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Bad boy jm good boy jk

Jungkook hears their whispers in the hall, he knows what they are talking about, but he doesn’t really care.

Jimin got in another fight again.

His boyfriend always seemed to be stirring up trouble, skipping class, and smoking one too many cigarettes. But, you know what, it didn’t matter to Jungkook, because he knew what was in Jimin’s heart and he loved him for it.

Jungkook steps outside the school building to see a familiar head of hair and someone’s back clad in a leather jacket he couldn’t forget the look of.

Jungkook goes to sit next to Jimin, close enough so that their shoulders were bumping each other.

“You got in another fight.” It was a more of a statement rather than a question.

Jungkook’s eyes are trained on the ice pack on top of Jimin’s split knuckles, a frown making its way to his face.

“But I have a reason okay? They were—”

The younger quickly grabs Jimin’s hands and brings them up to his mouth, kissing his injured knuckles.

“I don’t care about your reasons. I-I care that you are alright.”

Jimin’s expressions softens, a look that Jungkook tries to get out of him often.

“How did I get so lucky to have you?”

Jungkook laughs softly. “I don’t know, you tell me.”

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Josh Dun Imagine Supernatural Convention

Combined two Anon requests that were similar.

“Why do I have to meet them at a convention? Aren’t they going to be too busy?” Josh asked you, as you drove to the convention. You rolled your eyes and nodded your head. 

“Yes Josh. They’re filming for most of the year, this is the first chance they’ll get to meet you. Besides, you’ll like the convention.” You replied and smiled at Josh. He sighed and looked at the people walking around as you parked the car. 

“Alright, if you’re sure.” He conceded and kissed you quickly, before getting out of the car and joining the crowds. You held his hand, as the two of you walked amongst the cosplayers and saw Josh’s eyes widen in wonder. 

“I feel out of place.” He mumbled and you laughed, as the entered the venue. Various stalls were set up and you quickly walked toward one selling artwork. Josh stood behind you and looked at everything.

“Don’t you think these are amazing?” You turned to him and he nodded in approval.

The two of you wandered around the stalls, buying a few things, until you went to meet your friends, who acted like your older brothers. You held Josh’s hand and pulled him in the direction of their voices. 

“(Y/N)!” You grinned and ran toward Jensen and Jared, who beamed back at you. They each hugged you and you looked back at Josh. 

“Is that him?” Jensen asked and Josh walked forward to hold your hand. 

“Don’t pretend you weren’t googling him before we met him.” Jared rolled his eyes and you laughed, as Josh blushed slightly. 

“This is my boyfriend, Josh. These are my friends Jared and Jensen, who are basically my brothers.” You introduced them and they shook Josh’s hand, each giving him a warning look.

“We’ll get this out of the way now, because it’s boring and you seem nice. Don’t hurt (Y/N) or we will hunt you down.” They threatened and Josh shook his head.

“That won’t be an issue. I’m never letting (Y/N) go.” You smiled at Josh and kissed him. The guys rolled their eyes at your display of affection and you smirked against Josh’s lips.

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Why are people so ducking cruel to Sweetheart. At this point I want Lolli to come back and start decking everyone in the face lol

It was almost like it was on cue-

A portal ripped open, Lolli walking in with Sugarberry draped over his shoulder and Skittles following behind him. He first spotted the anons, then Sweetheart curled up. He felt himself begin to boil, handing Sugarberry to Skittles and marching over to them. And just as you said, began to deck each and everyone of them.

Lolli gave a gruff huff as he finished letting out his anger, turning to Sweetheart. He gave a content look to him, watching as he continued to tremble. He made sure not to get to close as he approached, glaring at any remaining anons who lingered. “Sweetheart?? Are you alright? I’m so sorry for leaving- I was afraid something like this would happen… I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry…” Sweetheart was able to acknowledge his presence, looking up from his knees. He wasn’t quite able to talk yet, still shivering and hiccuping. Lolli sighed, nodding as he a waited for Sweetheart to calm down. “Deep breaths…”


Author: Me!

Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader

Summary: Spencer gets jealous of the reader and Derek’s friendship, which causes lies, yelling and guilt.

Requested: Yes, ‘Can you do one about Spencer and how he gets jealous of Derek’s and the readers friendship or something like that please’

Word Count: 508

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: This was wrote by Daisy (my co-owner) instead of me! Daisy usally runs the instagram (criminalmindsuniverse) but I ask her to do this request, so here you go anon!

