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  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *ships the rarest shit possible that literally no one ever heard of, crack ships, ships I feel I made up, literally anything no one would have thought of*<p/><b>also me:</b> *finds out about really popular and obvious pairings after years of being in the fandom* OMG PEOPLE SHIP THIS??????!??!!? I HAD NO IDEA!?!!!!!!?!!?<p/></p>

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Cult of Forgotten Shadow + Three Virtues

i’m suffering from “losing all sense of time while playing the sims”

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I'm sorry for possibly bugging you at an odd hour! But what's this Wildkitten au thing? I'm interested in knowing more about it!

the WILDKITTEN au was a scrapped au but i’m bringing it back & rewriting it :D

[ Backstory Time– holy hell, it’s a long one

After a mission, the guys (Vanoss, Mini, Moo, Basically, WILDCAT) was sent for a private meeting. They have decided to go check the place out a day before to see what they’re dealing with.

Tyler just got back, walking down the street at night. As he was calling back to Evan, he didn’t noticed he was being followed. When he was waiting to be picked up, before he knew it, he was was thrown a punch to the face and put unconscious with chloroform.

Finding out about the missing member of the group, the guys spent a year looking for him– after that, they gave up and continued growing as a gang.

Almost 4 years later, they found an opportunity for a heist a few states away and went to plan and prepare for a month. After the mission, Evan and Craig went to a club to make a deal with some acquaintances. While there, they noticed something familiar with one of the staff but ignored it at first because they need to focus.

The rest of the group came to said club every night while they had a week left before going back home. Evan and Craig started to keep a close watch on this familiar waiter until it hit to them that he was Tyler. They tried to grab his attention by saying his name but he didn’t respond and reacted annoyed  and uncomfortable towards them.

They pointed this out to the rest of the group and made a plan to take him back to home base. (Hey, it’s not kidnapping if we’re bringing him back!)

Tyler protested and acted  aggressively when he was shoved into the back on a car, taken to what he’s been told “home”

At first, Tyler was confused and angry about being ‘kidnapped by strangers’ but started becoming scared when he found out that these people were a gang. He kept quiet and asserted himself as a slave to these guys. Everyone else was not happy about this and tried to gain his trust in order to help him regain his memory of his life (which Tyler did not believe he had.)

[Okay, quick summary of how Tyler’s mind worked: He was forcefully brainwashed into sexdoll/slave. He was conditioned to have no memory whatsoever of any life before this. (If he said he remembered something, he would be punished and told that it was just a dream and none of which is reality). His mindset was devoted to being a slave and that’s all he was told to know. While we’re here, 1) the inspiration of this AU was from a few websites from the Deep Web :D 2) this is fictional brainwashing i’m highlighting this for obvious reasons]

Now, after a few months, the guys we’re able to break the mindset after many different techniques. Tyler was able to regain his memory and readjust his personality but his former character is still there and sometimes clicks through either ‘keywords’ or sounds. And this clicks very often. [I’m calling it “click” just because it sounds good to me (:]

[This version of WILDCAT is almost exactly like the normal one: aggressive, sarcastic, jokes at the worsts of time, etc. but when he “clicks”: obedient, rarely negotiable (merciless), sex addicted (not to be mistaken with the stereotypical “yandere” probably XD)]

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Supermental freckle anon- okay! Would it be alright if I submitted it when I'm done? Or just tagged you so you can see it, seeing as you mentioned you don't really reblog Shelby designs due to the fact people could get the wrong idea and think you're biased or something

Im more liely to see it if you submit so blease do that. I will reblog a smak


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Little angels.


As Gansey shut the door behind him, he heard Adam say,

“I don’t want to talk”

and Ronan reply,

“The fuck would I talk about?”

The Valdangelo Fic With Fights And Kisses And Snark


the one that killed Haven and Nils with feels

Foul language ahead, yo. In three different languages. Multilingual curses woohoo :D


Jason very nearly groaned at Nico’s growl. Nico and Leo had been at each other’s throats far more than usual recently, but this really was not the time to be fighting with each other, not right after they’d spent forever fighting a huge tentacle monster of some sort. What they needed now was to get the ship sailing, which Leo couldn’t do with a pissed off son of Hades on his ass.

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Well @grandint tagged me to do this. Secretly I think you’re cool but I guess it ain’t no secret now. EuG I can’t believe I’m doing this. I got some 10 facts of me right here soooo

1) I once performed at the Sea World Shamu show as one of the background singers. It was one of the Christmas shows

2) when I was little my dad told me that if I sat too close to the TV it would eat me. I obviously don’t believe in that now but I’m still scared to be next to it

3) I named my turtle turquoise named after the one in blues clues

4) honestly my first gay crush was misty from pokemon 

5) I remember going to the science museum and seeing myself on their multiple poster ads. This was because when I was in homeschool they took a  picture of me holding one of the habitats that I made

6) I cry at movies even though I don’t look like it

7) I broke someone’s arm when I was younger.  Won’t tell you how 

8) I have the same name as my mum so I’m a Jr

9) I’m the youngest but the tallest out my friend group

10) I’ve learned how to  code ever since I was little cause my dad was an aerospace engineer so if u need a hacker im the guy

Erm I don’t know that many people on here so I’ll guess I tag @voidserpent @gummynummies @imbackbeafraid and I guess @dr-simi . Give me ten interesting facts about yourselves bois


…I couldn’t resist.

By the way - dacnomania is defined as “obsession with killing”. The more you know!


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Will this work.

I hope it works.

It’s like 6 minutes so Tumblr was like, “NO FUCK YOU. ONLY 5 MINUTES.”

But yeah, look, I almost nailed myself in the face with my bow.