We’re both in our thirties now, so we’ve been through some shit–like those dark chasms in life. And we know that you guys go through that and it means the world to us that we help you. And, honestly, you help us get through it all. It means so much to us that you support us by watching and being here. If any of you are going through those times right now, just fuckin hang in there, all right? There IS happiness waiting for you. And take care of yourself.
—  Danny Sexbang, at Game Grumps Live! Salt Lake City, 7.15.17

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Burrito in Spanish means "little dummy/little donkey" and with that puppy's wall eyed stare I think Gabe would tease him in Spanish about it but if anyone would try to call Little Burrito a dummy he would immediately tell them he was the smartest thing in the world! And prove it by making Burrito 'lay down' when he was already a melted pudgy mess on the floor :D

gabe just praising him all the time even if he didn’t really do anything just looked super happy when he sees gabe


(” he was the smartest thing in the world! And prove it by making Burrito ‘lay down’ when he was already a melted pudgy mess on the floor :D “
*makes ugly noises*)

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Favourite food?

LAKJSDFLAKJDF i’m going to name 10 if it’s all right because weep i love so many food, too many food  I WAS GONNA NAME oNLY 5 BUT I CAN’T these are not in order

salmon sashimi
my mom’s shrimp pasta
beef fried noodles
grilled pork belly
miso hot pot
fried dumpling
taiwanese fried chicken
soft pretzel
haagen dazs coffee ice cream

i’m honestly the person who has teared up eating good food before


@fandomlover267 said : BTS’S reaction to their S/O getting or having lip piercings​?

A/N : I chose their S/O getting one I hope that’s okay! 

Namjoon: Namjoon is a very “live your life however you want to because it’s your life” type of person, so when you came home with your new lip piercing, his eyes went wide and he smiled, nodding his head and not saying a word as he grew accustomed to it. He would ask you the proper ways to care for it and what you could and couldn’t do before complimenting you on it.

“I like it Y/N. It’s really cool!”

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Seokjin: He was very surprised when he saw you with your new lip piercing. Sure you’d talked about it before he didn’t know you were actually serious about getting one. Although… he had to admit it was a bit of a turn on.

“What restrictions do you have with your new lip piercing Y/N?”

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(alskdjfs I made this gif so long ago and people are still reblogging it…)

Yoongi: He didn’t say anything when he noticed your new piercing although he’d go read up on lip piercings later that day. He was be curious about it and would compliment you eventually. Overall, it would take him by surprise.

“You’re a badass Y/N.”

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Hoseok: He was incredibly surprised when he noticed your lip piercing. When did you get it? Did it hurt a lot? Could you still kiss him?????? He would compliment you on it before hurling questions at you left and right.

“So… I can still kiss you lightly… right Y/N?” 

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Jimin: He was very surprised to say the least… His mouth dropped open and he turned to look at Taehyung next to him as you walked through the front door of the dorm with your new lip piercing catching the light every time you spoke. He would waste no time questioning you about your new lip piercing.

“So… did it hurt babe? How am I supposed to kiss you?”

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Taehyung: He insisted on going with you to the the piercing and tattoo studio. He was excited for you but also nervous. What if it hurt you a lot? He didn’t want you to be in too much pain but he also knew that a lip piercing would look way too hot on you…

“Squeeze my hand if you need to Y/N…”

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(also this is the cutest gif i’ve ever seen i’m gonna scrEAM)

Jungkook: You’d mentioned getting your lip pierced before, but it had always been in an offhanded way. So when he picked you up for your date and noticed the ring in your lip, he could only swallow hard, trying to find the rights words.

“That’s… It’s.. uh… New. I like it…”

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