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His Number One Rule

Words: 1048
Tony Stark x Reader
  “I fell asleep on your couch after a party but you didn’t complain and made breakfast for the both of us” AU
[Prompt credit goes to @dailyau & @barbelzoa]
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The first thing you smelled that morning was cinnamon. You tried to open your eyes, but wherever you were, it was bright. You immediately squeezed your eyes shut again and relied on your other senses. You were laying down that much was obvious. One hand was tucked under your head with something silky between them; probably a pillow. Your other hand brushed over something soft. Definitely a blanket. Using your skills of deduction, you were crashing on someone’s couch. The real question was whose? You tried to think back to the previous night.

You remembered getting drunk the night before. Really drunk. You single handedly crushed Thor’s team in a round of flip cup. A team which included Clint, Natasha and Sam Wilson, mind you. After that you and Tony had insisted on several rounds of Never Have I Ever. During which the two of you became extremely intoxicated. You were vaguely aware that the other Avengers had started going home or retiring to their rooms around three in the morning. Everything else was completely void from your memory banks.

The scent of cinnamon was still wafting towards your nose so you decided to try opening your eyes again. Using the hand that wasn’t tucked under your head you shielded your eyes, hoping it would help them adjust to the light. It seemed to work. Light wasn’t pouring into your retinas at such an alarming rate anymore. You looked around assessing your surroundings. Apparently you hadn’t made it very far. You were looking around the living room of Tony Stark’s stylish pad.

Oh no! You thought to yourself. Tony Stark had two rules at his parties, always. No one was allowed to stay the night and there were no other rules. The luminescence of your surroundings made it clear the current time was well past night. The sun was shining high over the city, its rays stretching right across Tony’s gigantic windows. He had twice as much to drink last night as I did. You assured yourself. Maybe he was still asleep. Maybe you could sneak out before he even noticed you were there.

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A Drunk Confession

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Title: A Drunk Confession

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,069

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @jonnyarcher! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

After the lovely dinner Pride had made for the two of you, and after many glasses of wine, Pride helped you into his car.  He would have let you stay with him, but he wasn’t sure if that was what you would want.  He wanted you to be comfortable when you woke up.  The only reason Pride was staying at your place tonight, was to make sure that if you needed him, he would be there.  

Once Pride got you into your apartment, he walked you over to your bed.  He helped you out of your clothes and into a loose shirt.  It was what you always slept in.  “Ah’ll bring ya some aspirin okay [Y/N],” Pride asked in a low voice.

You held on to Pride’s wrist and pulled him closer.  “Oh I don’t need any of that,” you spoke, your words slurring slightly.  “We have other things to do Dwayne.”  Your hands slid up Dwayne’s sides slowly.  As they came back down, your fingers curled around the waistband of his pants.  You could feel the sharp inhale Pride had taken when the tips of your fingers slid under the fabric.  Your nails grazed his skin ever so slightly as you did so.

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“Jagi,” Yoongi groaned, “I don’t want to go to the store.” He said, burying his face in his pillow.

“How about this,” You brush his hair, “I’ll take a shower, get ready, help Jin with breakfast, and by the time it’s ready you get ready to get out of bed?”

“Can I sleep while you get ready?” He peeked.

“Yes, you can.” You giggled, rubbing his back and getting up. “I’ll let you know when we’re done with breakfast—alright?” You pecked his forehead.

“Don’t do that.” He complained, scrunching his face up.

“Whatever!” You walked to the bathroom. You took a shower, did your makeup, and brushed your hair and teeth. Once you were ready to cook with Jin, you walked out of the bathroom and to put some things away back with Yoongi. You rolled your eyes as you heard his light snores, and saw him looking like he was dead. His body was sprawled out over the bed, and you shook your head as you walked by.

“Aish, stop!” Jin smacked Jungkook’s hand away from the vegetables he was cutting.

“I’m hungry, hyung!” He whined, bouncing in place.

“You can’t have any yet—it’s not done, and I haven’t even started it.” He didn’t look at him, and focused on his chopping.

