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Pairing: Tom Holland X Pregnant! Reader

Word Count: 695 (not too long)

Basis: Compilations of dogs protecting pregnant readers from the father

Warnings: Swearing, aggressive Tessa

You were lying on the couch with Tessa against your stomach, feeling the warmth of your baby bump. 

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drabble: shall we go again? [sw, anakin, obi-wan]

Anakin,” Obi-Wan breathed.

“Master,” Anakin responded. “Settle down. You have a concussion, and Kix is working on getting some bacta for you but you need to rest, alright? No sudden mov–”

And then his arms were full of Obi-Wan, squeezing him tightly. “You’re alive.”

Anakin laughed, but gently patted Obi-Wan on the back, trying to get the other man to let go. “I’m alive? You’re the one with the concussion, old man, what are you talking about?”

“I had a dream,” Obi-Wan said, quiet and thoughtful, like he wasn’t quite there anymore. “But it felt so real. A vision, maybe? No, a nightmare. But even a nightmare couldn’t have come up with all those years on Tatoine–it doesn’t matter. You’re alive.” He let go of Anakin’s shoulders only to pat him on the face with awe, like it had been years since he’d last seen Anakin’s face. “My Ani.”

That was strange: Obi-Wan had never called him Ani before.

“Hit your head nice and hard, didn’t you, Master?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Obi-Wan shook his head. “Maybe you aren’t even real, now, and the Force is playing games with me. Maybe Darth Vader is about to wake me up and tell me this has been some sort of mind game–”

Anakin frowned. “Darth Vader? Who the hell is that? Do we have another Sith to worry about now?”

“But I don’t care, because I need to tell you something,” Obi-Wan leaned forward, holding Anakin’s face in his hands, his forehead touching Anakin’s slightly. “I didn’t tell you before, because I thought–with the Council and the Code–I thought I shouldn’t. But Anakin,” he closed his eyes. “If I had to choose between you and the Jedi, I would choose you. In every life, in every time. I love you.” He blinked, slowly, as if coming back to himself somehow, and then: “I think I’m going to pass out.”

And then he did.

Hours later, Obi-Wan did not recall the conversation, but Anakin did, and that made all the difference.

Trial and Retribution Fix Continued

For @hotsauce418​, a teensy-short continuation of the fic you inspired me to write with the fervent and heartfelt hope that things went perfectly, you recover quickly, and you know that your Fannibal Family is just a click away eagerly waiting to welcome you home! (PS: There’s more but it’s not decent yet :D )

After nearly thirteen years, Roberto looked at the mirror-like face of Will Graham once more.

Pain-hazed blue eyes held his, pleading, and Roberto said, “He’s resting, see?”

Will’s gaze flicked, landed on the motionless form of Hannibal Lecter in the hospital bed, and came back to hold his own.

“Sorry, love, only the one bed,” Roberto said, gesturing at the small clinic he had in his basement. “I never counted on your having company. Let me see to you.”

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the-hawks-rye  asked:

Parental Roy with Ed & Al for "I swear my house is haunted" if you want to!

Here you go, my friend! This isn’t what I had started it as but THIS WORKS TOO. Enjoy! Also: an Ishvalan AU

It was 2:30 in the friggin’ morning, and he was awake. He had to be up early for work, but apparently his body decided it wanted to screw him over. So he was awake. At 2:30 in the friggin’ morning.

Roy had been living by himself since leaving the academy at 19, about ten years, besides his time in Ishval. In that time he had gotten used to the feeling of his space, so he knew what it felt like when things in his space were off. And something… something was off.

He reached a hand over and smacked about until he located his gloves, then slipped them on and climbed out of bed. A quick glance around revealed nothing out of the ordinary yet. Something was definitely off though, he felt it in his heart and the feel of the air. Had someone broken in, somehow, quietly enough that he hadn’t woken? Surely they wouldn’t have come here to steal anything. He had nothing of any worth in his threadbare little excuse for an apartment. Ms Matlow, just upstairs, was loaded, why couldn’t they have gone to her

He shook his head. He was a State Alchemist, it was better that they come for his place; he had the legal right, and the prowess, to take on and arrest any thief who broke in.

Moving swiftly but quietly, Roy slipped out of his bedroom and into the hallway. He looked around… something was definitely off.

The picture of he and Hughes, for instance, that he had on his accent table in the hall lay face down on it.

“Wha—?” No thief would do something like that. So what…?

Roy took the picture and stood it back up, pushing it back against the wall just in case something else came after it. It was a good picture, after all, and he didn’t want to see something that embodied so many memories get broken. That done, he moved on.

He stepped into his living room and glanced around. The drapes were pulled shut—not fully, but enough to block light from the couch. Besides the blanket that he kept on the chair in the corner, there didn’t seem to be anything missing as far as he could tell in the low light. No thief. Then what was wrong? Something was definitely off, and his instincts hadn’t been wrong before…

His eyes, just for a second, caught on a dark thing in the corner facing the couch, opposite his blanket-chair. The thing, whatever it was, just stood there, still as fallen snow and just as silent. It was like a dark, heavy presence, there to deliver his doom.

