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  • Tolkien: "And then, Gil-Galad son of Finrod..."
  • Tolkien: Wait.. I changed my mind. Finrod never married and never had children.
  • Tolkien: Yup. So, Gil-Galad son of Fingon...
  • Tolkien: Now, reconsidering it again.. Maybe not. Let Fingon stay true to his only love.
  • Tolkien: Alright then, Gil-Galad son of Orodreth...
  • Tolkien: Speaking of Orodreth, I'm not quite sure about his father either.
  • Tolkien: Well, maybe he should be his former brother's son.
  • Tolkien: That's better. So, Gil-Galad son of Orodreth son of Angrod son of Finarfin...
  • *years later*
  • Christopher Tolkien: Dad.. What the fuck am I gonna do with this dude
Good Little Angel

Word count: 2,034

Warning: smut, little bit of fluff, teasing, dom!Lucifer, sub!Lucifer

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @curlyxtomato for your request!

Lucifer has to help the Winchesters but there is some awkwardness when Y/N realises that he is an old hook up of hers. Leads to some passionate sex and a lot of teasing and self-denial.

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“We’re working with you, not because we want to, but because we have to.” Dean sighed.

You were currently sitting beside an agitated Sam who was trying his best not to look over the table at none other than Lucifer himself.

“It’s good to see you guys too.” Lucifer grinned. You scoffed. Immediately his head spun round to see you, now trying to sink into your seat subtly. “Oh I know you love having me around Y/N. You find me irresistible.” He almost sneered at you.

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If Akira x Futaba get married
  • Akira: I’ll be referring to you as ‘father’ from now on, alright?
  • Soujirou: No way! You’ll creep me out!
  • Akira: But I’m technically your son-in-law, aren’t I, father?
  • Soujirou: *screams as he scratches his neck* Fine then, I’ll call you 'son’ from now on! Alright, Son?!
  • Akira: *screams as he scratches his neck* Stop it, father!
  • Soujirou: *screaming back* Son!
  • Akira: *screaming back hitting his head in the wall* Father!
  • Futaba: ….

So give me hope in the darkness that I will see the light
Cause, oh, they gave me such a fright
But I will hold as long as you like
Just promise me we’ll be alright

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i have this headcanon where damen and laurent have a kid and he/she becomes just SO attached to laurent. like maybe they’re in a meeting or something and the kid is on laurents lap and damen tries to pick them up and they just suction to laurent and refuse to move and it makes laurent so happy bc his lil baby loves him so much

Arthur x Reader: Our Little Family

I don’t own the GIF, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Okay, fold your arms like this,” Arthur copied you.

“Is this okay?” He asked nervously.  You adjusted them a little.

“Now they’re good.  Wait there,” Arthur was finally going to hold his son.  He’d been born just a week ago, and Arthur had still yet to hold him.  Part of it was due to the fact that being a king kept him on his toes, but he was also terrified of making a mistake.  You picked up your tiny son from his cradle as he cooed softly. You slowly walked over to Arthur as you rocked him in your arms.  You sat down next to Arthur on your bed and turned to face him.  He copied you, gulping nervously.  You gently deposited the baby in his arms.  “Mind his head.”  You told Arthur.  He nodded and adjusted accordingly.  When you were satisfied with how Arthur was holding him, you slowly removed your hands.

And then your son burst into tears.  Arthur looked at you with panic written all over his face.  “What am I doing wrong?  Can you take him?”

“No,” You told him.  He looked at you helplessly.  “You’re holding him perfectly.  He’s just not used to you.  Plus, the fact that you’re wearing chainmail probably isn’t helping.”

“Oh God, is it hurting him?!”  You laughed.

“No of course not, it’s probably just super cold to him.  Here,” You took your son, who quieted down immediately.  “Take it off and then I’ll hand him back.”  Arthur removed his armour as quick as he could, before carefully moving his arms back into the position you had taught him.  You gently returned the baby back in his father’s arms.   He stared up at his daddy for a few moments, before bursting into tears again.  Arthur deflated.  “Arthur,” You laid a hand on his shoulder.  “You’re doing nothing wrong.  He’s only like this because you’ve never held him before, and he knows it.  He just needs time.”  Arthur turned back to his son, who was still wailing.  He began to rock him back and forth.

“Shh,” He murmured to his son.  “Don’t cry, Thomas.   It’s alright.”  He raised his son, whose cries had slowly started to soften.  He tentatively raised two chubby fists up.  Arthur lowered his head and let Thomas touch his face.  He smiled at the feeling, and Thomas stopped crying all together.  His eyes were wide with curiosity, and a little smile plastered itself on his face.  Arthur’s grin widened.  “Y/N, he stopped crying!”  He said softly.  Thomas giggled at his father’s voice, and slowly lowered his fists.  Arthur continued to grin and rock his son, until Thomas yawned, snuggled into Arthur’s chest, and fell asleep, clutching onto his father’s shirt with two tiny hands.  Arthur stared at his son with pure love in his eyes, before turning to you.  He carefully moved one arm to wrap around your shoulders, and you moved closer, kissing Arthur’s cheek and resting your head on his shoulder.  He smiled and kissed your hair before returning his gaze back to your son, who slept peacefully in the arms of his father.

