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Wait, what happened with Iron and his (ex) gf? did he abuse her :O I'm so shocked! I hadn't heard anything about this.

Hello! It’s alright, bby. I’ve got you. 

According to the sources, he did. I’m going to summarize it for you. The date when this happened, was actually last year (2016). A lot of articles have been popping up, so I’m going to put these ‘events’ in order for you. Hope this helps!

  • According to the Seoul Central Police, Iron beat his girlfriend because she wasn’t listening to him, causing fractures. Prosecutors said last September, while Iron and girlfriend ‘A’ were having sex, ‘A’ refused Iron’s demands. He beat her face with his fists in anger. About fifteen days afterward, ‘A’ decided to break up with Iron. He then choked and beat her, causing injuries and fracturing her left pinky. He then threatened her by stabbing himself with a kitchen tool and then telling her that if she called the police, he would tell them she stabbed him.
  • After the news broke out, Iron released a statement saying,“The first time we met was for an album jacket photo shoot. She was the model for my album. Her biggest problem was that she was a masochist in sexual sadomasochism. In the beginning, I was really shocked. She always asked me to be violent. She said that’s the only way she was satisfied. It was never physical assault. It was self-defense against her ruthless violence. I was so afraid of her in that state, and I found out she has a boyfriend so we broke up. She was my girlfriend once, so I know the kind of warped mentality she can have. As I got to know her, the more I felt extreme dread. I did not harshly assault the woman nor did I threaten her. I’m a person with a lot of flaws, but I have not caused harm to others or hurt them because of my wants.” You know… I’m perfectly aware and OK with people being interested in some kinky shit. That is perfectly fine! But even BDSM have their boundaries (fyi, people who participate in BDSM have commented on this, saying that this is not BDSM!!!). Who the hell is alright with having their face punched, being violently strangled, and getting stomped on, then later having their pinky fractured ???
  • After he literally clarified that she was a model for him (aka exposing her), the netizen quickly found out who she was, and stalked her SNS account. She had (according to others) ‘disturbing’ pictures on her SNS; pictures of dildos and bleeding/period panties. Some pictures also showed signs of interest in BDSM (she was tied up in some pictures). And because of that, people started to believe Iron’s statement. Just because she is very open and sexual on her SNS, doesn’t mean she can’t be a victim of sexual assault, nor can it justify the violence that was used against her.
  • Then on March 14th, her ex-boyfriend (but now they’re back together again?) spoke up about the incident: “On March 14, a man (hereafter referred to as “B”) addressed the situation on his personal Facebook account, introducing himself as the boyfriend of the woman who was allegedly assaulted by Iron. In the posting, “B” gave his perspective of the events that occurred and how he came to understand the situation. He also shared his thoughts on Iron’s statement (held on March 14), and explained why “A” did not come forward to the press right after the assault happened. “B” then stressed that this case was reported because she was threatened and assaulted when she tried to end her relationship and also warned that they will take legal action against the harmful comments and false claims made about “A.” Finally, he revealed a conversation that “A” had with Iron’s older sister, who allegedly attempted to reach an agreement with her five months after the assault occurred. The full Facebook post “B” wrote reads as follows:

