“ do you have a MAP?? “ or just SOMETHING that will help her find her way around this damn place. all the english letters were SWIRLING in her vision, and she could barely comprehend them without getting a headache. “ i-i… can’t really read the signs all that well, ” mai says under her breath ; her accent shining through as a pink blush DYES her cheeks.

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There's a box of chocolates on her bedside table for when she wakes. Red ribbon, little card, sparkles. It's Valentines day and, for lack of other candidates (thank goodness) to give her chocolate, John seems to have taken it upon himself to take advantage of her newly installed taste buds. He rather enjoys giving her presents; though he's wary of 'spoiling' her (not that he much believes that possible, nothing could ever 'spoil' his Eos).

The sun’s just crested the horizon when EOS wakes. She takes after her namesake, rising at dawn each day to start her day. As she sits up, rubbing her eyes to help kick-start her optics, she notices the box on her bedside table. That wasn’t there when she went to sleep. One curious hand reaches out to fetch it onto her lap, and she looks sleepily at it.

A smile creeps over her sleepy face as she realizes who it’s from. EOS unties the ribbon and looks at the card- smiling at the heartfelt simplicity of John’s sentiments. Then, she peeks inside the box. Inside are several rows of incredibly enticing chocolate. None of the cheap but accessible kind that tantalizes at the front of the supermarket, this is the good stuff. And, EOS guesses, not what most would call “cheap.” Gently she lifts one out and bites into it, savoring the smooth, creamy sweetness of the chocolate, and the soft, creamy strawberry filling. The smile on her face grows larger as she finishes her treat, eyes closed to focus on the taste.

Then, EOS replaces the lid to the box. These are far too precious to eat fast, she’ll have to ration them out carefully. She slides open the drawer on her bedside table, and carefully clears a spot for the box so that she’ll know where it’s at. That completed, she slides out of bed and tiptoes over to John’s room, not pausing to get dressed or even pull her hair up into it’s usual pigtails. His room is quiet and still, and she very much doesn’t want to wake him, but waiting for him to wake up is even harder. Chores can wait for a bit, she decides, as she tiptoes over and presses a chocolate-scented kiss to his forehead, and kneels by his bed with her head resting on her arms, folded on the covers, to wait for her programmer to wake.

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sry i meant 'bitch' as a joke, but it was stupid of me. did not mean to offend. <3 i actually just started watching teen pope b/c of you! it's not what i was expecting tbh

no worries! i could tell it was meant as a joke which is why i said i’m taking it on good faith u didn’t mean it in a bad way (: like i’m fine w being casually called ‘bitch’ as a term of affection by basically anyone who isn’t a cishet man so don’t sweat it

i’m glad ur watching teen pope and honestly same???? the first time i watched it i was like “…..the youtube clip w him getting ready to LMFAO was a touch misleading” but by the end i was so invested and loved it SO SO MUCH….like it’s definitely….Dark……but i love it and i can’t wait for another season!!! i hope u enjoy it!! come yell about teen pope in my askbox anytime !!

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Shao would love training young DJ's cause he would fuck with them. He would make them do bullshit chores like "grasshopper please run down to China town and get me freshly cut beef because Lee needs food." And when they ask how getting his dog fresh food helps them dj Shao will pull out dramatic retellings of all the stuff he had to do for his grandmaster and how he was chased my gang members and jumping off roofs and kids these days just don't understand really hard dj work


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imagine high school Willow and Fred going to prom together! Willow would get so rambly and overwhelmed when she sees Fred all dressed up.

omg, she wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and fred would be blushing a lot. and fred would be kind of shy and nervous about prom but willow would assure her it would be a great night. and they’d hold hands basically the whole time and never leave each other’s side.