Sanvers Week Day 5 – Domestic

A/N: as always, no beta, english isn’t my first language, blah blah, hope you enjoy anyway this slice of life that is day 5!

This morning, as most mornings went, Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer were awaken by an excited big puppy. No, not Kara Danvers, but their actual, newly adopted dog Gertrude. An half asleep Maggie poked Alex until she grumbled and reluctantly got up. The DEO agent changed out of her pajamas and into her running outfit.

“Yeah, yeah, Gertie, we’re going,” she said to the dog as she put the leash on her collar, and with a kiss to her girlfriend she was out of the door.

It was their morning routine now; Alex was going for a run with their energic pup while Maggie was doing breakfast (a task she claimed after the third time Alex burnt the food). This morning though, Alex decided to break the habit a little with a romantic gesture.

“You bought me flowers, Danvers? What did you do?”

It wasn’t the reaction Alex was hoping for when she bought the bouquet of red roses on her way back.

“Nothing.” She shrugged.

“You want to ask me something then.” Maggie squinted her eyes, examining Alex’s reaction.

“No, why? I can’t buy flowers to my lovely fiancee without having a hidden motive?”

“Mmh, of course you can. Thank you. They smell wonderful.” The petite cop pecked Alex’s lips gently.

“Yeah, something else smell good here. Is that blueberry pancakes?” Alex asked, hugging Maggie from behind and looking at the food over her shoulder.

“Yeah, I know they’re your favorite.”

“They are. But Kara’s favorite is chocolate chips, so I rarely have the chance to eat them. Did someone tell you you’re amazing?”

“Yeah my fiancee tell me so all the time.”

“Smart woman.”

“Yeah, she is.” Maggie confirmed and drew Alex for another chaste kiss. “Come on, let’s eat before it goes cold. Set the table while I take care of the flowers, okay?”

“Yes ma'am.” Alex replied cheekily. Maggie roled her eyes at that but didn’t comment.

They ate mostly in companionable silence, simply enjoying each other presence. Gertrude was dozing at their feet under the table, seemingly exhausted after her run with Alex earlier. All three of them were basking in this simple moment of domesticity; Alex and Maggie especially were reveling in the fact they found a person to enjoy all these little moments with. No, not just a person, but the right person. 

And even Gertie, in her own dog way, was probably thanking her lucky star for having been found by these two humans after having spent so much time at the shelter.

All three were a familly now, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

things I realized after watching last night’s iZombie
  • Rob Thomas wants to jump Jason’s bones so he’s vicariously having his way with him through every female character he writes. #iknowthefeeling  #keeponkeepinonmydude  #jointheclub #blessyouandyouroffspring
  • Rob only writes fanfiction and Liv is his own self-insert.
  • Jason Dohring will give me butterflies until the day I die. And in my afterlife, probably.  #thosearmsstillgivemeshivers 
  • I won’t buy that’s what Ravi’s sex face looks like because I find Ravi extremely attractive, okay? 
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i highkey want to write a western with cowboy smut. but i have no idea about a) horses b) the wild west c) US american history d) literally i have no fucking clue about the entire western genre apart from some good movies so it would be a fuckton of research work and I’m not sure if that would pay off?? 

concept: two protagonists (cowboysss - let’s call them L and N) + the evil villain: The White Mean Sheriff (who I might or might not plan on naming Dronald Tump) who in some way doesn’t obey the law but manipulates it so that he’s getting money and power; the lesbian couple that saves the protagonists lives bc L and N are dumb and dont get shit done without some professional help. One of the lesbians is a Latina and the other one is the Britishest, poshest person to ever walk on earth. Imagine the contrast! Anyway, L and N obviously save the day (after some serious communication problems/ bickering/ argueing/ flirting) and fuck in a tent. And then they’ll all live happily ever after.

Ja or nah?
Trapped in the Closet with Alex and Evan
Actors Alexander Vlahos and Evan Williams (Versailles) are trapped. In a closet. So naturally, they decide to make a podcast. Sit back, get your macaroons at the ready and listen while the pair swea

Actors Alexander Vlahos and Evan Williams (Versailles) are trapped. In a closet. So naturally, they decide to make a podcast.