“Fine! I didn’t want any stupid vegetables anyway,” He crossed his arms, pouting as he walked to the couch. “Ah, noona!” He happily skipped to you, “You’re up! Does that mean Yoongi is up too?”

“Unfortunately, no. He’s being lazy,” You hugged him.

“So are all of the hyungs—well, more of just taking a while to get ready for the day. Isn’t it weird that you’ve been here so long?” He tilted his head, “How long has it been since you two started dating?”

“Five months or so?” You guessed, “Why?”

“Because you stood the night,” He scratched his head, “I didn’t hear anything..”

“Jungkook!” You lightly slapped his shoulder, “Nothing happened at all!”

He giggled while dodging your attacks, “I know.”

“(Y/N)!” Tae shouted, running at you in full speed while his arms were out. “You look so pretty today—doesn’t she, Jungkook?” He pressed your cheeks together, grinning ear to ear.

“She does look very pretty today,” He slightly blushed.

“Who looks pretty?” Namjoon asked, stretching as he fixed his hat.

“They’re just all over (Y/N),” Jin said, putting whatever he was cutting into a pan.

“All over here?” His deep voice said amused. “Damn, you do look hot.” Namjoon smiled, “It’s nice to know Tae can hug you, but what about me?” He raised his eyebrow.

“Since I’m giving everyone hugs, Jin I’ll be right there for your morning hug—and to help you.” You said, hugging Namjoon closely.

Once he let go, you went to Jin. “Good morning~” You sang happily, hugging him from behind.

“Good morning, (Y/N).” He ruffled your hair, pulling you to his side. “You can stir this while I chop some more things up, alright?”

“You’re cooking?” Hoseok asked behind you, “That’s Jin’s job.”

“I should help, you guys did let me stay last night—not to mention give us the room to ourselves.” You said stirring.

“I’m glad you didn’t use it for..‘private’ affairs.” He hugged you, kissing your cheek. “I hope you had a nice time sleeping with him, though. He’s a great pillow,”

“He didn’t move the entire night; at one point, I thought he was dead.”

“It always looks like he’s dead,” Jungkook laughed, playing with Tae’s hands.

“Oh, you’re cooking!” Jimin busted through the door, “Whoa, you look so h-” He cleared his throat, “Pretty today, (Y/N).” He smiled oddly.

“Thank you, Jimin~” You smiled, kissing his cheek as you continued to cook.

He broke out into a flustered smile, “Yeah.”

“How much are you chopping up? That’s a lot of food,” Namjoon said, his hands on Jin and your shoulders.

“It’s a lot of food to cook just for us—Tae alone has enough servings for five people.”

“It’s just (Y/N) staying,” He wrapped his arm around your shoulder instead, “She doesn’t have as big of an appetite.”

“I know,” Jin glared at him. “Just go sit down—watch tv or something. We’re fine by ourselves here, and we’d do better if you were out of our hair. Thank you,”

“Well then,” He raised his hands up, “I’ll just leave you to this.”

“What was that?” You breathed a laugh, helping him out more things in the pan.

“Sometimes he just gets on my nerves while I cook,” He opened the fridge, “Actually, all of them do. It’s always: 'Hyung, is it done? Hyung, how much longer? Hyung, can I have some?’ And they always yell,” He lifted his head, bringing some more ingredients out. “Don’t forget the picking at the uncooked food.”

“They are boys,” You shrugged, “They’re growing, they work hard, and they want food.”

Jin stared at you while blinking slowly, “I am one of those boys.”

“You are,” You smiled, pecking his cheek. “Go sit down with them—I got this.”

“What? No, (Y/N) you’re a guest.” He began to break eggs, “You shouldn’t even be helping.”

“But I am,” You countered, “What’s the big deal? You said it yourself: you work hard. You deserve a little break, and this is your chance. Do you really want to pass up the opportunity to be cooked for?”

“N-No..” He hung his head low, “But I can’t help but to feel guilty if you do this.”

“There’s no need to feel guilty; go!” You shoved him.