    “Hello, I am the boyfriend of ‘A,’ Iron’s assault victim. Since the beginning of my relationship with ‘A,’ a lot has changed for me. I originally thought that being alone was comfortable. But after being with her, I felt like I wanted to take care of this person for the first time in my life. Even now, when I see ‘A’ going through such a difficult time, I can’t stand it so much that I’m losing my mind. And while I’m not good with words, I have the courage to speak up instead of just thinking ‘The truth will come out’ or ‘It seems like the lies will become the truth.’ When I was with ‘A,’ we both got bored of our relationship, and so we fought a lot, grew tired of how things were, and stopped contacting one another. (I knew the truth about ‘A’ seeing Iron during this time because she told me herself.) ‘A’ contacted me at 7 a.m. on October 5th, saying ‘I’m going through a hard time. Can I come over? I’m such a mess right now. I’m sorry for always making things difficult.’ I refused because I had wanted to end things with her. However, I had an uncomfortable feeling that I couldn’t shake off, and I began to worry about what might have happened to her. Then I got a call from an unknown number. When I answered the phone, it turned out to be from Iron. I was in the middle of something at the time, so I thought it was her father calling to tell me that something had happened to her. But when I went to meet him, it turned out to be Iron. He was in an agitated state, and was hitting his own face while saying, ‘If you have something you want to say to me, then say it.’I tried to calm him down and told him that we should talk. So we had a conversation over some beer. When Iron and I began to talk, I wanted to settle our misunderstandings. (At the time, I had no idea that ‘A’ had been physically assaulted by him.) He told me that he called things off with ‘A’ early in the morning after the two had a fight, and said that we could help each other out if we had a problem with ‘A.’ When he spoke like that, I started to doubt him. Soon enough, I found out the truth about how he assaulted her, and I hated myself for rejecting her call. When I found ‘A,’ her face and body were literally a mess. She had a split lip, and parts of her face and her body were bruised. One of her fingers was fractured too. (At the time, she had not gone to the hospital, so we did not know it was a fracture.) When I saw that ‘A’ was too scared to report him because of the possible retaliation, it hurt my heart so much. While she was afraid of retaliation at first, ‘A’ reported him. Over the next five weeks, she was diagnosed and received surgery. After leaving the hospital, she was afraid of being in her own house and so she stayed with me instead. She received psychological counseling. Even now, the surgeries for her fractured finger are still not finished. Her parents worried a lot and lost sleep over their concern that the public would believe Iron’s word over hers. It makes me so angry to see the victims going through such difficulty while the abuser is fine. Today, articles stating that the case ‘happened six months ago’ were released without prior notice. ‘A’ could have taken the incident to the media as soon as it happened, but she was scared that her personal information would be released. And like the previous celebrity sexual assault cases, she was afraid of being labeled as a snake who tries to get settlement money. However, because of Iron’s fake interview, the victim’s personal information has been disclosed. And because of this, ‘A,’ who has already had to deal with assault, now has to face cyberbullying. The point of the case is that she was threatened and assaulted when trying to end the relationship. It is not about sex or her sexual preferences. Also, the gossip involving her old modeling pictures is causing a second round of pain for the victim. A’ is not thinking about whether or not she will get settlement money. She isn’t even thinking about reaching an agreement with him. Additionally, we are currently taking screenshots of harmful comments, false information, and defamation of character made against ‘A’ online, and we have appointed a lawyer to take on the case. Lastly, I have attached a conversation between ‘A’ and Iron’s older sister. Five months ago, she attempted to reach out to ‘A’ to come to an agreement.”
  • At the start of the conversation, Iron’s sister introduces herself, saying that she is contacting ‘A’ on his behalf and would like to “meet to apologize and have a conversation.” ‘A’ responds by telling her about the counseling she received and the status of her fractured finger, adding that “seeing [Iron’s sister] in person would probably be difficult.” Iron’s sister writes back that she “completely understands how [she] feels,” but also shares that Iron’s lawyer fees would cost 10 million won (approximately $8,700) and that their mother is currently very sick. “So I wanted to meet in person and plead with you,” she wrote. “I hope you give Heon Chul (Iron’s real name) the opportunity to apologize to both you and your parents. If you don’t want to meet, I would like to meet with your parents. I’m really sorry.”
  • I found these comments online, and I 100% agree with them, so I’m just going to post them here:  
  • – the whole use of the sick mother bit pisses me off so much. that is not the victim’s fault and should not affect what she does. of course it’s unfortunate, but in the end, by saying that, you’re just trying to make the VICTIM feel bad for you. this woman has been abused and it’s 100% your shithead brother’s fault. if he doesn’t want to pay legal fees, then he should just go to jail. or NOT ABUSE PEOPLE” © 
  • – “So Iron called her (at that point) ex-bf basically to bond over their “awful” shared ex, make her the crazy one and take the guy on his side? And the one who was trying to take responsibility and to patch things up later was not even he, but his older sis? I can’t with this fboy, I can’t.” ©
  • – “I can’t imagine having a family member who assaulted someone and then go to the victim to beg them not to press charges. Is Iron the breadwinner for bjs family? I feel like male entitlement is the culprit here. He feels like he can do what he wants and then when consequences come - send his sister to clean them up. Like Nicki Minaj and her brother. These women need to wash their hands of their brothers and realize that they are not the good people they thought they were. It may be hard, but there are real victims here.” ©
  • – “Maybe your brother (Iron) should’ve thought about your mother’s medical expenses before he went out committing crimes that would require the hiring of a lawyer. It’s awful that their mother’s sick but the victim in this situation is (now) ex-gf, and it’s not her responsibility to hold back on seeking justice because of their personal struggle.” ©


