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boyfriend!Jaehyun | bulleted scenario

note: here’s a little thing i made a while back bc i havent posted in 2 months woops sorry im busy ;-; i will try to have a halloween au tho so be ready. it’s already in my drafts. BUT ANYWAY i also made this bc i couldnt get jaehyun as a boyfriend out of my head like when i daydream it instantly goes to being in a relationship with jaehyun ;-; also im seeing nct in a week GET HYPED

alright im done. enjoy this bulleted scenario!

warnings: slight NSFW content, swearing, very soft things ;-;

  • Let’s talk about boyfriend!Jaehyun bc I can never seem to get it out of my head lordt save me pls
  • He would be such a good boyfriend hands down
  • He’d be the kind of boyfriend that would be all over you and always praising you, but not in a pda way
  • He’d be really hesitant about pda at first bc jaehyun is a shy baby don’t be fooled he’s fucking nasty in private tho
  • Once he got used to pda, it still wouldn’t be much except for like lil things like hand holding, head kisses, and maybe an arm around ur waist bc he loves having u by his side
  • Encouraging head kisses!!!!
  • Before a show? Head kisses!!! Winning at a board game against the other members? Head kisses!!!! Finishing a project you’ve been procrastinating doing? H E A D K I S S E S maybe not even just head kisses if u get what im saying
  • Holding hands is a l w a y s
  • He’d run his thumb over your knuckles all the time like he’d always be caressing your hand
  • Oh my god his cuddles would be so nice like he’d always want u in his arms especially if you were smaller than him like he’d just like the feeling of you being in his arms??? Like you fit perfectly????
  • Also would be a very warm boy so
  • Singing softly while you cuddle bc u love his voice and it so soothing
  • He’s warm so u always go to him whenever youre cold and he obviously doesn’t mind
  • Also encouraging warm cuddles where he sings to you if you were feeling down self-promo: i have a whole one shot abt that. go check out “Home”
  • Dates with jaehyun would range from eating at really fancy restaurants to just staying at home and cuddling while watching a movie
  • He wouldn’t be picky with dates
  • He’s a busy guy so I feel like his favorite kind of date would be anything where the both of you could relax
  • He loves you and he loves being with you after he’s away a lot
  • Now we’re on this topic, a date at home with jaehyun where you guys marathon the high school musical movies and sing the duets bc singing a hsm duet with jaehyun is the dream
  • Alright so jaehyun in bed is wildt as fuck
  • He’d be willing to try anything once but I feel like mainly he’d be into like voyeurism and being in situations where you could be caught i told u he was wildt
  • Let’s say if u were a trainee or from the same company, you’d be fucking in like the studio, dance studio, stereotypical janitor’s closet, literally everywhere
  • That boy has stamina so u gotta be prepared
  • I feel like he’s a switch, but dominant mostly
  • Even though he’s dominant, he’d always put your pleasure first before his bc that’s just the kind of person he is
  • Also making out with him would be so nice
  • I feel like whenever you two are left alone, it would turn into a whole make out session bc he always needs some type of release
  • You sitting in his lap while you make out is the ideal position
  • Making out all the time in general bc ur hormones are all over the place
  • He’d always want to spoil you
  • He’s always giving you little gifts and stuff
  • Whenever he sees something that reminds him of you, he gets it no matter what it is
  • In fights, I feel like he’s one to confront you at first, but if he doesn’t get the answer he expects, he would give you the silent treatment
  • Or like he’d give you space for a while if you were the one who got angry at him
  • But these fights rarely happen. It would only happen if it was something really big
  • I feel like he wouldn’t be the jealous type although deep down he could be a bit jealous but he keeps it under wraps bc he has no reason to be
  • Other than that I don’t think there’d be much conflict in your relationship
  • Jaehyun is a really really really loving boyfriend
  • You’d never feel like anything was lacking, especially in love because jaehyun makes sure he loves u and u know it
  • You always make sure he knows you love him too
A Week in Mistward 7/13