“Are you sure? Because it’s no problem, I can just-”

“Go, Jin!” You yelled, pushing him outside of the kitchen against his will as he struggled to keep his feet still on the ground.

“Ugh, alright.” He stomped off to the rest of the boys.

You went back to the stove, cooking what Jin was preparing. The boys would occasionally pop in to ask about how much longer they would have to wait, or try to sweet talk you into getting more in their serving. You turned off the burner, and got some glasses out to serve drinks. Eight cups, eight plates, and eight napkins. You walk over to the room Yoongi is sleeping in, cautious to not wake him up by the creaking of the door or yelling of the boys. “Wake up,” You cooed, lightly shaking him by his shoulder. “Breakfast is ready.”

“You cooked?” He opened his eyes slowly.

“Yes.” You nodded, slapping his bum. “Get up now,”

“Sure thing.” He smirked, smacking your bum harder than you did his.

“Aish!” You pushed him away. “Just get over there.” You walked out. You began filling the plates with the food, and pouring their drinks into the cups. “Breakfast is ready!” You informed them, putting the plates and everything else on the table as they raced to it.

“This looks good!” Tae smiled widely, staring at the food you placed in front of him.

“Yeah, you’re a really good cook—huh?” Jimin complimented you.

“Thank you, noona~” Jungkook hugged you.

“Should I just sit down?” You heard Yoongi ask, to find him scratching his head while he was shirtless.

“Yeah, baby.” You answered, being pulled into a tighter hug.

“Thank you, sexy.” Namjoon winked at you.

Yoongi sat, keeping his eyes on Namjoon. “You made all this?”

“She did—isn’t she great?” Hoseok took a bite out of the food.

“This is really good,” Jin said with his mouth full of food.

You went to the kitchen to retrieve your and Yoongi’s plate. “Here you go,” You kissed his head.

He cringed again, “Mm, what did I tell you about that?..”

“I wouldn’t mind her kissing my head,” Jimin licked his lips.

“Especially when I’m sick~” Namjoon added, “Wouldn’t that be great? Nurse (Y/N)..” He trailed off, “I can picture the outfit already.”

“Low cut button up short dress, heels, and those cute stockings.” Jimin closed his eyes.

“Will she give us shots, Jin? Or will we give her an injection of our own?” Namjoon put some more food in his mouth.

“Hyung!” Jungkook choked on his food, “That’s really crude..”

“Oh, if she gives us a shot can she give us lion print band aids?” Tae popped his head up excitedly.

“That’s not what they meant..” Hoseok put his hand on his forehead.

“Your her cousin—aren’t you going to kill them for speaking about (Y/N) like that?” Jin asked chewing with his cheeks full.

“Ah, I’ve learned to just let it go.” He sighed picking at his food, “They can say all they want, but she won’t let them get any further than hugs and occasional pecks on the cheek.”

“Fair enough,” Jin shrugged.

“What about when she bends down?” Namjoon whispered loudly to Jimin while nudging him. He giggled while continuing to eat. They glanced over to Yoongi and you sitting beside each other eating. “She does look pretty damn hot today,” Namjoon said loudly, directing it towards Yoongi.

He grumbled lightly, continuing to eat and trying to ignore them. “Do you want more water, Jimin?”

“I can get it myself,” He was about to get up, but you beat him to it.

“I’ll get it.” You grabbed his cup, and walked back to the kitchen.

“Yah, could you shut up now?!” Yoongi yelled, slamming his hand on the table. “Eat the food my girl made,”

“I was wondering when he was gonna say something..” Jungkook said under his breath as you passed by to give Jimin his drink back.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” He avoided eye contact with you.

“Get over here.” Yoongi patted the floor next to you where you previously sat. You watched Namjoon stiffen laughs as he poked at his food. “Got something to say, Namjoon?”

“No, hyung.” He shook his head smiling.

“Thinking about something you shouldn’t be?” Yoongi raised his eyebrow, sipping his water.

“My thoughts aren’t something you have to worry about,” He sang.

