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Kill Your Darlings deleted scene
"Are those your friends? This is a residential neighbourhood!"

tbh to be honest honestly, if they’d aired the origin episodes first and given us a linear storyline, I would’ve casually enjoyed the show, yeah, but I probably wouldn’t have been as OBSESSED with it…

Like, hear me out: in hindsight, this is some GRADE A storytelling. They pushed us straight into a pre-established world with pre-established relationships and dynamics and absolutely NO explanations and waited until we were attached to everything before yanking us back into backstory territory. So now we’re all going into these origin episodes 100% invested in the world and the universe and the characters and that makes everything 10000x more overwhelming for us? Months and months of theories and questions have led up to this! This is so satisfying! We’ve already seen where these characters are at presently but now we get to see how they got there and how much they’ve grown since then aND I’M JUST. VERY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW excuse me