Spencer getting jealous over reader and Derek’s friendship…

“Can we talk?” Comes the familiar voice of my wonderfully quirky boyfriend in the form of Spencer Reid. Usually I would expect his arms to encircle themselves around my waist and his head to rest against the top of mine, however no such things happened. He was stood a defiant 4 feet away from, lanky arms folded. “Are you alright?” I asked, reaching my hand out towards him and taking a couple steps forward, in which he returned. Just in the opposite direction. “Can we talk?” He countered, seemingly composed except for the slight noticeable twitch of his hands. I nodded, glancing a look over my shoulder to Derek, who I had been discussing plans for tonight with before Spence wondered over. He led me into a conference room to our left and swiftly shut the door behind us. We stood in silence. I moved to sit on the table. He leant against the wall furthest away from me. He looked at me enquiringly, “you wanted to talk. Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Hotch said he wants you to leave for a couple of days. Your distracting Derek.” He avoided eye contact with me while he said this. What a twat he is if he thinks I’m that stupid.

“Oh really? Hotch said that?” I asked, slipping off the table and slowly advancing on Spencer with every word.

“Yes” Spence confirmed stoutly.

“When did he say that?” I questioned, taking another few steps forward.

“5 minutes ago, give or take.”

“On what day?” I asked, still stepping forward. The picture of sophistication and ease, usually I’m not, usually I’m a scribble of confusion and panic.

“Today goddammit! When else?” Spencer yelled.  

“Oh I don’t know! Maybe Monday? The day he came in to tell us he had the flu and was taking a few days off?” I yelled back, losing my cool.

“If your gonna lie to my face at least think it through a little Spence.” I rolled my eyes and returned to my place on the table.

“I was going to make you dinner tonight remember?” Spencer’s small voice interjected into the tense silence that had settled around us. “We talked about it, remember? Last night, when I had that nightmare.” He paused a moment, “remember?”

“Of course I remember”

“I heard you making plans with Derek, if you’d prefer to do whatever you guys were going to do, I can probably find some work to do.” He looked up at me then, brown eyes shining behind his tousled fringe.

“ I can pick you up as well if you like?” He muttered, I hadn’t said anything yet, just stood looking at him guiltily.

I practically leapt over to him and engulfed him in a hug, which is difficult given his height. “I’ll tell Derek in already have plans. He can wait.” I murmured.

“But-” he tried to argue so I cut him off, “your my number one. And we have plans.”

“Thank you.” He whispered.

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Hey, can I please have a Lysander imagine based on the song I Don't Wanna Live Forever? I love your writings so much. I hope that I can get to write as good as you do someday 💜

Aw you are way too sweet anon, I hope you like the drabble! I admit that it came out pretty angsty (with a sort of happy ending) so I hope that’s alright.

Lysander x Candy : I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Zayn & Taylor Swift

Been sittin’ eyes wide open behind these four walls, hopin’ you’ll call
It’s just a cruel existence like it’s no point hopin’ at all

Lysander paced the floor for what had to be the twentieth time within in the past hour alone. His hands kept going to his head, running his fingers frantically through his hair before he brought them down to rest in his pockets before fiddling with his thumbs as he walked. He couldn’t make much sense of the whirlwind that kept swirling around in his head, his thoughts kept whipping by too fast for him to make sense of them. He sat back down on his bed, running his hands down his face with a heavy sigh before he stared up at the ceiling.

He didn’t know much right now – what he was thinking, what he was feeling. Nor did he know what she was thinking, what she was feeling. His heart felt a bit heavier and all he wanted to do was to use the phone that laid silently beside him.

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
Give me somethin’, oh, but you say nothin’
What is happenin’ to me?

He grabbed the phone after some heavy thought. Still no new messages. No missed calls. He knew that Leigh and Rosayla would hate it if he caved, if he called her. They didn’t like the fact that he was still mulling over her as it was. But Candy’s old contact name in his phone glared brightly at him through the darkness of his room. Darling. His finger hovered over the delete contact before hovering over the call button.

He took a deep breath and closed the contact. His finger moved across the screen and he didn’t even know what he was doing, he acted on instinct. The next thing he knew, he was shuffling through the pictures on his camera roll.

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

Picture after picture, each one he found Candy’s smiling face staring back at him. He started with the oldest photos, reminiscing in the memories they brought. The first one was a selfie – she had politely asked for his phone, but surprised him when she put her arm around him and posed for a selfie. Her eyes twinkled in the camera. In each picture, her eyes twinkled brightly. But as the pictures went on, he noticed, her eyes grew more distant. She stopped looking at him in their pictures together. She didn’t hug him as close or as tight. He rubbed at his eyes with the back of his hand and no matter how hard he swallowed, his heart was still stuck right in the back of his throat.

I’m sittin’ eyes wide open and I got one thing stuck in my mind
Wondering if I dodged a bullet or just lost the love of my life

Candy buried herself with blankets and pillows on the floor. Mean Girls played on her laptop, with the intention of getting her mind off things, yet her eyes were focused directly on her phone. She never changed Lysander’s contact name. Lys-dear. She bit on her bottom lip, her finger hovering over the call button.

