“Um, I don’t want to keep you up in case you want to sleep,” Blaine said, standing and repositioning the cushions and chair. Kurt took it as a sign to leave.

“Yes. You’re right. Rachel might wake up and presume I’ve been kidnapped or something. You know what she’s like.”

“Only too well,” Blaine sighed, leading them both out into the blackness of the hall way. They found their way up stairs with the pearly light from the windows as a guide. Once outside Rachel’s room, Kurt presented Blaine with his jacket, modelling it in front of him.

“All finished and fit for an audition.”

“That it is,” Blaine replied, smiling in awe. He smoothed his hands down the arms before placing his fingers over Kurt’s gently and sliding the material free. “Thank you.”

With a shaky breath, Kurt let go and frowned as the heat of Blaine’s hands slid away. “Not a problem. If you ever need me to diffuse an Anderson-Berry warzone again, you know my number.”

“Actually,” Blaine drawled, leaning against the wall, his fingers trailing the sleeves of his jacket, “I don’t think I do know it but promise you’ll give me it in the morning?”

It was all Kurt could do to remember to breathe in but he managed a brisk nod before watching with a pounding heart and trembling fingertips, as Blaine waved a little and disappeared into his room.