“I was born of fear and my lord provided comfort.”

The Lovers represent perfection, harmony and mutual attractiveness. Their trust in one another gives them strength and confidence to overcome the obstacles in life. The bond that the two lovers has created is incredibly strong and is often reflective of a marriage, soul mate connection or very intimate and close relationship. On a more personal level, the Lovers card represents the establishment of a personal belief system and becoming clearer about your own values. This is a time when you are figuring out what you stand for and what your personal philosophy on life is.This is also a time when you need to stay true to yourself and be as authentic and genuine as possible.

Dark Souls’ Kings And Lords

Gwyn: I will raise this son as a daughter and in general take a whole diarrhea on him regardless of his merits and accomplishments because he was born aligned to a different aspect than me. I will also disown my other son and erase any records of his identity and history. I embarked on genocide of dragons for possibly very shady reasons, and was fully on board with a dangerous project to recreate that which cannot be replicated, resulting in a catastrophic failure that mutated a wise and peaceful civilization into murderous beast. You are supposed to feel bad about having to kill me, as the sad piano that plays while we duke it out suggests.

King of Oolacile: Dude, what if we totally dabbled in the forbidden arts with our golden sorceries (read: utility spells) as our only back-up and tortured this ancient conglomeration of twisted existences that we revived just to satisfy our sick curiosity? That’d be RAD, I hope nothing about this bites us in the ass down the lane, am I right.

The Four Kings: Man, it was really a challenge, but we finally got this whole New Londo jimjam going strong and steady! *phone rings* GUYS, THIS SNAKE THAT ANTAGONIZES EVERYTHING WE STAND FOR PROMISES TO TEACH US THE 120% ILLEGAL ART OF LIFEDRAIN, LET’S ROLL, I MEAN, WHAT’S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?

King Vendrick: *playing the harmonica off-note in his shitty crypt* I married this really hot chick but she turned out to be, like, a literal aspect of darkness hell-bent on the obliteration of civilization, so, hey, whatevs, man, you gotta compromise in marriage, right? *takes a swig of a black label Johnnie Walker* she then was like “honey, you gotta murderize that entire civilization of peaceful giants”, so we did! It was GREAT, we lost over half of our population, I redefined the concept of “war crime”, it was mad cool, man, well, except for the part where I realized what I had done, engaged full pussy mode, and locked myself in a crypt, where I took to wandering naked and afraid while my bodyguard protects me, despite the fact that I am insanely strong and immortal and wise. WHATCHA GONNA DO *LIFTS ARMS IN MOCK SURRENDER* *LAUGH TRACK PLAYS*

Duke Tseldora: SPIDERS

The Sunken King: Whew! That took a LOT of time, but we finally did it! We built a whole city around this slumbering dragon, our object of worship! This is, in no way, a dangerous idea at all. You know what is also not dangerous? Why, those famed Dragonslayers coming over by yonder, the Drakeblood Knights, led by Sir Yorgh, famed Dragonslayer! Let’s see what they want!

Old Iron King: LOOK AT ALL THIS METAL, HOMIE. LOOK AT MY COOL ASS SAMURAI MAN TEACHING MY KNIGHTS TO BE SAMURAI, HOMIE. LOOK AT THIS BITCHIN’ FUCKIN’ FORMER DRANGLEIC KNIGHT, RAIME, WHO CAME TO SERVE ME, HOMIE. YEAH BABY, WE GOT IT ALL IN THE IRON KINGDOM, WE GOT THESE CROSS-CULTURAL SAMURAI KNIGHTS PIMPING UP THE PLACE WITH PLATE ARMOR AND IAI, MAN, AND WE– H-hold on, Alonne, baby? Where you going, man? Baby, no, I can change, I swear, please come back, baby, NO, BABY, ALONNE *SHANKS ALONNE* aw fiddlesticks well I guess my kingdom goes to fuck now ‘cause I will throw the biggest, meanest tantrum in the history of big diaper pissbabies LET’S GO