She had broken things off with him on Friday. She knew that to him it had came out of nowhere, but it was something she had been thinking over for a while now. It was now Sunday. She could either call or message him now or face him on Monday at school, but both choices made her stomach turn as she blinked back the tears in her eyes.

Baby, baby, I feel crazy
Up all night, all night and every day
I gave you something, but you gave me nothing
What is happening to me?

She wondered if she made the right choice.

She thought back to why she sent that chicken-shit breakup text to him and looked back at all their old pictures together – she knew Lysander had a good amount of pictures on his phone, but she swore hers held even more, likely due to how often Rosayla would steal her phone and sneak pictures. Each one, he seemed to not notice her presence. He hardly looked at her. He didn’t lean into her hugs like she thought he would. In all the candid pictures, it was always her sneaking glances at him, but never the other way around.

She wondered if he loved her, if he cared. But maybe it was all in her head and she let it sweep her away. Maybe she should have talked to him more about it. Maybe it was mistake.  

She didn’t like this. She felt wrong. Empty. Her heart hurt too much. This time, she couldn’t simply blink back the tears and reached for the tissue box that she was saving for A Dog’s Promise. 

They had always spent Sunday nights watching movies together.

I don’t wanna live forever
‘Cause I know I’ll be livin’ in vain

Lysander couldn’t take it anymore. He had to see her. He had to get an explanation for the text she sent him and he had to get it in person. He looked back through his phone to see the last message she had sent – timed late Friday night. She never answered any of his messages afterward, asking why, for them to meet, that they could talk it out. He stopped sending any when she didn’t reply and tried his best to not call due to Rosayla chewing him out about giving her space and to start to try to get over her.

I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places
I see you around in all these empty faces
I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places
Now I’m in a cab, I tell him where your place is
What is happenin’ to me

Lysander sat in the back of the cab he had waved down. He stared out the window toward her front door, trying to muster up the courage. He knew the taxi driver was getting impatient with him and that he wasn’t even fully dressed due to his hurry, but he didn’t care.

He had to see her.

He just got of the cab, his feet hitting the sidewalk, when his cell phone finally rang.

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nobody puts baby in the corner / jeon wonwoo

Originally posted by gyuhan-17

title; nobody puts baby in the corner

genre; smut-ish with a side of fluff

characters; wonwoo/implied female character

req; Can I request a 7 minutes in heaven with wonwoo pls? Thank you!

summary; you despised playing this game for a good reason, but spending 7 minutes in a closet with jeon wonwoo isn’t so bad… right?

word count; 1,130

a/n; oh dear.. this got a little heated? this might not be what the anon requested, but i hope you like it anyway, dear! (ngl this was kind of my first time writing anything like this so i hope it was alright ^^)

Soonyoung poked you teasingly, pointing at the bottle. “Your turn!” 

You sighed, willing to do anything else than spin this stupid bottle. Who proposed this dumb game? Wen Junhui did, of course. 

He, however, wasn’t playing, and was knocked out in the corner against the wall.

It wasn’t supposed to be a house party, just a hangout with Seventeen and a few of your friends, but even you knew that whenever the thirteen were around, it was never an ordinary day.

Not all of Seventeen was playing, either. You were currently sitting in a circle of eight, including Soonyoung, you, Jeonghan, three of your friends, Seungcheol, and possibly the last person you wanted to see here, Jeon Wonwoo.

Not because you hated him, though. Quite the opposite, actually, and Jeonghan, knowing that, had invited him to play. 

Turning the bottle with your fingers, as it spun, you prayed to whatever god that was listening that it would land on any one of the other 6 in the group.

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Well I need about a million more of your Kayleigh lives au so here's a couple of romantic prompts for you: The "Day Family"s reaction to Andrew and Neil (Riko: "....SO THATS WHY") OR: The horrific amount of melodrama Kevin causes when Jean manages to kiss Jeremy (or if they start dating flat out)

>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<

Omg the first thing I thought about was (this is 100% Kerejean because you’ll have to pry them out of my cold dead hands tbh):

  • Jean and Kevin’s crush on Jeremy goes way back to their early teenage years and the junior league training camp at USC
  • they are not competitive about it, because they don’t think they stand a chance anyway and just either sigh or cry in delight at each other when Jeremy Does A Thing
  • (there are also some unadressed feelings between them but they try not to think about it)
  • so when the Incident happens, they have been together in this for YEARS
  • they are FOOLS and they are TIGHT
  • the Incident, namely, is Jean managing to kiss Jeremy at the end of the Christmas banquet
  • no one is around to see, but when they go home Jean knows he can’t keep that a secret
  • he has to tell Kevin
  • and when he does, it doesn’t go as expected
  • Jean expects hurt, screams, maybe a couple insults
  • but Kevin just stares at him
  • there’s a hint of hurt alright, but then
  • Kevin grabs his face
  • (Jean later reasones that it was to get a second hand taste of Jeremy or some shit)
  • (that’s also what Kevin told himself at first)
  • it’s as awkward as you can imagine and ends exactly as you can imagine aka Kevin spouting out some incoherent shit and running to his room
  • that he’s sharing with Riko
  • and:

