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if you have played fate/grand order, which servants would be partnered with the bungou cast?

Hey, sorry for the late reply. Took me this long because when it came down to it, there are many combinations I like. The ones I listed were ones I personally prefer to see happen, but they may not necessarily be the “best” combinations. As such, there was no deep thought for most of these other than “hey these two will be awesome together”. But still, enjoy!

Dazai Osamu and Altria Pendragon (Saber)
Since Asagiri said in one of their early interviews that Dazai and Atsushi could be compared to Merlin and Arthur, it will be interesting to see how Dazai can lead Saber to victory. I think Saber will have trust issues with someone as shady as Dazai, but if they work together they’re sure to go far.

Nakajima Atsushi and Bedivere
While I thought about Berserker of El Dorado since she and Atsushi could pass off as twins, I eventually decided on Bedivere. Bedivere has all the virtues and heroic qualities one could ask for, but compared to the other Knights of the Round Table he’s not up to par when it comes to skills and fighting capabilities. Bedivere is kind, but he harbors a lot of regrets. With someone as empathetic as Atsushi as his master, he might be able to fight without being weighed down by his guilt. Plus CV Miyano Mamoru.

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People think she is dramatic, but I am in groups with thousands of people who have suffered narcissistic abuse, and everyone feels like their souls were nearly destroyed after close encounters with narcissists. They are energy vampires. I Knew You Were Trouble and Better Man are like the anthems for narc abuse survivors everywhere. People posts the songs in groups I’m in.

oooooh this is SUPER interesting

can you believe miss barb had a total of five (5) minutes of screen time which were spent shaming nancy for her choices and she still gets more attention than lucas who was in every episode

so, this episode textually established that:
- cas is sam’s family, too 
- sam is able to move on from cas’ death, while dean can’t. so we have to guess that dean’s relationship with cas is different
- dean knows about jack’s vision. so, cas told him before dying…?
- dean blames jack specifically for CAS’ death 
- dean “hates” jack because he got CAS killed
- whenever he looks at jack, it reminds him of everything he’s lost, but from what he says after, all we really gather is that jack reminds him of CAS
- the problem is CAS. it’s about CAS. the thing, everything, is… CAS!  

i can’t believe im always hesitant to say that dean is suffering mostly because of cas’ death, and bobo just sits down and writes THAT. at this point, im just waiting for sam to snap like “DEAN, I GET IT, YOU LOVED HIM” and, that’s it. 

“Why is this taking so long? You’re supposed to be efficient.”

“And you’re supposed to be a rational partner but life is full of disappointment.”