Ivory King: Hello! I love you! Yes, you! Whoever is reading this, I love you! I really do! And while I love you a lot, there’s someone I love even more, and that’s my beautiful wife, Alsanna! God, I love my wife, she’s so beautiful and kind and smart, I just want her to be happy forever. I know, she’s a literal aspect of darkness who came with evil intentions and zealous desire to raze my lands, but, I know that anyone, anyone, is capable of redemption, and my love has confirmed that. I love my wife, and I love my kingdom Eleum Loyce, my capable knights, my beautiful tigers, my kingdom of snow and peace! Wanna know a secret? I built my kingdom right on top of the Old Chaos to contain it, to keep it in check, so it wouldn’t rampage across the world. Ah, I’m really sad to have to cut this short, but my soul, well, it wavers. After so many years of fighting it, my very fabric is yielding to the overwhelming chaos. As an ultimate act of sacrifice, I will give myself to the Flame, contain the whole essence of the Old Chaos within my body, and keep it wrested to the ground, so it can never harm anyone evermore. I am glad to have met you, but I must go now. Please live a wonderful life! Shout out to my beautiful wife!


Oceiros, the Consumed King: *spams your Facebook feed with photos of his invisible baby*

Nameless King: Funny story, but I am actually not a king. Anyways, check out these delayed attacks and these FPS drops.

Prince Lothric: What If Stay Home Instead

Ivory King.

Or Ivory queen?

I think the armor effect that works only on female characters is pretty big hint. Why would a king wear an armor that he couldn’t benefit? On a female it absorbs hp from fallen enemies. Especially if it’s completely unique armor of his. Even the helmet has a relief of a female face. Since Loyce Knight armor has the same effect on females, could the knights or at least most of them be women as well? 

 Plus, Alsanna, unlike her sisters isn’t associated with royalty titles. She is titled as an oracle. (But that doesn’t close the possibility for an affair or romance). 

The description of a helmet of Ivory King’s set also hints that knights of Eleum Loyce didn’t show up in public without their helmets. And look at the king’s crown- isn’t it oddly much more feminine than other crowns, almost tiara like? 

But why to be called a king then? I ponder if the reason is in social pressure, a real pressure or imagined one for there are three other kings.

Now someone is saying: but female ruler is always a queen! Well.. when we go back in history, there were even a female Pharaoh(s), the most known Hatshepsut, who despites the system and their gender named themselves the highest possible rank. The Ivory King (or Ivory Queen) was so brave they put themselves in front line at the gates of Old Chaos in order to protect.

The Ivory King kept his countenance from his people, the Knights of Loyce dutifully followed suit, never unhinging their helmets in public view"

People have brought up strong theories even from smaller hints so I think it is pretty safe to assume the Ivory King is a female and I have heard this theory earlier too but learnt it further on my own. The title Ivory made me think of a pale woman with light, thin hair typical to northern nations.

The Bell and the Abyss

So we always kind of assumed the Bell of Awakening woke up Frampt. He was very sleepy after all. But now I’m starting to think that isn’t true after all, and it actually resurrected Gwyn.

The large sepulcher of Gwyn that his son tended to for so long was always odd. It wasn’t there to fake his death; such an artifice would have been more public. I always pictured Gwyn down there, burning in perpetuity until someone mercy killed him, but now I think that’s not the case.

Gwyn linked the fire and the knights AND Gwyn turned to ash, and he was interred in the sepulcher in Anor Londo (the knights turning to ash was unambiguously canon, but we always just assumed Gwyn would have been different and resisted it). Then, the Bell of Awakening reconstituted him and woke his ass up and he either crawled out of his tomb in his madness and warped into the Kiln or reappeared at the bonfire where he linked the flame.

I guess summoning sickness really gets to you when you’re resurrected by the Bell, because Gwyn came back diminished and mad - not hollow, no, only humans and dogs for some reason seem to go hollow, but he was a mad lord of cinder by that time.

It seems that linking the fire is, as one would expect, a terribly traumatic experience that even the bravest heroes would never want to undergo again.

Which raises the question of why Ludleth of Courland did not go mad.

Ludleth came across the Untended Graves long ago, after the failure of Champion Gundyr to link the fire - it had already gone out long before.

There, Ludleth found his firekeeper dead without a purpose, her soul abandoned in the tower. And there, in that world of Dark, lie the eyes of the first firekeeper. Ludleth explains that one can use these to restore the sight of a firekeeper, but it would be more merciful to protect her from the truth. After all, all firekeepers since the beginning have been blind.

