chancenx  asked:

[[ Hi I wanted to thank you for making such an amazing AU klasd;alsd-- My friends and I have grown closer because of it and we're absolutely obsessed lAUGHS. I was wondering if Hinata is obsessed with Chiaki because when he's at work, he is always asked to do stuff through Izuru, like Izuru's talents. No one specifically asks for Hinata anymore. They all need Kamukura. Do you think he's neglecting Ko because Chiaki is the only one who reminds him that he's real? She reminds him that he's alive]]

Oh my you don’t know how glad it makes me to know my little au have this kind of influence on people ? 

Hinata isn’t “obsessed” with Chiaki but her AI is the “person” he trusts the most. They’re very close and AI nanami understands him pretty well so he likes her a lot. Of course Hajime had tough moments (since his talents aren’t his) but here he’s older & he’s looking at the bigger picture : he has the power to help and do big things. Plus he’s in okay terms with Izuru. 
He really isn’t neglecting Ko ! His behavior towards him is the same but Komaeda is envious of how close hinanami is & realises they share a complicity he might never have with Hinata.