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how about alex fierro in 3B??? because it's canon that alex does wear dresses (there's dresses in her room) and no one draws her wearing skirts or dresses. (i was gonna ask for hearthstone in 3E but someone beat me too it haha. though if you want to draw more hearth, shall i recommend 2A?)

[the shirt says ‘sorry 4 not giving a shit’ in pink letters]

aaaa man alex in a dress!! so cute,,


We’ve been blessed by Taegi tonight 😭👌



okay, so these are the sims for the challenge,,, I don’t know if ever really want to release them. People never really use my sims anyway ^^’

To make the challenge more interesting I made them all “High school” like because lets face it, Teens can be interesting.

I think you can tell which ones which personality wise, but I’ll add the little blurb at the end name. 

Ophelia - text color: white - the “goth” / Jonah - text color: yellow - the “geek” / Eleanor - text color: pink - the “innocent” / Sebastian - text color: green - the “stoner” / Kiana - text color: blue - the “queen bee” / Nikko - text color: black - the “jock”

yeah, yeah I know. this is gonna be a boring series but i love it okay ;-;!

Some dude stopped me and gave me a lecture about “being aware of my surroundings” all because I didn’t hear him say “to your left” as he rode by me on his bike and he saw me on my phone. A) Maybe speak up so I can actually hear you, and B) Maybe ride your bike in the street where there are perfectly good bike paths like you’re supposed to? Regardless if I’m on my phone or not, I couldn’t hear you, and you’re technically not supposed to be riding on the sidewalk. It wasn’t even a lecture that came from genuine concern, it was obvious that he was bothered because I didn’t hear him and didn’t get out of the way. AND THEN HE RODE AWAY BEFORE I COULD RESPOND. dICK.

I just wanted to say that (besides I don’t have internet rn and the Tumblr’s app sucks) I’m so sorry for not answering the asks ; v ; I don’t trust this app bc it always delates the replies… But still I read and fangirl with every single message, and once I get internet again, I’ll reply and gave you all the love of my heart to all of you💕💕💕 THANK YOU FOR BEING SO SWEET!!