alright i stop with the good will hunting spamming

alright guys, I’m gonna stop spamming about Robin Williams. 

I just wanted to say I remember when I was a kid and my parents were arguing about something then my dad ended taking me and my sister to see Aladdin. I remember watching Popeye over and over when i was a kid. I remember my dad renting Being Human when I was in the 5th grade and thinking it was incredible. I remember seeing Robin Williams win the academy award for Good Will Hunting and the entire audience giving him a standing ovation. I remember getting completely obsessed with old stand up routines when I was in middle school. I remember watching Hook over and over again. I remember in high school when I realized all my favorite movies were Robin Williams movies. I remember starting my movie collection and watching all these awesome movies with my sister one after the other as I would find them for sell in bargain bins and blockbuster deals. I remember me and my friends watching his broadway standup the summer after I graduated and just laughing our asses off. Just a couple years ago we all got together and watched Mrs. Doubtfire. I remember going into rehab in 2006 only to read that Robin Williams had relapsed at the same time and finding encouragement being able to identify with him. I remember finding out that he likes anime and video games and just thinking how great we’d get along if we ever met. I know that probably sounds nuts. I just wanted so badly to be able to meet him someday and just talk to him and be a friend to him and let him know how much his existence has helped me get through my own difficulties. That’s probably all pretty dumb. 

I thought my dad was lying when he told me.

I just really loved him and I’m really very sad now.