what the fuck is up my racial slurs! it’s aparri here back with another yandere simulator undertale minecraft roleplay animal jam edition episode 394543840298329 and today in this episode fman122 fucking stabs sans undertale to death for senpai! alrught it’s time for the daily BLACK LONG GIVEAWAY totally not doing this just so people think im nice lol swaggy kawaii xD i used the n slur unironically before and ajhq still loves me!! lol who ffucking cares what kind of idol their kids have lol am i right swag swag swag swag swag kys xD


Alrught now that I have your attention- I just wanted to let you all know that I just went back as far as I could before my tumblr crashed and tagged Wilford’s posts with #candychaos and I tagged all of Author’s posts with #InkyAuthor so that you guys can find their separate posts easily! Have fun! (Also I tagged my posts with #narraspeaks)

Ghost fic rec 👻

ok so I love the idea of a ghost au it’s really cute (some are kinda sad) and I’m obssesed with it. I’m mostly doing this so I can go back to all of them if I want to re-read them an d stuff so u know, but idk all of these are great so if u should totally read them if ya want and yeaaaaaaaaaaaah let’s go. NOTE: all of these have major character death because…well..ghost fic.

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5sos Preference: Fall Morning

Luke: “Stop staring at me.” he grinned, looking at you on the corer of his eye. “The leaves are changing.” you beamed, biting your lip. “You know what that means?” “What?” he murmured, pulling you closer to his side while you two stayed under the covers. “We can take cute couple fall photos and you’re on break. Which means sleeping in and having late nights in front of the TV catching up on all the TV Shows." 

Michael: The leaves crunched under feet with ever step you two took in the backyard. "Michael it isnt even light out yet. I shouldnt be up.” you grumbled, wiping the sleep from your eyes. He shrugged while extending his hand out and grabbed yours so you could climb up into the tree beside him. “Thats why we are up here. The first fall sunrise.” You rolled your eyes,  knowing he was only doing this because you said he wasn’t romantic that often. But in all honesty you loved him in spite of that. “Michael you don’t have to do all this. Come on, lets go back inside and lay in bed like all the other perfect mornings.”

Calum: “Alrught you two go make the pancakes and I will go rake the leaf piles we discussed.” “Daaaaaaad” they groaned. “Fine I’ll make the breakfast you go rake up the leaf piles. But hurry before your mom wakes up. The leaves finally changed and have fallen. Your mom’s favorite season has arrived.” He smiled. “Let’s make a morning out of it." 

Ashton: "hey.” he whispered. You rgraoned trying to go back to sleep. “Wake up babe.” you sighed wiping the sleep out of your eyes. It was a little bit colder in the house this morning. “What?” you mumbled. “I have the fire place started and the coffee made. Lets go out on the couch and sit in front of it and watch the leaves change.” he grinned.