Riko is helpful

Practice Over Studying (Part 1) - Namjoon x Reader (smut)

requested by anon :) hope you like it

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Namjoon

Genre : Highschool!AU, Handjob

Word Count : 3349

Description : Getting tutor lessons because you’re falling behind in Sex Education? Alright. Getting tutor lessons from a classmate? Fine. Getting it from  Kim Namjoon? HELL NO. But exactly he was the one your teacher had teamed you up with and you have no choice but going through several tutor hours with your arch enemy. The worse thing? It’s about Sex Education and soon you both find out, that hands-on training is much more effective than reading and looking at pictures…

part II | part III


Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

*people, let’s not forget that he’s the brain in BTS. And that he looks so good in this gif with this hair and the glasses and his smile and- you know what, keep reading, I’m sorry*

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All I Wanna Do [Gray]

Originally posted by grayground

Artist: Gray | Word Count: 1.996

Ayeee this was from a long time ago, sorry it took so long to finish:( Anyways, check out the video of Jay Park’s All I Wanna Do collaboration with 1Million Dance Studio here, and you’ll get the idea of what the story is about;) Hope you’ll like it anon!<3


“Alright, everything’s set!” Jay cheered, “Let’s go home and get a few hours of sleep, and then meet me up at the 1Million Studio to shoot the dance practice.” Sunghwa nodded silently while Kiseok voiced out his fatigue by letting out a groan.

“Do Sunghwa and I have to be there?” Kiseok whined, “I’d like to catch up on a few nights sleep, if that’s alright.”

“I’d like to sleep a whole day too, if I can.” Sunghwa followed suit while letting out a yawn, stretching his hands up in the air.

“Come on guys, just a few hours, please?” Jay pleaded, “I don’t know anyone there, and I’d like to have you both accompany me, at least. I’ll treat you both to food after this, alright?” And of course, the two wouldn’t let down an offer for free food, and probably because the two didn’t have enough sleep to think thoroughly.

“Meet me up at seven there, got it?” Sunghwa and Kiseok agreed, and the three of them packed their bags to quickly get back home and get a wink of sleep.

“What time is it now?” Sunghwa asked when they got inside the elevator. Kiseok brought his left hand up to glance at his watch.

“Around five past thirty in the morning,” Kiseok said, “That means we get at least thirty minutes of sleep, I guess.”

“That’s for you both,” Sunghwa cried out, his right hand flying up to the bridge of his nose to pinch it gently, “My apartment is an hour away.”

“Get breakfast then,” Jay gave him a pat at the back in attempt to comfort the older, “Or hang out somewhere around Gangnam first.”

“Well, I’ll do that I guess.” The three arrived at the lobby and walked out of the elevator, and Sunghwa soon fished his phone out to call a certain person while the two CEOs waited for a taxi.

“Who are you calling?” Kiseok asked in curiosity, peering in from behind Sunghwa’s shoulders.

“(Name).” Sunghwa mouthed, and soon Jay and Kiseok heard your cracked voice from his phone.

Jay raised his eyebrows at how Sunghwa’s expression changed drastically the moment he heard your voice, while Kiseok was having thousands of guesses in his mind regarding the weird emotion painting his face. They both silently tuned in to Sunghwa’s expression.

At first, you wanted to throw your phone aside hearing the loud ringtone echo through your room. But then when you saw the name of the caller flashing at the screen of your phone, you had butterflies in your stomach and pressed the green phone symbol in no time, because this is Sunghwa. And if it weren’t because of the feelings you have for him, you wouldn’t have picked up the call in the first place. Maybe Sunghwa wanted to talk about the dance collaboration between Jay and 1Million Dance Studio, since you were one of the dancers in the collaboration.

“Sunghwa? Why did you call?” You asked, not even trying to hold the yawn from escaping.

“Let’s get breakfast, (Name). I can pick you up in ten minutes.” Raising your eyebrows in confusion, you slowly got out of bed and pushed your duvet away.

“What? It’s five in the morning, Sunghwa!”

“Please? Or if you want me to crash at your apartment, that’s fine as well.”

Kiseok and Jay shared a look with each other, knowing full well seeing the expression on the producer’s face. Sunghwa had a hopeful look in his eyes, yet there was warmness in it as well as something Kiseok and Jay identified as love. Jay knew now how Sunghwa had some sort of feelings towards you, who was a friend of Jay even before you knew Sunghwa.

