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Happy Sunday, everyone (if it’s Sunday where you are…otherwise I’m sorry it’s Monday for you already).  

Not that I expect that anyone noticed (but just in case someone did), I’ve been kinda AWOL.  I’m not exactly on hiatus, but my responses to asks/messages will likely be extremely slow for the time being and updates might get a little sporadic because…school…papers…powerpoint presentations…cruel and unusual professors…

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I won’t be able to post an update to WEMtbB today and I see little to no chance of doing so tomorrow - best case scenario is the later half of the week.  I’m sorry to you who are waiting, but as much as I want to write, I really need to pass my class. I promise I’ll get something up as soon as I can - I haven’t abandoned it!!!

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gotta admit, 2016 is a pretty shit year. shit is probably an understatement, more like disaster. but then, lena luthor/supercorp just swooped in and single-handedly save my year. THANK YOU BABY BOO.

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rubyreddemise  asked:

Ok here's my best shot lol, I need a truly fluffy fic please. As you know my emotions have been on the non fun kind of roller coaster this week and reallly need a Prompto day of cuddles. Please include him addressing the depression and emotional roller coaster because it really helps.. hope this request makes some sort of sense..

I hope this is alright for you! Although it may be less fluffy than intended, but I hope you still like it! 

Prompto x Reader
My Everything ~
WC: 1234

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alright seriously can we talk about Fake AH Ryan having a double life? in the daytime he’s the vagabond with the crew and then at night he goes home to his little domestic family and shit.
also bonus: none of the crew knows and they see Ryan out with his family one day and then they’re like “why didn’t you tell us???” and he just shrugs and is like “you didn’t ask”. I just need more ryan in my life

Another headcanon:

The reason why Hyde stopped taking care of himself and his body during s4 is because he was angry, basically depressed, about Jackie not feeling a crap for him and he feeling so much for her.

It was all unconsciously, but the second he found out Jackie was back with Kelso, he stopped giving a shit or two about him and his looks, and everything else. 

No one found weird his laziness, but Jackie noticed. And since no one said anything to Hyde, she did asked him if he was alright, if he seriously didn’t care and finally ended telling him he looked bad.

“Good”, he answered. Because seriously, what does she cares? If his heart jumped to his throat because she actually does notices him like that -holy fucking shit-, he decided to ignore it and be more angry about the fact that she… bewitched him like that and then just– dismissed it.

Yet, the second he heard it from her own damn, big, cheerleader mouth that she broke up with Kelso and was planning to spend her entire summer with him in the basement, he started to take care of himself again.

In fact, his mind slowly managed the idea that heeeey, Jackie once got kinda crazy over Kelso having a beard. So maybe he should try, after all, he damn grows a beard as it should be, not like pre-pub trying to look cool.

BUT– It’s not like if he is trying to look nice for her and catch her attention, nope. 

It’s just that… it’s summer! it’s flings time! lots of easy chicks! 

Not like if he is going anywhere when Jackie enters the basement every morning smelling of flowers and sweets, and looking as beautiful as ever, wearing damn great dresses and short skirts every day.

Nah, he is not doing it for her.

Except that he is, and it goddamn works.


I have been super excited to post these icons for awhile now, and now here they are !! they were super fun to make :’)
(didn’t forget about tweek and craig don’t worry)
feel free to use them, just please credit me!!


Alright, Melon awards. Those happened. Yet, every time I have to bring something up it’s because of fans. BTS won album of the year, and I’m already seeing EXO fans acting so rudely towards BTS fans. Saying they “shouldn’t have won the award, EXO should have!!” and just being so mean, and there are some BTS fans acting that way back towards EXO fans, I acknowledge that. 


I am so sick of people acting this way in these fandoms. Do not try and say BTS didn’t deserve that award, they’ve been working their asses off for something like this. EXO had great albums this year, but do not downgrade BTS just because EXO didn’t get one award. EXO literally swept up a good amount of awards for their categories they were included in. EXO won multiple huge awards last night, and I can’t believe fans are going at each other because a single award went to BTS. EXO has also won a bunch of awards the past few years, other groups can win, too. 

Why don’t you all actually support each other?

I mean, these groups are here for the same reason. To make music others enjoy. And they’re accomplishing it. Stop going at each other’s throats, say “congratulations on the win” and move on if you can’t handle anymore than that. Say you’re happy they won, and support the rise in both groups. 

Do you think they enjoying seeing us all act this way towards each other? Do you think they’re happy seeing you insult each other and be rude and violent in their name? They want to cheer over their win with all of us, but how do you think they feel when they look at comments or fans reactions where they’re insulting another fandom or another fandom is being so harsh to them? It’s not support if you’re insulting others in the process.

Both of these groups trained for years. They did not debut for you to become fans and trash other people. 

Be the bigger person and stop.