“…I think my apartment is haunted.”

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Left upon the stones of the main entrance to the ruins of Qarn, was a good-sized wooden basket, decorated with a pale blue fabric. A letter lay inside once it was open, neatly folded on crisp parchment. Underneath, there was an assortment of things all kept chilled by a few clever ice crystals woven into the basket itself.

A few freshly made sandwiches. Some slices of fresh fruit. Bottles of chilled teas and juices. There were also selections of dried meats and fruits, meant to keep much longer. And, but of course, a few small cookies and pastries packed away inside as well.

Dearest Ruran,

I know what you must be thinking, and I shall have none of it. It was not trouble, and you owe me nothing for something such as this. I’ve already hired a courier full-time and you shall receive a basket just like this every third sun. My only regret is not thinking of something like this sooner, and that it took a passing comment of mine on our recent trip to Kugane to realize I should have.

Now, you’re more than welcome to be stubborn. I’m sure the scavenging animals will enjoy this all the same if you leave it out in the sun and I would never know. But I know how safe you feel inside that dusty old place, and if you will not eat there, I suppose I shall never get you to eat anywhere, hm?

The next we meet, do let me know what you like best, will you? And I shall make an attempt to fill it with all your favorite things. Perhaps I will even go to the Bismarck now and again so you will not have to suffer my cooking always. And no, I will not fill it all with sweets. 

You may leave the empty basket where you found it. I instructed the courier to pick up the old when delivering the new. Do try not to think much of this, alright dear? It is a pleasure in the morning to be making something for someone other than myself. 

You cannot perform any duties on an empty stomach, as much as you have seemed to try and prove me otherwise until now.





Can’t Be Late (F!Corrin x Subaki)

“How do you think it looks, my love?” Subaki said as he twirled Corrin around, the man’s newly wedded wife, around in her seat to face a mirror.

Corrin gasped, covering her mouth with her hand. “Subaki it’s… It’s…”

“Perfect?” He smiled and finished her sentence.

Lost for words, Corrin nodded in approval. She had woken up in her quarters and had expected to see her husband lying across from her in bed, but Subaki was not where she thought she would find him. He was already up and working on his hair.

Rolling out of bed, Corrin had drowsily greeted Subaki and kissed him good morning before pulling out a comb and tiredly brushing her hair.

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Request: Can you do a Joe Weller imagine where y/n go out to a club and y/n sees Joe talking to another girl and y/n gets all jealous and insecure or is that way too much?

Warning: a fight? I think that’s it

“This is sick!” Joe vlogged panning around the brightly lit and loud club

He panned the camera to you so you jumped and did the wildest dance moves you knew, he turned the camera off and pulled you close “Shall we dance?” He started jumping around holding your hands and pulling you around with him, you laughed and jumped with him

After a few song changes you finally stopped dancing “right I’m thirsty” he let go of your hands “what do you want from the bar”

“What ever you’re having” he walked through a small crowd, it was a Thursday night so the club wasn’t to busy thankfully.

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anonymous asked:

Helloooo ! And good luck with your blog ! May I request Karasuno falling in love at first sight ?

Thank you very much! Some of these scenarios are aged up (Only Sugawara, Tanaka and Ennoshita) Some are also significantly longer than others (sorry about that ;^; aha) and I’ve done them as if it’s crush/infatuation at first sight, that sort of thing. Hope you don’t mind! 

Daichi Sawamura:
Daichi stood staring at the vending machine, he was having trouble deciding what to get, the need for caffeine was winning out though, final exams on top of volleyball practice and his captain duties were significantly draining on him at the moment and Sugawara had mentioned multiple times this past week about the growing bags under his eyes. He glared in annoyance at nothing in particular, he would be very glad when exams were over.

Sighing, he fumbled around in his pockets pulling out his spare change, he hadn’t bought is wallet or bag with him, leaving them back in the club room where he was getting in some quick study time with Sugawara and Ennoshita before afternoon practice began. When the realisation hit him that he’d have to walk all the way back to the club room at the back of the school to retrieve his wallet because he was only a measly 2 yen short of his precious Boss coffee he nearly wanted to scream.

“Oh for the love of…”
he heard muttered behind him turning slightly he saw a rather annoyed person standing there with there arms folded. “It’s a drink, it’s not like its a major life decision.” they huffed, Daichi raised an eyebrow, he recognized this person, another third year in Michimiya’s class, he hadn’t had much interaction with them other then seeing them around her classroom.
“Actually, I forgot my wallet. All for a measly two yen too”
he admitted regretfully. Said person sighed, side stepping around him and inserting 2 yen into the machine.
“Go for your life.”
they stated gesturing towards the vending machine. Daichi looked at them suspiciously for a moment before putting the rest of his money in the machine and selecting his coffee.
“Thank you.” he said a little unsure. They waved him off, quickly inserting their own money and selecting two red bulls. Daichi raised an eyebrow again watching them collect their drinks.
“I thought my caffeine addiction was bad during finals.”
he commented with a smirk.
“Between club activities, part time work and finals, I am dead inside.” they replied seriously. Daichi felt sorry for them, he could relate well.
“I know the feeling.”
he replied, the two stood there nodding sagely at the situation. “I guess I should get back to it.” Daichi spoke “Thanks.” he said again gesturing to his coffee.
“No hassle, pay me back next time.”
they shrugged
“Next time?” Daichi replied intrigued with a smirk
“I’m we’ll see each other around.”
They gave Daichi a sly smile and a wink, walking off with there drinks. Daichi stood there shaking his head, they were certainly something else.

