als still got it

  • you, an idiot: there are 4 robins
  • me, an intellectual: correct: dick, jason, carrie, tim-
  • you: see? i told you-
  • me, still going, and smarter than you: -steph, tim again, dami, duke
  • you: please stop

submitting for the imagine xx

thank you for submitting this post this was different from what i usually write and i hope you like it because i had a lot of feels while writing this!!

my heart still ached. i knew it was over with peter, he shattered my heart into millions of little pieces that were unable to be put back together. i still picked myself up and got myself al prettied up for school. peter and i were from two different worlds but that didn’t mean i didn’t love him.

peter lived in a small apartment and i lived in a large house, that didn’t mean we weren’t meant for each other but to my parts that wasn’t gonna slide. i loved peter so much, i still love him. its only been a week and I’ve avoided seeing him at all, there are times when ill see him push past people.

whenever i see him I’m frowning. he’s frowning. everyone is mad.

the bell rang and it was lunch time. i did what has become routine over the last few weeks. wipe my eyes, plug in my headphones, pick myself up, and keep walking. thats all i ever did, it was peter who taught me how to love.

his beautiful smile was what i fell in love with, or the way his eyes sparkle when he gets excited, when his smiles really big his eyes crinkle at the sides lightly. these were all small parts of peter that i love. 

when i se him i just want to kiss those lips again, i want to run my hands through his soft curls like i used to when we would cuddle and have our saturday night movie nights. 

when i was with peter everything was perfect. 

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Talia is easily the most confusing person with a relationship to Jason. I really can't tell if she cares for him or not. She seems like she wants the best for him?Also even if she doesn't I think she at least respects him,which is more than I can say for her feelings about Dick. Those two seem to hate each other.

I don’t think even Talia knows but, I will say that whatever feelings she developed for him (which were at least somewhat maternal) she did do a lot for selfish reasons. I think she’s also kind of possessively maternal in a ‘i made you what you are way’ and would be hella jealous of another mother figure coming into Jason’s life but yeah.

Talia is not a good mother by any means and she did contribute to absolutely fucking Bruce and Jason’s relationship up and she did it knowingly and, after a certain point, intentionally. 

Jimin Scenario: Amore.

Request: So first i would like to have a jimin scenario were he meets gf parents, but they don’t speak korean so he must learn her native language (if possible italian, but every other language is ok [i don’t mean dialogues in italian, but like making references that gf nationality is italian {idk if i explained myself good lol}]) and he’s nervous to mess up             

Genre: Fluff

Nobody was really being of much help, his friends were trying but falling in a fit of laughter each time he attempted to pronounce two straight words and Jimin was sweating and frustrated, people spoke this, it shouldn’t be that hard.

–I’ll start again– Jimin said decided, he was doing this, he was greeting your parents like a nice Italian boy would without messing it up, for you and for them. – Now, hear me up –

His friends straightened themselves again, and Jimin remembered himself to be patient, he was patient, he was kind, he was smart and he was all but losing all of that already.

–Buon… buon…– Jimin took a deep breath, tried to remember the rest and coax his lips and voice to pronounce what he wanted them to. –Buon, gi… orno – his lips took a funny shape with the foreign word, and he saw how Taehyung and Jungkook did their best to not fall again in a fit of laughter.

–It’ll be almost midday when you meet them Jimin, are you sure you’ll still be greeting them as if it was morning? – Namjoon looked at him with his know it all eyes and Jimin clenched his fist, almost glaring at his hyung, but not quite.

–Buon giorno – he said again, stronger this time and annoyed. Damnit Namjoon, he was right, maybe that wasn’t even the same greeting for midday why didn’t he think about that before and why didn’t Namjoon open his mouth sooner? He could have saved Jimin a good half an hour of trying to properly pronounce the two words without making a ridiculous face halfway through.

Jimin just needed to persevere, he knew it, you had said that it was alright, that you could translate everything, that it wasn’t that much of an issue but for Jimin it was, he wanted to do everything in his hands for your parents to like him and cause them a good first impression, he was going to speak Italian even if it was the last thing he did.

