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Masato Repeat Love CGs with more bad translations because I could be doing better things with my life

“The girl who shaped me is now my lover. If we’re together, you will bring light into my future.”

“Bits of luck have given me courage. It was you after all.”

“…! Your shoulder is getting wet. I got too caught up to notice. It’s fine if you get a little closer.”

“You always take care of me. I want to return the favor.”

“Time spent like this is amazing. It changes with every heart.” 

“Those wet lips… Don’t worry so much. I’m protecting you now.”

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I heard that you uploaded Chocolatemuffintops old cc. Wcif it? I'm on mobile now, so I can't check your wcif tag

Heyy! Alright so I don’t have everything that’s been deleted but I did take the liberty of adding everything I have that I also know has been deleted. If anyone has any other cc feel free to send me them and I’ll add them to the folder!
The file size is huge

Download chocolatemuffintop’s deleted CC here

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got news for y’all

Alright first off Ollie isn’t my real name. It’s nowhere close to it actually. Now to some of you this might not be a big deal, people use fake names online all the time, right?

Well for me it is. I’ve been having problems with my name for years. As a kid I loved it, but when I started getting older, I started to hate it more and more. I hated the sound that represented me. I thought my name was the most disgusting thing I’d ever heard. I hated saying my own name, it felt like I had just eaten sour candy. It was horrible, and gross and I didn’t want it.

I still do have some problems with hearing/saying my name. But it’s not as bad. I’m finally starting to accept the sound that represents me again. But it’s hard to accept my name when so many people I know are calling me Ollie. Some close friends I have know my name, but I’ve asked them to call me Ollie. 

This may seem silly to you, but it means a lot to me. So everyone.

Salutations, my name is Zoe, and it’s nice to finally meet you all.

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I'm sitting in on a 4chan tinychat to get info and they're planning an attack on the 20th, 23rd, and 26tg. they're going to pretend to offer support to people and then spam gore, especially animal abuse. they're also going to post gifs that start out fine and then turn into gore during cleanup times. please signal boost! and tumblrers, only get support from those you know and trust! it's a sick world.

alright i’ve got a few messages about this now and from i understand they are going to “target” me??? what does that mean, like fill my tag with icky posts and stuff and try to hack me??? i’m not sure what they could do to really i hurt me i mean this is just a stupid internet fight, but i’m very glad i was warned by so many people! i’ll keep anon off on those days and stuff, even though i’m not really here during the daytime? they’re gonna be like trying to fuck with me and i’m gonna be oblivious, sitting in my room, writing gay fanfics and they gonna be like “where is she” lol

Bamon haters be like......
  • Bamon fan: Oh wow did you see that Bamon scene! It's obvious that Damon and Bonnie care for each other and these are the reasons why. I'm so excited for my ship right now.
  • Anon checks out the Bamon/Bonnie tag: "Oh no we can't have this. I can't have any Bamon fan getting excited, happy, or hopeful over Bamon. Because I don't agree with that view. Let me go on Anon and try to bring them down a notch."
  • Bamon fan: Alright that's your view tho. We see things differently and have a different opinion. To me that is Still a meaningful scene for Bamon."
  • Anon: No it's not. That scene would have played out the exact same way if you replaced Bonnie or Damon with this and that and this and that and this and that character."
  • Bamon Fan: I don't care about the other characters. The writers wrote it to happen between Damon and Bonnie and no other character. That's still a meaningful Bamon scene. I/m still excited and hopeful for my ship."
  • Anon: NO but the scene played out this way. And you must BELIEVE that it played out this way simply because I BELIEVE that it played out this way. You MUST think the way that I do and see things the way that I see them simply because I tell you to do so. DO what I TELL you to do and agree with me. Anyone who doesn't view the show as I view it must have their shipper goggles on.
  • Bamon Fan: "Dude you can't make me see the show the way that you want me to see it. I have my views and you have yours. These are the reasons why I believe that Damon and Bonnie care for each other and have a meaningful relationship. Can't I just believe in my ship?"
  • Anon: "Nope. You have to see things the way that I try to MAKE you see them. And if you don't agree with me you're WRONG, WRONG, WRONG."
  • Bamon Fan: "Cool, still gonna believe and ship though. And I'm still going to express my views on Bamon. LOL but keep tryin tho, keep tryin' and failin'"

*clears throat*

Hello and welcome to Bigbanggifs.

I would like to say I along with the other admins are SO EXCITED FOR BIGBANG’S COMEBACK and are ready to be completely active along with other Bigbang sites again.

That being said…

Yes, Bigbanggifs trolled its followers. Your little ducky friend, Dolan was courtesy of Admin Janeth while the wonderfully written articles on Daesung and Taeyang were Admin Shronda’s doing.

*shoe flies in air*

Okay, no need to throw shoes! I tagged both posts to read the source. No, Daesung is not permanently staying in Japan and Taeyang is not getting married.

Funny, right?

Really, my Taeyang article was the best ever. It tops my TOP article and EXOGifs. I keep out doing myself! Hahaha!

Alright, YG! Sheesh! So, rest dear VIPs! If you didn’t know, now you know. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS AND LET’S GET READY FOR BIGBANG COMEBACK!