Excerpt from the Episode 13 Commentary by Mamoru Miyano from the Free! Eternal Summer Official Fanbook

Mamoru: One of the scenes that left an impression was when we were introduced to a side of Haruka that we had not seen before, with him looking ahead towards a bright and shining future. Everyone has gone through one of those times when you think that “I haven’t found my dream yet,” and it is that kind of real scenario that Free! is really good at showing. There are probably a lot of people around Haruka’s age who think the same thing but not only that, there must be a lot of adults too who think that as well. He gives people that hope that perhaps from here on out, what we want to reach is really not that far away as long as we push forward and try to see what happens. I think it is that kind of hope that really makes Episode 13 very fulfilling.

Even though these are my own thoughts, the last scene with Rin going to Sousuke and saying his line (e.g. about not crushing your own potential before you even try), I think it was actually very hard for him to say it. Just like how when he was dealing with Haruka before, he might again forcefully press his own feelings onto Sousuke… However he wasn’t able to say it because he couldn’t be there. If Rin were to only tell Sousuke his thoughts about how much he loves his swimming and how much he loves swimming with him, then perhaps something would greatly swell up within him…. Hosoya-san agreed with my thoughts as well and said, “That’s too amazing. I seriously wanted to cry.” Even though their interaction with each other was short, the thoughts that swelled within Rin and Sousuke can be their driving force, and I really would like to see a new story with the two of them from here on out.

Source: Maleficent x Aurora | In the Valley of the Dolls by Xvampiireheart

I just had to make a gif of this scene from the fanvid linked above (via antaresc) because it is LITERAL PERFECTION. These two are so good for each other, my heart cannot handle it.

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