–I got this alright? – he said, to his friends, to himself, eyeing again the notes on his hands where he’d scribbled all the possible phrases he could learn on his own. He wanted this to be a surprise but he’d also paid close attention to the little words you let out here and there in your native language, so he could get used to the sound, and Jimin wasn’t a quitter, no matter the headache and the tangled tongue, he got this, he could do this, he was going to walk into that restaurant with you and nail this whole italian thing in the batting of an eyelash.

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  • *James and Al talking about a Gravity Bong*
  • James: Alright, so a gravity bong is you have a pot that you half fill
  • Al: You have A Pot? *Laughing*
  • James: No, no, you got like a cooking pot *Al is still laughing*
  • James: You know what? If you're not gonna be mature enough for me to teach you how to use drugs then maybe you're not responsible enough yet.

Life Advice and Quidditch Stars

Setting: postwar / next-gen AU

Pairing: Marcus Flint / Oliver Wood. background Katie Bell / Alicia Spinnet

Also featuring: Albus Severus Potter

Word count: ~1.2K

Alt: FFN, AO3

After that disaster with the time turner, mixed up timelines, and things he didn’t ever want to experience again, he finally landed home.

But due to some error the time turner and its running out of magical power, completely broken, he ended up nearly too many months after when he first started, missing most of the school year.

Al had always been smart, and perhaps if he put a little more effort into the studies in the remaining months, acing the end of year exams would’ve been easy. Even if he didn’t get straight O’s, he should probably still be able to get passable results.  But he just felt tired of everything after coming back, bitter at the time he’d lost.  And since he’d always gotten perfect grades in the past few years, the perfectionist in him wondered if there was any point of taking the exams if he wasn’t going to get perfect grades. At that time, it seemed like the most rational idea just to repeat the year again.

It was a decision he was soon regretting, as the summer came.  Sure, he got Scorpius with him – Scorpius, who had only decided to repeat the year for Al – and it wasn’t like he got many friends outside Scorpius either, but the realization that he would be a whole year behind all his original classmates was now hitting hard.

He wished he hadn’t been so stubborn.

A year seemed so long, so behind, and he wondered what all other people must be gossiping right now, feeling empty and hollow.

He immediately grabbed onto the chance when Mum asked him if he wanted to come to the Harpies practice with her. Since it was either going to see her practice or stay at home with Dad – which he was pretty damn sure would be awkward – he agreed quickly.

As Al gazed at Mum and her team soaring in the air, he got lost in thought again – lamenting all the things happened in the past year and regretting his decision to repeat the year instead of trying to cram everything in the remaining time.

When he refocused again, he noticed that two men had sat down near him.  They didn’t seem notice him at first, and was arguing loudly about the latest Quidditch statistics instead.  And then the one with sandy brown hair turned slightly, and Al instantly recognized him as Oliver Wood, the current captain of Puddlemore United. Probably at least half of his housemates had a crush on the famous keeper.  Which must mean the other man was –

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Chicago PD 4.20 Sneak Peek“Grasping for Salvation” 4/26/17

Al still got it. Al comes out with a solution about opening cell phone records. Erin and Jay sharing a
Look. Just like the title I’m grasping for anything Linstead

Credit: Viben on Films

The T Gods are being v generous with me lads 👌👌👌👌

With the Yankees benching Aaron Judge, y'all think he’s still got a chance at AL MVP? Or even ROY?

I mean what he did the first half was extraordinary, but his second half has been extraordinarily the opposite. It takes a complete season to win these awards. If he can turn it around after these next few days off, do you think it’ll be enough?

I found this somewhat old Lapis and some Peridot doodle dump back when I was still trying to learn how to draw Lapis. Funnily enough, these were drawn way before Barn Mates aired and I’m laughing at how accurate this became in canon XDD

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if you guys were stranded on a island with two of your other cast members , who would you eat and who would you keep for entertainment,

We here at Project Voicebend do not endorse cannibalism.