Kōshi Sugawara:
Sugawara sat down in the lecture chair, already cringing at the discomfort, sliding the little table out (which in his opinion never had enough space to take notes on) and placing his notebook and coffee down. He hadn’t come as early as he would have liked, opting instead to grab a takeaway coffee on his way and as such ended up seated towards the back of the lecture hall. Letting out a small sigh and taking a sip of his coffee, he lazily watched as the lecturer began setting up today’s power point.

About a good ten minutes into the lecture the sound of the doors opening could be heard as someone had arrived late, which wasn’t too unusual by mid semester Suga mused. Said late comer scanned the room trying to cause the least amount of disruption and headed towards Suga’s row, he hadn’t been aware he was staring at them until they gave him a soft smile, causing Suga to blush and look down at his notes. That was fine, the problem arose when said person decided to take the seat directly in front of him, blocking his view. He gave a little glare at the back of their head, suddenly becoming annoyed at every small action or sound they made, attractive face and smile forgotten.

By the end of the lecture he had given up trying to see the lecture slides and had focused on hearing as best as he could. The end of the lecture finally rolled around and Suga was thankful because he really needed to get out of these chairs. Standing and stretching he began collecting his things, when he heard the person in front of him give a little cheer to themselves about what a cool lecture that had been. Normally he would have thought it was endearing and normally Suga wasn’t a confrontational or aggressive sort of person, but it was mid semester, he had a lot of assignments and no where near enough sleep, so his patience was running thinner than normal.

He couldn’t help himself, and muttered rather sarcastically
“I wouldn’t know, I had someone blocking my view the entire time.”
he seemed rather surprised that the words had left his mouth and blushed in embarrassment when the taller person turned to face him, obviously having heard him.
“Who spat in your coffee.”
the laughed slightly amused, Suga narrowed his eyes, was this person for real?
“My coffee was fine, it was the late comer who decided to sit directly in front of me and block my view even with other seat around.”
he replied dryly. The taller looked at him for a moment and took note of the tired expression on the boys face.
“I see someone has hit mid semester blues.” they smirked, Suga suddenly felt a little bad, it wasn’t like this person was mean or anything. “I tell you what, next lecture, you can sit in front of me and I’ll crouch down in my chair so I can’t see and we’ll call it even?” they finished. Suga took it back, this person was terrible. He kind of hated them even more for being able to look so good despite the fact they probably had the same amount of assignments and sleep that he had. “No?” they asked when Suga didn’t respond.
“Actually, you could let me borrow the lecture notes over coffee, then we could call it even.”
Suga smiled charmingly, figuring at the very least he could get a cup of coffee out of this person, the taller started laughing again, a real genuine laugh that took Suga by surprise and he felt a little bad again.
“You’re good, I’ll give you that.” they smiled. “I guess that would be alright.” the finished sheepishly scratching the back of their head. Suga blushed lightly collecting his things.
“Shall we?”
he asked trying to act confident, the taller just smiled again nodding leading the way out of the lecture hall.

Asahi Azumane:
Asahi rubbed his sweaty palms on the sides of his pants, he had just walked out of one of his mid year exams and honestly he was just thankful that he hadn’t had a full blown panic attack in the middle of the exam room. He isn’t sure he could have handled that many people looking at him if he did anyway. Asahi pulled a face, seemingly shrinking further into himself. Wasn’t high school life supposed to be about friends, romances and an easy going lifestyle? He sighed to himself, muttering an apology to another third year trying to get past him. Making it around the hall way he leant against the wall, giving time to collect himself.

“Hey, are you okay? Asahi wasn’t it?”
Asahi opened his eyes looking down at who he presumed was another third year (he couldn’t help but look down, just about everyone was shorter than him)
“A-ah, yeah, Asahi. Just, exam jitters I guess.” he tried to laugh off, scratching the back of his head out of habit. The other third year laughed loudly, standing with their hands on their hips.
“Exams don’t define who you are, they’re simply a text of memory, don’t stress friend!” they grinned “That’s why they give us all those assignments, in case someone flunks out on an exam.” they laughed again. Asahi could only nod and offer a small smile. “Hey, your hair is pretty long you know, how long did that take” They asked out of no where
“Ah, since first year” he replied simply
“Thats dedication.” the let out a little whistle, impressed at his efforts “Mine doesn’t seem to grow much at all.” they pouted “Well, I’ll see you around Asahi, come say hello next time yeah?” they smiled giving him a wave and practically bounded down the rest of the hallway and outside. Asahi blinked owlishly, what a presence.

He wasn’t sure if his heart could take another encounter, they were certainly cute though. He blushed at his thoughts. Pushing himself off the wall and stuffing his hands into his pockets he made his way back to the lockers.

