also i am so happy with this colouring


You can say I spend majority of my year with Dan & Phil. I am so glad that the phandom welcomed me with open arms. I made a lot of new friends, did fun projects and achieved many goals that I’ve set for myself; like having an entire art summary filled with colours+digital and completing inktober. To me, it was been a very successful year. I may or may not still be in the phandom but where ever my art takes me, I hope to create new memories in 2017 like this year.

Jan: Kiss Me
Feb: Phamily
Mar: Dentist Kink
Apr: Shibes!
May: Love Me Like You Do
June: If I lose myself 
July: Majestic Pastel
Aug: Team Mystic
Sept: Only one
Nov: Phanime
Dec: Secret Santa

So we got some quality guitar hugs last night. Look at this actual angel jfc

Yuri Katsuki ~ Fanart ~ Yuri On Ice

I just had to show some love to our favourite bowl of Katsudon after watching the 5th episode of Yuri!! on Ice ^____^

I love seeing this character grow :3
So excited how it will all turn out! ^^

I already mentioned before that I absolutely love figure skating after drawing the Viktor ~ Yuri On Ice ~ Fanart
Therefore I am so happy that the show incorporates so many elemens of the sport!! Since the Ina Bauer move is one of my alltime favourites I couldn’t resist giving it a try^^
And to be honest.. the pose was sooo hard to draw..
I really hope that I got it right xDD

I also wanted to try out a softer colouring again since it’s a lot quicker than my usual colouring style

Anyway I hope you enjoy it^^


Here we have a blonde, short haired, not smiling, stef. 

Hi. Just thought I’d update y'all on my life. 

So let’s start with the blatantly obvious- i chopped 12 inches of my hair off!!!!!!! The reason why I decided to do it was 50% cus my hair was SO FRIED and 50% cus I wanted to look like CL soooo yeah. I did it. It’s done. 

I’m also now back in school (kind of sad face) except my best friend transferred to my university so I don’t have to suffer alone in my classes anymore (happy face)!!! 

Some of you may know this already but I actually ended up completely quitting my old job and taking a leap of faith by switching career paths! I am no longer barista stef but rather a (soon to be) colour consultant at Sephora!! I honestly never thought that I’d be leaving Starbucks so soon and do miss it from time to time but am loving the new experiences and challenges I encounter at Sephora and the wonderful work family that it comes with. Plus you all should know by now that makeup is the second thing in my life that I’m most passionate about (after jimin) so to work in the industry is almost like a dream come true for me. 

In terms of my mental health I’m kind of all over the map right now; BUT I am currently getting help for it and am also on low dosage medication so hopefully things will steadily go up from here! 

Anyway, I realize that I haven’t been as active as i would have liked to be the past couple of months (I so sorry) but hopefully now that I’ve gotten past some of the kinks and bumps in my life I’ll be back updating and connecting with u guys regularly. Just felt like I’ve kind of been isolated for a lil while and wanted to tell u guys what’s up. 😊 xoxo all my love -stef

oh ps- follow my instagram for more frequent updates on me- i follow back and love seeing all your posts!! helps me to put faces to names too yknow? hehe

pps- thank u guys for 15k im so sorry i havent been able to do a proper thank you but i promise i will soon i just cant believe there are 15000 of u guys ugh i wish i could hug each and every one of you honestly u guys have no idea how blessed u make me feel. i love love love love love you. so much.


Seven Seas Treasure & Amulet Fortune!
“Yo, Princess.”

@chiisanahoshi suggested i do an edit of seven seas treasure since i find ikuto’s normal palette so boring… amulet fortune also has a finicky colour scheme, so i included her as well.

this was actually pretty fun to do!

Day 3 Favorite Character: Judai Yuki

I just love Judai. Poor thing went through so much but also had the most amazing character development.

Fight the fight can have the Chazz my fave boy will always be Judai! <3 (Though we are both losers for rivalshipping)

I am so happy with how this turned out! I have always wanted to try this colouring style! 

@gx-month is so much fun! :D


My dudes! I am so fucking hype! So sadly one of my favourite stores is closing (HMV) so there will be no more in Canada (or anywhere else I think) and so they have great deals on so I got this and also Metallica but like my dudes this whole thing is wicked! The fucking record is red and slightly see-through so I’m so happy. Also, I spent way more money then I should and got more tea!

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Jen, you are a human rainbow. This is partly in reference to all your colourful hair and fun footwear choices. I am also referring to all the gorgeous facets of your being. You have this knack for making people smile just by being who you are. Genuine kindness shines through your marvelous writing, touching everyone around you. I'm really happy you're back.

Ah, Tam … thank you so much! That warms me.

I love who openly friendly and welcoming you are. Sometimes it seems as though there are no strangers in your world––at least not here, anyway. You treat everyone with the same warm and welcoming kindness. It’s lovely and has always made me feel right at home here, whether I’m gone for a day or a year. Thank you for that.

(Here’s what’s going on.)

10x03 “Soul Survivor”
“He’s not possessed, so exorcism is out of the question. The ritual of purified blood is the only treatment I know.”

the list of things that made my life better and happened because of Taylor is ENDLESS!