Except that cannot possibly be true. We have met several firekeepers in DSI and DSII, and the only one that was confirmed to be blind was a sickly, poisoned daughter of Izaleth, blinded by different factors that her binding to the flame. One of them was even a skilled swordswoman capable of recognizing you on sight.

Ludleth wants to conceal the Darkness-shrouded nature of the Shrine from the Firekeeper. Because the Untended Graves is essentially another extention of the Abyss, devoid of Fire. “A barren plane of endless darkness. A place born of betrayal.” So Ludleth willed himself a lord to link the fire. To paint a new picture.

Ludleth speaks, off-handedly, of betrayal, and claiming the eyes would cause the Firekeeper to invision “scenes of betrayal,” one reason why she should not be given the eyes (indeed, the eyes allow you to perform the “Betrayal” ending). He is wracked by guilt, and even apologizes to you after his resurrection if you kill him, similar to the Maiden in Black. The Maiden, in turn, felt guilty for being, in some way, the “mother” of the Old One, the root of the Earth’s ills.

So why was Ludleth of Courland so wracked with guilt upon seeing the failed champion and the endless darkness? How could such a small man hold himself responsible? Why does he feel guilty over the fate of not just the lost firekeeper, but our Firekeeper?

And who could such a seemingly sweet little man have betrayed?

And why does the failed Champion Gundyr reside in the still Fire-touched present, dutifully testing potential Unkindled who can claim the souls of the Lords, all the while tainted and controlled by the Abyss? Why would an Abyss creature seemingly aid in the endurance of its rival force?

Unless this shell does so at the command of another being.

One who has been in Firelink Shrine for some time.

A being who knows to sit out the fight. A being who knows how to be overlooked. A being who knows how to play the long game. A being whose legacy, the Church of Londor (likely the descent of the Culture of New Londo, and all the Abyssal goodness that entails), is carrying out a grand plot to reawaken the Dark sign of the Unkindled, and synthesize Fire and Dark in a new Age of Man…or perhaps a new Primordial Age without disparity, which is why the dragons are returning and people are turning into (arch?)trees.

Manus, the Primordial Man, did not drop “the Dark Soul,” in the same way his Lord Soul bearing counterparts did, only a warm soul darkened by humanity. It was a fairly mundane boss soul, all things considered. We always assumed that Manus was the Furtive Pygmy, rather than just an ancient human whose Humanity “went wild” …but Manus was a loud, giant, world-corrupting “father of the Abyss” who was obsessed with reaching out for his pendant, and did so by reaching through time itself to grab who ever held it. As seen by the Children of Dark spawned from him, he had aspects of desire, longing, spite, and even fear. Not mastery over fear, but the simple human fear that gave rise to Alsanna. And, as Nadalia proved, he can even become associated with fire and ash.

However, nothing about him, in hindsight, was furtive, or pygmy like.

Furtive: adj. Attempting to avoid notice or attention, typically because of guilt or a belief that discovery would lead to trouble. Secretive.

Manus, in his horrible lonliness in the abyss, tormented by the magics of the long lost land of Oolicile, reached through time to seize the Chosen Undead, who took the place of the would-have-been hero, Artorias.

Ludleth, alone in the darkness of the Untended Graves, allegedly from a long lost land whose honor was tainted by the art of soul transpotion (via kilns, mind you), took the place of the would-have-been champion, Gundyr. By reaching through time and linking the fire. This act somehow involved shunting the Dark Age of the Untended Graves into this pocket world under the castle of Lothric, behind an illusory wall, an awesome display of power.

Ludleth, who wears a ring transposed from the Soulfeeder, a being who consumed countless souls in Courland. A being, perhaps like Aldrich, who could have been used to link the flame, not for virtue, but for raw power.

Ludleth, who speaks of his ancient age in archaic dialect. Ancient, even in an age where everything is incalculably old.

Ludleth, of “Courland,” a land that was lost to time, even though every other lost land of the Lords of Cinder returned and fused with Lothric in a “transitory” and seemingly anachronistic manner. Though Ludleth is an outcast…‘The Exile.’ The one that never quite fit.

Ludleth, a man who feels responsible for a great deal of pain and suffering.

Ludleth, the Furtive Pygmy.