Yū Nishinoya:
Nishinoya yawned, pulling his scarf around himself tighter, winter had certainly arrived, making morning outings like this one a bit of a pain sometimes. He’d decided to walk down to the convenience store to get something warm to eat, no one had done the grocery shopping in his house this week as his parents had been away for work and honestly, he’d just been too lazy to go after school and volleyball practice. He yawned again quickening his pace, eager to get out of the cold. Heading to the checkout, Nishinoya glanced down at the ice cream freezer, eyes lazily scanning the selection and widening at the sight of Gari-Gari kun popsicles, Immediately grabbing the last cola flavoured one available and cheering to himself as he closed the freezer door.

“Ah, Is there another cola one?”
someone behind him asked
“Regretfully, I have claimed the last one, sorry friend!” he answered stepping out of the way of the ice cream freezer so they could make their selection.
“Oh, that’s a shame.” they sighed “It was kind of the whole point of my trip here.” they turned away from the freezer and Nishinoya felt a little bad, his selection had been a spur of the moment thing.
“Ah geeze.” he sighed “here.” he muttered handing the ice cream out to them. “Are you sure?” They asked somewhat surprised, he had to admit, their expression was kind of cute.
“Ah- sure, it’s the sort of thing cool guys do right?”
he responded with a slight blush.
“Heh, you would know?”
they grinned mischievously at him.
“Of course, I’m a very cool guy you know!” he defended.
“I’ll guess I’ll have to take your word, and this ice block for it.”
the smiled holding the ice block up to emphasize their point. Noya grinned at them letting them go ahead to the counter before him, internally debating if he should ask if they lived around here or not, people tended to be a bit put off by his enthusiasm, he had a lot of bad luck getting dates because of this.

“Next please.”
he heard the cashier say, he hurried forward and side glanced the cute store stop to look at a magazine on their way out, bouncing slightly from foot to foot he willed the cashier to hurry up so he could talk to them before they left.
Noya called practically running out of the store. The cute store goer stopped and turned to him, ice block already opened and hanging from their mouth. ‘cute’ Noya thought again, and blushed slightly when all they did was stare and wait for him to start speaking.
“Ah, I was wondering if you lived around here?”
‘worth a shot’ he thought. Swallowing the bite they had taken, Noya watched their face screw up more than likely due to a brain freeze and he couldn’t help but snicker.
“Y-yeah, I live around here. I go to Karasuno actually” they answered, the cold making their breath visible.
“A-ah, me too! Maybe I’ll see you around again?” he asked tentatively, they grinned at him before replying.
“Yeah! Maybe.”
they laughed continuing to speak “Maybe next time we could share one?” the said pointing to the ice block, Noya blushed and was thankful that he could blame the cold for the redness of his cheeks. He could only nod and wave as they walked off.  

Ryūnosuke Tanaka:
”Tanaka senpai!” Tanaka looked up into the bleachers at the sound of his name, only for his eyes to meet a rather cute looking face, obviously his junior from their use of the word ‘senpai’ he snapped out of his surprise when they called out again
“Good luck with your match today! I’ll be cheering for you! Osu!”
they finished with an arm pump for emphasis. Said junior sat back down, giving him a little wave and a big toothy grin, he couldn’t help but notice the cute little snaggle-tooth looking incredibly out of place in contrast to the rest of their perfect smile. He waved back slightly surprised at the attention from this particular junior.
“Tanaka!” The now third year whipped his head around to face an unimpressed looking Ennoshita.
“Sorry captain!”
he replied sheepishly, Ennoshita sighed shaking his head
“Pay attention alright.” He scolded, Tanaka simply nodded as the captain walked across the court, turning back around momentarily he noticed the junior still watching him, his eyes widened in surprise again when they gave him another wave, he blushed turning away and followed Ennoshita across the court. He could not be falling for this cute junior, that was just way too cliche he groaned.

Chikara Ennoshita:
To say Ennoshita was stressed was probably an understatement. His assignments had been piling up and he’d been so busy trying to put together this shooting day he’d fallen behind in other aspects of his life, most commonly his friends texting him when he was going to come out again and his parents calling to ask when he would be home to visit next, not to mention he’d only just been making it on time to his work shifts these past weeks. He was running dead on his feet. Third year media and film students had to put together a short film and for weeks he’d been organising things like location and equipment not to mention he had to write the script out, then there was the matter of finding actors for this thing (After messaging around and hanging up flyers he’d finally found an appropriate amount of people). But today was the first day of shooting and he was just hoping nothing would go wrong.

They’d been filming for some time now and Ennoshita had to admit he was a little distracted. Particularly by a certain someone. He doesn’t think they’ve ever meet until today and now he kind of hopes something does go wrong just so they have to prolong things. He ground at how lame that thought was.
“Hey dude you alright?” He looked up from the script he was reading over to see Kinnoshita giving him an odd look
“Ah, yeah I’m alright, just stressed and tired” he tried to laugh off.
“You always look tired.” Kinnoshita replied with a smirk. Ennoshita let out an annoyed tsk.
“Why did I invite you here again?” he groaned
“Because you needed someone to fill spaces for you little film thing.”
“Short film. Its a short film assessment.” Ennoshita clarified. Kinnoshita held his hands up in defense
“Don’t get snarky with me because you’re tired, I was just seeing if you’re alright.” he laughed lightly
“Sorry,” Ennoshita replied rather sheepishly “Maybe after this is all wrapped up we’ll call Narita and head out for some noodles or something?”
“Sounds good man.” Kinnoshita gave a smile and thumbs up, walking off when he heard someone else call his name.