“Just pick me up in ten minutes and let’s get breakfast near Han River.”

“Cool, see you there.” Sunghwa ended the call while he had a smile on his face now, as he then bid goodbye to the older two and got inside his car.

Meanwhile, Jay and Kiseok were trying hard not to cringe and burst out laughing at the even that unveiled just now. Now, everything seemed to make sense since the two of them would glance at each other with emotions shared only between you two, and how you and Sunghwa were always together. And it seemed it wasn’t unrequited at all, Jay concluded. It was all so obvious, yet you two couldn’t see it in each other’s eyes.

And with how long this was dragging on, Jay decided to help you out as your friend, with the extra help of Kiseok to end the cheesy and shy act and take it to a whole new level.

“They’re so foolish, it’s about time we help those lovebirds, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I can’t agree more Jay.”

An hour and a half of chatting and trying to keep Sunghwa awake, you finally arrived at the 1Million studio, and you surprisingly made it in one piece despite your black haired friend’s soul is partly wandering dreamland. But it was worth it seeing Sunghwa half asleep, as he looked like a sleepy child ready to hit the bed. He was whining about wanting to sleep so badly, but you managed to drag him to the studio anyways. Jay and Kiseok were already there as well, and the dancers are doing warms up already. So you pushed your bag to Sunghwa and joined them, since you were going to join the shooting.

“Okay, so now we are going to shoot the first team. Jay, Sori, May, and Mina, please come forward.” The cameraman instructed, while you and the other dancers stepped back and sat near the walls.

Sunghwa couldn’t seem to hear Kiseok’s voice explaining a few things, despite his boss being right beside him. His eyes were focused toward you, who were talking to another dancer, and he couldn’t help but smile a little seeing you laugh, and Sunghwa thought it was the cutest thing he saw today.

“Hey! What are you smiling at?” Kiseok’s voice suddenly entered his mind when the older nudged his rib, “Stop staring at (Name), I’m briefing a few things for you here.” Sunghwa’s eyes turned wide hearing what Kiseok had said, but he tried to think that his friend was only saying that jokingly.

“O-Oh, sorry about that, I spaced out,” Sunghwa laughed dryly, scratching the back of his head, “What were you saying?”

“There will be three teams to shoot the video, and each team consists of three pairs, which means six dancers in total.”

“Oh, alright, I got it.”

It didn’t take long before your team was up, which means it was the last team to perform. But the information that was revealed before the shooting was shocking, which caused confusion between the dancers.

“I don’t think Baram will be able to make it.” One of the dancers said, informing about your dance partner’s whereabouts.

“What? Is he still sick?” You asked, feeling concern wash over you.

“Yeah, his fever hasn’t gone down from last night,” He frowned, “I’m afraid we will have to pick a replacement for him.” You sighed, eyes glancing around the studio.

“Alright, any of you want to replace Baram?” But your question was met with silence from the other dancers, since they barely got any of the moves down.

Jay and Kiseok gave each other a smirk, knowing there was a chance to start their plan today. Kiseok then glanced towards Sunghwa, who looked just as confused as you are. He didn’t waste any moment to open his mouth and speak his plan with his deep voice booming through the room.

“Sunghwa wants to!” Kiseok yelled out loud, raising Sunghwa’s hand up. Meanwhile Sunghwa was frozen on his spot, as all the attention were on him.

“N-No! I don’t want to.”

“Oh, don’t be shy Gray! You said you memorized the moves just from watching them. And besides, if you messed up a little, the fans would still love you!”

At this point, Sunghwa was shooting daggers at Kiseok and Jay because the glints in their eyes say it all. They knew damn well about his crush for you and the two couldn’t seem to stay silent about it. And as much as Sunghwa doesn’t want to look like a wimp by backing down, he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of you, everyone inside the room, and the public when the video is released. Before he knows it, a hand was lured in front of him, and you were waiting for Sunghwa to take your hand and let you help him up.

“Come on! It’s alright if you make mistakes,” You giggled, “Just follow my lead, Sunghwa, I’m sure you won’t do that bad.” Sunghwa didn’t know if it was because of the glowing smile you had, the crowd that cheered him on, or the adrenaline from his fast heartbeat, but he ended up taking your hand anyways.

You were sure he was way bad than the other dancers, but you tried to think that he won’t do that bad, right?

“Well, all is set then,” The cameraman said, sparing a glance towards Jay, “I want everyone in position and try to relax a little in this shoot, just to adjust with having Gray here.” Everyone nodded and got into position, and Sunghwa couldn’t help but panic a little inside his heart, knowing everyone’s attention was on him.

