the first Harry Potter book as a debut novel like its a Big Deal. The situations of the authors were so different that it makes no sense to compare them, nor is it fair. 

Zoe had close to six million subscribers on her channel when she announced that she was putting out a novel. She eventually DID reach six million subscribers a few months later. She also has two million or so twitter followers. Let’s subtract about a million of those, assuming that they’re they same people who subscribed to her channel. Ok, so we’re at seven million. Multiply that by 1.5 for the subscribers/followers parents (1.5 because not everyone is in the standard two-parent family) and we get 10,500,000 people. I’m not even going to write that in word format because it would be a waste of time. THEN, let’s say that 100,000 people know at least OF Zoe: either by glancing over her videos on their “recommended” lists, hearing her name in the news, hearing their friends talk about her etc. That puts us at a grand total of 10,600,000 people who knew about Zoe and a large majority of those people knew she had a book coming out. Guys, that’s enough for a small country. By comparison, Canada has about 35 million people in population. A SHITON of people know about Zoe and the book she had coming out. And it’s safe to say 6 million of them were already planning to buy the book

Who knew JK Rowling before she published her first book? The same amount of people that know any average person: her friends, her family and her collegues. And how many people knew she was writing a book? ONE - her sister. She sent Harry Potter out to be published for the first time as a nobody. Nobody had any idea who this JK Rowling person was when Harry Potter first hit the shelves. In fact, many people at first thought it must have been a man who wrote the book (and if that doesn’t smell like sexism, I don’t know what does, but that’s another story entirely). In the beginning, Harry Potter gained popularity purely by word of mouth - children told their friends, parents told other parents, teachers read the book to the class. JK Rowling went from 0 to 100 while Zoe maybe went from 80 to 100.

Now, this isn’t a dig on Zoe. I love Zoe, I think she’s a very talented youtuber and a very lovely woman and I appreciate the things she does. I don’t really care if Girl Online was ghostwritten but I think a little more transparency from her would have been nice - it would have avoided this whole scandal. 

But what I’m trying to say here is that there’s no real sense in comparing the two success stories because they’re such wildly different situations. Of course I’m not blaming Zoe for having had a huge support base when she started but it’s just simply not fair to compare Girl Online’s success to Harry Potter’s. It’s apples and oranges guys.