“Here, you look like you could use this.” Ennoshita looked up once again, the smell of fresh coffee suddenly apparent, he didn’t even look at who was handing it to him, simply made a noise that probably wasn’t human and accepted the cup with thanks.
“You’re an absolute life saver, I don’t think I’ve had one all day.” he replied taking a sip.
“I never pegged you as the type to have straight coffee, thought you might be the cream and two sugars sort.” the person smirked, Ennoshita did give a closer look at his coffee giver now and nearly spat out the sip he had taken, it was one of the extras that had replied to his message on the notice board, particularly the cute one he had been staring at all day.
“A-ah god no, too sweat for me.” he managed to reply “Ah, have we met before?” he asked, he felt stupid, he knew the answer, they’ve never met.
“No we haven’t, but I’m glad we did.” they smiled and Ennoshita could have died happy there, assignments be damned.
“Hey! Ennoshita! Are we getting back to it or what?” someone called out, it was Tanaka, why on earth he had asked Tanaka to help out was beyond him, of course he’d pick now to interrupt.
“Yeah, yeah alright.” Ennoshita brushed off, doing his best to glare at his friend. “Your friends seem like a handful” the other spoke laughing lightly
“You don’t know the half of it.” he muttered with a little groan.
“Maybe you can enlighten me over dinner tomorrow?” they asked sounding hopeful
“A-ah sure” he replied and cringed at the stutter in his voice “D-do you want my number?” he asked looking around for a pen.
“I already have it remember?” they replied with another laugh, Ennoshita cringed, of course they did, he’d left it on the flyers for this stupid event, that’s how they were even here in the first place. “I’ll text you later then?” they asked, Ennoshita just nodded giving a smile and muttering a yeah. He was screwed.

Tobio Kageyama:
Kageyama huffed as he picked up a few stray volleyballs he and Hinata had gotten into another one of their arguments and as a result Daichi had made the two clean up the gym after practice, so whilst everyone else was showering and getting changed in the club room he was stuck with the shorty picking up after everyone else. Speaking of the shorty where had he even gotten to. Kageyama huffed again in annoyance tossing two volleyballs in the basket, groaning when he missed one and it decided to keep rolling out the gym door.

Roughly slamming the last ball he was holding into the basket as he walked past it he went to collect the stray ball, he barely got to the door when he heard someone speak.
“Ah, this belongs to you then?” Kageyama was face to face another person he vaguely recognized from his class, they were currently holding the stray volleyball. Kageyama said nothing, crossed his arms and nodded. “Hmm, perhaps you should aim better next time?” they laughed, Kageyama scowled, they simply rolled their eyes with a smirk. “No need to get like that.” they spoke again, Kageyama was surprised when they accurately tossed the ball into the basket, it wasn’t like it was that close to the gym door.
His surprise must have been apparent on his face because he heard them laugh again.
“Its not like its hard. Well…” they trailed off “I guess its not if you’re on the basketball team.” they shrugged
“Shouldn’t you be at practice?” Kageyama replied
“Are you my senpai now?” they asked again with a laugh. Kageyama let out another huff, this person was annoying as that shorty.
“You know, I think that shorty ditched you.” they spoke, Kageyama looked shocked, surely they couldn’t read minds. “Ah! I’m not a weird stalker or anything, you were muttering something about a 'damn shorty’ before and I can only assume it was that short ginger guy I passed on my way here, he was talking to someone else from our class.” they explained, Kageyama’s scowl depend.
“Of course he is.” he muttered
“Do you need help?” they asked
“No.” Kageyama retorted bluntly beginning to walk away.
“So, you’re going to take that big net down all by yourself.” they smirked, Kageyama paused mid step.
“Fine.” he muttered, they said nothing, which he was thankful for and the two began quietly pulling the net down and stored it in the equipment room.

“Ouch, damn it.” he heard them curse from behind him, turning around he looked to see what happened, they were sucking on their finger, he raised an eye brow “I got my hand caught on one of the poles when we were putting the net away.” they explained
“You cut it on one of the peg hooks didn’t you?” Kageyama asked, they nodded “There’s a first aid kit in here.” he stated walking to collect it. “Here, sit down.” he stated walking over to the bleachers and began pulling out the alcohol wipes and bandaids.

Softly he wiped the cut and looked apologetically at the other when they winced.
“Sorry.” he muttered.
“S'okay.” they replied softly, Kageyama continue, not noticing the blush on their face and gently placed the bandaid on.
“There. Be more careful next time okay.” he spoke shutting the first aid kit and putting things away.
“Ah, yeah, thanks.” they muttered “I-I gotta go.” they said suddenly rushing out the door, Kageyama simply gave a shrug and continued to pack up. 