Sit back, get your macaroons at the ready and listen while the pair sweat profusely in the Paris heat… trapped in a closet.



Ellis Grant glanced up towards the flickering white light, it had been playing up for days now and the more she looked it, the more it infuriated her. She’d been in the facility for longer than she cared to remember, in fact she had lost count of the number of days long ago. Her days, which were once filled with warm sunlight and the fresh air of the outdoors, were now regimented and gruelling, filled with artificial light and the sterile scent of hospital corridors. 

“Elle…” Owen Grady’s voice tore Ellis’ attention from the flickering light and she stared at him blankly. She didn’t speak much these days, in fact she did very little. “Please…” Owen pleaded, “…just try.” 

If she could’ve found it in herself, Ellis would have laughed. Try she thought. As though it were that simple. As though she hadn’t been trying since the moment they brought her out of the coma that they had kept her in for weeks. She’d done her trying, and she’d gotten precisely nowhere. 

The two of them stared at each other intensely for short while before eventually Owen sighed and stood up, turning away from Ellis and walking towards the window on the opposite side of the room. He left her in her wheelchair at the end of the parallel walking bars that had been her nemesis for the past couple of weeks and looked out towards the entrance gates. When he caught sight of a figure, heading towards the large wrought iron gates Owen smirked. Heading towards the rehabilitation centre was a tall, thin, man with greying hair. He was dressed entirely in black: black shirt, black trousers, black socks, black shoes, and walked with an air of self confidence like nothing Owen had ever seen before. He neared the building, a sarcastic grim reaper, there to pull Ellis from the slump she presently found herself in. 

“Oh you’re in for it now Grant.” 


Pretty self explanatory, I’m making over ts4 townies cuz I wanted to give my own spin on this trend :D Anyways, I made over the BFF household cuz they needed serious help

Travis went from nerdy to down to earth
Liberty went from geeky to humble cutesy girl
 And Summer went from preppy to prude

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How would you feel if Hanji was male (in canon) ? I notice in your translations that Hanji is always female. Thanks

Hi anon! How would I feel if hanji was male…? I prefer her to be female, but if she was male it wouldn’t change my view of him/her. As for “levihan” I would still ship it. If hanji was male, I’m pretty sure a bunch of fujoshi fan girls would start shipping it so…yay??? As for the translations, it is extremely hard to find comics or doujins with a male Hanji. I’ve seen a few but most are nsfw. Hanji is seen as having no specific gender, but with all the anime, manga, and merchandise content on Hanji, I think she’s female. Thanks for the ask!!

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So...we get all these beautiful stills of Magnus, Alec, and Malec and a few of what looks like a Climon breakup (finally). But just you wait, Climon will take up 50% of the episode, 45% will go to other random plots, and Malec if they're lucky will get the remaining 5%.

Oh, anon. 

Well, I actually prefer Climon to Clace- which is sacrilegious, I know. But I also prefer Jaia to Clace too. I just don’t love Clary or Jace enough to actually care about them being in a relationship. I do love Maia and Simon though. So they both make Clary and Jace more… palatable… let’s say. Maybe if they put Simon and Maia together it will balance out my dislike of Clace? I don’t even know.


On to the idea that Climon content will trump Malec. Well. Probably. Honestly, I tell myself every ep I will not get myself hyped.. And then I do. So I’m trying, again, as I do every week, to not get hyped. But those pics have me hyped. Maybe this will be the episode that actually does right by Malec. Maybe they’ll get the time and attention that they deserve. 

But. You’re probably right and I’ll have to sit through freaking 95% other things and 5% malec. And I’ll be sad because Malec deserves more heartfelt moments, more sexy moments, more cute moments, more bad ass power couple moments. Like. Fuck. 

Now I’m just depressed.

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I love picturing a protective Mattew around Stephanie

‘The stupidity of entitled men will never fail to surprise me.’ Stephanie thought, her internal barb both sour and a little on edge as the man scooted to her closer on his bar stool. Over the course of the five minutes since the stranger had sat down way too close to her already, she’s heard about half a dozen pick up lines, multiple comments about how ‘a pretty girl like her shouldn’t be alone at the bar’, and five offers for a drink. In return, she’d offered a half dozen disinterested stares, multiple replies of how ‘I’m here with someone, he’s just answering a phone call’, and five turn downs for drinks and explanations that she was not, in fact, interested in either a drink or him.

