Undertale AU  Character Pose Art 2

Heinz: Here’s part two of the chibis! I might make more, but I’ll need help this time by asking for you guys to send in Sanses/OCs I haven’t done yet. Also, little note I forgot to mention in the last one, I wanted to thank all the artists for they give their time and dedication to being the cool people they are, and how they show and have the attributes of the seven souls each and every day. You guys are amazing! Tags will be below a ‘read more’ ^^


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Today’s To Do List

1. Write my résumé. Because while I’m studying in London(!) this spring, I’ll also be doing an internship. And the organization that is coordinating the internship needs my résumé so they can match the internship as closely as possible to what I want to do after graduation. (Did I mention I’m going to London?)

2. Check out flights to London. I looked a little bit last night and the prices aren’t quite as horrid as I thought they would be.

3. Read through the mounds of paperwork for the study abroad program.

4. Do a bit of research to see if there are some decent Mexican restaurants in London. This is actually my biggest concern about spending ten weeks in England. Not that it will stop me from going if there isn’t one. :)


White Collar aesthetics | Peter Burke

Control Sneak Peek

“Do you like them?”

The voice from behind Seto was strange, so he turned to see who had come in. Before he got a decent look, Duke had lowered his head.

“They are very well done,” Seto said. It would have been his response no matter who was approaching, and for a moment, after recognizing the king, Seto debating adding on another praise for the artwork.

“I’m glad you can speak English,” the king said. “I was a little worried about the wedding vows all having to be translated.”

He held out his hand. “Pegasus.”

Seto accepted the handshake, pausing to switch the water bottle to his left hand with his own, “Kaiba Seto.”

“I’ve dropped my own last name,” Pegasus said. “So I don’t mind if you chose to keep yours after you’re married. Royalty never seems to go by the family name anyway.”

The offer meant more to Seto than he had expected it to. He could only nod as their hands moved away.

“How was your flight over?” Pegasus asked.


Pegasus laughed and took a step closer to look up at the painting nearest them.

“I’ve been told it wasn’t a pleasant trip,” Pegasus said. He interlaced his fingers behind his back, keeping his eyes away from Seto.

“No, Your Majesty. It was not particularly pleasant.”

“I have also been told that you might have a stronger objection to this marriage than simply being forced into it.”

Seto smirked and turned so that he was also looking at the painting. “You researched me.”

“Extensively. You are marrying my only son, you know.”

“Do your children have paintings in here?” Seto asked.

“You walked by them when you came in. Here,” Pegasus said. He gestured back toward the doorway, where two paintings, larger than the others, hung on either side.

The first of the paintings was an animal, maybe a lion or a panther, wearing draped toga and carrying a shield. There was a skirt under the white cloth, so Seto assumed that this was Pegasus’s rendition of his daughter.

The second was a dragon, sleek and black, breathing out a long trail of fire toward the bottom corner of the canvas.

Seto turned away from it and back to the warrior panther. He would have to marry the person who inspired his own father to draw that version of his son.

“You are very good,” Seto said.

“I know that you didn’t ask for this and that you are justifiably upset,” Pegasus said. “You should make yourself at home here. I hope that your stay is more pleasant than the journey to get here.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

While Seto didn’t feel particularly grateful, it was a relief to know that the king, and hopefully anyone working for him, would be trying to make the transition easier.

“I hope that you will join us for dinner tonight,” Pegasus said.

Seto wanted to turn down the invitation, but thought better of it. He nodded once instead of answering and Pegasus smiled.

“Then I’ll see you at dinner, Kaiba-boy.”

Coming January 1st, 2017

midday winter light over the cemetery…next door to my house, stones from years long past and recent yesterdays rest steady under shifting skies. Whether sun or storm, in nature or soul, the peace here is unchanging, unceasing.