“Hey! Kageyama!” Hinata spoke, Kageyama scowled, he was still annoyed at Hinata for skimping out on clean up duty last night and wasn’t too fussed about ignoring him at afternoon practice today. “Kageyama!” Hinata whined
“What.” he stated, annoyance clear in his voice, Hinata pouted
“No need to get like that! I was just going to ask if you know that person!” Hinata explained pointing to the balcony bleachers, Kageyama looked up only to see the same person as yesterday, they looked a little embarrassed to have been caught out and quickly looked away trying to act casual, Kageyama mirrored this action. “Oh!” Hinata exclaimed with a cheeky smile “You’re dating!” yelled loud enough for the entire gym to hear
“We’re not dating!” Kageyama and the other student yelled at the same time. He groaned, knowing he would be pestered about this now from his team mates. They on the other hand got out of there as quickly as possible.
“Aw, the king can’t even keep a date.” Tsukishima snickered
“Shut up.” Kageyama groaned stalking off. 

Shōyō Hinata:
Hinata grumbled pacing back and forth in front of the bike rack, he was already running late for volleyball practice and Daichi would certainly make him run extra laps now, he screwed up his face at the realisation that Kageyama probably wouldn’t stop pestering him about being late either.
“Stupid bakayama.”
he grumbled kicking at the dirt with a huff. He had come back to collect his bike this afternoon before practice only to find it locked to someone else’s bike chain as well.
“What are you doing near my bike! Thief!?” Hinata looked across to the person who had starting yelling accusations at him.
“I’m not a thief!” he yelled defensively “You liked your bike to mine!” he huffed. “Ah” they laughed nervously “Did I do it again?” Hinata narrowed his eyes at the person, how many times had this happened to them?
“I’m kind of late for practice, do you mind unlocking your chain?” he asked politely, the other student gave him a sheepish smile and nodded fumbling around in their bag for the keys to the bike chain.
“I’m sorry about this! I’m normally in such a rush” they said with another nervous laugh, Hinata sort of felt sorry for them, he wondered what sort of busy life they must lead to always be in such a rush like this, maybe they had some secret double life or something, he ponded on this for a moment and snickered to himself at the thought.

“Umm, excuse me?”
he was bought out of his thoughts at the sound of their voice
“Eh, sorry, I kind of spaced out I guess, sorry for freaking out about it, I’m kind of late and our captain can be pretty scary.”
Hinata explained quickly pulling a face of discomfort.
“Ah! My captain is like that, I know how you feel.”
they responded nodding sagely. “Sorry for the inconvenience!” they apologised again giving Hinata a formal bow.
“A-ah you don’t have to go that far.” he laughed awkwardly “Hey, hey, I don’t think I’ve seen you around before, what class are you in?” Hinata asked suddenly
“Eh? Oh, I’m in class 1-3”
they smiled
“That explains it” Hinata muttered, they were in a college prep class “A-ah I really have to go!” Hinata said suddenly with slight panic.
“Uwa! Me too! I’m so late for practice, senpai is going to kill me.”
they groaned “Eh? What club are you in?” Hinata asked curiously, the other first year grinned striking a pose that sort of reminded him of Tanaka and Nishinoya senpai
“I’m in the cycling club! I’m only a first year but I’m the teams reliable climber!” they grinned proudly “Cycling is the coolest sport.” they finished with a toothy smile
“Gwa thats pretty cool! I don’t know a lot about cycling but It’d be all woosh and uwa!”
he said excited, the other person nodded excitedly
“What about you!?” they asked
“Eh, I’m in the volleyball club!”
Hinata explained grinning “I’m number ten and I’m the strongest decoy! I can jump real high and one day I wan’t to be just like the small giant.” he finished with a proud huff.
“Oh! So cool! You’d be all pa! and slam! and hiya!”
they asked, Hinata nodded excitedly

“Hinata! What are you doing here? We’ve been looking for you everywhere!”
Hinata looked over to see Sugawara senpai
“Eh! Suga senpai I’m so sorry!” Hinata apologised as Sugawara approached the two first years.
“Ah! It was my fault!” the cyclist began to explain “I accidentally locked my bike to Hinata san’s and I was late and gah! Captain is going to kill me I have to go! I’ll talk to you later Hinata san!” collecting their things in a hurry, they jumped on their bike and began riding away.“See you later!” they shouted, turning slightly to face Hinata and waving with both hands.
“Uwa so cool! So cool!”
Hinata mumbled wide eyed jumping from foot to foot, he had to see them again.
the first year heard his name, he had completely forgotten Suga senpai was there
“Gah! I’m sorry! I’m coming!”
He apologised slightly nervously. Sugawara just shook his head thinking 'First years, so cute.’

Kei Tsukishima:
Tsukishima smirked looking down at his test score, once again he’d gotten an A, coming in at 97% he was top of his class and this mark was no different, or so he thought. The teacher kept calling out names for people to come and collect their tests, the person in the seat beside him stood to collect theres, he’d never paid much attention to anyone in his classes other than Yamaguchi really so he had no real idea who they were.

