Ambris’s Monster Girl Challenge

So I’ve decided to do a monster girl challenge this year, starting on October 1st. It’s what I’m going to be doing for my daily sketches, essentially. Last time I did the challenge was years ago, and I kinda limped through it.

This year, I’ve made my own list (since I’ve got some minor problems with the standard one), though it shares many of the same entries.

Design guide: All entries are intended to be have some kind cute or sexy appeal, even if it’s a bit unorthodox, or if it deviates from the monster’s original appearance somewhat.

1. Centaur
2. Gargoyal
3. Harpy
4. Satyr
5. Dragon
6. Werewolf
7. Vampire
8. Lamia (Snake girl)
9. Slime
10. Sharkgirl
11. Demon
12. Mermaid
13. Alruane (Plant Girl)
14. Succubus
15. Ghost
16. Dullahan
17. Which
18. Mummy
19. Cyclops (with Multiple Limbs)
20. Oni
21. (Drider) Spider Girl
22. Minotaur
23. Nekomata
24. Salamander
25. Chupacabra
26. Kappa
27. Kelpie
28. Monster Girl and her SO
29. Favorite Monster Girl Character
30. A Group of Monster Girls Together

I wanted to create something of a multicultural list too, pulling some classic monsters for various parts of the world. Some of these I’m not even sure *how* I’m going to make cute. But I guess that’s why it’s a challenge, I suppose.

See you on October 1st!