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i can’t stop thinking about dean giving cas his first blowjob

like, dean would take his time going over cas’ body first, he would nip and kiss softly at castiel’s skin, and castiel would be breathing just a little bit harder than usual just out of anticipation.

then, dean would grin as he would miss cas’ cock entirely, and castiel would sigh in annoyance, but dean would soothe him, running his hands along castiel’s outer thighs as he nipped and kissed even more at the skin in his inner thighs, sucking bruises and kissing over them, his breath hot over castiel’s skin, and castiel would be squirming, unable to control his excitement.

then, dean would finally let up, kissing up the underside of castiel’s cock before licking a long stripe up it, and castiel would gasp softly, hands reaching out to clutch the sheets as dean would slip slowly onto the head of his cock, and castiel would let out a loud moan, and dean would encourage him, stroking his thumbs over cas’ hipbones, humming softly and sending maddening vibrations through castiel that had him biting his lip hard. and as dean would dip further down onto castiel’s cock he would enjoy every single, ‘dean,’ that was being uttered from castiel’s mouth. dean would have to hold cas’ hips still because cas would start desperately bucking them upwards, trying to get more of dean’s mouth. and dean would be curling his tongue, running it along the vein on the underside of his cock, finding all the little things that made cas plead for more.

cas’ hands would be white knuckled on the sheets, gripping them as tight as possible with his back arched off the bed, his mouth open, eyes closed in pleasure as he babbled nonsense, slipping in and out of enochian interspersed with dean’s name, and dean would be smoothing his hands all over cas, sliding all the way down onto cas’ dick until castiel felt the familiar wave of pleasure hit him, and he would let out a long, low, shaky moan, his hips stuttering as dean swallowed him down

afterwards, castiel would be breathing heavily, hauling dean up to kiss him with a sated smile. and he would definitely be eager to return the favor to dean

The Over Protective Brother

I am so so so incredibly sorry how long this took to upload xD Hope you like it now it is finally here! - Bella


“Do I look ok?” Dean asked nervously, readjusting his tie for the fifth time.

“You look fine, stop worrying. They’re going to love you.” You say, reassuringly patting his arm. You turn into your driveway and walk up to your house, your arm linked with his. You reach the porch and Dean pauses.

“I’m just not good with parents…” He says slowly. “And I really like you do I don’t want to screw this up…”

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