“Why don’t we head on out of here, hmm? If the bar hasn’t got anything you like, I’m sure I do back home.” ‘Am I being too subtle or something?’ Steph wondered, her flat, almost bored stare turning into something a little fiercer and angrier. The stranger moved even closer and put a hand on her wrist where her hands were resting on the bar and Stephanie felt her anger intensify. “I must be speaking French or something, so let me try this again.” She gritted out, drawing herself up to her full height and glaring at the unperturbed man. “I’m not interested, I’m married, I’m here with my husband. Go away.”

For a minute, she almost thought he was going to leave. The surprise on the strangers face made her think he had actually not gotten what she’d been saying, that he somehow had thought she was into him. That hope died quickly as the man shrugged. She could feel his fingers tapping on her skin, the charming smile suddenly felt a lot creepier. “I don’t see your husband anywhere, besides he doesn’t need to know. Girl’s gotta have some fun, eh? Lemme buy you a drink, then you might be more interested.”

The cajoling tone to his voice sent a shiver of disgust down Stephanie’s spine, and she went to hop off the stool only for the man’s grip on her wrist to tighten unexpectedly. 'Where’s Matthew?’ She thought suddenly, looking frantically around the room and feeling her heartbeat slow slightly as she saw her husband making his way over to them, brow furrowed and shoulders tense.

“Stephanie, sorry I was gone so long.” Matthew interrupted smoothly, wrapping an arm around Stephanie’s waist and shuffling closer to her side. 'Thank god.’ She sighed to herself, shooting Matt a relieved smile. “Anyways, we should get going. Busy day tomorrow and all.” He added with a pointed look at the man, his eyes flickering between his face and his hand where it was still wrapped around Stephanie’s wrist. If it wasn’t for that fierce glare, she could almost believe he wasn’t internally seething. There was something eerie about an angry Matt that she’d always found interesting, something that was incredibly cordial and friendly on the surface and yet left a kind of burning in his eyes that made even the bravest man flee.

The stranger glared back, and Stephanie winced as his grip on her arm tightened. “Oh fuck off, I’ve been working this one for awhile now. I got dibs.” 'No accounting for the stupidest man, I guess.’ She thought. The arm around her waist tensed slightly and that neighbourly smile seemed a little more brittle around the edges, like a broken bottle: sharp and dangerous and just itching for a fight. “Actually no, you really don’t and I’d appreciate it if you stopped harassing my wife before I kick your fucking teeth in. Choice is yours, friend.” Matthew replied, still smiling that poisonous smile. The burning in her husbands eyes seemed to flicker out and freeze over with something so cold Stephanie almost shivered and the man seemed to realize he may have made a mistake as he stopped glaring.

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My mum puts law and order on sometimes after work for some mindless tv, and when I'm in the same room I'm one of those people who gets drawn into the TV no matter what's on. Out of sheer curiosity I went on ao3 to check if there was a fandom for fic, I was surprised to see there was so much and what the most popular pairing was. I intended to skim a few (by chance one of yours) to see vibe, and now I'm a barisi hoe, it all happened so fast and I'm not even sure how. What have you done to me?

“Out of sheer curiosity I went on ao3 to check if there was a fandom for fic”

Famous last words.

“I intended to skim a few”

Didn’t we all?

Well, you’re trapped now :D

Barisi’s relative popularity is surprising even to us shippers/fic writers, to be honest. Especially back in S16, when their canon interactions were very different. Fortunately, the ship truly took off during S17, which gave us so much Barisi deliciousness (and sweetness). That made it possible for the ship to last through the shitteous S18. We were all already invested, and inspired, so we kept creating content. We were already in love with this ship, so we were able to persevere :)

I just love hearing that new shippers keep coming into the fold. It makes me happy. There’s a lot of fic out there, now, and a lot of blogs, so you will have so much to enjoy!

Personally, I’m delighted by the fact my fics were part of the reason why you are now a Barisi hoe like the rest of us. All I can tell you is that I’m working on another story as we speak (the infamous Wedding Fic), so I fully intend to keep you satisfied :D

Thanks so much for this message, it was so fun to read <33333333333