“Just eat the goddamn food already,”

//At The Mall//

“Isn’t this pretty, Yoongi?” You held up a dress.

“It’s definitely sexy, but I doubt anyone wouldn’t look at you.” He gently took it from you and returned it back in its place, “Like Namjoon, or Jimin..”

“Baby, they’re always like that—you know that.” You wrapped your arms around his waist. “But I’m yours.”

“That’s right,” He held your hips, “But that doesn’t mean I’ll let you get that dress.”

“Can I just try it on?” You whined.

“Fine. You have to show me it after you put it on, though.” He caved.

You cheered, snatching the dress back and dragging him to the fitting room that you fixated a gaze on. You rushed inside, leaving him outside. Quickly, you tore your clothes off and tried the new piece of clothing on. You admired yourself in the full mirror—looking at different angles and parts of the dress. It fit in all the right places, and the color/print complimented you perfectly. Deciding that you were happy with the outcome, you hesitantly walked out to Yoongi—afraid of his reaction. “How do I look?” You asked, putting your arms out.

He looked up from his phone, “Beautiful..” He stared for a while, then shook his head. “You look great, but too great.”

“Does this mean I can’t get it?” You frowned.

He sighed, putting his phone in his pocket and turning to you. “Jagi, I just don’t want guys to look at you. I don’t like when guys even talk to you while we’re out somewhere.” He tried to justify his answer, “I’m afraid you don’t understand what I’m saying,” He held your hand loosely, “I don’t want guys to talk to you, or even look at you. You’re my girl, got it? Not Namjoon’s, not Jimin’s, not some desperate guy—Mine; all mine.” He pointed at his chest. “I can’t trust guys won’t look at you in that, and who knows what could happen if I wasn’t there to protect you.” You nodded, looking down at his shoes. His finger lifted your head up to his face, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Just hold my stuff while I look for what I really came here for,” You gave him your purse in his arms, “Stay here.” You searched everywhere for that cute top you had seen on the Internet to no avail.

“May I help you?” A boy around your age asked from behind you.

“Ah, yes.” You nodded sheepishly, and described the top to him.

“We actually just got those today—we’re putting them on display tomorrow. I’ll have no problem getting you one from the back room, though.” He smiled.

“You’d do that?” You eye sparkled with hope.

“Of course. Follow me, okay?” He walked back to by where Yoongi was. You looked over to him, and he was scrolling away on his phone still. You didn’t blame him: shopping in a mall for hours with your girlfriend, no food or beverages allowed in the stores, and rarely any men’s stores. “Uh,” The boy laughed nervously, “I need a little help over here..” He held a tower of boxes from falling, “Just hold this,” He gave you a boxcutter. You watched as he fixed the taller-than-you stack of boxes filled with clothing. “Found it!” He proclaimed happily, “I’ll open it if you hold it.” He winked.

“Okay.” You say slowly, trading with him.

He opened it, and saw your phone nearly hanging out of your cleavage. “Hey, you should give me a call if you have any troubles with the shirt.” He opened up the box, “What size?”

“(Your/Size).” You played with your bracelet, “What do you mean troubles?”

“Oh, just any problems—like stitching errors, or there’s a stain—you don’t like it..” He checked the sizes, “I’ll happily take it off you.”


“I’ll put my number in for you,” He put his hand out.

Your niceness consuming you, you handed him your phone reluctantly. “Return it to him,” You pointed to Yoongi, “I’ll be changing out of this.” You snatched the shirt and ran to the dressing room.

After a rushed event of taking off the dress, you hear two voices. “You’re her friend?”

“Friend?” Yoongi scoffed, “I mean, that’s part of the label I have; just missing the first three letter word in front of it.”

“Hey man, just give her the phone back and tell her I said to text me tonight.” You raced to a place where you could see them, but they couldn’t see you.

“Text her? Did you not understand what I just said, kid?” Yoongi stood taller, “I’m her boyfriend.”

“She could see different people at the same time;” the ignorant boy shrugged.