When the song started to play, Sunghwa thought to himself that he’s doing pretty great in the first few seconds, even though he would glance at the other dancers. And then the two male dancers joined and you shifted your position beside him, portraying May J Lee in the first team. And that was when Sunghwa almost lost it as his cheeks were dusted slightly in pink when you didn’t hesitate to touch him. It was a part of the choreography, but the way you were staring so deeply into him made his heart beat faster than the beat of the music.

And then before you shifted to his left and let the other female dancer to move beside him, you had to lean very close to Sunghwa, and it was as if Sunghwa was caught in the moment, he leaned in and gently pressed his lips against yours, causing screams of joy and squeals to erupt through the whole room. But instead of pushing him away, you closed your eyes and leaned deeper, circling your arms on Sunghwa’s neck while he pulled you closer by your hips. The song was still playing in the background and the other dancers were still dancing, but that didn’t seem to stop the silent confession of love between you two.

As you parted away from Sunghwa, you were now gasping for air but you had a huge smile on your face. This all felt so surreal, and you were questioning what had just happened a few seconds ago. But judging by the looks everyone had, the kiss did happen, although you still find it hard to believe.

“What was that?” You asked, completely forgetting that you still had to dance. Sunghwa grinned widely and held your hands with his, with the feeling of happiness fill his heart.

“That was my love confession for you, (Name),” Sunghwa chuckled, eyes glancing down in shyness, “I love you for so long, and I guess your answer is that you would be mine as well?”

The studio was filled with awes and then people started to chant to accept his love and be his. And of course, you didn’t even need to think about the answer, as you gave him a short peck in a teasing way. The warmth and love was evident in Sunghwa’s eyes, and you felt like you’re on top of the world with your crush loving you back.

“Of course I do, you’re all that I wanna do, Sunghwa.”

anonymous asked:

since I am currently suffering from painful teeth (all allergy-induced), perhaps Coran dealing with one of the paladins, Shiro or Keith maybe, dealing with a toothache?

Oh, golly, anon, I hope that gets better for you soon! D:

Son of a bitch!”

Coran jumped at the sudden curse, nearly banging his head on the underside of Red’s raised paw, then tentatively wheeled the mechanic’s gurney out from under where he was working to find Keith holding his jaw in pain after jumping down from the cockpit. “Gritka fire, are you alright?”

“Shit- I’m fi- ow!”

That’s definitely a ‘no’.” He grabbed a decontamination cloth and quickly wiped his hands down before putting his gloves back on and getting up. “Let me see.”

For a second, it looked like the human would turn away and refuse, then Keith winced and hesitantly opened his mouth. Coran hissed softly in sympathy. “Well, you’ve definitely cracked off the tip of one of your sharp ones. I don’t suppose it grows back?”

“Why would it grow back?” Keith asked, somewhat garbled from the hands holding his mouth open.

“Just asking. Our last queen had enough offworlder blood in her that every time she cracked a few, she sprouted a whole new set within days. Nearly gave Alfor and myself triple heart attacks the first time she did it.”

Keith made a slightly horrified face as he was released. “Uh… helpful, I guess, but… ew.”

Coran shrugged. “We’ll just have to do yours the Altean way and graft a new tip to the tooth. Hopefully we’ve still got supplies for it somewhere in the castle. In the mean time, let’s get you some hetchrika root from the kitchens to chew on; it’ll help deaden the pain.”

Keith eyed the instruments lying innocently on the table with deep suspicion. “This isn’t going to be, like, drilling and surgery and all that, is it?”

“Sweet stardust, no. Whatever gave you that idea?” Coran asked, picking up a rather vicious-looking little tool that sort of resembled a grappling hook.


“This is the most basic of tooth sculpting. Everyone learns it before they’re sent out onto the field. Can’t defend the planet if your choppers are rotting out of your head, you know,” Coran said calmly, and then the hook-thing was in his mouth, holding it open.

This had been a bad idea. He had made the absolute stupidest decision in the world to go along with this, and now he was going to die-

“And we’re done!”

Wait, what?

Keith blinked as the hook-tool was removed with no other pain than a stiffness in his jaw. “Huh?”

“All finished, see?” Coran held up a mirror to show that, indeed, there was now a fine, sharp new tip to the tooth he’d broken.

“It hasn’t even been five minutes!”

“Well, you’ll have to give it a bit to set. I wouldn’t recommend trying to gnaw your way through bone or anything until tomorrow. But that’s Altean work for you,” Coran replied cheerily as he began putting away tools.

Keith stared into the mirror, tilting his head to look at the fixed tooth from different angles.

“Any chance you’d be willing to replace my dentist back home?”


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Minsik had been staring at the same paragraphs for the past two hours. No matter how hard he tried to study it was no help at all, but he promised his mom he’d, at least, spend the evening in the library.

It was pretty late on the weekend so the library was pretty empty aside from a few desperate students trying to squeeze in some more homework time.

