alright what are u doing

He glanced at Tiberius. What was odder, perhaps, was that Ty was looking at him. Emma remembered Ty, years ago, saying, why do people say ‘look at me’ when they mean ‘look at my eyes’? You could be looking at any part of a person, and you’re still looking at them. But he was looking curiously at Kit’s eyes as if they reminded him of something.

Holding hands? no of course not what do you mean

pjo/hoo characters as things my friends and i have said (redux)
  • percy : *starts pouring outside while we're on the bus* "welp guess i'm swimming home guys !!!"
  • annabeth : "i'm pretty sure i passed that final with a solid f."
  • grover : "who the fuck let us go outside."
  • thalia : "fUCK yEAH DUDE iTS rAiNiNG !!!"
  • clarrise : *in response to a fuckboi* "kill him ??!"
  • drew : "people are so lucky i don't dress nice bc if I did all their mans would be sNATCHED."
  • jason : "hey, just because I've had 5 concussions doesn't mean I can't live and prosper like the rest of y'all."
  • piper : "hey-hey-" *starts singing* "sHut tHE fUCK uP !!!"
  • leo : *in response to being asked why they don't watch movies* "bro idk but ya know what i'm looking forward to ??? cARS THREE BOIII!"
  • hazel : "cinnamon bun or sinnamon bun." "shut the fuck up." *finger guns* "alrighttttt."
  • frank : "omg narwhals r real ???"
  • reyna : "just say ur gay and he'll prob leave you alone." "omg u right."
  • nico : *drops bag in the locker room* *in a sing song voice* "i'm ready to fuCKn enD iT."
  • will : *in response to a cut* "just patch that shit up with like tape or some shit and u be alright boi."
  • connor : "u know what, we're gonna steal a fukin polar bear."
  • travis : "do y'all wanna help us steal a polar bear ??? we gon take selfie with it."
  • rachel : *me drawing* "is my emo trash playlist playing bc if not i'm not gonna get shit done."
  • tyson : "excuse you i'm a child of fucking god don't touch me."
  • luke : "imagine like, if i were like, ya know dead." "do you want to be i can help with that."
  • bianca : "you all are shitty friends i deserve better." "fUCK U WE THE BEST U GOT HOE."
  • ethan : "emotionally numb ? cHECKMATE."
  • beckendorf : *me fixing a car in auto collision, and getting something right* "fuckING YAHTZEE."
  • silena : "i'm too pretty for this mo'fuckin buffoonery."
  • apollo : "i can't believe i'm trapped with all you assholes for the next four years. i'm literally better than all of you."
  • meg : "gimme ur apple i wanna find a worm."
  • calypso : "i fall in love so easily like ew what the fuck is wrong with me."

pidge: *microwaving two tortillas with cheese in between them to make a “quesadilla”*

lance, worried: oh my god pidge is everything ok, are you alright?

pidge: … what do you mean…

lance: u just made a microwave quesadilla u either hate yourself or someone died

hunk, working on an invention from the other room: SHES WHITE BABE!


am i the only one who could literally not give a fuck if they made steven a gremlin who was two inches tall? they gave us lesbians in a children’s cartoon what else do you want helen

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keith walking into lance's room (or lance walking into keith's room), flopping face down onto the bed and Sobbing becomes a regular occurrence after keith's vlog. sometimes they won't even comfort the other, they'd just keep doing what they're doing and be like "u alright?" "yea" "lit"

*they fist bump* cool bro, dont be sad get glad



**At the risk of sounding absolutely ridiculous and way too obsessed with this gravity falls/crystal gems au what do you think of Bipper’s gemstone being pyrite (aka fool’s gold)?

**Yo i rly like ur gem au and i wanna know what bill and dippers fusion would be if thats alright with u??

**What weapon do you imagine Bipper wielding in the Gravity falls Crystal Gem Au? I’m partial to the idea of Bipper’s weapon being a bunch of throwing knives since Bipper would probably enjoy idly running their fingers across the sharp half of the knives and purposely not healing themselves in order to experience pain and also randomly throwing their knives mere centimeters from someone’s face and claiming it was an accident and their fingers “slipped” (wow that got dark, sorry).

**I wanted to share this idea with you since it pertains to the Gravity falls/Crystal gems au so here goes: deep down a part of Dipper liked being fused with Bill because when fused together Dipper had access to Bill’s knowledge and probably experienced Bill’s smug self-confidence too so for the first time in forever Dipper got to feel smart and suave instead of inadequate and awkward but he feels ashamed about it since Bipper was a monster so no part of him should want to fuse with Bill again.

- Anonymous

I’m so glad I had the files on back up, I’m so sorry for bothering you guys with this

So you guys gave me some really cool ideas – someone also wanted Bill’s gem to be a triangle so I wanted to try that too –

 I really like the idea of ‘Bipper’s’ fusion being Pyrite, It’s mostly just Bill leeching off of Dipper’s abilities and energy, and when the Fusion is broken Bill is fine and Dipper can barely walk.

This starts off when Mabel wants to try and tame some corrupted gems, she finds one that kind of looks like a sock puppet, It turns out to be a giant three headed monster that uses Mabel’s weakness of 'No killing’ against her.

Dipper tried to tell her and he knows he can’t beat the monster alone. He asks Bill who says he won’t save her himself unless he gets something in return.

The end result is Pyrite. And Pyrite does not play nice, at all. It’s more like just destroy everything and think about the consequences later.

personal personal personal 🙃

“Jack is a food photographer with a very popular blog who finds inspiration in pastry chef Bitty, owner of a tiny downtown bakery. Things seems to go well until Jack starts to take less pictures of the food, and more of the baker himself…" (insp + thanks to @itsybittle for the caption)