#I’m loving all the domestic magician sastiel we have going on here#also I am very about cas seemingly having the upper hand with all his tricks but BUT#he utterly melts and moans against sam cause this man just makes him a puddle of want @crystalfeathers

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Sure, Cas is a magician but Sam…

He turns heads whenever he walks into a room (it’s not the height, it’s the face and the hair and the dimples and how all his shirts seem tight). He makes Cas melt when he smiles, when he calls him ‘babe’, when he makes Cas breakfast in the morning, when Sam takes care of him in any number of ways.

Cas’s tricks don’t drive Sam away. If anything, they make him more interested, more invested in Cas, it makes him want to see what else Cas can pull out of a hat. And to be frank, it makes Cas just a tad bit more desperate than usual. No one stays this long. Not with him. His jokes, his antics… it becomes, pardon the phrase, old hat. Eventually, they want serious. They want reality. They want the man behind the cape. They get bored with him. With his tricks.

He supposes that’s why he does what he does, half hoping it’ll keep Sam, this amazing wonderful man, around and half dreading that he’s only delaying the inevitable. One day, the charades will end. One day, Cas won’t have another trick up his sleeve and the day those sparks die out… he’s not sure what to do. He’s never gotten this far.

Sam starts learning tricks. He starts relating to Cas this way, getting through to him, making him laugh and cry and realize that, maybe, it’s ok for things to not be fun and games. And maybe, someone will stay just because they enjoy who they’re with. Maybe they’ll love Cas anyway. Maybe they’ll surprise Cas instead. 

And Sam does. Consistently. No matter how many cards Cas pretends to puke up or how many keys he swallows and ends up in the hospital for, Sam makes it a point to stay and adapt. Makes it a point to be kind and to tell Cas how it is even when he doesn’t want to hear it.

Sam kisses him and there aren’t sparks; there’s only warmth and contentment. There’s only that strange, surreal feeling like Cas is finally where he’s meant to be.

In life, there’s magic with illusions and brilliant deceptions but there’s also the kind people don’t talk about that much and it lies in simple gestures like holding hands, kissing someone on the cheek to wake them up, tucking positive notes inside someone’s cape before a big show…

Sam’s not a magician, not in the traditional sense, but he’s definitely got his own kind of magic the kind that never becomes old hat.