He got up just to stretch his legs. He needed to do something before he fell asleep. On his lap around the library, he came across you reaching for a book. At first, he didn’t think anything of it, but then he saw you jump for the book. You actually jumped and barely grazed it. In your defense, it was pretty snuggly tucked away.

He hid behind the aisle when he saw you look around. You set down your backpack and stretched your arms before taking a deep breath.

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Anonymous: Could you do an Anakin Skywalker one shot? perhaps about how you two trying to keep your relationship a secret but Anakin is too obvious? if you can’t I understand but anyway thank you! Love you :D

–For Anonymous

A/N: I don’t really take requests for full length one shots so I hope this drabble is sufficient anon dear <3

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Sex Voice - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt: So I just lost my voice (I can still talk I guess) for the first time and like it sounds weird and husky (low key think I sound hot) and I can’t talk above a certain pitch so this ask is 100% out of pure selfishness but can you do Jason and reader who loses her voice and she hates it cause she’s never lost her voice before because she knows how to use her diaphragm and stuff okay this is way too long lol thank you! (requested by anon)

“Jay? Can you get me water?” Your voice hoarsely cracked in a whisper. Jason was sitting right next to you but he cupped his hand to his ear to signal that he couldn’t hear you.

“I’m sorry, what was that babe?” He asked with a smug grin. Clearly he heard you, he just wanted to be an asshole.

“I won’t hesitate to send you back to hell, Jason Peter Todd.” You croaked out. Jason laughed at your weak threats and brought his hands up in defeat.

“Alright, alright. Don’t get your panties in a twist.” He said getting up from his seat to go fetch you some water and aspirin. When he came back he wordlessly handed you the glass and the bottle of pills. You took a tentative sip of the water, cringing at the soreness of your throat as the cold liquid came into contact with the burning pain.

“Thanks.” You weakly whispered after you forced down a few pills.

“You sound like shit by the way.” Jason said apologetically.

“No shit.” You coughed out sarcastically. “I have no idea how this even happened. I never get sick.” You whined moving to rest your head on Jason’s shoulder.

“I think Damian was coming down with something last time it was our turn to babysit the Demon.” Jason pondered.

“I’m bathing that boy in Purell the next time he comes over. This fucking blows.” You rasped with a pout permanently on your lips.

“Well, if it helps, I think your voice sounds sexy.” Jason purred seductively in your ear. You playfully glared at him and pushed him away from you.

“Not gonna happening Todd.” You rolled your eyes at his dramatic puppy dog pout.




Getting into a car accident on a case with Derek 

Requested by Anon~

Derek wasn’t really hurt. He was sore and had a few cuts, but he was much more worried about you. The doctors wouldn’t tell him anything, but apparently, you had a bad gash on your arm. Nearly bled out completely by the time you both got to the hospital.

Derek was lucky his team arrived, because he was about to fight through these nurses to get to you. He had to make sure you were alright. “Let me see Y/N.” He demanded. Hotch put his hand on Derek’s shoulder, grabbing his friend’s attention.

“Y/N is fine. You need to rest.” His boss said sternly.

But this aggravated Derek even more. “I don’t need to rest, Hotch. I need to-”

“Y/N is fine.” Hotch repeated, though he looked as worried as Derek did. “The cut is getting stitched up.”

Derek shook his head, looking up at the double doors that separated him from the ER. But he allowed Hotch to walk him into the walking area. It was clear to everyone that once you were fit to talk, Derek would be the first visitor.

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Into the Ocean&Hate Me by Blue October

This one was inspired by ‘Into the Ocean’! (It’s… less of a character design and more of a scene, as it turns out aah)

The one below is ‘Hate Me’!

I hope they’re alright for you Anon? ;▽;

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It's getting so hot out can you write something with ryoma and a female S/o who gets hot super easily and finding ways to cool off together ❤️ (I love all your writing btw 💞)

ooooh you know i live for compliments anon <3 thank you!!! i get hot easy too so i know the struggle.



“Darling, are you alright?” Your husband’s voice was laced with concern as he crouched down beside the bed. You must’ve looked a state; stripped down to your undergarments and fanning yourself with a sheet of paper that had been lying beside the bed. Placing a hand on your forehead, he looked into your eyes. “Do you have a fever? Are you feeling well?” Nodding, you sat up, pulling a strand of hair off your sticky neck.

“I’m fine, Ryoma, just far too warm. How do you stand the heat here?” He gave a hearty chuckle as he stood up, placing his hands on his hips. “That’s right, it’s your first summer in Hoshido since you were a child, isn’t it? Those Nohrians have clearly weakened you. You were fine when you were younger!” Groaning, you rolled over, looking at him dubiously. “Ryoma, this isn’t the time for that. Just please tell me how you deal with this heat!” Offering you a hand, he pulled you up. “Come. I know a way.”