That being said, we’d probably end up eating Joel (sorry Joel)

a/n- Hoping this was a prompt and not a request for some icing. Here you go!

He’s drunk. Really drunk. He knows this because his body feels too fluid to belong to him and he’s bolder than he dare be.

They’ve been on two dates. Both have ended in awkward pauses, friendly hugs, a kiss on the cheek (stolen by him because he’s too goddamn self conscious around her to do what he really wants which is to kiss the hell out of her on her front steps until her mum yells at him to leave). It’s quickly becoming not enough. Two dates is nothing, a drop in the bucket, but fucking hell, he loves her and he’s tired of waiting for himself to man up.

He’s kissed plenty of girls, slept with a few, this should be breezy but he’s got all these new emotions rolling around, wreaking havoc on his insides. He never lost his breath at the thought of just a kiss, hands never sweated, heart never raced until he thought of kissing Rae. It was like he was 13, about to give a speech to a bunch of kids who were smarter than him. Only this time, he wasn’t just scared, he was hot and bothered, too.

Tonight was supposed to be their 3rd date but they ended up at Chop’s for an impromptu birthday party for Al. It was alright, he supposed. Still time with Rae and he got to see his mates, but he had convinced himself that tonight was the night he would finally kiss her and now it was all ruined.

He jumped nearly out of his skin when he fingers fell on his back. S-O-G-R-U-M-P-Y.

He frowned at her but melted at the sight of her bottom lip trapped very delicately between her teeth. That lip should be between his teeth right now, damn it.

Her eyes get big and she stutters, “Sorry?” through a laugh.

Fucking hell. Had he said it outloud? “Um…”

“You’re drunk!” She accuses.

“Blerg.” Did that make sense? What the hell did he just say?

“You are! Finn Nelson, what am I going to do with you?”

He was about to give her a long and comprehensive list of exactly what she could do with him but he’s cut short by a piece of cake flying through the air. The girls duck and hide but the boys are lost in the frenzy of a good food fight.

The grass is spooted with blue icing in the end, chunks of white cake and beer stuck to t-shirts and skin.

Izzy grabs Chop’s arm and tries to help him up (he went down after taking a particularly large corner piece to the ear) while Rae pulls Finn inside. She cleans him up the best she can as he drunkenly chatters about a new record he bought (“More crap reggae, you’ll love you. Reggae, Rae.” He then dissolves into laughter). She thinks she’s done a decent job until she spots a line of blue buttercream icing just above his collar. It’s an easy fix, swiped away with an index finger and she turns to grab the towel she was using but Finn gets her hand.

He doesn’t understand his actions but he knows it’s some sort of deep, primal need as he slips her finger into his mouth. The sweetness of the icing burns on his tastebuds and his whole body sudders at the relief of finally having tasted her skin. He groans around her finger, watching as her lips part, eyes growing wider. He makes his tongue as broad and as soft as he can as he slips it up the digit, sucking softly at the tip before releasing her. His mind is thinking of all the different place he wants to run his tongue across and his eyes land on her lips. He’s pressed against her, forehead resting againsts her. Finn knows he’s whispering nonsense but he prays she gets it (she does). “I want to kiss you so bad but I’m going to be sober when I do so I remember every bit of it. I’m warning you, once I get started, I’ll never stop. You’ll be so sick of me kissing you, you’ll hide, Rae, I swear it. I just want to. Drinking was such a bad idea. Tomorrow we’ll just kiss all day, ok?”

She’s laughing again but her cheeks are red. “Yeah, ok. Let’s get you to bed.”

The next morning he wakes up on Chop’s floor with a pounding headache and a bit of cake on his shirt. He changes, rouses Chop and dreads the thought of cleaning the place up.

Archie and Rae and already started and there’s a kettle on. The boys keep on while Rae pours tea.

She hands Finn a mug. “Already fixed up for ya.”