“I really don’t think you understand,” Yoongi cleared his throat, “My girl—she’s my girl. Look,” He lifted up your bag, “Her purse—an expensive purse I got her; me her boyfriend. This phone,” He dangled it in front of his face, “She uses it to contact me everyday,” He unlocked it, “That is, if she’s not already with me.” He looked, and laughed. “You save your name as 'Future Husband’, hm? You think that’s funny? I’m not laughing at that, I’m laughing at you. The fact you think my future wife would be with anyone as,” He looked at him from head to toe, “Swagless, pabo, clown boy, as you.”

“Come on,” He practically pleaded. “Don’t delete it—please!”

“Give me one good reason.” Yoongi challenged him.

“I can show her a good time, and treat her well.”

He looked up, then looked like he was thinking. He dipped his head down again, then picked up the phone and deleted his number. “Bye.” The boy said cursed between gritted teeth as he walked away. “You saw that?” He asked turning to you.

“Yeah.” You nodded, walking over to him.

“Don’t be giving guys your number or phone,” He handed it back to you—more like smacked it into your palm. “Am I clear, jagi?”

“Yes, oppa.” You responded, taking your belongings from him.

“You’re only mine, babe.” He put his arm around you, rubbing along it and placing a sweet kiss on the top of your head. “You’re gonna be mine for a while, too.”

Jealous – A Danisnotonfire One Shot (as requested by Anon)

Walking through the streets of London in the middle of the night was my new favorite thing to do. Seeing the captivating lights and feeling the cool breeze made me feel like the world had a true talent of making divine creations. Maybe that’s why my boyfriend, Dan, came into my life – to show me yet another example of a beautiful product placed on this Earth. It’s as if all the planets and constellations got together and said, “Yep, this one’s our best work yet. The girl who gets him better feel lucky as hell.” Which, of course, I do.

In my last relationship, I had grown to believe that men don’t show affection. I didn’t know what being properly courted felt like. My ex, Jackson, was never the one to hold my hand in public, or tell me how much I meant to him. He’d never text me back, he always cancelled plans with me at the very last minute, and most importantly, he never said “I love you”, even when I said it to him. It nearly crushed my dream of finding a man who could make me feel like I was worth something, like I was important. Then, just in the nick of time, Dan waltzed into my life right as I ended the relationship with Jackson.

Now, as Dan was showing me the most magnificent sights in London, I couldn’t help but feel maybe the most perfect sight was standing right in front of me, holding my hand proudly.

“So, (Y/N), that’s pretty much the last of the places I wanted to show you in the city.” Dan said as we walked away from a barrier that overlooked the classic London Eye.

I frowned, thinking the night was over. “I had an amazing time,” I said earnestly, “you have no idea how much this night meant to me.”

He looked confused. “No, (Y/N), I said this is the last place I wanted to show you in the CITY. This night isn’t over!” He guaranteed. “I have a few places I want to take you that are more local. Is that alright with you?”

I grinned, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “More than alright,” I said, and laid my head on his shoulder as we continued walking down the pavement. He took his hand out of mine and wrapped his arm around my waist to pull me closer. He kissed the top of my head lovingly. He was warm, and smelled like expensive cologne. I knew in that moment this was the feeling of being wanted.

As we walked a couple of blocks south, I asked him where we were headed. “It’s a surprise,” Dan said playfully, “a sweet surprise.” I could tell he was trying to give me a hint, but I pretended to be oblivious, just to give him the full satisfaction of my surprised reaction.

A few more blocks down the way we were going, he turned to me and said, “This is the point where you have to close your eyes.”

“How will I be able to see where I’m going?” I asked. “I’ll guide you, obviously,” he said. “How do I know you won’t guide me into the oncoming traffic? I could die, Dan. DIE.” I emphasized jokingly. “You won’t die, because I won’t guide you into the traffic. I think you underestimate how much I care for you, (Y/N).” Dan answered, chuckling afterwards. I smiled so hard, my face hurt.

