Und Nachts, wenn alle am schlafen sind, wenn deine Tränen fallen und der Schmerz in deinem Herzen dich förmlich zerfrisst, bemerkst du erneut, dass nur Allah(s.w.t) 24 Stunden dir näher als jeder andere ist.
—  //

Como estamos en la temporada de Sagitario, no hay nada más honorable que hacer este especial en su honor, un especial de EXTREMA sinceridad hacia uno mismo y hacia los demás, ya que Sagitario se destaca por su sinceridad y su falta de tacto, sin importar si daña o no a los demás.

Tienen que enviar confesiones como por ej: “#NosQuitamosLaMáscara… Soy Libra y me gusta One Direction.”

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Narrated ‘Umar (radhiAllāhu 'anhu):

I heard the Prophet (ﷺ) saying, “Do not exaggerate in praising me as the Christians praised the son of Mary, for I am only a Slave. So, call me the Slave of Allāh and His Apostle.”

—  [Sahīh Bukhārī Vol. 4, Hadīth no. 654 (English Translation). Translated by Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khān]
What if Prometheus is punishing Oliver for choosing vigilantism as the method to save the City?

Well, I think we could agree that vigilantism was not the way Robert expected Oliver to “right his wrongs”

Even more now that we found out in episode 100 that Robert was about to be sworn Mayor. I could bet, that Robert expected Oliver to save the city becoming a public servant and not becoming the killer like he was in Season 1.

If we recalled correctly, the book with the list was written with invisible ink, an old technique used by the League of Assassins. I always assumed that the list was written by Malcolm, but all the references to Robert and even the Arrow Wiki mentioned Oliver’s dad as the author.

So, what if Robert wrote it with the help of the League?…What was his relationship with them?

…Was Prometheus  sent by the League to punish Oliver for choosing vigilantism instead of public service?

It’s worth recalling that the League has some “moral code” , the same that did not approve of Malcolm’s extreme solution for The Glades

Also, how Moira got in contact with the Ra’s…The League is supposed to be a super-secret organization…

We know too that Robert wanted to go to Asia on the Gambit to ask for help there (Nanda Parbat?) to stop Malcolm’s plans to destroy The Glades.

I see a connection between Robert and the League…or maybe even with Talia al Ghul.

What do you think? I’m sure we’ll get more information tonight

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