The sound of the waves reached you before you could see the ocean, and you smiled. Ryoma had kept tight lipped as to where you were going up until now, and as that huge azure expanse appeared before you, you were almost giddy with joy. You couldn’t remember the last time you had gone to the beach, and the white sands were almost pulling you in. It looked so inviting, and perfect. Giving Ryoma’s hands a squeeze, you dragged him into the beach, hearing his laugh behind you. He truly was too good to you, you thought as you skipped off to the shore.

“Come on, just jump in! It’s better to get it all done with at once!” Ryoma beckoned you from the water as you hesitated to get into the water from your perch on a rock. “Aren’t you the one who wanted to cool off? Come on, I’ll catch you.” Extending his arms out, he smiled at you, and you knew you’d be safe. You took a step off the rock and fell into the water, instantly feeling the cold water against your skin. As you surfaced, you growled at your husband, who was doubled over with laughter. “Ryoma!” He wiped a fake tear from his eye, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t resist!” Splashing him, you giggled as he feigned horror before splashing you back. This was definitely the best way to cool off.

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If I could, I would fucking tear all those asshole anons to shreds. With my bare fucking hands. Because *emphasizing it* /THEY/ are fucking *emphasizing it* /LIARS!/ and YOU DESERVE LOVE. *tranferring both these words and their meaning and emotion, in order to drown out the lies* NOBODY DESERVES ANYTHING LIKE THIS BS YOU'RE GETTING, TRUST ME, I KNOW *softly, trailing off at the end* from personal experience.........

The Host flinches at the loud voice, whimpering at the shouts even though it were no bad words.

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"pls prompt me omg" alrighty then jily for the getting up to pee in the middle of the night one (cough cough pregnancy)

yay jily! it’s been a while, bear with me. featuring fetus Harry and a James who’s (probably) only funny to himself. And sometimes Lily, because that’s what love does: it makes you stupid enough to love your husband’s humor. I hope you like it, anon!

prompt: how many times do you get up to pee in the middle of the night, I think you should see a doctor about that

Lily’s bedside lamp turns on again. James, who had spent the last few minutes nodding off, startles awake and scrambles out of bed.

“Lil? You alright? Can I get anything for you? Need another blanket? Some leftover treacle? A glass of water, perhaps?”

She gives him a dry look. “Seeing as how I’m heading to the loo to pee, I’d say the glass of water isn’t necessary.”

James is undeterred in his efforts to be helpful. His hand shoots out to help her roll out of bed, and he insists on holding her elbow as she waddles across the room. “Honestly, I’m only peeing,” she points out as he opens the door, stuck between feeling cross with his fussing and oddly touched by it. “It’s three in the morning, you don’t need to walk me there and back. You have that meeting with Mad-Eye tomorrow at nine - “

“My very pregnant wife,” James starts, somehow mustering up the energy to sound extra-pompous despite his crooked glasses and lack of trousers, “is soon due to give birth to my firstborn, my progeny, my heir - “

Lily interrupts with a groan as she sits.

“ - and so,” James continues, slightly louder, “if I can help in any way, I feel it’s my duty, by God, my right, to - to help her and to monitor her progress as she continues… continues to… well, continues with - ” He is clearly flagging. Lily watches with interest. “ - her incubating - er, incubatory ways.”

“Ah,” she says, swayed from half cross to wholly amused. “Incubating your progeny, am I?”

“Marvelously,” James replies, a grin spreading across his face.

“Alright then,” she says, a similar smile appearing on her own lips despite her best efforts. She flushes with a flourish, heaves herself to the sink to wash her hands, and then clasps her husband’s arm as they make their way back to their bed.

“But honestly, Lil, five times in one night? Should we see a Healer?”

“Just blame your heir, Potter; he keeps sitting on my sodding bladder. Devil spawn, I tell you.”

“Well, you are a ginger. Ouch!”

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34, ash.

You had been feeling antsy all night. You were unsure whether it was seeing Ashton in a suit, or the huge crowd at the awards ceremony but by you were leaning towards the former.

“What are you thinking about?” Ashton nudged your shoulder.

“You. Mostly.” You flicked your eyes up to meet his golden ones.

“Oh yeah? Anything specific?”

“Well…” You placed your hand on his upper thigh, brushing it further up suggestively.

“Y/N.” Ashton warned, his cheeks getting a mistakable blush on his cheeks.

“Ash…” You mocked his tone.

“Alright we’re getting out of here.” He took your teasing hand in his and pulled you from your seat.

You grinned, feeling pretty accomplished as Ashton dragged you into the spacious elevator. As the doors closed, he pulled you flush to him, kissing you aggressively as your fingers wove into his hair. As you drew away from each other, you stared into his eyes, you were never tired of looking in them.

If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.