I closed my eyes for him. I felt him put one hand at the small of my back, and grab my upper arm with the other. We slowly walked across the street as the traffic lights turned red. It was a whole new sensation only trusting him and the ground below me to guide me to our destination. Once we crossed the street, and walked a few more steps, I smelled a clean and sweet aroma along with a cold gust of wind. “Alright,” Dan said as he adjusted my body to be directly in front of the place, “you can open your eyes now!”

Once I opened my eyes, I wish I hadn’t. My smile fell, and I looked down to the ground to avoid looking at what was in front of me. We were standing in front of an ice cream parlor. That wasn’t the problem, of course. The problem was that this exact ice cream parlor was where my ex-boyfriend worked.

Dan noticed my disappointed look immediately. “Oh no, what’s wrong? You don’t like this place?” he questioned caringly. “No, no, I love this place. It’s just that… ugh, I don’t want to talk about it.” I responded. “Do you want to go somewhere else for ice cream? I think there’s another place around the corner, but it might be closed…” Dan tried to resolve this as best he could, which made me want to please him even more. “No, babe, it’s okay, we’re already here. Plus, this is your favorite spot. Don’t worry about me.” He smiled, and kissed me. We walked into the parlor, and I braced myself for any chance of seeing my ex.

As Dan and I made our way down the glass display, picking out our ice cream flavors, I thought we were clear of any run-ins. But of course, with my shit luck, I saw him at the end of the line, ringing up orders in the cash register. I already knew this was going to suck. Not only for me, but for Dan as well.

I reluctantly walked up to the register, Dan in tow. When Jackson glanced up, he had to do a double take to make sure it was actually me. His expression was almost unreadable, but from what I could tell he was at least slightly surprised.

“Hi, could I please have one scoop of vanilla on a waffle cone?” I asked politely, pretending that I had no idea who he was. He laughed, and said, “Vanilla, huh? I always thought chocolate was your favorite.” Dan turned to me, confused. “Do you come here often, (Y/N)?” He asked. “No, actually,” Jackson interjected, “not often enough. She doesn’t seem to remember me.”

“Okay, yes, Jackson, I remember you. How are you doing? Fine? Great. Dan, please order.” I said hastily. “I AM doing fine, thanks for asking so sincerely.” He said. “And I can see you’re doing fine as well. So, so fine.” He winked at me. The hair on my neck raised in uncomfortable tension. Dan held onto my hand a little tighter.

“(Y/N), who is this?” Dan asked. “I’m her ex,” Jackson interjected again, “I’m hurt she doesn’t talk about me more often.”

“There’s a reason, Jackson.” I scoffed. “Dan, what do you want, babe?”

“Can I just have a mint chocolate chip scoop so we can just get on with our night, please?” Dan ordered stiffly. “Babe, huh? I loved when you called me that.” Jackson sneered. I wanted to throw up.

“Listen, mate, she just wants the vanilla cone. That’s the ONLY thing she wants from you. Ever.” Dan barked defensively. He now had his arm on my waist, holding tight. Jackson rolled his eyes, and yelled the order to the other girl working behind the counter. She handed him our ice cream cones, which he then handed to us. Dan pulled out a 20, and threw it onto the counter. “Keep the change, wanker.” He growled as we walked out of the parlor quickly.

When we got outside, he pulled my face towards his, and gave me a deep kiss. With tongue. Right in front of the window looking into the parlor. I kissed back, feeling my growing desire for him fueled by the anger I had towards Jackson. When we both pulled away, I looked through the window, and saw Jackson slamming his apron onto the top of the ice cream display case, while also looking back at us furiously. I laughed, and turned back to face Dan.

“Want to know something?” I said through a smile.

“What?” Dan breathed out, his chin coming forward to lean in for another kiss. “You look sexy when you get jealous.” I whispered, before revisiting his lips with mine.

it’s occurred to me that until I get better at colors (read: happier with my skills) this is as finished as this animation is going to get

so uh, here it is


Leave Baby Alone

This was the last fucking time Dean Winchester would meddle in your business. You knew he was the one who had ruined your date last night. You saw him running out of the bar trying not to be seen, so you followed him straight back to his motel and called from the parking lot. He swore he wasn’t in town as you stood right next to his beloved Impala. 

