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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Jehdin

 Long time no see! I know I kinda neglected this account. Life’s gotten busy but I do plan to slowly but surely get back to answering questions. Anyways Jehdin got nominated and of course Allu is incompetent.

I nominate:

Nix (Yark-wark)

Jak (Unlikely Solution)

Freek (Freakzter)

No pressure, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want.


“Your in Texas, Youll be fine”

The Ice Bucket Challenge

Okay so this was originally a request but honestly I can’t find it soooo… Enjoy some Castiel fun :3

- Gabriel


Author: Gabriel

Character: Castiel

Warnings: None come to mind c:


The water hit your head and you took a huge breath inwards, calming yourself down due to the freezing sensation running through your body before looking back at the camera that Sam was holding, trying to keep in his laughter, Dean looking smug as ever, him being the one to have thrown the ice water over you.

“Fuckkkk,” you looked up at the camera calming yourself down before speaking up again, “I nominate Cas, um Charlie as well and I guess that’s it.” You waved and smiled as Sam turned the camera off, all three of you making your way back  inside where a nice hot towel was waiting for you, Cas holding it out to you.

“Y/N,” Cas looked at you as you took the towel, smiling at him you nodded telling him silently to continue talking which he did, “I do not understand, why do you pour the ice water over your head when the outcome has such an unpleasant feeling to it?” The angel looked confused at you making you smile fondly at him.

“Well its for charity Cas, to make people known of this disease and now I’ve nominated you so you gotta do it.” You smiled at him, the angel managing to look confused but gradually nod at you.

“Y/N, will you help me with this… Challenge then?” You laughed a little at his unsure words before nodding.

“Of course I will Cas, but right now I think I need a nice warm shower before I freeze to death yeah?” Castiel nodded with a small smile etched onto his face, you walked away, the shower you had promised yourself awaiting for you.


After  the shower you made sure to put on some of your pyjamas even though the day was still young you knew that there was nothing more you were going to do today, making your way out of your room you found the boys watching the video that was uploaded to facebook now, managing to laugh as the water was poured onto your head by Dean who was smirking as per usual.

“You’re a dickhead Dean.” The man mirrored the smirk that was shown on the screen just moments ago mumbling something as you walked away and over to Cas sitting beside him with a smile on your face.

“Cassssyyy I think we should get your ice bucket challenge done, then at least we won’t forget about it!” You chipped at him happily, the angel nodding and standing up.

“And I do it just like yours correct?” You nodded, smiling at Cas leading him outside.

Dean stood behind the camera again, shouting “ACTION” as he pressed the record button, while Cas stood centre stage, looking confused as ever.

“Hello, my name is Castiel and I am going to pour this bucket of ice over my head” He spoke with a monotonous voice, proceeding to get the bucket and pour it over himself, looking completely unfazed by everything he then turned to you who couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation.

“Y/N am I done?” You’re laughter grew, Dean and Sammy quick to join in as they clicked the button to stop recording the video, you placed a hand on the angels back, nodding.

“Yep Cassie, you’re done doll.” You smiled to yourself and went inside, uploading the video to your facebook.