They sat, eyed their test, looked satisfied and placed it loudly and quite clearly back down on the desk, Tsukishima looked over and saw them nudge their test so it was in his line of sight, he rolled his eyes at their obvious movements, but he couldn’t help but see their grade, an A as well, 98%. He glared as they lent back in their chair, a smirk tugging at the corner of their lips. The bell rang signalling the end of class and their teacher dismissed them. As he was packing up his things he heard a voice call his name and noticed that it was the person sitting next time.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m really not, you always look so smug, I couldn’t help but wipe that look of your face.” they explained smiling a little too happily for Tsukishima’s liking. He clucked his tongue in annoyance scowling at them, which only caused them to smile more. “Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your pride? That must be a long way to fall from all the way up there giant.” they spoke, he looked surprised but only for a moment before composing himself.
“Careful I don’t land on you down there shorty.” he scoffed.
“Why? Would you like to be on top of me?” they responded. If Tsukishima was drinking something right now he would have spat it out.
“D-don’t flatter yourself.” he managed to get out a feint blush adorning his cheeks. They smiled slyly at him and he inched back every so slightly.
“Hmm, well, either way, I look forward to our next class together Tsukishima san.” they gave a wave and left the classroom, dodging Yamaguchi as they did so.

“Eh, Tsukki? What was that about?”
his friend asked
“N-nothing.” Tsukishima insisted, picking his things up as they began to walk out of the classroom. Yamaguchi raised an eyebrow but didn’t press things which he was thankful for. Next time he would definitely wipe that cute smirk off their face. Tsukishima stopped mid step, where had that thought come from? “Tsukki?” Yamaguchi questioned at his friends off behaviour.
“I-it’s fine, sorry.” he replied quickly. Yamaguchi gave a little smile and simply shrugged.
“Whatever you say Tsukki.” he replied.

Tadashi Yamaguchi:
Yamaguchi slung his school bag over his shoulder waiting for Tsukishima to finish getting changed. They had finished morning practice which normally woke him up to some degree but he was still quite tired. Stifling a yawn he stuffed his hands in his pockets and was somewhat surprised when Nishinoya approached him.

“Hey, Yamaguchi, are you still offering to tutor people?” The libero asked
“Ah, y-yeah why?” Yamaguchi replied hesitantly, he had put up a few flyers offering tutoring services, he needed to earn some extra money if he and Tsukki wanted to go to that music festival over the long weekend in a few weeks and his parents definately weren’t going to pay for that, so, not having a part time job he’d opted for offering his tutoring services.
“I totally know someone who needs some lessons!” he exclaimed
“Umm, well, as long as its for maths or science feel free to pass them my number.” he replied
“Yamaguchi.” Tsukki spoke up, he was ready to go
“I’ll let them know!” Nishinoya called out
“A-ah thank you senpai!” Yamaguchi replied walking to classes with Tsukki. 

Yamaguchi sat in the library nervously clicking his pen, Nishinoya had passed his number along to the other student and they had decided to meet a few days later before club activities in the library. He was just waiting for them to show up now.
“Sorry I’m late!” they nearly shouted, cringing at the harsh 'shh!’ the received from the librarian, Yamaguchi shot them a sympathetic look.
“It’s okay.” he replied with a smile “Well, I’m Yamaguchi, class 1-3 and yeah.” he introduced, rather lamely he had to admit
“Nice to meet you, I’m ___________, class 2-1” they replied with a smile, Yamaguchi raised an eyebrow slightly surprised, they were a second year? “Umm, are you sure I’m the right person to tutor you? I’m only a first year.” he said a little nervously
“It’s fine, you’re in college prep classes right?” they asked, Yamaguchi nodded “Then you’ll definitely be able to help, to be honest I don’t think our work load is much harder then the normal first year classes.” they admitted sheepishly. Yamaguchi shrugged, he wasn’t exactly going to turn down the extra cash and if he were being honest, they were kind of cute.
“Well, I guess we can start then?” Yamaguchi asked opening up his science text book. They nodded and Yamaguchi wasn’t sure if it was a look of determination or dread on their face, he smirked a little, it was kind of cute.

After half an hour later they had finished the session, the other stretching their arms above their head and Yamaguchi couldn’t help glance as their shirt rode up slightly.
“A-ah” he coughed “So, I hope that helped.” he spoke, hoping that he wasn’t blushing
“So much.” they replied “You’re really smart.” they smirked
“A-ah I just study a lot to be honest.” he brushed the compliment off
“Then you have more patience than me.” they laughed “You have club activities now don’t you?” they asked, Yamaguchi nodded packing up his things.
“Yeah, volleyball club.” he explained
“That’s really cool” they replied “Do you mind i-if I come watch?” they asked not looking at Yamaguchi and focusing on packing up their own things.
“Eh? You want to watch?” he asked, they nodded “You want to watch my practice?” he asked again
“W-was that not clear?” they asked, Yamaguchi looked a little shocked “D-do you not want me to?” they asked
“It’s not that, just well, I’m not even a regular player and you’re a cute second year and-” Yamaguchi stopped talking, releasing what he had let slip, he wanted to disappear right there.
“A-ah, well, I  umm…” the second year trailed off letting out a little cough “I guess I’m glad the feeling is pretty mutual then.” Yamaguchi wasn’t clueless, he understood what they were getting at.

