alright moffat

Well, uh, thank you to the BBC, whom we love above all bakery- British people will get that. Uhm, to [PBS Masterpiece]… and a list of people I would like to thank in some detail now but I’m not going to because it’s been a long night and they’re all British, so I’ll just go home and phone them.
One last thing, I need to really say- and the one person I am going to thank is my wife, for the best reason of all. Not only does she rock whatever-that-was, but she actually produces the show. So, uh, I win best wife, alright?
—  Steven Moffat, accepting the Emmy for TAB
In terms of Doctors I’ve worked with, there isn’t one who couldn’t handle this episode, but there is something about Peter… he’s hugely inventive, hugely in the moment, and that voice, it makes you think, ‘If I had to listen to this for 45 minutes, that’d be alright.’
—  Steven Moffat on episode 11 of series 9 (DWM interview)