Time gave him a countless amount of minutes and seconds to think, to grieve, to harbor bitter sentiments and swallow down his own pride. Three of the four were not accustomed to someone like himself. Tsukiyama was a man born into wealth and a society built on self-reliance; he did not ask for help when it was desperately needed nor did he take well to sleeping in beds that were not his own. His hands smoothed across the top of sheets, gripping and twisting into the material like a lifeline, an attachment to the present world intended to keep him grounded. His feet were never fully planted on the earth though. Floating somewhere between narcissism and unmeasurable grandiose, he soared above the rest until figurative wings were plucked, tearing him down from the skies.

He hated this, this life. More often than not, he hated himself, but as much as Kaneki Ken as stolen from him, indirectly or directly (Did it matter at this point?), Tsukiyama couldn’t bring himself to hate him. His self-loathing only weighed heavier on his chest when he paused to think about it.

Somewhere downstairs he could hear Kirishima and Yomo busying around the café, probably to prepare for the morning rush. It was a Monday, after all. People heading off to work sealed a part of their early day to indulge in a cup of coffee, not an adequate breakfast for humans he was told, but at this point in time, he couldn’t bring himself to care about a stranger’s well-being. Those outside of his small circle were not deserving of a passing glance. It wasn’t within his personality to be closed off from social settings, the last few years had revoked that quality of himself. He missed it.

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Sean grinned as he set up the last of the decorations on the street, not only were his christmas treats reads, his christmas lights were ready and now.. He held a hand out to a stranger. “Hey, do you want a free meal? Everything on the menu tonight is free, I’m another year older but I figure that’s a good time to give everyone else a present. Everything on the menu is free! And there’s karaoke!”


“Alright Zoltron, since you know everything.. Should we skip work?”

“Oh great, sick the robot on me.”

I’m so happy to see my donut babies getting along aa,, Lars wanted Sadie to skip so he can chill with her at her house, my larsadie feels- Also, It’s so cute when they’re weirded out by Zoltron (Steven) knowing their names and deciding to go back to work together lmaoo. I love this scene.

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Sitting beside Lumi, the Ralts Pokemon she’d saved after she’d been abandoned by her previous trainer, she ate her food happily with her friend, chattering away about all the adventures they could go on together. Lumi wasn’t the most vocal of Pokemon, she still remained quite shy even though she trusted her, but that was alright and Sophie was more than happy to fill the silence.

Amidst her conversation, though, she began to feel as if though they were being watched and inched a bit closer to Lumi to make sure they stayed safe. It wasn’t uncommon to be watched in the wilderness, there were wild Pokemon everywhere, but there was no harm in being cautious. It wasn’t until she looked where Lumi pointed to that she saw who was watching them and took a moment to remember the species.

“Oh! Hey, you’re a Vulpix! Do ya want some foods too?” 


You’re cured, Mary. You’re going back to how things were… you and Otto. If i’m done here, i’m done here.


Kano/Asumi Cafe Break + Kiki being ignored.