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LeapingTitan (Nick)’s AMA! (Ask Me Anything)

Alright phew I’m actually doing this. Hello everyone! Yesterday I made two important posts regarding my blog. The first one was sort of a notification regarding my semi-activity in the following days due to the coming of spoilers for Chapter 90 (to which, as most of you know already, I’ll be doing a live reaction to when a full scanlation/official translation is out). And the second one was the release of Part 2 of The Timeline and History of Attack on Titan, which I FINALLY got around to making… Jesus.

Although I generally don’t go too personal with my posts (the chair gif aside lmao) I felt the need to kind of communicate since for some reason, people really started to ask me things as a result of the constant meme shenanigans me and @guyinlovewitheremika have been pulling off for the past two weeks. So… I’m doing one of these!

Now, when I say anything, I quite literally mean anything. Anything you may want to share it with me, doesn’t matter if it’s a question or not. Anything you want to know about me, maybe an explanation of some kind, maybe something SnK-related? Other things I like? Whatever comes to mind.

Please in keep in mind though that my blog, by default, doesn’t contain much of my personal information as I simply don’t see it as important enough to impact my dank memes content. With that said, I feel the need to state that I am not obliged to answer all questions that I don’t feel like answering. I’m pretty chill with most things, but still, just keep that in mind.

Also, I already expect to get a lot of the same questions so don’t be disappointed if your question isn’t answered directly, as it will likely be an answer to another question instead.

I am going to be accepting asks (both off-anon and anon) as well as submissions (I prefer asks though, makes it easier to manage) for the next week or so. Now, although this isn’t necessarily different from what I usually do as I usually answer most of the asks that I get, I still felt the need to approach this in a more personal fashion… so yeah! :D

After about a week I will take the questions that I’ve gotten and answer them one by one. I haven’t decided whether or not I want to do this in video form (with facecam and all) yet but I guess I have time. Without further ado, get those questions going! :D

If you think I don’t text you enough or give enough news just know that I’ve moved away from my country a year ago and only spoke to my best friend 4 times and my brother 2 times since then and I love them both to death and it doesn’t change our relationships whatsoever. It’s not in my nature to reach out and frankly it’s okay and I hate people making me feel guilty for that. I still love my friends and my family either way, but if you force me or pressure me or guilt me into talking to you every day or even just in general well I’m sorry but maybe we aren’t meant to be friends. 

I’m back bitches! 

Well, I’m actually going to sleep, so meanwhile Taiora.

Quick reminder: My askbox is still open for suggestions, and please check this post for more info 



**At the risk of sounding absolutely ridiculous and way too obsessed with this gravity falls/crystal gems au what do you think of Bipper’s gemstone being pyrite (aka fool’s gold)?

**Yo i rly like ur gem au and i wanna know what bill and dippers fusion would be if thats alright with u??

**What weapon do you imagine Bipper wielding in the Gravity falls Crystal Gem Au? I’m partial to the idea of Bipper’s weapon being a bunch of throwing knives since Bipper would probably enjoy idly running their fingers across the sharp half of the knives and purposely not healing themselves in order to experience pain and also randomly throwing their knives mere centimeters from someone’s face and claiming it was an accident and their fingers “slipped” (wow that got dark, sorry).

**I wanted to share this idea with you since it pertains to the Gravity falls/Crystal gems au so here goes: deep down a part of Dipper liked being fused with Bill because when fused together Dipper had access to Bill’s knowledge and probably experienced Bill’s smug self-confidence too so for the first time in forever Dipper got to feel smart and suave instead of inadequate and awkward but he feels ashamed about it since Bipper was a monster so no part of him should want to fuse with Bill again.

- Anonymous

I’m so glad I had the files on back up, I’m so sorry for bothering you guys with this

So you guys gave me some really cool ideas – someone also wanted Bill’s gem to be a triangle so I wanted to try that too –

 I really like the idea of ‘Bipper’s’ fusion being Pyrite, It’s mostly just Bill leeching off of Dipper’s abilities and energy, and when the Fusion is broken Bill is fine and Dipper can barely walk.

This starts off when Mabel wants to try and tame some corrupted gems, she finds one that kind of looks like a sock puppet, It turns out to be a giant three headed monster that uses Mabel’s weakness of 'No killing’ against her.

Dipper tried to tell her and he knows he can’t beat the monster alone. He asks Bill who says he won’t save her himself unless he gets something in return.

The end result is Pyrite. And Pyrite does not play nice, at all. It’s more like just destroy everything and think about the consequences later.


Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 5

“Jack is a food photographer with a very popular blog who finds inspiration in pastry chef Bitty, owner of a tiny downtown bakery. Things seems to go well until Jack starts to take less pictures of the food, and more of the baker himself…" (insp + thanks to @itsybittle for the caption)

Gotham Season Two
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Alfred:</b> Bruce, no!<p/><b>Bruce:</b> Bruce yes!<p/><b>Alfred:</b> Alright, then. Now here's a structured plan of how we should go about doing this. I've probably secretly been planning this for weeks.<p/><b>Me:</b> *impatiently waiting for Jerome*<p/><b> Me:</b> *yeah, sure, fish too whatever*<p/><b>Nygma:</b> ;)<p/><b>Cobblepot:</b> ;)<p/><b>Cobblepot:</b> I just came out to have a good time and I am honestly feeling so attacked rn.<p/><b>Nygma:</b> FUCK DA POLICE<p/><b>Lee:</b> Jim, you've gone so dark side lately. :( just chiiiillll, alright?<p/><b>Jim:</b> lol fuck u I do what I want<p/></p><p/></p>