what antis seem to forget is that.. at the beginning of rbb, larries didn’t even associate the bear(s) with referencing louis and harry as /them/. we just thought the bear was a great symbol of pride and lgbtq awareness. it wasn’t until THE BEARS referenced harry and louis through their colors, through objects that are associated with them, through specific messaging, that we started understanding the story a bit more. or at least understanding that they were involved/gave their approval.

When I was little, learned that if I fell I’d scrape my knee- but that eventually the wound would heal.
 As I grew up, I learned that when you’re older you also fall- but it’s a different type of fall, and that you don’t scrape your knee- you scrape your heart; only a knee can be stitched up, a heart is unfixable.
—  d-e-c-e-p-t-i-o-n-a-l-l-y, Excerpt; Broken Hearts & Open Wounds.

Difference between the dance line and the derp line 😂😂😂



It was a huge honour and joy to perform at a-nation today! From close and afar, many people cheered for us and we were able to fire up even though we were nervous! Thank you ❤️

Trans cr: Mia @ bts0726
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When you wear their clothes: Chen

A/N: Hey guys! So I’ve been away for a week and it feels like forever! I’m sorry, college is draining me! But here I am to post some stories, I’ll probably be posting scenarios instead of reactions. I have no inspiration for them, I hope you like this one, Admin A~

I could have sworn it was six in the morning when the muffled noises of the TV in the next room woke me up and made me open my tired eyes. The light coming from outside couldn’t get through the curtains; it was the alarm clock that told me it was not six am but eleven. Eleven. I had slept more than ten hours, next to my jagi and I still felt tired.
Where is she? I asked myself, stopping for a minute to actually try to remember if she had stayed with me last night or it was just a dream. The TV… Of course, my mind was so tired that I could only process information step by step. She hadn’t woken me up.I thought, knowing she only did it to let me sleep more and rest. It was finally my day off and even if it meant spending more time with her, she always preferred for me to rest. 

I walked to the next room, ignoring the boys’ good mornings and opened the door to find my beautiful jagi playing video games with maknae Sehun. She didn’t see me coming in and standing behind the couch but Sehun did. He just smiled at me, probably laughing at my tired face but didn’t stop his game. I didn’t want to interrupt either so I just stared to the screen, changing my eyes’ direction to my girl. I saw her there, sitting on the couch, hugging her knees as she tried to beat the little guy next to her. I could read the concentration on her face, it was just beautiful, just like when she studied or tried to learn playing guitar as I taught her. And then I noticed it, how she wasn’t wearing her last night clothes. Of course not. I had taken care of that. 
Instead she was wearing my old hoodie with my number on it. 21  and my old black boxers. She just looked adorable, wearing something too big for her, something made for me to wear, but something that looked just right on her. 

“Ahhh hyung! Tell your girlfriend to let me win once!” Sehun exclaimed, leaving the console’s control on the floor and exiting the room. The must have been playing for hours. And then she turned her head, smiling to me. Telling me to join her in her game. I couldn’t say no, so I sat next to the girl I loved, admiring her beauty, memorizing every feature of her face. It woke me up, seeing her like that, wearing no make up or cute clothes, just being herself. I love her. I thought before the game started again. 
“Good morning Sleeping Beauty Chen”