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   Charlie gave a little start as he felt somebody bump into his back, turning in place to stare over his shoulder at whoever it was that had walked into him. Oh! It was that kid from the other day, Dennis. He’d dropped his books and Charlie had too, leaving them to shuffle around and grab at awkward threads of conversation until they’d cleaned up.

     “We’ve uh… gotta stop bumping into each like this.” He joked, voice light but maybe the tiniest bit strained as it always was. Nervous was the word. “Um… Where are you off to? You look like you’re in a hurry. Anything I can do to help?”

   He had to study and there was football practice to worry about later. But for now, he could spare some time helping the other.

          NO FOULER right beheld itself ‘pon the vexed glory of a wretch born of dried caracas and carrion. A thin brow arches high, stormborne eyes narrowing in speculative judgement ‘pon the man that stood feet taller than her dainty self. Size hardly a conquest of might. Her tongue clucks, brazen and bold with total disregard to what she had just witnessed. Perhaps a warning, an indication of strength or merely a marker on a sneer scorching painfully across the other’s rather dour features. And her kin said she was a sullen sort. 

❛ Am I supposed to be impressed
   by that aggressive display? ❜

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Oh my god! I just realized, in about a week, I’ll get to see my “other half” who I haven’t seen in like… four years! actually I saw him a few months ago bc he was running errands in my area and long story short he bought a drum set from a drug dealer and bought mallets from some really sketchy looking guy–but I’m so excited!!!! We’re gonna have so much fun!!

dipperbobipper asked:

Water, psychic, ice. (And I hope you're doing ok... I'm here if you need to talk to someone)

Send a type or two

Water: I think you’re cool

Psychic: We have a lot in common

Ice: I want to be closer to you

aaaaAAHHHH THANK YOU I’m doing better but I still feel a;sldkjf about some stuff like I shouldn’t be all a;sdlkf about it but I’m that kind of person so I am and it’s like oh shIT what if people hate me/think I’m trash cuz I like this thing ;alskdjf

and hey this is kinda to everyone but if you wanna get to know me better and stuff you can just randomly message me and all that or something a;lskdjf

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omg stooooooooooooooooooooop. i want to write it, but i promise it would be way more sad than that. so i cant, because it will kill me inside. my two sons o no

hahahahaa, i knowwwww, it would be a killer to write. and read omg. i’d cry no doubt.


“ask the admins”: tanya’s answers

1. Do I like mangos?

I LOVE MANGOS, second favourite fruit!

2. Hi! I follow your blog and I see how much you love Sehun. Has Sehun always been your bias? And how long have you been into EXO? :)

Sehun has in fact always been my bias since day one~ I am a very loyal gal :’) I started liking EXO I think around May of 2012, when I first watched a MAMA performance. Then I watched History and was alskdjf over the choreo; watched What is Love from which I saw clip from one of their teasers that I then went on a hunt to find. That teaser was teaser 13, which was Sehun’s teaser, and from then on I was like, “Sehun is my boy and EXO is my group.” But I only got SUPER deep into the fandom in April 2014. So in a way I’m a fan from the start but also kind of a newbie.

3. Knock knock

Who’s there?
A little old lady.
A little old lady who?
I didn’t know you could yodel! (thank you buzzfeed for helping in my time of need)

4. What’s your favourite thing about Sehun?

THERE’S LIKE 2987348 THINGS but I’m gonna go with his perfect little eyesmile. His teeth are adorably crooked and mismatched and perfect the way they are and his eyes crinkle up super cutely and he looks like a happy innocent young boy and it’s the cutest thing :’) I’m a cheeseball, as you can see.

5. Vote!! Whose hands are better: Rosie’s or Baekhyun’s


6. Describe Sehun in one sentence.

For me it’s: My precious little baby ray of sunshine.
In general I would say: A kindhearted boy who loves to love others, is sassy but caring, humble and sweet, and really just a baby who deserves to be loved as much as he loves others.
THIS IS SO HARD, I don’t think I could ever properly describe him in that short a thing T_T

7. What made you all create this network?

It was mainly Tiffany’s and I think Kat’s idea, and they thought it would be cool to have a network that brings together all the people that contribute to this fandom in some sorta way, and that it would be cool to have a sort of ~Harry Potter~ theme to it in terms of the houses and stuff!

8. Would you rather spend a day with your bias? Or have a private concert with EXO OT12?

While I would actually REEEALLY love to have a private concert with OT12, I think I’d rather spend a day with Sehun because I have a lot of things I’d want him to know and if I had a chance to be one-on-one with him (and have enough courage to do so) it’d be good to just let it all out and give him lots of encouragement and love because I don’t think he gets enough~ Then again for me it’s never enough lmao. BUT YEAH!

9. Who are your current biases?

I am immense IMMENSE Sehun trash, and no one really comes close to Sehun in that aspect, even though I do love the other members a whole lot.

viridian-sun asked:

™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™ friggin quality overflowing


oH MY G AWD I hadn’t even thought of that Koto alskdjf

Apo-chan certainly proves that D.Gray-Man has canonical sentient beings that can act of their own free will. I’m really beginning to wonder if the Earl’s suit could be an equivalent to what the Heart may entail, actually??