alright now sleep

I’ll go to bed early.
—  A Ravenclaw who will most certainly not go to bed early 

@kathwolfie listen,,, you are a gift for introducing me to daichi in an onmyoji

many things that happened in Bambam’s vlive Q and A:
- Jinyoung was wearing a beret and also shorts
- Jinyoungs favorite movies are Scent of a Woman and Dark Knight (which are like 2 wayyyy different movies lol)
- Bambam definitely does not like the shipping between members (he mentioned it a lot)
- his favorite youtuber is Pewdiepie (he then imitated Pewdiepie)
- his favorite anime is Naruto
- he doesn’t like pokemon so that’s why he doesn’t play Pokémon Go
- he chooses Prove It over Sign (and apologized to Youngjae)
- he thought about dyeing his hair red next but decided against it
- he’s hotel rooming with Yugyeom and said 97 line room only!
- someone asked if he was a unicorn and he replied “no, Im human, man!” ( ok so why do people ask these types of question but also why did he answer it seriously omg it was cute tho)
- he said that he’s not going to be doing vlive for a longggg time (I don’t know why but that’s what he said 😟)
- he said “bye bye” really cutely

late night [connor m. x reader]

me: im gonna write jared x reader and evan x reader

also me: but connor murphy.

warnings; none??? as of rn

        There were a couple of things that came with dating Connor Murphy. There were the quick kisses between classes, the way his hand would find its way to your hip when you two sat together, the times you’ve stolen his hoodie before he finally ended up telling you to keep it saying that it “looked better on you than me” with a small smile. The little times where his hand would find yours and his fingers would intertwine with yours as if it was second nature, or the times where those same fingers would find their way into your hair - whether it be while your lips were locked with his or whether he’d be distracting himself by playing with the soft locks, they always found their way into your hair one way or another.

        But there were the other things that came with dating Connor Murphy.

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Sherlock’s phone rings constantly at the weekends for cases- a lot of the time, it’s just prank calls which he blocks effortlessly with a roll of the eyes.

But sometimes, children will call Sherlock’s phone number, children who are scared and confused and hurting, and Sherlock will take each call, every time. Often there’s not even something particular that’s happened: John remembers one time when a tearful voice said, “I-I’m s-sorry it’s not an actual crime,” and Sherlock had softly said, “Now, that’s alright. Did you just want a chat? That’s allowed, you know.”

Other times, it’s kids that don’t remember that 999 is the best choice- Sherlock will talk through the steps slowly and patiently, and John’s heart swells with pride listening to him: “Mummy’s fallen, has she? Is she sleeping? Alright, now, I’ve got people who will bring the ambulance to your Mummy, okay? You just need to tell me where your house is. That’s alright, you don’t need to remember the whole address. Is your house a bungalow? Sorry. I mean, is it all just one floor, no stairs? Yes? That’s fantastic, well done you. You’ve done so well. Now, you’ve got to be really brave for me and unlock the front door so the people can get inside to help your Mummy. Your Mummy’s going to be so proud, sweetheart. That’s them arrived? You don’t need to tha- you’re welcome. Bye bye.”

On that particular phone call, it’s nearing midnight when Sherlock hangs up. He’d almost drifted off on the couch but had leapt into action when the phone had rung. 

John takes the phone from him, and places it on the table. He smiles. “You’re a good man, Sherlock.”

Sherlock yawns with a shrug, sinking back down into the couch. “They just… someone needs to listen to them. The…they deserve it.” His voice trails off, as he finally allows his heavy eyes to close. John kisses him goodnight.


i thought of this & laughed


reaper au for @punkhalfghosts. merry Christmas bae! 

Jenny didn’t know that metal could rip.

Jenny didn’t know that her mama’s car could be so fragile, a torn hunk of metal and glass that smoked slightly in the front.

Blood stained her clothes, like the time she scraped her knee so bad that it made a brown spot on her favorite pair of jeggings. But now it was all over her, the sick ooze already drying on her face and chest and-

Oh. Her chest. Her arms.

She needed a bandaid. A big one. Preferably with a kiss and a hug from her moms.

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In an unfortunate development, I am now awake

The thing that gets me the most is that he’s being very reckless with these posts. Very out of character of him, like if these are his true thoughts.. well now we know the truth but even if he could have just lied. He could have just said ‘had no choice over it, not my decision, sorry guys.’ And the situation would have been done and over with but he out here throwing out excuses like just shut up.