He takes a sip and it’s perfect, just the way he likes it. “How’d you know?”

“You were bangin’ on about tea last night.”

He hides his smile with the cup. “Must be picking up your habits.”

“Cheeky bastard,” she ruffles his hair and he catches her wrist, pulling her closer.

“Might as well get started, yeah?”

It’s a quick and simple kiss, but his heart hammers for a solid hour after. They play it cool with each other (it’s their favorite game) but he notices the tremble in her hands because it’s the same one he’s got in his knees. He moves in for another and he’s lost in the taste of tea on her tongue and the feel of her hips under his palms.

“Not in my kitchen, you two!” Chop breaks them up and Finn thinks about moping the floor with his face. “Get sorted because we’re headed out.”

She’s lets go of his shirt (she had it balled up tight in her hands. For the next month, wrinkles in his shirt will make him go inexplicably hard) but he finds it’s almost too much to let her go. He briefly thinks of twisting her belt loops around his fingers so she can’t get away from him but decides to turn her loose when Chop starts caterwauling about being hungry.

He thinks about sucking on her fingers against at he chippy when traces B-O-R-I-N-G on his thigh as Chloe talks about some guy two tables over.

K-I-S-S? He responds. When she furrows her brow he adds Y-O-U and as an afterthought N-O-W. She shakes her head, sips her drink but he’s insistent. After the 9th time his fingers make their pleas, she kisses him square on the mouth. He beams at her (after telling Chop to shut it when he yells “Woo! Raemundo!”)

He’s not satisfied and goes back to tracing M-O-R-E.

He’ll never get enough. Not of her.

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Under the sea - Octopus for Garrus / Eliza? (And a thousand internets to you if you can make it fluffy/smutty, because they deserve some happiness)

Octopus - Getting into, or out of, a tight space.

If @spinninglenny asks for fluff, she gets fluff. <3<3


Garrus liked Hannah Shepard, Garrus respected Hannah Shepard, and a small part of Garrus might even have loved Hannah Shepard, just for loving Shepard as much as she so clearly did. 

Garrus was also terrified of Hannah Shepard, in more ways than he could count, and so when Hannah insisted on taking her girl to lunch – alone – he didn’t put up a single protest, and waved goodbye with a silent sigh of relief as Hannah led Shepard out onto the Presidium. 

Shepard ignored the stares as calmly as she always did, head carried high and her gaze always fixed just beyond the reporters and minor officials trying to step in her way, but Hannah waved and grinned at everyone they passed. Somehow, Garrus thought, that was even more terrifying. Shepard blanking someone was humiliating enough, but Hannah saw everything, and forgot nothing. 

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I don't understand what is happening. Have you noticed that there are hardly ANY AL/DG pics since Richonne got together. I get the Lucille Victim was important but why aren't they capitalizing on this couple. They don't even sit next to each in panels and before Richonne was canon they did. There are pictures of DG and JDM from last nights event for goodness sake's. It's so frustrating.

I know right! They play the leading man and leading lady part of the OTP of all OTPs and fans absolutely love seeing them together promoting the show. Look at this:

Remember when AL and DG were the only actors in that red carpet photo with TPTB? That was in the lead-up to Richonne going canon and we fans couldn’t get enough.

I mean, even before there were many fans shipping Richonne, we still got a kick out of seeing AL and DG standing next to one another in the early days:

And when they looked like absolute royalty at the S6 premiere:

Having them next to each other at the panels has always been a delight for fans too:

Or just seeing them together in general:

They’re actors we adore playing the most iconic TWD characters ever; playing our favourite couple, it’s only natural we want to see pictures of them together. I think TWD should capitalise on the love of Richonne and get AL and DG doing more promotion together. They’ve tortured us enough with this premiere, give us something to smile about! Let Andy and Danai talk about the lovely relationship between Rick and Michonne.

I know these pictures have been seen before, but I hope that they brighten up your day a little until we get some new ones!