So I have seen my first lightening storm last night, and things are starting to REALLY pick up in the story, also due to influence from the lightening and the angsty music, so here we go. I just published Day Seven not long ago, actually, so this is the second time I’m writing this. Something went wrong and it was accidentally deleted a moment after I posted it, and ohhhhh… we go. I’m going to re-write it. But hey, maybe on the second time, things will get better, eh? When I first drafted Day Two, I lost that as well, and had to re-write it. So, I’m going to do the same for this one. Granted, it’s later than it was when I lost Day Two, but I’m not going to let this small little thing stop me from getting out Day Seven! I’m already behind one day, and this is a minor setback, but…no worries. It’s gonna be alright.

characters copyright of sarah j maas

pps-Taliesin happens to be my creation of a character, so…copyright Taliesin to me? Lol idk

Link to all the days:

Here we go…Day Seven…for the second time tonight…lol this is proof I care about you guys okay

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Fanfiction - Rivals (College AU)

I’m back!!! I wanted to thank everyone for the lovely and heart-warming displays of affection and good luck wishes – you guys are just amazing. I really missed writing, even more than I thought I would. I’m a bit rusty now, but I hope I’ll eventually get there again. See you on the other side! <3

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“Are ye sure ye’ll be alright?” Jamie asked, concerned. He rubbed Claire’s fingers, still slightly trembling, as they sneaked behind Mr.Culpepper’s back to head out of the male dorm.

“Perfectly alright.” She offered him an attempt at a reassuring smile. “Pretty sure I can manage to navigate my way to the pharmacy. I won’t let you get late for practice. I know how decisive the next few weeks will be.”

“Aye.” Jamie nodded. “With the Championships coming we must come together as a team. Actually, the coach will be drafting a new team member today – we are in dire need of a decent scrum half.” His gaze drifted away, as if he was already seeing the players crossing the field, human weapons meant for cheering and building uplifting victories, not for destruction. Eventually his eyes regained focus, he smiled and gently placed his big hand on the curve of her back. “But ye are my priority, Sassenach. I can call and let them know I’ll be running late.”

“No need to.” Claire gave him a light peck on the lips. “I’ll go and get it. Then I’ll go watch you train and attend to my cheerleading duties.” She flared her nostrils, like a slightly annoyed mare contemplating a particularly stubborn fly. “God knows there is enough of that, even without me – but I know you like to have me there, supporting you.”

They shared one final embrace, inhaling each other soothing scent, before Jamie was headed to the rugby field, running to begin his warm up.

Claire walked to the nearby pharmacy, sheltering her cold hands on the deep pockets of her blue overcoat, amusing herself with the way her breathing came out of her mouth in spirals of steam, as if a dragon was nestled, peacefully asleep, inside her chest.

As she stepped into the pharmacy, trying her best to appear casual and innocent, the woman behind the counter, sporting an imposing unibrow, smiled and greeted her.

“What can I do for you, Miss?” She said in a pleasant tone, while Claire fidgeted with her wallet, stalling.

A couple of elderly ladies was standing in line behind Claire, awaiting their turns to fill their prescriptions, undoubtedly victims of the nasty flu outbreak. They looked like regular attendees of Sunday Mass, the type that defended abstinence as the only contraceptive method possible – to avoid getting a ticket both to maternity ward and Hell. Summoning all her boldness, Claire decided that the best approach was to come straight out with it.

“May I have a pregnancy test, please?” She asked vehemently.

“Of course, dear.” The woman said, offering her a small smile that might have been a display of camaraderie, and padding into the next room to get the scandalous item. The sound of active gossiping was getting louder behind her and Claire didn’t resist the urge to give a narrow and cold look of reproach over her shoulder, expecting to shame the audience into submission.

“She will be a beautiful mother though, don’t you think?” One of them was whispering, her small eyes sparkling behind the rim of her glasses, with what could only be described as “grandmother lust”.

With her heart melting - and thinking that maybe something good could be said about people wishing well on strangers, even if a bit of a nosy attitude was involved - Claire received the small package and the succinct instructions offered by the pharmacist and made her way out into the cold air.

As she walked, Claire felt like she was carrying something alive and pulsing inside her purse – a secret about to be revealed, both terrifying and magnificent. A weight had been lifted from her heart by sharing her doubts with Jamie, but now she was carrying it on her shoulder - the burden of their future. Two paths were forming clearly ahead and Claire knew the decisive compass was now waiting inside her purse, sharing space with pens, rumpled handkerchiefs and scattered coins.