Thanks to the anon that requested this one!

Meant to Be - Part Ten: Stars

All Parts

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

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Word Count: 3228

Warnings: swearing, anxiety/panic attacks

Dedicated to: @limpblotter @feral-tomcat-hamilton and @lafilton for beta-reading my trash <3

okay and aaaah @theonethatscalledtay and @canyoubemyfour for their gorgeous fan art!!!

A/N: yIKES enjoy the angst

Alex calmed down as the day went on. Once his attack was over and his anxiety had decreased, he found he was ravenous. He was so hungry, in fact, that he practically devoured his sandwich in one gulp, pleasing Laf immensely. After he’d eaten, they all lounged about and talked for a few hours, just trying to enjoy the warm weather and one another’s company, with one notable exception; John remained almost completely silent and subdued, staring off into space.  

“Hey, you know what we haven’t done in forever?” Herc asked suddenly, ending a silence in which both Laf and Alex were trying to nap. Alex sat up groggily, rubbing at his eyes with his fist.

“What?” he demanded, his voice rough from tiredness.

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Snake Skin part 2

He could hardly hear the older man calling out his name as he slammed through the front door of the bar, wood splintering dramatically.

Elizabeth Cooper. She was here, she was in Riverdale, Jesus Christ she was fucking here.

Why was she here? What was she doing back? He had given her up six years ago, he could still remember the way she cried, how she held onto him as he broke her heart. She had begged him
“Don’t do this.” “Please I love you” and he had just stared at her, told her he had to go, it was for the best. He had left his heart on that front porch all those years ago and his chest had been empty since, but hearing her name? Knowing she was here? Something inside of him sparked.

He ripped his cellphone out of his pocket, dialing the familiar number and pulling a cigarette from his pocket, lighting it with shaky fingers

“Yo.” The easy going voice came from the other line

“"Did you know about this? Did you know she was back, that she was in riverdale?” Jughead rushed out, his voice harsh and cold.

“Well hello Jughead, I’m doing great, the weathers beautiful, meet for dinner at Pops tonight? Sure!” Archie Andrews drawled playfully.

“Archie..” Jughead threatened, there was a deep sigh on the other end and Archie answered

“She’s opening a veterinarians office, Polly is having trouble with Rory, it’s been in the works for a while. I couldn’t tell you. I promised.”

Jughead inhaled sharply
“She’s staying?” He whispered.

“Yeah, she’s staying Jug.” Archie answered evenly.

The dark haired boy shut his phone quickly, stubbing the cigarette out with the toe of his boot.

She shouldn’t be here, she was made for bigger things, for better things

“I don’t want anything else, I just want you.”

Jughead winced as her words filled his head, he loved her, more than anything, but he couldn’t be enough for her, he just wasn’t and everyone knew it.

“Who cares what everyone thinks, it’s you and me isn’t it? The way it’s always been.”

“Shut up! Just shut up.” Jughead slammed his fists into the side of his head, trying to quiet the familiar voice in his head, it was always there, when he was doing something particularly dangerous Betty’s sugar sweet voice would wrap around him, consoling him, comforting him, protecting him.

“You alright son?” Jughead whipped around to see Viper standing behind him, the rest of the older Serpents watching him cautiously.

Taking a deep breath and pulling out another cigarette Jughead nodded
“Yeah sure, lets go.”

The mutual nod of the group had Everyone mounting their bikes and driving off towards the north side, driving off towards the one thing that could change his life with the tilt of her lips.

As soon as they arrived at the tiny yellow house right off of River road, Jughead stiffened, it was perfect and quaint and homey and… so Betty.

“You sure this is the place.” The long haired man named Bruce asked from his space in her driveway

“Sure enough.” Viper said nodding towards the door. Jughead stayed behind, nothing could prepare him for what came next.

After rapping on the front door a minute passed and the door opened slowly, the smell of fresh baked cookies and soft giggles came through.
Then she walked through.

Long tan legs in soft cream colored wedges, a perfect pressed white dress covered her curves as soft honey blonde hair fell past her shoulders in flawless waves, her bright green eyes were sparkling and her perfect pink lips were tilted up in a silly smile, she had the familiar two year old boy wrapped up in her arms as he laughed, his shirt was half over his head and he was flailing his arms.

“Can I help you?” Betty adjusted Noah in her arms and raised a brow, a confused smile still on her face.

It seemed her beauty had struck all of the Serpents speechless, finally viper stuttered out

“We uh, we came to check on the boy he’s one of ours.”

Noah buried his face in Betty’s neck
“No! I don’t go back! No!” He whimpered

Betty rubbed his back gently
“It’s okay, you’re not going back, I’m sorry he probably associates you with his parents.” She glanced up and looked at the six men. “Why don’t you come in? I made cookies. We can talk this through.” She stepped back as they all stared blankly.

It was quiet for a few moments and no one moved, until Betty sighed.

“I’m not gonna ask twice, you either come in and eat the darn cookies or you go home" She huffed as they shuffled in, surprised by the sass.

Jughead stepped in last, his eyes connecting with Betty’s as she gasped, gently setting Noah on the ground and staring at Jughead

“Ju..Jughead?” She whispered

“Hey bets.” He whispered back.