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okay, my friend finally force me to watch star wars, and I might or might not fall sleep and when i woke up Rey was fighting Prince Zuko… anyway, these two were pretty gay, and its poerfect.



Book 1: Air - Chapter 3 “The Revelation” (Part 1)

Not a Chopped Champion

College AU 985 words

“I could make that,” Korra said, thoughtfully licking her spoon clean of ice cream as she watched a cooking show from the comfort of her well-worn couch.

“Please don’t,” her roommate Opal countered. She was running around, alternatively fluffing her hair and shoving on bracelets and shoes. “My date will be here any minute and I’d like to come home to see our dorm in one piece.”

Korra stuck out her tongue. “I’m not going to burn down the place. I got rid of the candle warmer.”

“Only because you almost did burn down the place.”

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"Aang's a bad dad!" - Another Take on the Cloudbaby Family

Growing up with important parents is hard.

And Katara and Aang were both incredibly important people. They overthrew a monarchy, ended a war, and saved the world from destruction all before the age of 16. As adults, Aang’s place as the Avatar guaranteed their involvement in future world affairs, and the two went on to found a new nation of people and build an entire city based on their ideals.

As their children, it makes sense that Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin feel compelled to live up to the high precedent their parents set. Aang left a huge legacy in the world, and all three of his children want to do their best to live up to that standard. They want to be the same sort of people their parents were, they want to be successful and do good in the world, and they want to shape the lives of others as their parents once did. And they place an inordinate amount of pressure on themselves to do so.

There’s a saying that states there’s two different ways to dehumanize someone– by dismissing or idealizing them. When you take the good traits of an individual and place them in a vacuum, you forget the humanity that made that person so exceptional in the first place. This is something Tenzin does, and something we, as fans of a character, tend to do, too. But I think it’s important to recognize context and character relevancy if you want to understand why specific traits and events are highlighted within the narrative.

As such, I feel the knee-jerk reaction to dismiss Aang as a terrible father misses the point of the siblings’ interactions. Tenzin, Kya, and Bumi’s issues don’t lie in bad parenting- they lie in each other, and within themselves.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt! Omegaverse Asami give birth to her and korra's first child.

(Ah, omegaverse how I love you)

It was just past 32 hours when Kya came out and told them Asami was ready to push.

Almost everybody had come down to the Southern Water Tribe for the birth of Korra and Asami’s first child, even Su and Lin had made the trip. The avatar wanted her children to all be born in the same tribe she had, and for Asami it was a welcome escape from the hustle of the big city. Plus, there were no paparazzi to harass her.

“She’s ten centimeters,” Kya beckoned to Korra; the alpha had taken refuge with the others after Asami had lost her temper and kicked her out of the room for putting her through this. “She wants you in there.”

“Alright,” Korra jumped to her feet; her nerves were in full swing. “I’m there.”

She walked past the healer; her nose immediately picking up on the distressed hormones in the room, the smell of her pained omega struggling on the birthing bed.

Katara smiled from the foot of the bed, patting her student on the arm as Korra walked by, “It’s almost time.”

“I know,” Korra bit her lip and moved up towards the headboard. Asami was watching her approach; the omega looked tired, pale, and sweaty. Her eyes had bags underneath them, and Korra felt a jolt of guilt from the fact that it was her mate and not her in this position, “Hey.”

Asami smiled tiredly, a small glow in her green eyes, “Hey you.”

Korra’s omega pulled the alpha down for a kiss, and the avatar practically melted against her. After a few seconds, she felt Asami stiffen and pulled away. Pain was streaking across her face.

Katara stood at the foot of the bed, and she noticed Kya move quickly to her mother. The two whispered something indescribable to eachother, before Asami verbally cried out.

“She’s ready,” Kya and the other healers entering the room, there must have been at least four, pulled the covers off the shaking omega’s body. Asami groaned and pulled her legs up to her chest, Kya helped show her how to hold them back so that they wouldn’t affect her breathing.

