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“…But you better never pull it.”
- Blacklight burns - Stop a bullet

Word Count: 492

*Author’s Note*: This is a ko-fi reward for my good friend @d0nna-ake, who was kind enough to be my first ko-fi patron! I really appreciate her support and as a small thank you, I wrote her a selfship drabble with the couple of her choice! It was really fun to write and I really can’t thank her enough for her donation, I hope you enjoy!

The first time Rhys laid his eyes on D, he was smitten. He’d always been a bit of a playboy, an incessant flirt who thought his charm and brilliance were enough to dazzle anyone. Unfortunately, he wasn’t nearly as charming as he perceived himself to be. That is, although he was generally good looking and could be counted on for a witty one liner or swoon inducing compliment on occasion, Rhys was by and large a big goofball. He’d transitioned from being a pining two-bit business man, a mover and shaker who dreamed of following in his idol’s footsteps, to someone who had experienced a life altering journey that left few parts of him unchanged. Instead of being cynical and two timing, he now guarded against dishonesty and sought out those who were caring, compassionate, and moderately trustworthy.

From the moment he’d seen her, Rhys knew that D was one of the good guys. On the outside, he could understand where some might say she was rough, unapproachable, and possibly concealing a diabolical, conniving side. But wasn’t that just the public’s general opinion of info brokers? They were people who primarily worked in the shadows, gathered dirt on everyone and anyone across the cosmos, and amassed an indispensable arsenal of secrets and codes that could very well demolish even the most well-established individuals. It was a skillset Rhys found fascinating and indispensable, and getting the opportunity to work alongside such a person was a thrill in and of itself.

As he approached her, Rhys struggled to decide how he should introduce himself. Did she already know everything about him? Had she already been briefed on the nature of his situation and position, and even some of the things he’d experienced in the past? Should he bother with a petty introduction? His thoughts became tangled as he continued to distractedly observe her, and he barely managed to avoid tripping over a table.

Aside from her occupation, this woman had an aura and look that intrigued Rhys. Her hair was shaved to one side and dyed bright pink, a style that wasn’t uncommon in this locale. As he appreciated its neon color a blush of the same shade tinted his cheeks. It was rare for Rhys to be caught off guard before he’d even started talking to a person. But D surprised Rhys with her presence, impressed him with her skills and reputation, and enchanted him with her appearance. All in all, he was absolutely smitten.

As he finally reached her table he slid into the booth across from her, and she lifted her eyes to meet his. A spark zapped through their bodies the moment their eyes connected, and they both remained silent in the wake of this unique phenomenon. Without speaking a word, the two understood that some strong, unspoken force was working between them. They didn’t know the details, but their relationship would soon blossom into something neither of them expected.  

【腐】マクスズつめ  |  コト

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I MEAN YYYEEEEEEEAAAHHHH BUT I ACTUALLY DIDNT THINK OF THAT!!! You could say that the number three unifies the entire au, so yeah!!!! But there’s still something else…,,.,