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What cartoon characters did you have a crush on as a child?

:0 ohm lets see if i can remember

double dee was probably the biggest

even i went through the sauske stage(and a bit of naruto) but quickly left that

i had a shadow stage for a while

aladdin and prince charming

i did have an account on something named after buttercup

im pretty sure number 5

ron stoppable i dont know why i still think hes hilarious tho

ashoka tano went for a time(i went as her for halloween once)

thats all i can think of for now but thanks for bein my first ask anon!

Found a little piece of snowboard history while filming at @brightonresort yesterday!

As a “Product guy” I think I have always been interested in how things are built, the design, the features & craftsmanship that goes in to each product. When I was young, it was things line tennis rackets & snowboards (I have actually made both myself in my life). As I’ve gotten older its been mobile phones and tech gadgets (again, something I am very familiar with building myself).

It fascinates me how we can build something amazing that enhances experiences and can bring happiness, excitement & love to the world - from sliding down a mountain with your best friends in the winter sun to capturing a beautiful sunrise on your smartphone and sharing it with the one you love back home - letting you you know you’re thinking about them, you miss them and you’ll be home soon. ❤ Des

#TBT #brightonreaort #snowboards #askdes (at Salt Lake City, Utah)

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hi sorry i can't work it out aha what's your opinion on harry and larry/larries?

oh gosh aha this is a v loaded ask man lol

okay firstly idk what my opinion on harry is tbqh some days he annoys me more than others. i get why ppl like him i guess and it’s not that i ~dislike him i just like him less than the others and some of the stuff he does makes me cringe a bit if im bein honest? but some of the stuff he does makes me laff sometimes. if im honest i kinda exaggerate my annoyance @ him bc i just think its funny idk …and i knooow its not his fault so its v childish of me 2 hold it against him but i dont rlly like how hyped up he is by the media and by the fans i think its kinda unfair tbh. like going over the top abt yr fav is normal i guess but i feel like harry stans have more of a habit than any other fan to kinda…pit him against the others if that makes sense? like some of them dont just say hes good they say hes ~better and that annoys me. but again, not his fault, and again #NotAllHarries. 

as for larry idk. tbqh i find it kinda hard to get invested in any harry ship but i think larry is one of the cutest. like i really miss the way they acted in public. im not as invested in it anymore bc it was never like my ultimate friendship and also there just isnt as much 2 b invested in now- im not sayin theyre not friends but no one can deny that if they are still close we don’t really get to see it. its fun 2 make jokes abt but i dont buy in2 the idea that they hate each other, mostly bc my ot5 heart couldnt handle it

man i could literally write essays abt what i think of the whole larrie thing. i think the idea of havin one opinion on “”larries”” as a whole is q problematic bc there is literally so much variation between larries. like, i follow a good few that are never anything short of sweet, like rlly some of the loveliest presences on my dash. having said that literally probably my like top ten least fav presences in this fandom are larries and i dont think thats a coincidence. some of them say really fucked up shit and are really shitty abt louis and it pisses me off. but 1 thing 2 note abt that, is that when theres a shitty post by a larrie, a lot of the time the ppl calling them out are also larries, who realise what a fucked up thing it was 2 say. in a lot of ways, there are some anti’s who are just as bad. i tend not 2 fuck w a lot of antis. but yea hope this helps lol sorry for the length lmao