She was scared. So terrified. Having no reference of a motherly figure from her own life, she seriously doubted her abilities to care for another being in the right way. Was there a secret to tuck in sheets tighter? Was there a special cologne she ought to use, to make herself smell like warmth and home, the most vivid memory she had of her own mother? How was she to learn the secret way of words, how to guide without dictate; how to deny and yet show that the ultimate answer was always love?

Things would be hard. Becoming a parent at such a young age wasn’t part of her plans – or Jamie’s. But the image of him was trapped inside her head – the heartbreaking softness about him when he had touched her belly, the promise as alive in his palm as it had been in his words. To protect and love. The emotions flowing through him – even if he had tried to put them in check, knowing her vulnerable and afraid - having lost so much in the past few weeks, the idea of a family of his own was healing him, in a way that even her lingering kisses could not.

She still had doubts, but she had one unshakeable certainty – either now or someday in the distant future, Jamie would be the father of her children. She already loved him for the man that he was to her; and now she could love him even more - for the father he would become.


“I canna believe ye and Jenny argued about something sae foolish.” Jamie babbled, fazed. He was standing next to Ian, watching the new recruits receiving their instructions for the exercises they were about to begin. “She kens ye only have eyes for her.”

“Och, aye.” Ian groaned. “Ye know your sister. Once she gets something in her head, God himself with a hammer couldna get it out. The moment I told her I won’t be able to go visit for a few weeks, she was adamant that I must have found “an educated whore””. He moved his fingers in the air to make apparent that he was quoting her word by word. “The wee lass made quite a stramash. I thought maybe she could do with my absence and decided to head straight back – ye ken, to force her to see the error of her ways.”

“Ye were that afraid she would kick ye in the baws, then?” Jamie laughed. “Ran away in the middle of the night?”

“I happen to quite like my testicles.” Ian grumbled. “I met the Edinburgh team on the train. Are they coming for a match?”

“Yes.” Jamie followed with his eyes the candidates, now in the middle of a drill to test their velocity. His fingers were tapping the side of his thigh. “We’ll do a small amiable game tomorrow.” He tilted his chin to point a young man amongst the scattered players, blonde hair shinning in the timid morning sun. He wasn’t really imposing – not it the way Jamie himself was commanding, with his amazing height and broad shoulders. But he was agile and had a grace about him that made him suitable for some sleek movements. “That lad is very impressive. Do ye know him?”

“I think his name is John Grey. I talked to him a few times in the pub, seemed humble and witty – he’s in the Political Science department, I believe.” Ian whistled, as John made a particular successful pass. “Nice. Do ye think he is the one?”

“He might just be.” Jamie agreed, rubbing his face in concern as a crowd of stocky and tall men appeared on the sidelines of the field, all of them wearing red jumpers with blue letters. “It seems the Edinburgh lads canna wait to watch us play.”

“That’s enough, ladies!” Coach MacQuarrie barked and the prospective players came to a sudden halt. “Thank you for coming. I’ll decide who will join the team and post it this afternoon of the board outside the locker room. Now, you’re welcome to stay and watch some real rugby being played!”

The dismissed players groaned acknowledgements and words of incitement – someone attempted to sway Taran MacQuarrie’s stony heart with a salute of “Team Oxford!” – and they all left the field with different looks of tiredness and hope. John Grey passed near Jamie, taking off his blue sweatshirt to start training, and presented them with a shy smile and a wave to Ian. His eyes were blue and warm, but he shielded them well – there was no visible display of expectations or cockiness, even after his masterful performance.

The actual training began, with Jamie doing an effort to avoid the buzzing coming from the Edinburgh team. They were clearly on a mission to ensue chaos and probably have one – or more – of the Oxford players hurt or punished for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

They were halfway through practice when Jamie, taking a couple of minutes to drink water and dry his forehead and damp hair with a towel, noticed Claire waving at him. She was accompanied by Geillis Duncan, her roommate - she apparently had come to greet some acquaintances from Scotland.

He had been unconsciously worried for Claire and the idea of leaving her alone at such a trying time – a wave of relief washed over him, as he watched her smile tenderly. Jamie had the sudden image of Claire with her belly swollen with their child, naked and writhing under him – and the desire that propagated through his body, arousing him mercilessly, almost took his breath away. He folded over, kneeling to pretend he was checking his shoelaces, visceral lust and a primitive desire to protect filling his ears with a deafening sound.

