guide to the Dark Souls 2 "villians." (the children of dark)

Elana: angry tsundare
Nashandra: ambitious kudare
Nadalia: lonely yandare
Alsanna: the moe blob

that’s right, all these powerful abyssal beings are actually routes in a disturbing visual novel. (my bad on confusing Mytha and Nadalia the first time.)


The Lore of Eleum Loyce

My favourite DLC! And I think this video turned out all right!

If you like the art used in the thumbnail and beginning, you can grab it on all manner of apparel (shirts, hoodies, stickers, phone cases etc) over at the artist’s RB page, which also supports her to keep making the arts!

I wish I had some digital art software so I could have a side-image of the Manus sisters being adorable little villains.

Super exited to meet Alsanna, that is if she turns out to be a Dark daughter (though it seems super likely considering Nadalia and Elana).