randomfluffybird  asked:

That is all I need in life. So... Who's ready for round three???? Drunk my, tied to, haircut.... Akaashi, Oikawa, Asahi. GO!

cee: we don’t deserve pets tbh they’re all so pure….. literally my dog just snored rly loudly alksjdf;alsd  

  • Introduce them to your parents as the person you accidentally married while drunk: AKAASHI. He’s smart, he’s nice, he’s tall, he’s handsome, and my family is probably going to be like, “man, you make better decisions while drunk”
  • wake up in the middle of nowhere tied to: Asahi. It will be hilarious but we will probably not survive, but I like to think Asahi has a protective streak that will just power through his anxiety and yeah. we’ll survive a bitl
  • let them give you a new haircut: Oikawa. He spends so much time on his hair. c’mon. he’ll have a good idea in there somewhere

poly sleepover is on!!