Some of the young men surrounding Geillis had noticed Claire’s beauty – one of them was close to her, trying to pick up her attention and initiate a conversation. Jamie watched as Claire smiled politely and shook her head, a finger vaguely pointing in his direction, probably implying that she was there to see him.

Neo-geimnidh meala!” Jamie heard the man laugh. And the world suddenly was narrowed to a pulsing point, the newfound enemy in its centre, his sole intent to abolish the threat as he ran to him.

Seas, Seamus!” Ian grabbed Jamie’s back and tried to pull him away from his opponent. The Gaelic, the language of his dreams, was the thing that managed to penetrate his haze, more than his friend’s efforts. Jamie was on top of the man, his hands nestled around his neck like a punishing rope placed by the executioner. “Gu leoir, a charaid!”

Cuir stad!” A voice demanded, overpowering all the mayhem, while players from both teams cheered, incited and insulted each other.

Jamie stood up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. His lips tasted like blood and bitterness, as if anger had suddenly acquired a distinct taste.

“Jamie, are you alright?” Claire asked, searching for injuries with her whiskey-coloured eyes.

“Aye.” He nodded, his eyes fixed on the man that had stopped the fight, now helping his teammate to get up. They knew each other well – had been in the same classroom back in Scotland and were tied together by their shared past – even if friendship had never united them.

“Tom.” Jamie acknowledge in a hoarse voice.

“James.” Tom Christie answered, bending his head just enough to make it seem like a sign of respect. “Seems I made a timely arrival – barely managed to avoid you mangling my player.”

“Are you in the Edinburgh team, then?” Jamie asked. Claire was next to him, her hand grasping the back of shirt in a tight fist, undoubtedly feeling his tension. Ian was on his right side, arms folded, glaring at Tom Christie like he was an unpleasant object, even if somewhat amusing.

“I’m team captain.” The dark-haired man replied dryly. “Is this how you receive guests in this college, Fraser?”

“Yer…teammate.” Jamie gritted his teeth. “Insulted Claire.”

“And who is Claire?” Tom asked with scorn, raising an eyebrow.

“I am.” Claire answered, defiantly. She crossed her arms and raised her chin. “You can save the apologies from your cave-dweller friend, though – I don’t speak troglodyte.”

Every Oxford player laughed and even some visitors made poor attempts of hiding amused smiles behind theirs hands, simulating concern.  Tom Christie was pale, his mouth slightly ajar.

“Well, then.” He babbled. “I’ll offer them anyway…Claire. I don’t like to think my players are any less courteous and chivalrous than the ones you have here.”

“I doubt that.” Claire gave him a lopsided smile, quickly glancing at Jamie with pride. “But you are welcome to try and prove me wrong.”

Although emotions were still running high, everyone settled enough for the training to proceed. Jamie’s teammates surrounded him the entire time, building a wall between him and the inflammatory looks from Tom and his teammates, acting as shields to their captain. Claire remained next to Geillis, but prudently away from the visiting team – her posture show concern and tension.

After being yelled at by Coach MacQuarrie – more concerned with the possibility of him breaking a hand and being forced to sit out the Championships, seriously jeopardizing their chances of winning the whole thing, than by any displays of less than stellar behaviour – Jamie made his way to Ian to collect his bag and head out for lunch.

“Never thought I’d be meeting Tom Christie again.” Jamie sighed. “If we win tomorrow, what do you suppose will happen? He doesna like losing – least of all to me.”

“Tom never liked ye and made no secret of his animosity, a charaid. The man is a jealous one and yer talent in the rugby field made him green with envy, as did yer easiness with people and yer charms with the lassies.” Ian smiled in excuse for pointing so blatantly Jamie’s attributes. “But now, the look on his face…”

“What do ye mean, Ian?” Jamie asked in a low voice, his eyes never drifting from the sight of Tom Christie and his comrades, still laughing and mocking – him? Probably. - on the other side of the field.

“He has the look of a man who covets everything you hold dear, a bhalaich.” Jamie turned his head and watched Ian’s face, serious and intent, his eyes squinting in the direction of the stands. “Of someone ready to try and steal what is most precious to you.”  

And Jamie watched as Claire smiled to Geillis, the midday sun awakening gold and bronze in her hair, heedless of the wolfish grey eyes studying her across the field, famished and calculating.