I was watching this today and this particular segment caught my attention because… it’s so true.

We see most adults nowadays claiming that adolescents just aren’t mature enough to do things. When we fight for equality, they think we’re “passing through a phase”. When we fight to be heard, they think we’re being rebellious. When we provide new ideas, they push them away because they don’t correspond to what they grew up with.

And then Ahmad Alshugairi (the guy in the gifset) said this in his show to inspire adolescents.

The show is Arabic (he was speaking in arabic, I translated) and it’s called “Khawater”. This man made his show in hopes of improving the society by showing both the good and the bad around the world. 

This particular episode was called “Adolescents: A blessing or a burden?” in which he discussed throughout the entire episode how adolescents are, in fact, a blessing, and that adults need to understand that.

Link to episode if you wish to watch it.