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Ahhhhhh the kid pirates are sooooo cute!!!! Your so perfect at drawing killer, he's so cute and sassy. Lots of looove your way~~~~~~

he needs to be if he’s gonna put kidd in line. XD 

*throws love bombs at u* watch it they explode

last night as I was getting ready for bed, I was hit with the most awesome epic crossover idea:

What if: Veronica Mars, Agent of SHIELD.

What if the reason she comes back to Neptune is not law school/Piz/whatever in the movie, but that SHIELD is exposed as HYDRA? And Veronica is furious and betrayed! For once she thought she was serving something that, while not an unalloyed good, was more good than bad, but no, once again, she discovers that the powerful are always looking for ways to grind the powerless down under their heels.

So she goes back to Neptune and puts all those SHIELD-trained fighting skills and Neptune-honed investigative skills towards being a PI, but also on the side with sifting through the leaked SHIELD files and tracking down HYDRA.

And what if the rumor of a tiny blonde ball of righteous fury reaches the Winter Soldier, who is absolutely confused and bewildered when he meets Veronica because 1. not his tiny blond ball of fury (whom he now remembers is a large blond ball of righteous fury), and 2. what the fuck, how is this sleepy beach town a HYDRA cell?

And then three, just for shits and giggles, what if 3. Keith Mars comes home and discovers that American icon Bucky Barnes is 1a. the Winter Soldier, and 2a. sitting in his kitchen plotting glorious revenge with his daughter?

What then, I ask you? WHAT THEN?

Joon hadn’t applied for the event. Considering everything that had happened between him and Cullen, he felt better with just staying alone. Well that was until he heard Cullen had applied and so was now married. Joon knew it was all for show but still seeing Cullen ‘married’ made him mad. As such, he decided to not stop himself and hangout freely with whoever he wanted. “Look I even got a map!”, he said to the person besides him. “Where do you want to go first?”


Hey I have a few dragons I’m giving away so if any of you want one just give me your FR username (comment or message me) and tell me the one you want (precisely plz bc things usually get confusing if you don’t specify which one you want)

Me as a knight as my avatar for the onethousandandoneknights project.

Funny fact: my second to last name means Warrior, so it seems like everything is in tune ;)

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waait in what interview did louis admit to crying over rom coms? this sounds like something i need in my life

Well there’s like various stuff but one of the easiest to point to is Louis being absolutely AGHAST at Zayn not liking The Notebook. I also remember an August 2013 interview where all the guys pointed out Louis as the one to cry over movies.