Nervously he scratched the back of his neck and couldn’t quite bring himself to look at them when he responded
“I-I guess you can come watch our practice, I don’t think anyone would mind…” he trailed off “I wouldn’t mind.” he stated a little more confidently.
“I look forward to it.” they smiled slipping their bag, Yamaguchi did the same and the two walked out of the library lightly brushing fingertips. 


Daddy! Louis - in which y/n is feeling under the weather and Louis decides to care for the kids :-)

+ Requested by this lovely lady vanessnettness and I know you said girls but as I wrote this I got sidetracked and wrote the twins as a girl and boy :(( I’m sorry +

“Babe?” The sound of Lou’s voice drifted through the almost empty house to you in the kids room.

“Here!” You croaked standing up from the rocking chair.

Currently Audrey and Will were preoccupied with a stacking toy, watching one another stack the colorful rings upon each other.

Soon Louis was in the doorway, a small smile on his face.

“You alright?” He asked as you walked over to him, burying your face in his neck.

“I feel like my head is gonna explode and my throat feels like sand,” you groaned.

Louis frowned and shook his head, “that won’t do. Why don’t you go get some rest? I’ll make sure they’ll eat, bathe and sleep.”

You leaned back to look up at him and smiled softly, “Best husband ever.”

“I know now get out of here, you sickly being.”

You nodded and blew him a kiss before disappearing into your guys’ bedroom.

Louis made sure to take off his shoes before stepping onto the plush white carpet.

He then plopped down next to the toddlers and began to assist them in their stacking skills, only to be pushed away. “Hey Will, not nice, bud” he mumbled. 

He watched the two twins for a second and tried helping again but to no avail, they ignored him and went on with their business. 

But after a while, Audrey began to poke and prod at her father; causing him to smile and pick her up along with Will, “Guess it’s a good time to start dinner?” 

He carried them into the kitchen, setting them in their high chairs before digging out the baby food that you had bought. 

“Peas? Or mea-MEAT?” He said in a disgusted tone, observing the mushed up orange goop in the glass jar, “Okay no meat because that looks completely out of sorts.” 

He chucked the jar into the trash and opened up the peas, pouring it into a small bowl in order to feed both of them. 

They had already started to teethe a little but you still gave them baby food to be safe. 

“Alright Will, you’re up first. Here comes the airplane!” Louis hummed, feeding his son but as soon as the peas hit his mouth, it came back out, splattering all over the table. 

“Oh come on lad, work with me here, yeah?” Louis frowned, trying to feed him again. Audrey watched them in amusement, letting out a high pitched squeal of delight. 

“You want in on it too sweetheart?” Lou cooed and began to try to feed her and for the most part, she took it with few mishaps. 

“Alright Will, shall we try again?” 

Louis lifted the tiny spoonful of peas up to Will’s mouth only for it to be knocked down by his chubby hand and a forceful “NUH.” 

“Alright alright, fine,” Louis sighed and moved back to the cupboard, taking out the berries and apple food that he usually consumed for breakfast. 

Louis tried this again and much to his delight, Will took it happily and ate his small bowlful, while Audrey stuck with peas. 

Finally after a few minutes of clean up and one sided banter, he drew the twins a bath and sat outside of the tub and carefully washed their hair and their skin. 

Soon after they were ready for bed and sat on Lou’s lap as he read to them. Audrey fell asleep quickly, her head resting on her dad’s shoulder as Will looked up at him, eyes wide and curious. 

“You, William, are a spitting image of mommy, aren’t you?” Louis whispered as he admired his tiny son. 

Audrey tended to look like louis; bright blue eyes and the same straight set brown hair. But Will looked like you; same eyes, hair and nose. It was uncanny although, he wasn’t complaining. 

Another trait Will had inherited from you was your tendency to stay up late. Louis or yourself often found yourself sitting in the rocking chair at wee hours of the morning trying to put him back to bed. 

And that night was one of them. 

“Come on bud, sleep time,” Louis said tiredly, looking at the clock. He had put Audrey down an hour earlier but Will was still wide awake; his eyes bright and happy. 

“Alright, what can we do to tire you, huh?” 

Will hummed softly for a minute before settling himself onto Louis’s chest. 

“How about a song?” 

Without even thinking, Louis began to sing an old lullaby but instead of Will falling asleep, Louis began to feel his eyelids droop. 


The sound of your voice startled him making him jolt before instinctively, putting his hand on his chest. 


“I put him down, did you fall asleep while trying to put him to sleep?” you asked gently, sleep still evident in your voice. 

“Mhm,” he hummed, leaning back on the rocking chair. You walked over to him and took a seat in his lap, a small smile on your face, “Come, let’s go to bed.” 

“Okay, I’m getting up,” he mumbled trying to hold you and stand up at the same time. But soon enough you both were on the floor, a pile of sleepy giggles and sighs. 

“Or here is fine,” you said quietly, looking up at him but he was already asleep and you didn’t have the heart to bother him.