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7-26-17 | 96/100 Days of Productivity

hi everybody, sorry for having not posted in a like over a week. even though my summer school’s over, things have still been pretty hectic for me, oops. but i’m back, and i only have four days left for this challenge? wowza. anyways, california weather is trippy af, one minute it’s pretty nice with some cool winds, the next minute … it’s hot. very hot.

i hope you all have been alright! again, drink lots of water and be sure to treat yourself every now and then :’))

🎶 currently listening to : If You - NU’EST W (it’s such a lovely song alskjf;alskdf i hope they get all the support they truly deserve)

anonymous asked:

do u have like...a time line of all ur urls bc im trying to figure out when exactly i followed u but i seriously cant

KASJDF IM GONNA DO THIS JUST FOR U .. im gonna start with my blog before i remade bc some of u followed me there lakjdf im gonna miss some bc IDK

  • jeongtg
  • beginmv
  • 4begin?
  • wngs? (idk if i was 4begin or wngs first)
  • i was guksvalentine for valentines day alskjf
  • jjeon

then i remade n this is when i rly changed my url every day so IDEK ALL OF THEM OR THE ORDER

  • 4begin
  • i think i went back to wngs b4 i gave it away aslkdjf
  • jungkookstoes
  • jeongugks
  • jungkookstoes AGAIN I THINK
  • 7seyoon
  • whereisnctu for like 3 days
  • jjksmixtape for like a day
  • 2jungkook
  • milkanti for like a day alksjdf
  • rainmv for like an hour alksjdf
  • tojeongguk
  • jjksday for his bday
  • uhh i was just ftsland for 3 hrs
  • n now i am rapgodjungkook