I met the most amazing group of german swifties and I really don’t know where I would be right now without them. I made so many incredible new friends in general from all over the world which is just AMAZING. she brought @redswiftie13 into my life and WOAH I will never ever be able to thank her for that.
the red concert in Berlin was my very first concert and I am so happy that it was a Taylor one! I also had the best time at the 1989 tour in Cologne and met so many of my online friends there. I wish I could go back!

she also made me go out of my comfort zone by inspiring me to do new stuff without caring what other people think. now I love wearing red lipstick on a daily basis and even when a girl tells me that “the colour doesn’t suit me”, as long as I’m loving it and feel comfortable, I’m going to wear it! i also had the courage to do something completely new with my hair by cutting it a bit shorter two years ago and dying it dark brown this year like i wanted to for such a long time. Taylor made me more comfortable in my own body.

She taught me that it’s more important to be happy than cool, to dance at a concert like no one is watching because that’s what concert are there for, to not judge myself by the mistakes I make because that’s life and it’s never too late to be brandnew, to use my words for good and just to be proud of who I am because there is only one me and that is my power!

So thank you @taylorswift thank you for all that and much more. I hope you’re going to have the most amazing birthday. I wish I could give you more than just this little text because you deserve everything good and all the happiness. The one thing I can give you and already have been giving you for the last almost 5 years is my unconditional love and support.

I love you SO much - Nina

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Love that its Harriet. Love that Cain is involved. Love that Aaron is wearing a hint of the colour that is usually Roberts. Love that Robert is actually putting up decs. Weirdly, I like that its in their first home even if it is the pub. The police bit and the naysayers can bog right off but gosh, I am EXCITED!

It couldn’t have been anyone other that Harriet. And Cain getting involved, I am living for this (I am also longing for some Cain and Robert). Aaron looks lovely (and so happy and in love). Robert is just the cutest. I wasn’t too keen on it being the pub but now I’ve seen the photos, I honestly don’t care where it is. I can not wait

until i die again because Aaron is taken away *cries*


My hardcover of Le Morte d’Arthur arrived today - 3 days late, but it was all worth it. I audibly gasped when I opened the package, the front was just so beautiful I was already in love before I even looked at the rest of the book. It’s a gorgeous teal colour with beautiful golden designs & golden metalic page edges. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside, the illustrations are wonderful, as are the Book title pages. Also, it smells lovely! I am so, so in love with this book. I had the idea when I bought it that I’ll throw away my old Le Morte d’Arthur paperback with the ripped pages & writing (it’s a second hand book) & read/use this new one but it’s so beautiful I feel guilty just touching it. It’s so heavy too, I have to find it a pride of place on my book shelf but aah, how do I put it in a way that you can see the entire book, there’s not one thing I don’t love. 

So Oliver send me this package...

So I guess I should try it out. 

I was not that excited.

It smelled weird like chemicals and the colour was a strange one.

I don’t feel like my face got any better. Whatever. 
I guess, happy Valentine’s day to you. 


yesterday i had the best day of my entire life, i got to see one of my favourite people in the entire world andy biersack live and also meet him, i hugged him and i told him how happy he makes me and how much he helps me and he thanked me and told me he appreciates it, i also told him how amazing his solo album ‘the shadow side’ is and congratulated him on his wedding, never in a million years did i ever think i’d even see andy never mind meet him and it was truly the best thing to ever happen to me, i can’t even put it into words how grateful i am for it. (we were both wearing black and white and had blonde in our fringe so the colour co-ordination was on point) also i got andy to sign this and as he is one of the few people that have truly saved my life so this was such an important thing for me and as he was signing it i told him how happy he makes me and how much he helps me and the smile on his face made me the happiest person ever and the he thanked me and told me he appreciates it and then did a heart, during the concert i was four rows from the front and i wish i could do it all over again.❤️

Finished my flat colour gift for @autumnstarchild! it’s her Lapisona, and she was a lot of fun to draw! I wanted to portray her adorable personality as much as possible, so squishy cheeks were necessary. I was challenged a bit with the braids and the feet, but I am kind of doing these gifts as drawing practice anyways, so even with the obvious flaws, I am still happy with how it turned out ^.^

Want me to draw your OC or Gemsona? Commissions are open!
You gotta click HERE

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HOW OLD ARE YOU? I’ll be 38 in July

CURRENT JOB / DREAM JOB? Stay at home mom who occasionally does sewing/crochet commissions. Dream job? Honestly, pretty happy with what I’m doing right now. So like this without having to pay off student loans?

WHAT ARE YOU TALENTED AT? Writing, I’ve come to accept I’m pretty decent at this writing thing. Also crochet, really damn good at that.

WHAT IS A BIG GOAL YOU ARE WORKING TOWARDS (OR HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED)? Finishing the quilt i am making for my parents, finishing all my wips

WHAT ARE YOUR AESTHETICS? organized clutter, towers of books, yarn organized by colour

DO YOU COLLECT ANYTHING? funko pops and tsum tsum, books.

WHAT IS A TOPIC YOU ARE ALWAYS UP FOR TALKING ABOUT? Books, movies, fandom stuff, yarn.

WHAT’S A PET PEEVE OF YOURS? People who are assholes about grammar. Like the ones who complain about the use of literally, or nitpick at people. Just is incredibly petty and annoying.

GOOD ADVICE TO GIVE? Every once in a while you have to tell everyone to just fuck off and leave you alone for an hour. Be as kind to yourself as you are to your best friend. Avoid jager bombs. Remember there is good in the world. And when you write slash fic dear god remember the lube.


Kiss Me on the Bus - The Replacements

Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill

Electric Pow Pow - A Tribe Called Red

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