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The best thing about How to Train Your Dragon is How to Train Your Dragon.

actually i am going to expand on these tags because i need to be a little clearer here i think

obviously, knowing that jack has been with women doesn’t mean he isn’t gay. i hear you. it’s important to acknowledge that. it’s all valid. 

but since it’s a general consensus that he’s had romantic relationships with dudes (kent) in the past, there’s no big gay freakout to be had here. and the most common reason for gay men dating women is to ensure everyone else thinks they’re straight.

and honestly? i really don’t think jack would care that much about the team thinking he’s straight or gay? at least not enough to pretend to date and hook up with girls? like he wouldn’t feel the need to prove his straightness or masculinity or whatever to them. he’s just been so focused and a “hockey robot” that he wouldn’t care about what they thought because romantic relationships weren’t his priority anyway. it’s only now that he’s dating bitty while also starting his nhl career and way more attention is focused on him than while he was at samwell that he’s like “o shit” that he feels the need to lie to them about dating guys because of how easily it could get leaked to the public. 

and one more thing: most people are like “yeah i hc him as bi or demi but we can’t assume anything” which is fine. but there are some people who are just absolutely insistent that jack is gay, and i just. why? why is that? do you really not want him to be bi or pan or demi or anything else that badly when that’s likely to be the case? it’s nice to see yourself represented in media, i totally get it, but the only openly lgbtq+ character in this comic is bitty, and he’s gay. you’re not WITHOUT representation in check please. i’m sorry but it just feels so biphobic to me. 

i didn’t mean for this to sound as accusatory as it does, and i don’t mean to knock anyone’s headcanons or to start a fight or anything, but i just needed to say this because it’s been bothering me for months. 

tl;dr: jack zimmermann does not seem like the type to have beards to me and people should be a little more aware of how bi/pan/demi/whatever phobic some of the “jack is gay no one can tell me otherwise” train can come off as

☂ —- JAELYN was walking home from her weekly mid-afternoon yoga class at a leisurely pace, the Christian Louboutin high heels she stole from her mother’s closet making a small clacking noise with every step that she took. She mentally scolded herself as she looked down at her freshly manicured nails and noticed that one had chipped during her lesson. She was so engrossed by the injustice that she didn’t notice that someone was standing stock still in the middle of the sidewalk.Oh, she turned her attention to the person who so rudely didn’t move out of her way. Excuse you. “ 


You know, I worked really hard to get to Manchester, Josie. I worked my factory job in the day and did an access course at night, and lived on fucking beans so I could afford our rent near college. And now I’m about five billion in debt. And guess what? I don’t have Mummy and Daddy to come and bail me out. I’m on my own.

19th - 20th of May ~ Your presence softens my pain

Undertale shipping pride: day 1

Today’s alphyne :D!! one of my otps tbh

that was really hard to draw, anatomy is a mystery and after like, 8 hours of drawing those cute lesbians, I am.. VERY TIRED so I kinda rushed the shading, sorry ;w;