Katara muttered something at the end of the bed, and one healer bended clean water from a basin and over to the nearly ninety year old healer. The greatest water bender in over a hundred years held the glowing orb, and instructed Asami to start pushing.

Korra wrapped one arm around her mate’s leg, helping Asami to keep a hold on the shaking appendages.

The heiress screamed in pain; her chest rose and fell in deep breaths as she fell back against the pillows, before gasping and holding back another cry as she was instructed to push again.

“You’re almost there,” Katara spoke from the end of the bed. “I can see the head. One more push and I can pull the baby out.”

Korra whispered encouragement in her wife’s ear, grasping Asami’s hand with her own while she ignored the sharp pain that came with having two of her fingers’ broken.

Another push and silence.

Asami leaned back against the pillows; her stomach deflated halfway, and a sigh of relief escaped her arms.

A piercing wail broke through the room, and Korra watched with baited eyes as Katara handed a squirming, naked, baby to Kya as the aged healer ran water over the babe and removed the birthing fluids from the sensitive skin.

The newborn cried and cried; it’s lungs must have been powerful to have that much voice.

After a moment, Kya smiled and handed a newly wrapped baby to the proud alpha, “Your little girl Avatar.”

“A girl?” Korra widened her eyes. “It’s a girl?”

“I’m about fifty percent sure,” Kya teased. “But yeah, you got a little girl in your arms.”

Korra grinned and looked down at Asami, only to see her wife knocked out and snoring softly.

Katara smiled gently and walked up to her student, “She’s a strong one. But labor can take it out of any woman. She’ll need a few hours sleep before she wakes up.”

“Right,” Korra nodded eagerly, grinning down at her now quiet daughter. The baby was nearly an exact replica of her, blue eyes, nose, same skin tone, and she had her mother’s look of wonder in her eyes.

The only major thing Korra could see of Asami was the full head of black hair the tiny human boosted on top of her head.

“Have you picked a name?” Kya was wiping her hands with a sanitary towel, watching as the other healers dealt with the after birth.

“We did,” Korra cooed to her daughter, rocking the bright eyed child in her arms. She felt so much pride rise within her, the alpha inside was practically strutting around her mind.

“What would it be?” The elderly woman asked, simultaneously instructing the healers to deal with the dirty basin water.

Korra smiled down at her child, before positively beaming and looking at her mentor, “We were thinking Katara would do.”

The tears of joy that formed in the water bending master’s eyes were enough proof for Korra to affirm that they had chosen correctly.

Considering Parenthood

For lookwhathappenedtothecook and everyone else who wants Korrasami and kids. This isn’t quite what you wanted, but I hope you enjoy this anyway.

“Time for bed, everyone!” Four heads swiveled simultaneously, a collective groan rising above them. Pema’s lips quirked but she maintained an authoritative stare, ensuring that her children obeyed. Asami’s hugs were quick, though Meelo and Jinora lingered, the former with a blush, the latter with a soft smile. The Avatar found herself surrounded however, Meelo and Rohan shoving each other in their attempts to hug Korra. Asami stood away from the giggling, vibrating group, her eyes briefly meeting the Air Nomad matriarch’s.

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When Korra Needed Mako the Most he VANISHED [Anon Says]

Let me see if I get you.

So, what you’re trying to say is that because Asami is a girl then it’s oh so obvious for her to HELP A FRIEND because she too is a girl? Not to mention that if MAKO EXPRESSES HIS LOVE for Korra when she’s TRAUMATIZED, it would have been in “poor taste” because he’s a guy? Oh, and because they haven’t seen each other in THREE YEARS without so much as a MEASLY LITTLE LETER it’s suddenly TIME FOR THEIR LOVE TO BLOSSOM because, you know, TRUE LOVE?

Did I get the gist of it? Good. Let’s compare notes, shall we?

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