You had no idea why the hell Dean cared so much about your love life. You were a witch that he and Sam called in for help on cases from time to time. He’d made it quite clear when you told him you liked him that he wanted nothing to do with you romantically purely because you were a witch. No way he’d ever date a witch. Or so he said. 

“So you’re not in town? Then this lovely black Impala isn’t yours?” You questioned, waving your hand and sealing all the doors and windows to Dean’s room shut. He had no way out. No way to save the car from you. 

“Y/N…” Dean growled. “Where are you?” You saw the curtains move back and Dean ran to the door, trying to get out. “Y/N let me out of the room.” 

“It’d be a real shame if someone scratched the paint on this thing, you know?” You took out your switchblade, holding it over the driver’s side door. Dean ran to the window, screaming at you not to do it. “Admit that you fucked up my date and that you have feelings for me and maybe I’ll consider leaving your car alone.” You shrugged, putting the knife right up against the car. 

“Ok! Ok!” Dean relented and you pulled back. “I fucked up your date. I threatened the guy and made him run out, alright? Because I fuckin’ like you!” 

“Now was that so hard?” You flipped your knife shut and unsealed the motel, letting Dean walk outside. 

“I uh…I guess we have some stuff to talk about.” He fidgeted a little, rubbing the back of his neck. “It was never really about you being a witch…”

“Save it.” You cut him off abruptly. “It was about your ‘I can’t be with anyone because they might die’ bullshit. I’m not just anyone. I can protect myself. So I’ll see you at dinner tomorrow night. Same bar you ran that poor guy out of last night. Be there at 7.” You spun around quickly, stomping quickly down the street, leaving a smitten Dean Winchester in your wake. 

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Bestfriend!Calum hated the feeling of always being rejected by you even if you were doing it unintentionally. He’s been in love with you since you were kids but you’ve always had a thing for Luke. You liked shy guys you’d say but if you were being honest you just didn’t want to have the feelings you were having for Calum so you’ve always tried to like guys that were different from him.


The first time you shattered his heart was at summer camp when you were 14. Bestfriend!Calum was already two years deep in a crush he was trying to shake.

Every girl wanted to kiss him that summer, it was almost a rite of passage. Girls would pull him away from you and Luke any chance they got. When Calum heard that he was the guy that all the girls wanted to kiss that summer he wasn’t too thrilled but he was hoping that you wanted to kiss him too so he went along with it. But, it was now down to the last week and you still haven’t kissed him.

One night after everyone finally turned in, too exhausted from preparing for the end of camp show to continue for the night, you snuck out of your cabin and ran over to Calum’s window.

“Calum?!” You whispered as loud as possible. Finally after a few tries he sat up.
“Is everything alright?” sleep still evident in his voice.
“Oh yeah, but um… Put on a jacket. I wanna show you something.” he did just that and met you by the window. You held his hand and pulled him towards the lake.
“What is it that you wanted to show me?”
“This…” you said as you brought your lips to his. It took him a second to register what was happening before he brought his hands to your face and moved his lips against yours. The kiss didn’t last as long as he’d like because you pulled away suddenly.
“Did I do something wrong? Did I hurt you?” He was almost panicking. The one kiss he wanted to be perfect…
“Huh…no you didn’t… Um… Please don’t say anything Calum. Especially not to Luke.”
“Luke?” his voice sounded strained and he looked confused for a moment. Then he whispered, “Luke.” before nodding and stuffing his hands into his pockets.

He couldn’t get angry even though he felt like he could hardly breathe in that moment, because all the signs were there. He saw the way you were with Luke and he knew what you wanted your first kiss to be like. You both had talked about it in great detail, because that’s what he was. Bestfriend!Calum.

First time ever posting anything for others to read. Feedback would be great!!!

“I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and makes a six-inch-diameter exit wound in you.”
―Harley Quinn.