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Birthday Scrapbook

Ok huns, so the first thing I we will be working on for August’s birthday is the scrapbook. If you have met August (or do met him before the deadline) this is for you. Here’s what you need to do.

Submit a picture of you and August (together, if possible) AND a small paragraph telling how you met him and what the experience was like. Please please please include the date and event if possible, it’s going to help me when making the scrapbook. Also, do not put the paragraph on the picture. Send the picture as an attachment and the paragraph in the text box (or whatever you call it).

There are two places you can submit this. via email or the submit button on the page. Please make sure that the subject says August’s Birthday Scrapbook. If it doesn’t I’m not going to look at it.

The deadline for the scrapbook is August 15, 2014. None will be accepted after that.

SN- Florida weather is so bipolar. And follow our official twitter @youralsinanews

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